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Municipal Council Elections. I


The official declaration nf the poll for the Municipal elections took place at the Town Hall, ve'iterdav, at noon. There was a fair attendance of'ratepayers. The Mayor, as Returning-officer, -nre'ided, and announced the result of the elec- tions He declared Mr. E. J. Baines to be duly elected for Kangaroo Point Ward, Mr. J. Camp- bell the other candidate, having retired ; Mr. c," Corrigan duly elected for the Valley Ward ; ?nid Mr. J- Nolan duly elected for the South Ward. Messrs. Crowther and Wallace were de- clared duly returned as auditors,

''[he Mayor then returned thanks for his re-election as Alderman for the East Ward. He was very grateful to those friends who took an interest in the election, and had worked on his behalf, because his duties as lieturning-ofticer and Mayor precluded bim from moving in the matter, himself. He could oiilv now say that he would exert all his ener- gies to further the interests of the East Ward and the city generally. (Cheers.)

Mr. C. G. CaMI'EN thanked the ratepayers who hud voted for him. He had been defeated, but the fault was neither their's nor his. He -was "lad to take that opportunity of saying that the result of the election only proved that the opinion which he held concerning the ratepayers

was a correct one.

Alderman Nolan returned thanks for those who voted for him, and also to the Returning otfx-*-i for the impartial manner in which he K.vEl*"rfonned his duty. He thought that his re-election would demonstrate the uselessness of aldermen from other wards trying to influence the election in the South Ward. He knew that llii< interference had done him a vast amount of ginni, as it stirred up both himself and the rate- payers generally to take ii greater interest in the election than probably would otherwise have been the case.

Mr. Taylor said that hu hud merely to return hi*, sincere thauks to those who voted for bini, .ind, at the same 'time, to acknowledge that lie Ind made r- mistake in trotting out his horse against the Mayor, which was a very injudicious proceeding. He must also thank Alden nan Beattie for his exertions in turning the hose upon his (Mr. Taylor's) lire, thereby extinguishing it. (Applause and laughter.)

Alderman CorrioaN returned his cordial thanks to thoso who placed him in his present position. He would also thank those who voted against him, because in doing so they no doubt exercised their own judgment. It also 'showed that there was perfect freedom of

opinion allowed in the election. He would only now say that, having chosen him its their repre- sentative, he hoped to provo .that he was returned iii the interest of no seetiou or party, but would do his best for the ratepayers of the Valley mid the city generally. If he failed in this it would he through want of ability on his part, not for want of an honest attempt to carry ont his pro- mise. (Hear, hear.)

Mr. Heal thought it would be most un- grateful on his part if he did not come forward to thank the gentlemen who had voted for him, mid also those who had worked strenuously on bis behalf on the previous day. He could also do no less than thank those who had voted

against him, for they had given him twelve mouths leisure, which would give him ample tiuie to bring up his reserves to light against the spiritual influence that had been brought to bear against him. It was well known that it was not dis opponent alone that he had to light against,

but the indirect means used to defeat him. He

hoped, however, that under the happy guidance nf Alderman M'Muster the ratepayers of the 1'iilley would be brought to that state of light ¦..'ul joy which they knew was awaiting them. [??; luust say, however, that he did not think that it yyi,a "lu duty of an alderman who had worked wit? ^'s colleague for the interest of the ward to try to?r0,,iie a spiritual feeling for tho purpose o'f injuV*"8 ?¦?>- colleague. He hoped Dint the gent!emailwho -"??? succeeded him (Mr. Heal) would do morefor tlle wml tllil" ?>« (Mr. Heal) hud done, been"-"- ?'« ?vo"-11 reap the benefit of his lacs"*- He wol,w now say that if he liveu -°r another twelve months and his neighbors wisden i'A"\ ty> stand nguiu for alderman ho would do so, and light the battle against all the influence that could be brought to bear against him. He again thanked those who had voted both for him and against him, and also thc Returning-oflicer for

lu's impartial performance of his duties. (Hear, hear.)

Alderman Baines returned his sincere thanks to the ratepayers for showing that they had uot lust their confidence in him. This was the fifth time he had been chosen as alderman for Kangaroo Point, and he would assure them that, whatever he had been able to do for the ward in times past, lu's exertions for its welfare would be redoubled in future. '

Mr. Crowther returned thanks for being elected one of the auditors, and also being placed at the top of-the poll. He replied to several questions put by Alderman Grayson, relative to the auditing of the city accounts, and stated that, according to a calculation made by him and his brother auditor, the remuneration amounted to about seven shillings aud sixpence per day for the time occupied in ii proper performance of

the duties.

.Mr. Wallace also briefly returned thanks for bk election, aud hoped that he would discharge

Ins duties with credit to himself and satisfaction lo the citizens generally.

Mr. Watson thanked the 121 gentlemen who

voted for him.

Alderman Ba [.Err moved a vote of thauks to

the Mayor for his conduct as Returning-oflicer, and in doing so called attention to the necessity of exercising more caro in getting np the elec- toral rolls. Through tho defective manner in winch they had been revised, he had experienced considerable difficulty in conducting the Valley election on the previous day.

Alderman Corrioan seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.

The Mayor returned thanks in appropriate tcniis-ji and the proceedings then closed.