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Family Notices

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ATKINSON.—December 21, at Currandooley, Bungendore,

the wife of John M. Atkinson, of a daughter.

ARMSTRONG.-January 4, Teralba, St. Leonards, the wife

ot Mr. Andrew Armstrong, of a son.

BERNASCONI-On December -27, 1888, at Orange, the

wife of W. B. Bernasconi, of a daughter.

BEIT.-December 30, 1888, at her residence, Glencoe,

Strathfield, the wife of J. H.C. Beit, of a daughter.

BULTITUDE.-Christmas Day, at 1, University-terrace,

Darlington, the wife-of R. B. Bultitude, of a daughter.

BOARD.- January 3,1889, at her residence, Clifton,  

Enmore, the wife of G. Richmond Board, of a son.

BOFFEY.-Junuary 10,1889. at 33, Renwick-street, Leich-

hardt, the wife of the late. William Boffey, of a son.

BARNETT.-December,30, 1888,.at her residence, Went-

worth, the wife of Arthur N. Barnett, P'.M., of a son.

BEUG.-January 12, at Waverloy, thu wife of George C.

Begg, of a daughter.

CAMERON - January 12, at her residence, Euroka, Victoria

Parade, Manly, Mrs. J. Cameron, of a daughter.

COWAN.-January 4, at Mizpah, Renwick-street, Leich-  

hardt, the wife ot Thomas Cowan, of a son.

CAMERON.-November 20, at 6, lbrox-place, the wife of

Captain Donald Cameron, ship Euphrates of a son.  

CHISHOLM.-December 14, at Wakefield, Audley-street,

Petersham. the wife of J. Chisholm, of a daughter.

CORNWELL.-December 14, 1888 at her residence, Red-

fern, the wife of Samuel Cornwell, of a daughter.

DAVIES.-December 28, at her residence, Ryde, the wife of

George W. Davies, of a son.

DONALD.-January 7, at her residence, 311, Cleveland-

street, Redfern. the wife of W. Donald, chemist, of a son. EVANS-December 11, at her residence,-47, Stanley-street,

the wife of H. Evans, of a daughter.

FAGAN.-December 8,1888.- at Bo-um-bco, Woollahra;-the

wife of George Lamb Fagan, of a daughter.

FALK.-January 1,1889, at Alma. Vernon-street, Strathfield,

the wife of Joseph I. Falk, of a daughter.   FIRNHAM-December 30, 1888, at Kellick-street, Waterloo,

Martha, the wife of Henry Firnham, of a son.

FIELD.-December 27, at her resfdeucc, 123, vVili|aln.strcot,

tho wife of J. 1*. Field, of a son.

FURNISS.-Januar.y-3, at Ulgh Holborn-streot, Surry Hills,

the wife of T. P. Furuiss, of a daughter.

GODDARD.-Januaiy 2. 1680, at 1'cicrsham, thowifo of

C. II. Ooddaid, of it son (prematurely).

GLOVER.-December 9, 1888, at her residence, Lord-street,

North Shore, the wife of Henry H. Glover, of a daughter. GRAY.-Januury 5, 1839, at Eldon Cottage, Bowral, the wife

of the Rev. Arthur St. John Gray, of a son.

HAYWARD.-December 31, at Iolanthe, Stanmore-road, the    

wife of Alfred Hayward, of a son.  

HARRISON--January 3, at Brixton Villa, Marrickville, the

wife of H. R. Harrison, of a -son.

HOUSTON.-lanuary 8, at Willina, Flood-street, Bondi, the

wife of W. Houston, of a daughter.

HUGHES.-January 9, 1889, at Balmain, the wife of T. F.

Hughes, of a daughter.

HIRST-.-December 24, 1889, at Church-street, Ashfield, the    

wife of W.. F. Hirst, of a daughter.

HUTCHINSON.--December 10, 1888. at her residence, Cleve-

land-street, thewife of J. S. Hutchinson, of a son.  

IRELAND. -December 16, at her residence, 97, Barcorm-

avenue, Darlinghurst, the wife- of J. A Ireland, of a son.

JACKSON.-January 11, 1889, at her residence, Petersham,

the wife of C. J. Jackson, of a dauguter, still-born.

KINGSMILL.- December 31, 1888, at her residence, Gun- neish, the wife of John J. Kingsmill, of a son.  

