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The annual general meeting of member« of the Svdn«. Mechanics'School of Arte waa held at the insm^ Pitt-street, lost evening lhere was a very 3

(MrDArdióte T "^ * *«

lho report stated that owing to a variety of cause. ho completion of the alterations and additions" the budding, referred to m the last reit was deland till a late period of the year the result of the delaj was that various portions of tho building were, at oT time or another throughoutth» year, inaccessible to the members, although no inter ruption to the ordmar) business was permitted to occur lho comnntteo behoved that the falling off in the re ceipts h oin subscriptions which the ropirt duclosed was largely duo to the delà) which occurred in the com pletion of tho alterations, it was believed that the additional facilities which the imnrovtd accommodation ciiihlod the committeo to offer to the puliho would speedily result in a large aadition to the membership of the institution I bo improvements comprised a com. modious and clegnntl)-furnished ladios' roadla?. room, i comfortable, well arranged che^roum a large increase in tho nrea of tho eciwai roadiug-rooui, increased accommodation in the librar), und n largo woll-ventilnted smoking room lho total cost of the alterations nnd additions had been £ jo94 4s Id , of which £4U00 had been obtained bv » mortgage of the propertv, and the balance of £b94 i¡ id , paid out of the current lncomo of tho institution Of this amount, however, £ >00 waa at fixed deposit at the close of hist ) ear, and £6iG bud already been dis. bursod boforo the commencement of tho present)ear lho catalo(,uo (reterred to in the last report of the committee) bad been completed, and w as now in circu- lation, and tho n.ouiburs had an opportnnit) of judcrag for themselves ot the valuo of tho publication Ilia heavy cost of this work- amounting to about £800 had borne heavily on tho resources of the institution but the expenditure was one which would not require to bo repeated for many )ear« tocóme The lease, held by tho Government, of the rooms occupied by the technical College, terminated on the 31st Decembor last, and, although too committee had been led to believe that tho lease would be ronewed, tho Government, at tho last moment, threw the largo hall on their bauds 1 he sudden los« of so large an income as that ) lelded by the hall rendered it neceesar that immediate steps should be taken to utilise that portion ot tho building to the best savin. tage It w as, therefore, decided to repair and renovate the hall, in ordor to fit it for use for musical and other entertainments and tho committeo had ever) renou to hope that the hall would regain the popularity which > it once enjoved as a place of publie entertainment

lhe Natural Ih»torv Association, tho inauguration ol which was announcod in the last annual report, had mado must satisfactory progress, and was rapidly becoming one of tho most important adjuncts to ths educational work of the institution lhe chess »nd draughts aud dobufmg clubs had bcon in activo opera- tion dunnrrthe \ear lho librar) had been kept supplied with the noweBt and best works issued from the press, and now contained 36,126 volumes Constant and increased Buppltes of newspapers and periodicals had been furnished for the reading-room, which was now m receipt of 376 newspapers and Gi penodicab During the voar the committeo directed special attention to tho lmnrovemont ot tho referente librar), and largo additions of valuablo and useful works had been mudo 1 he property of the institution, exclusivo of books, furniture, and fittings, had boen valued, and now stands at £47,600 ft was found necossary during the year to increase tho insurances on

tho proporty by an additional sum of £9000

Concerning the reeoipts and disbursements s state« meut of which was appended to the report, tho trca surei reported as follows -lho year commenced with a cieditb dance at tho Bank of New South YValcs of £692 9s 9d , including £d00 at fixed deposit Dm. rag tho j ear the mortgage mono), viz, £4000, has boon drawn from the Savings' Bank on account of the alteratious lho improvement« havo amounted to £5o94 4s Id of which £G3ß was paid during 1887, and £428 " Id was met out of this yoar's revenue, tho balanre, £1510, being paid bv the mortgago money and tin fixed deposit iho new catalogue has cost to dals £o7o los Gd (excluding about £224 outstandiag), which has been paid from our ordinary revenue arning £1003 19s 7d paid from that source during the uir for other than ordinary expenses Ihe Government subsidy claimed for tho year amountod to £1023 7s 3d lhere is a decline of £121 4s 3d in the subscription!, £2S 14s lid from the Lantern Resaings and £1214i 8d from sundi íes, while there is a gain under tie head of donations, showing a net falling off £193 li 9d ra all for tho year On December ¿I there was I debit balance on the } car s transactions ot £t>7 6s Gd ' 1 bo institution was now fully oquipped for tho woik for which it was designed, and, with the ndvantagi which it could now offer to the public it was conn"

dently believed that a career of extended neeftu_i

awaited it in the near future

The Ckaikmav said he presumed that he might take the small attendance as an indication that the members h id nothing to complain of in regard to d» conduct of the institution last year If that were so it was a highly gratifying fact for tho committee to enter

tain He then recapitulated the salient portions of ths

Mr PßncY Hokderv moved, and Mr Donm-I seconded, a motion lor tho adoption and circulation of the report and balance-sheet auionpit the members

Some criticism of the report then took place. Mort of those who took part in it took exception to to expenditure of £800 on the preparation and publication

ot a new catalogue

lho Piusidest explained with respect to printing the catalogue that tho committee called tor tenders art accepted vv hat tbey supposed was a low tender Alter the tenderer had gone on with the work for some time he found lhat ho was absolutely unable to perform Mi contract, and it was therefore taken out of his hands The work was then entrusted to another printer «

was not possible to get a creditable production for » smaller sum than that which had already fe

m Mr ° víhoy drew attention to the fact that there«.

on the table of the reading-room a depraved etoo literature, which reflected ..» a most outrageous, shsm^ ful, and disgraceful manner upon the Q^^ïj other member of the Royal family, and ita«J" Christian religion and everything;tbi;wuingofcMj decent, and proper Ho thought that the mu «nee tf sueh literature in that institution would °P««?.,0', to deter some persons fram becoming momborsot ii

Ihe motion for the adoption aud printing °l tie report was then submitted and earned

Ion the motion of Mr Bond it T."^J^JE tho thanks ot the members bo awarded to tho* g«* men who on behalf of the institution have gT'«Tu«y given lectures in the ball during fte put JW » fhose who have given donations toJ^ Www«"

the proprietors of newspapers wh^have supphea cop» to the reading-room gratuitously ""."l8nt"d

Votes of thanks wore accorded to the P^jtaM other othcers for tho services they had readied te IM

înslitutiou i""j _« Thit

On tho motion of Mr Lavo it T «solved,- " ' an illuminated address be p.esentcd to ttetatoj», dont, Mr Dalgarno, in recognition of services ne m rendered to tho institution " . . . (

A speciit meeting of the members of the behool

Arts wns then held. «v. Mlmniut

On the motion of Mr F. J 1 "OMAS, tho follo-nng bylaw was adopted -"In the oven of «J«*g occumng during the year ra the oü.c»oí.pre« vico-piesidents, or treasurer, the same shall^be Wieajf by the committee from amoug»t their nu «^ ^J n«t annual meeting Otl«^«"B*JT tee shall bo filled up bv them tor the lita wwdJ f the scrutineers' report, ra the ordei. of the T °T votes recorded Should there net bo sufhcienU«*

on the scrutineers* list to supply all the J«f^ltt¿ such lemaining shall be M«! np b,*° »"^y from among the members of tie «"**»* W vacancy in the loffice of ¡auditor shall be filled up i

the eommittco at their discretion

The meeting thon terminated

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