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J ho ordinary monthly meeting of tho committee of the National Shipwreck Relief Society of New South Wales was hold \ esterday afternoon, at the Exchange. Present-Mr. Buzacott (ia tho chair) Mr Storey, Mr. Kethcl, Captains Brown, Broomfield, Bank«, and O'sullivan, and Mr. A. 1. Wilshire («ccretar)). The treasurer (Captain Broomfield) reported that tho balanco at credit of tho society at date wa« £333 2s. Cd Iho collector (Mr Lano) re- ported the receipt smco lust meeting of sum» amount- ing to £42 17B. 2d. 'Iho balance sheet to be presented to tho forthcrmmg annual meeting of Bubscnbers waB forraall) placed before the committee, and it was re- solved that Mr J C. Ta) lor be asked to audit same, prior to tho holding of the annual meeting The com- mittee then considered various cases in which relief had been directly or indirectly applied for. In the matter of the death of Captain Greenlees, killed on board his ship while ona vo)ageto the South Sea Island», the committee formally resolved that a «um of £30, in addition to the «um of £70 to which Mrs. Greenies« was entitled by virtue of nor husband's membership in the societ), bo awarded to her, that such money bo dispensed by the chairman and treasurer, who should be at liberty to make such suggestions as to invest- ment as might appear advisable to thom, and that an expression of the committee's svuipathywith herbs conveved by letter from the secretary. In the case of Mr«. Hayward, widow of the late Captain Hayward, the committee voted the sum of £3o allowed by the rule« of the society, and, on the chairman's recommen- dation, it was resolved that the amount of i.6 be paid down, and 10s. per week allowed till the vote was exhausted. Application had been mado for relief for Mrs Emerson, widow of the late Captain Emerson, drowned at Cairns Captain Emer- son not havingbeen a member of the society, considera- tion of the case was postponed till next monthly meet- ing , the secretary to make inquines and report thereat. Applications for relief for personal loss suffered by the wreck of the Maggie Scott hud been made by C. Hill, J. Moore, and G Denton, Bennion. The two first named not having been members of the eociety, the committee in their case declined to entertain the appli- cation Denton, having been a member, waa granted the sum of £3 Tho case of Cap- tain Barnes, of the Pacific Stope, whose vessel was reported misting, waa considered. It trans- pired that with the exception of two children (at ecnool in Camden) all the members of his family had accompanied Captain Barnes on his \oy«go. It wa» resolved that the matter of providing for the proper maintenance of the two children referred to should be considered at the next meeting. A letter from H ß. Coetlogan, H.B M.'s Consul at Samoa, notifying that, in accordance with the society's desire, he was making inquiries se to special acts of bravery performed at Apia on the occasion of the recent hurricane at that placo,wa« laid before the

meeting the cue of D M'Laren (lately master of tho Maggie Taylor! was considered st some length M'Laren is at present a patient in the Hospital for Insane, and complications had arisen as the result of a decision previously arrived at by tho committee te make an award ot £1 per week in his case. The Master in Lunaoy had claimed that a certain propor- tion of this amount (which had been passed for the relief of M'Laren'» family) Bhould go towards the nibinteniince of M'Laren in the asylum The chairman stated hohadhadamnterviewwiththo Master m Lunaoy, as a result of which the latter'a claim had been somewhat modified Ho (Mr Buzacott) had also taken action to prevent the conttmplated sale of the vessel, and m other ways to guard the interests of M'Laren's family. The Master in Lunacy had authorised him (Mr Buzacott) to receive freight» and pay wages, &c , for the time, it being understood that unless M'Laren recovered within a reasonably short period the vessel would bo sold Ino relation of the society to the trustees of the Town Hall Ly-eo Moon Disaster Fund was next dealt with In view of the resolution passed at the public meeting held for the relief of sufferer» by the Ly-ee-Moan diBastsr, the society considered tho committee in charge of the balance of the fund had acted improperly in not duly handing over such balance to the socioty It was decided to obtain the opinion of Dr G Sly, solicitor, on tho subject lho caso of John Smith, a member of the society, nt present undor treatment m the Prince Alfred Hospital, was broufht forward by receipt of au account from the hospital for £7 Ids, being Smith's expenses as an inmate for Bl days (at 3s. per day). The chairman said it hardly seemed right that the souci) should pay for beds in the Infirmary and Prince Alfred Hospital, and yet be called on to pay for patients suit to these institutions The secretary said that by the rules any person admitted was expected to pay if possible, and m his (the secre- tary's) letter to the hospital re Smith's COBB-written in the belief lhat Smith would only be a few days in the institution-ho had asked that the society should be held liable for any expense on Smith's account The man was, however, in an extremely weak condition, and was not now expected to recover Consideration of the case was postponed. Accounts amounting to £25 were passed for payment, and the meeting terminated.

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