LLOYD.—December 22, at her residence, Tumut, the wife of

Charles J. Lloyd, of a son.

LLOYD.—January 8, at her residence Bleak House,

Morpeth, Mrs. A. T. Lloyd, of a daughter.

McINTYRE.—January 8, 1889 at Paddington, the wife of D.

McIntyre, of a son.

McLEAN.—January 6, 1889, at her residence, North-road,

Five Dock, the wife of R. McLean, of a daughter.

MURDOCK.—January 7, at Enmore, the wife of W. D.

Murdock, of a son.

MARKS.-January 13. at her residence, .Bourke-street,

Surry Hills.the wife of F. W. Marks, of a daughter.

MAYHEW.-.Jimmi ry 7, at hor residence, l'.layuev, the wife of

A. E, Mnyhcw, »ollcitor, of a sou.

MICHELL.-January 10,. 1600, at Clairville, Darlinghurst,

the wifo of Frank C. Michell, of a «on.

MANFRED.-December 31, at Goulburn* the -wife of _. C. | Munt i eel, of a son.

MOULDER.-December 7,1888, at her residence, Aumdell  

0.iks. the wife of ii. Moulder, of a daughter.

McDOUGALL_January 1), 1389, the wifo rof Dougal

M'Dougall, of a dattsthtcr.

McKERTHAN.-January J, at Tenterfield, the wifo of John

M'ICerihaii, of a ilaturhtor.

McCONNELL.-iJcccmber 28, at her lcsidcncc. Rylstone,

Petcrsham-rond, the wife of ITarrie M'Coiinell, of a son. MACFARLANE.-December 29, at Bourke, Darling River

N.S.W., the wife of Edward Macfarlane, of a daughter   MACNAUGHT_IVecmbcr lu, lh8S, at the AA'attlen, AVinil

soi-ronel, the wife of Hemv II. Maenautrht, of a daughter. NEEDS.-January 3, Rt hcn*e-ide-nce, Nlllisdalo, Hyilo Park,

the wifo of Li nest Nocd3, of a son.

NILDRIDGE."Joniuiry U, itt Bi-achearl, Berry-street, St.

Leonards, tho wife of J. Nildringc, of a son.

NOBLE- January 1, at her resilience, HalUelon, Patlilliißton,

tho wife of Henry J. Noble, of a son.

NICHOLS.-December 27, lit Leichhaielt, Hie wife of W.H  

Nichols, of a Son, prematurely.  

OVERTON.-December 24, 1B88, at Gool ce itieot, Paira

iniitt.i, the wltu of John 0\ orton, of a dauirhter.

O'CONNOR.-Deteniher 10, ul Dronfield. Fj nnontfllndge

loatl. the wife of Patrio- O'Connor, of a daughter.

OGILVIE.-.liiiiimiy -, at 141, Geoige-streot Noith, the wife

of Captain A. Ogilvie, ot a daughter, piematuroly.

PARLE.-Dt'comber 10, at Como. Norton-street, Ashfield,

the wifo of J. Tarlo, of Min.

PERDRIAU.—January 2, at Wychhazel, Croydon, the wife   of Walter S. Perdriau, of a daughter.      

PURCHASE.-December 30, 11)8!). at Leswell, Bendenine   | station, tho wife of K. J. Purchase, of a daughter. '

PHILP.-November I) laut, at Sandhurst, A'iotorla, the wife ' of ltichard Philp, Esq., M.A., LL.D., of anon. '

REID_December 0, at Redfern, thonvifc of the late AYilliam   ¡ John Reid, of a ion. -

RUTLEDGE.-January 11, 1880, at i Ooulburn', the wife of ! AN'. For"ter Rutledge, of a son. . '

ROE -December 29, at hor residence Bourko-street, Surry   , Hills, the- « ile of AV. R. Roe, of a sou.

ROSE.-On the 27th ultimo, at St. Anne's Parsonage, Strath  

i field, the wife of Ii.-J. Rose, of a elaiurlitor.

SALWEY.-January 0, at Wellings, lim wood, the wifo of   i Herbert Salvvey, of a daughter.

SCOTT -On New Ye jr's Day, 1889, at Bathurst, the wife of

John Scott, of a non.

