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Perhaps the greatest collection of fruits ever got together in competition in the county of Cumberland, if not in the colony, was that at the Town-hall, Parramatta, on Saturday last. The proprietors of the Cumberland Argus com- piled a schedule and offered liberal prizes, with a view to guaging the real resources of the county, and at the same time augmenting the funds of the Parramatta District Hospital. The response from the fruitgrowers was hearty, and from one end of the county to the other, splendid samples of the staple product came in to be submitted to the scrutiny of those competent judges, Messrs. John Gelding, Petersham; Fred. Turner, curator Hyde Park, Sydney ; and John Ford, Darling Point. These gentlemen in many instances had some difficulty in awarding the prizes, but they were in most instances eminently successful in their judgment. In some   instances prizes were awarded to collections which did not, to the unprofessional eye, seem to favourably compare with other collections, but in such instances they were guided by the commercial value of the collection. They also considered it a great point in favour in instances where all the varieties were named. They considered this last point one of the most impor- tant features in a show, arguing that there was no real benefit in a show unless it had the effect of making the various growers acquainted with the names of the new varieties that are from time to time being introduced from seedlings. Somo of the general collections of fruit were, indeed, very good, as many as 70 varietios being shown in one exhibit. During the day artists from the " Picturesque Atlas " Works were busy taking nega- tives of the various frnits which recommended them- selves as being worthy of reproduction in that journal. The preserved fruits and jellies were also a splendid lot, and it conclusively showed that instead of allowing so much fruit to go to waste annually, the grower was quite competent to use all the surplus fruit to advantage had he the energy and the commercial instinct By this means he could not only prevent gluts, which means ridiculous prices in many instanc«s, but he could utilise more labour and thus find a source of lucrative employment for numbers of hands, and in the end build up a great industry, similar to that in California, where we find energetic men buying up ranches, tinning all the frait, and sending it right away to the market, ready for the homo consumer as well as for export. If «hows such as the present one have not the effect of stimulat- ing the grower to such actions as this, then they do not carry out the object intended. Following is a list of the various sections and prize-winners :-

General collection of fruits : E. J. Maher, Pennant Hills, 1; W. Fagan. Galston, 2; W. Spurway, Field of Mars, com- mended; C. W. Milla, Dundas, commended. Collection of citron fruit : This section wau badly represented ; no prize was awarded; W. Fagan, Galston, being commended. Best dozen oranges, second crop : W. H. Tuckwell, Castle Hill, 1 ; R. W. Cowell, Ermington, 2 ; S. Allen, Castle Hill, commended. Best dozen Lisbon lemons : C. H. Anlezark, Castle Hill, 1 ; Silas Allen. Castle Hill, 2. Collection of grapes : W. Stiemc, Sherwood (30 varieties), 1 : F. E. Barker, Liverpool, 2 ; W. Spurway, Field of Mars, commended. Best dozen dessert pears: D. Hign, Castle Hill, 1 ; W. H. Tuckwell, Castle Hill, 2; E. J. Maher, Pennant Hills, commended. Best dozen baking pears : W. Fagan, Galston, 1 ; D. High. Castle Hill, 2 ; S. Allen. Castle Hill, commended. Collection of apples: E. J. Maher, Pennant Hills, 1 ; W. H. Allen, Castle Hill, 2. Best dozen dessert apples : W. H. Allen, Castle Hill, 1 ; W. Fagan, Galston, 2 ; A. T. James, Castle Hill, commended. Best dozen baking apple s: F. E. Barker, Liverpool, 1; W. H. Allen, Castle Hill, 2 ; W. H. Tuckwell; Castle Hill, com- mended. Best dozen peaches : E. J. Maher, Pennant Hills, 1; T. Salmon, Hornsby Junction, 2; W. Fagan, Galston, recommended for prize. Best dozen quinces : F. E. Barker, Liverpool, 1 ; W. H. Alien. Castle Hill, 2; A. J. James, Cottle Hill, commended. Best dozen passion fruit : W. Fagan. Galston, commended ; S. Fagan, Galston, commended. Collection of jellies, not less than six bottles : Mrs. J. Hemers, Kent- hurst, 1; Mrs. W. H. Tuckwell, Castle Hill. 2; Mrs. C. W. Mills, Dundas, commended. Collection of jams : Mrs. W. H. Tuckwell, Castle Hill, 1; Mrs. W. Board, Rydalmere 2 ; Mrs. J. Hemers, Kenthurst, commended. Six bottled fruits in syrup: Mrs. C. Gibbs, Kenthurst, 1; Miss Gibbs, Kenthurst, 2 ; Mrs. A. J. James, Castle Hill, commended ; Mrs. J. W. E. Baillie, Parramatta, commended. Six bottled fruits, in water : Mrs. C. Gibbs, Kenthurst, 1 ; Mrs. J. E. Hemers, Kenthurst, 2 ; A. J. James, Castle Hill, commended. Collectlon of tomatoes : E. Worthington, North Ryde, commended. The following non-competitivo exhibits were well worthy of notice : - Miss Board, preserved fruit; Mr. W. W. Board, last year's crop oranges; Mr. T. Smith and Mrs. W. Board, tomato sauces.

During the evening Mr. Frank Farnell, senior mem- ber for the connty, distributed tho prizes to the success- ful competitors, and in doing; bo took occasion to r emark on the value of the show from a commercial point of view and the energy ot the promoters in in- augurating what they intended to be an annual affair. He trusted that the outcome would be the springing up of industries in the shape of fruit preserving and can- ning. They should, if they put energy into these mat- ters, be able not only to successfully cater for tho home market, but also to compete against the world in the foreign markets. The industry was only now in its infancy, and he trusted that ere long he would see great developments therein. A number of the growers pre- sented their fruit to the promoters, to be disposed of for the benefit of the Parramatta Hospital. A sale of fruit will take place to-day. During the evening the Rose- hill Band played a number of selections. They kindly gave their services gratuitously.

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