SCOTT.-December 19, at dioica House, Pitt-street, Redfern,

' the wifo of A. AV. Scott, of a daughter.

SPIER.-Januaiy 4, l63!), at Li«/.t, William-street, Bathurst, - tho wifo of AVllliam.Spier, of a Bon.

SMITH.-January 2, at her residence, Mitre-street, Bathurst,

the wife of Mr. Burton Smith, C.P.S., of a daughter.  

STEWART.-On Dccerabor 22, at Pine Ridge, the wife of.

' Getirire Stewart of a doNurhtcr.

TOOTH.—January 4, at Glaslyn, Neutral Bay, the wife of  

Alfred E. Tooth, of a son.  

TRAILL.-January 8, at Ueyrii Doone, Burwood, the wife of

Harold G. Traill, of n daughter. . .

TERREY.- Dccoinbcr 20. at her resldenco, AVaratah, Kiama,

the wlfc'of Dr. CalolrTeirev, of ¡ison. ,

TURNER SHA AV.-Januoiy l'o,' at AVooriwyrite, A'iotorla,

the wife Of T. Turnor.Shnw. of a son. '

VANCE.-December 31, at Brackenridge,' Potonham, tho

irlfo of J.' S. A. "A'aneo, of a daughter.

WEBB.-December 31, ISBB, at her lesidenee Thirlestane,

Yottntr-itroet, Croydon; the wife of'A. K. AVobb, of a «on.»

WATSON.-January 2,.'at her ro*ldence, 1154, Eli/abeth

strcet, the wife oM)r. Win, Geo. AVotson, of a son.

WHITTALL.-On, Decembac 30, at her losldencc. Mount

Vietoria. tim wife of Percy G. AVhittall. of ii son.

ZIONS.-Januirv 3, at h?r lesitlonoe, 253, Oxford-street,

Paddington, Mis. Henry Zions, of a daughter.


BADMINGTON-POOLEY.-December 24, at St. Michael's

Church;- Sydney,, by the Rev. Mr. Madgwick, Edward

Badmington lo Bertha Louise; fourth daughter of Charles


BAILEY-NEWMAN_December--24, 1888,. at St.' Peter's

Church, St. Petors, by the Rev. J. N. Manning, John Ernest Bailey, to Sarah Anne, sixth daughter of Janies New man,. Kau. . ,' '"'t ' .» -

BARTLETT-GALE.-December 20,188S, nt St. Thomas's

Church, St. Leonards, by- tho Rev. Canon Stojilum II. Childe, B.A., Charlo i l'alknor Bnrtlott to Ada Louisa, vniingest daughter ol tho l.ito David Robot tson Gale..

BRASS-BAIKIE.-December 24, at the Manie, Lolchhaidt

strcot, Bifclune, hy the Rev. J. F. M'Swniiie, John, second non of the lato David Brai-i, of Shomness, to June, eldest daughter of tho late Janic.1 Bnikie.

BOYD-ANDERSON.-December 10, at St. Jntnoa's,

. Sydnoy, Charles Ernest, fourth son of J. F. Boyd, Esq., of; Bondi,'to susan hilen'Govvunloch, eldest daughter of G. Anderson, Esq., of Kose Valley-, Waterloo.

BEAUCHAMP-DEAN.-Jamtin y 0, at the lcsldenco of tho

brldo'o parents, Walter L.tssetter. third bon of ncnrylleron Beauchamp, of E_st Lodw, Acton, London, to Isabel, second daughter of Alcvandor Dean, of Spov. Manly.

CHAPMAN- ROY.-.January 1, at Macdonaldtown, Horace,

eldest son of the late Captain Thomas Chapman,, of Liverpool, England, to Annie Cargill, only daughter of Thomas Roy, of Busby, Sootland.

COLLIER-HALL.-December 10,.at. All Saints' Church,

yy'oollnhr'a, Sydney, Alfred Honry, fourth son of the laio Augns-.m Collier, of Guernsey, to . Kate, second daughter of Frederick Hall, oi Eahcr, yVoollahra.

COWDERY-DEANE.-December 19, at St. Paul's, Bur

wood, Edward H. Cowdery, of Strathfield, surveyor, third son of George Cowdery. C.E., to Mary Constance Deane.

CRAWFORD-AIKENHEAD.-Jamu.vy 2, at tho residence

of the bride's father, Robert St. Jolni Crawford, to Helen

Emma Louise Aikenhead.

CRADDOCK-THOMSON.-January 1. 1880, at the Wes-

leyan Parsonage, Newton n, by tue Rov, Charles Stead,

Samuel Craddock to Elizabeth Thomson.

DAVIS—BLACKMAN.—December 26, at St. Michael's

Church, by the Rev. E. D. Madgwick, William Tritton, second son of the late G. H. Davis, Kaiapoi, New Zealand, to Lydia (Lillie), foulth daughter of J. Blackman.

DAVIES—CROPPER.—December 22, at the residence of the

bride's parents, Regent street, Chippendale, by the Rev. Chas. Bright, Daniel Davies to Jane, third daughter of Abraham Cropper.

DIXON-HOFF.-January S, 1B39, at St. Bartholomew's

Church, 1'yrmont. by the Rev. G. Middleton, Ralph Cuuliffo Dixon to Lizzie TlofV.

DOUST-WASSON.-January 9, at Thrcsea Park Church,

Horace Doust, to Catherine Wasson.

FORSTER-WARREN.-December 20,1888. at HolvTrlnlty

Church, Ingham, by the Rov. F. B. Clive, Charles Edward, second son of the late Willi mi Forster of Sydney, to Grncc Isrbol, second daughter of W. Stanley- Warren. Esq.

FAHR—STUART.—January 3, at St. Paul's, Redfern, by the

Rev. Wm. Boyce, Walter Julius Fahr, eldest son of the   late Bernard Fahr, of Leipsic, Saxony, to Matilda Henria,   ninth daughter of the late John Stuart.

HUTCHINSON - CAWTHRAY. - December 1, at St.

Andrew's Church. Calcutta, India, bv tho Rev. J. Lillie, B.\.. Allan Hutchinson to Isabel, fourth daughter of the

lite Edward Cawttirav of Sydney

HUGHES-BELL - January 7 at the residence of the

bride äjaienti, by the Ker AN J L Clos», AA lill un Henry

oui) son of AN illlam Hughe", 1 »q , Concord, to Aura Castle ( Afilo), only d_uhhter of NA illlam Bell Tsq

HILL-KIRBY-December 1, at the U S Consulate, by

the Roy J Hargrave, Alarcus Stow Hill, to Alhcita

Tbciosa 'Ciibv

JONSON-PERKINS-December 22, at Petersham hythe

Rev C Blight, Trelcilck AAilllam Jonson, to Hannah Louisa elaughtci of Robert A Perkins

JONES-CHAPMAN - Deeember 2b, at No "6, Aberci omble  

Btreet, bv the Rev George Campbell 1 liornas Hodges lone of Bellwood to Aimv Louisa (Alinme) Chapmnn

LANGFORD-STOLZ - Tinuary 3, at St lohn s Church

Dirliiie,h-rst bv tie Rev A NA Pain Albeit Iangfoid to Alarv li veilla, third daughtei of Tliivid ktol 1 sq

LOWE - HASSALL - December 12, at the village church,

Guntawang, by the Rev J.S. Dobson, Charles, eldest son       of the late C B Lowe, Gooree, to Maud, third daughter of   R Hassall, Monowolgoo.    

LEVY-MANDELSON - January 2,18B9 at the residence of    

thobrde Dellcotta hilson Baj-ioad, ANaverlej, by the Rev N B Davis I en is youngest son of ihe late D ivis I ev), of Auc/limd to I ho be ¡loretta AluiiilelfOii

LYTTLE-PERRY - Novenibci 21 lfS8, at St Barnabas  

Church by the Rev Joseph ¡.inner 1 mest John, sceond son of the late Joseph Lyttle, coachbuilder, to Eliza Anita,         thiid d u htei of tue late \N llliam Poirv of tile Globe

M KECHNIE--CARR -Jinumi ?> IBS) lit the 1'iCbbvtcitan

Mun«e Petersham, bj the Rev Jam » Piton lolin Al kothnio G asgow S-otl mel to 1 lnience, youngest daughter of II < C ni, Lhq , Shelneld, 1 ngliiiel

M'LAUGHLIN - HINDS- January 1 lbliO at AAonloy

Chilien 1 ceent 5 rt-ct bj tit lev loscph Oi um, Joseph Fredirlcl >I Lmghlin to Mar) Lli/aheth Hinds

MACHATTIE—SUTHERLAND.—December 3, at Gowan,        

the residence of the bride's parents, George Edward,   youngest son of the late Richard Machattie, surgeon, of

Bathurst to Emily Sutherland.    

MYERS-GOULSTON -Jominrv 2, nt the Great Synagogue,  

Iii ibeth stieel Solomon ITviin. eldist sou of Ali I

Mye B AN ellington. New/elland to I h ehe, onl) daugh-

ter of Ali II Coulston of this city

MORGAN-VON DER HEYDE - Deteiiiber 20 at St    

Philips Chmeh bv the Uo J D 1 iiii"lev, Ohiulns Her- bert Mole, in to Alar) Constance, second daughter of

Gust iv A on dei Holde

NOBLE JONES-TURNER-January 1 at rresbj Iel ian  

Cam ill Bihnaln sydney by the Rev J Cosh M \, litdeilekAV Noblo-Joucs to Edith Maude, third ihutghter of rd i nd'luriioi 1 aq

NEWLAND- LOVETT -January 2, at St Peter's Church,

bv the Rev B I leis, Chulés Nowland of London, to Mella daughter of lohn Lovett of Dailing'iur.t

ORANGE-BROUGHTON -December 21, 1%8. at St

Anelron 3 Ciitlieluil bv the HOY A h Ittvois, MA, di tirald Oi mgo to Alice \niit, willow of It N Btoiuhton, M I)

PATTERSON-GILL- Dcccmbci 21, 1KB« »t St lohn s  

( huroh Darlliighuist bv the hev Arlhui l'uin UJ isted bv the Uov Canon Moreton Hugh lateroou to Man

Stew alt Gill

RAW-CUTCLIFFE-Januaiy 9 at All Saints' C-thodial

Bathurst by tilt A til Hev the Dca i D D , Thomas Ra«, ( L Colonial Vrelnteet s Dunn i tun n t Sydnoy, to Aheo Hi ira thiid daughtei of Cluih,, Ciiteliile Lsq , B N

RUSSELL-MYCOCK - Timiiui) 10 at liimt Pieib)  

ten u Chinch Gmlbuin bv the Hev Day id Allan M \

James "ussell to Alan, eldest daughtei of the late I liméis


REED-MOSSMAN* -Deccmbci 20, ISRo, bv the Rov J

Dinning Predeilck Reed, o( Druitt Iowa, neal b)due),to

Sarah Jane Mossman.

SMALL- ALLEN - Juiuutv 1, at Chiistohurch, Svehiev, by  

the Rev C 1 Gainrov, Charles James vouneest son of Mr Thomas Small, J.P., of Ulmarra, Clarence River, to    

Minnie Allen.

SMITH-DONALDSON-January 2, at tho Pro Cathedral,

Newcastle by Canon Selwyn and the Ven. Archdeacon       King, Walter Alexander Smith to Anne Donaldson.        

SMALE - WATSON - Deccinb-r .>, 1818 at S Join's    

Ch ireh B lim dil bv the Uov A I umtuill s tmutl t

eldest son ot C o ""milo of Pkiniiulh, Inejand tn Alaiy Ain NI fourth duiipïilcr of the late ''imiiel AN atholl

SMITH-OLLIFFE -November 13, at St. Michael's Church      

Surry Hills by the Rev. E. D Madgwick, Albert Lee Kingsmill Smith, to Edith Annie, only surviving daughter

of Joseph Olliffe.

TONKIN - PAUL - December 24 1888, at Nemingha Tam-

worth by the Rev Sydney Hawthorne. Henry. eldest son of J. Tonkin Sandhurst, Victoria, to Edith Millie, eldest   daughter of Joseph Paul, of Nemingha Tamworth.    

WARD-PARKER-Deecmbei .1 lhbG ut St David's,  

Chmeh \rthui-stieet Smry Hill , NN ¡Ilium Geoigt

AN ard to ' ll/ibeth Allilim lurlei


John s Ch ireh, Darhn liuist He in I redtnek Wilkinson,

to Mu o Ali id Caipeiter

WANSEY- WOOD - Decimber 20 1S8R at tho Pro      

Cathedral Nevvrastli Ohvoi NAansov to leinuie NA ood

WOODCOCK-HOWlESON -A- l,i mvllli I, the Rev J

Ashmeid, lhiimi sc.cind sou of the lite Hieharl AVool eool lsq of Coleiitiv Naivwek hire to billet, eldest ri niglilei ot Ihfimiis Home on 1 -,q Granville

WEBSTER- CANNAN - Decembei P, I81IS at ?>, Aitliui  

s-rect bum Hill«, bv Hit 1 -v Jo« ANoodhoure AAillii n AN obster, late of Leith, Scotland to Charluttc Susan Cannan


ADAMS.-Jnnunry 11, 1880, nt Newtown-road, Elizabeth

Adain», aged i'l) veau.

ABRAHAM.-Jaman y 13, William Abidham, chemist, late

of Mackay, Queensland, aged -d.

ABBOTT.-At her residence. Hunter-street, Parramatta,

Mary widow of the late Robert Abbott, aged 70 vears.

ALSTON -Innuary 5 18B9, at his daughter's residence,  

Piddington, Thoma« Alston In hi» 81st venr

ARNOLD -Dccem'iei 20,1888, at the Svdnev Hospital, Syd-

ney Chulés William Arnold, aged 48 years

BARKER - íanuniv 13, at lils late íasidence, 1, Harbour

View-lei lace Pnddhii'ton. lohn S Bark«, aged 47

BIRKETT -Wlllimi lifted, beloved -.on of Richard Birkett,  

it n aucd 0 months

BOURKE - Januaiv li 18S9, it her son's residence. Camper-

down, Man Doutkc, in hei 91rd year

BRAIN -January 13 ISHJ, at Noith Fitzroy, Melbourne,

Harriott Brain aged lu veins ,.,_"_,

BUCKLEY -Janumv 14, at Sydney Hospital, John Charl«»

Buckley ngnl totems

BENDON.—January 10, at Parramatta-road, Five Dock, Mr.    

Edward Bolan Bendon, aged 57 years.

BROWN - iniiuaiy 2 nt the residence of her son, Alexander

Bro'vn (London Chutcied lank), Brisbane, Margiret, Hioiv n, in her 79th 5 rai __,

BRAY- Tamur} 10,at the Sydney Hospital, Thomas V. illiam

ni ay, aged 3J

BROWN -January 8, 1889, at the residence of her parents,

Cooerwull, Bowenfels, Grace Frances Brown.  

BAILEY -Jnnnnrv 8, nt Homebush, attel three days' illness  

of Itillammitlon of the bm'ii 1 homas Clin Hallev

BATE - Januaty 2, IH8J, at het resldenci, Brighton Mila,

Summer lilli Ann Lute, nged 50 viars

BRADY - Deccmbei 17. at C.uccnscllff, 'vlctorin, Henry

lhomis Brady, aged 2 years and 7 months

BROWN -Dcecmboi 21, at Launceston, Tasmania, Kiss


BURCHAM - Novombei l8, 1818, at Hanoyv, I ngland,

Hi ni j Hut eli vin

CAPPER -December 15 1318, at VA alUngarra, on his

return 'ourncj to Goondi« null Ilowani 11 ohei ne Capper. CLUBB -January 8, nt I andscape Mila Darling-street, Ital

maln, Clucnci lui ic< Llubb, aged 2 veais und 10 months

DAVIS-January fl nt he Island I acton, Kameruk, Joh»

Alii ul Mapleton Davl», m the 50th yent of lils aire

DE LANGE -At hisitsidciee the tiunvuh MIII,Hlll-stiect,

\vavcilev, l-ugini.oiili ion of 'he Into 1 iidcne De Lunge, DIXON - liiniiBij 15 ut lilighton Cottage, Balmain, Mary

Anne Divon, aj.ed CJ year«

DYMOCK -tuiiuaiv S, Walter Maddison, eldest aon of Mal-  

colm and 1 nilly Dymock aged 5 vous and G month*

FAWCETT- Jauuaiv 2 Aithur llcrbcit, second con of

I land» aid Mary A. 1 avvcott, in the 18th vearof hi« age

FIRNHAM -lauuarv S, 18h9, nt hu ia.idc.nce, Kclllck

streot, Wntciloo, Vlartha I-h nimm, aged 36

FENWICK-Decemlci 5, 1881, at his residence, Ballin«,

Waitui Fenwick, aged 37 -cars

FRASER - lununrv 2, at hu, Quarry-street, Hlen Nicol  

riascr, aged 4 months and 1 week

GIBBS - lanuan 7, 1889, nt lils son-in-law'« residence,

Chanle-bticct, Vinrickvillc, yti I. Gibbs

GRAHAM "VI -Jiuuary 1 1S30, at yiacdonaldtuwn, Mu.

Robeco. Graham, agod 37 years

HAY - Dicember ¿a, IS88 nt the residence of David Berry,

1 sq , Cool tngatti, Robert Hay arcd 83 years

HARRIS-Died at Lynton, Goulburn, George Harria, son

of Mrs yV C Hin ils, in his 27th jeal

HENRY - Novombei 2b, 1838, at Rewa, \iti-Ievu, FIJI,

Geori.0 Matthow Hein v.

HENNESSY. -JnnuaivS, Fdward Joseph Henncssv, aged    

38 vein D

HOLLAND-December 3,1888,at Young, Frank Holland,

B. A. , in his -60th year

HOWE - Jauuaiv 5, at Macdonaldtown, Jane Elizabeth

¿Iowa, aged n0 y curs

HOORE - lauuirv 7,1889, at 88, Foster-street, leichhardt,

Mrs Catherine Üoorc, aged 77 ycirs

JONES-At Paddington Fredcnck Auburn, the beloved

Infant son of G P Jones aged seven months.

KIRKLAND.-November 27, at Largs, A)rbhire, in hi« 99th

vcar John Kirkland

KELLEHER.- December 26, at Brisbane, Queensland,  

Thomas Adolphus Kelleher.  

Iel All' - Janttiuy 11, 1689 nt her residence, Churoh-atreet,

Newcastle, Maiv Anno Kemp

KRUGER-Jan nan 12, at his residence, 242, Elizabeth

strict, Ldward Christum Kroger, aged 44 vcars.

LFr - Tanunry 9 at icssingflcld, Woodville, Emily Jan»

1 ec aged 2 J j ears

LENTON-January 10,1889 at the residence of her-son-in

law, F. E. W. Smith, Eleanor Lenton, aged 68    

LIONS - Tauuaiv 14, at the Sydney Hospital, of heart

dlio mc, Clinton, the beloved hushiud of Ada Grace Lyons. MAV HEW -January 13, at his patenta' residence, Blayney,

Lrnest llobcit Hill nell Vlavhew, aged b days

MA J rHEVVs - Jinuaiv fl 1389 at Snmmor street, Auck-

land, N. / , the vi ifn oi Henry yiatthevv s

MOORE-January 5, 1889, it his residence, Glendiver,    

Oaks, James Moore aged 63 yrs

MA1HISON-January 5, at hei lesidence, Bowncu, Croy

flon tho wifo of the Rev yy Mathison, sen

"MOULDER -Dcci mbcr 10,1888, at her residence, AuradslI,


MAGILL - January 5, at her residence : 33 Cumberland

Street. Mary Ann MAGILL, in her 40th year.

MAV.M.-Januitrv 13, at hei residence, Ciystal-strcet,

Petersham I ouls i yf iv ne, nged 28 v ears

M'CULLOCH - Deccmbei 20, 188S, at Bul wood, Mary


M MINN-Deccmbei 21 1888,at Bleak House Arundel-ter

lacc Glebe, rila Winn, aged 12 month» mid 1 dm

MACHI-LLAR - Decemhet 31, 1«88, at Strathfield, John

Mackcllu!, of Btatdwood aged b5vcnrs

MURRAY -On Dcoembir 28 at Biraganbil, William H.

Murray, of yinnclicstcr, iged 10

NOBLE-January 15.1830 nt hi« icideiice No 12 Pcaison

strcct. Balmain La>t, Andioiv Noblo agid 73}cm

PHILLIPS-Januaiv 13th, nt Moy» "Vale, Amelia Bervl

Phillip*, up-id 4 months and 20 days

PFCK -January 10, at Punco Alfred Hospital, FU>a Peck,

in her 72nd year grnnddaugl ter of the late Dr Lockhart

PRAT I -January 1 at Vloruva accldcntallv killed by «

full trom A hone, Leonard Pratt, aged l8

Pim! It -Januar) fl l8 0 Rnlph V'llliiui, voungest ton of

the late yir Ralph Palrrei aged 13 years

PARKI R-December 20 1"88 at hu residence 37, Botany

raid, yyilliam Parker, ii'id 7" liars and 0 months

RUTTER -December 24 at his residence, Maryvale, near    

Wellington, Thomas Rutter aged 53 years.  

RIICIII1 -Dicimber 11, 1 IbS, at Linton, Yass, John

lli'tlilo aged 19 vcars and t months

ROBINSON - Tinuarv 1 lhS9 at V> oodl mil Bank, Moncur

strcot, yVortlluhra, louisa varis Robinson

ROGERS-Jiniuaiy 10 188J, at his lesidence, Fliza-strcat,

NeiTtnwn, Roheit l.ogers inn , iged 4)

RAYVIOND Died In I ondon Tinmiri 5, 1689, lane widow

of the late John Crone li«y_iond

ROBBIE.—January 8, 188J, at Lillydale Nursery, Marrick-  

ville, yian Ribble

SUTTON.—January 15, atDrummoync, Elsie Louisa Sutton,        

aged 5 years and 3 months.

SEATON.—Januaij 10,18h9 at the lesidence of her son in  

law, F L W Sn 1th, Eleanor Seaton, ae,cd G1

STACKPOOL.—December 29 1883 at his residence, Rising  

Sun Hotel, Elizabeth-street Matthew Stackpool, aged 39    

STEWART.—Januaty 11 13^9 at 3), Raglan street, Alex-  

andria Elizabeth Inno Stewart aged 11 month«

STORMER.—November 3, of dtphtheiia, J Gordon, aged  

3 years and 3 months and Deccmbei 9, W F bttiart, aged 9 mouths, only children of lohn and Ada Stormer

SULMAN.—December 31 at Parramatta, Sarah Clark, wife    

of John Sulman, aged 40

STONE.—January 6, at Bondl-road, Waverley, Elleen,  

second daughter of Albert and Annie Stone, aged 3 years. TURNER.—January 1,1839, at her residence, Stella Villa,    

Btmmore-road, Maria Turner, in her 7 ith Tear

TAMNEY.—December 25, at Prince Alfred Hospital, New-  

town, John Tamney.

WINMILL.—January 9, 1889, Henry Winmill, Myall Creek  

Station. Bingera, aged 53.

WARTON.—January 1, at his residence, Morley, Renwick  

street, Leichhardt, William Warton, aged 70.    

WHITE.—January 10, at Balmain, Grace, the boloved wife    

of William White, aged 52 v ears  

WILSON.—January 10, at Broken Hill, Melville Vincent,    

only son of y inccnt and Chrissie Wilson, aged 13 months.

WILSON.—January 12, 18S9, at his residence, Rothesay,    

Brooklyn-street. Burwood, James Wilson aged 30 years.  

WARD.—November 13, at Round Oak, Newbury, Berks,  

Captain John Ward, R N.  

WEBSTER.—January 2, 1889, at his lRto residence, Hale      

bank Stanmoic, Wn. Webster aged 40 years

WATERS.—December 29, 1888, at Camden, Elisabeth   Waters, aged 32 years.

WEBB.—December 21, 1R88, at her parents' residence,  

Albert-street, Goulburn, I mma Elizabeth Webb

V AlsON -Dicember 25, nt the residence of Mis Terry,

Smnmci Hill Helena Jane Watson

yy FBI! -Di comber 21 at hei parents' residence, Albert

stiect Goulburn, Emilio Elizabeth Webb

V TI KI S -Dcceinhti 19 at Maclean Clarence River, John

Wvi youngest son of the late Hon 1 C. Weekes, in his

îlot y ear

WEEKES.—December 16, drowned at sea, George Rivers        

Weekes aged 16 years.

WALKER.—December 27 at his residence, Spruson-street,      

Nenti ii Hay, 1 obert Duff V.alkci, In his41rd veal

WILKINSON.—December 31 at his rcsidenoe, Burwood,  

Henry I ollei V\ llkinson, acting city coronir, iged 48 years.

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