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The Premier has placed himself in communication with the hoads of the Governments of Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Now Zealand, with a view to the appointment of a joint commission composed of scientific mon in these colonies to investigate the offect of the disease whioh it is proposed to introduce for the extermination of rabbits upon other forms of animal life. The commission, as announced in our issue of Saturday, will also ascertain whether M. Pasteur's sóbeme is likely to be effeotive in these colonies, having regard to the state of the nest and tho climatio and other conditions. The various Go- vernments are being asked to nominate gentlemen who have special knowledge in such matters to sit on the


Mr. G. Withers, M.L.A., has received a letter from Mr. Lambton, secretary to the Postmaster-General, in reference to a deputation that waited on Mr. Eoberts on the 81st January. Tho deputation, it appears, sug- gested an alteration in the time table of the mails

between Parramatta and Bouse Hill. The matter

having beon inquired into, it has been decided that from to-day the mails shall leave Rouse Hill at 5 p.m., reaching Baulkham Hills at 7, and Parramatta at 8 p.m. The question of letter receivers, asked for by tho deputation, to be placed on the Windsor-road, is still

under consideration.

It is understood that a petition against the return of Mr. W. J. Allen, M.L.A. for Paddington, has been lodged by Mr. Charles Hellmrich, who contested the scat in the interests of the Government,and free trade at tho last election. It will be remembered that Mr.

Allen polled 1606 votes, Mr. Hollmrich 1682, Mr. Knapp 612, and Mr. Cansdcll 192, while the informal votes numbered 98. It ia alleged that nearly 80 of the votes returned as informal should havo been counted

for Mr. Hellmrioh. A scrutiny of the votes by the Elections and Qualifications Committee is demanded, and Mr. Hollmrich hopes that it will result in his being declared elected.

The first sittings of the' Supreme Court for the prosont year aro to commence this morning, and not only will threo Judges sit in Banco for the hearing of appeals, but one of their Honors will preside in the first Jury Court to deal Avith causes. Under the old arrangement, tho cause list Avas taken up only when the business of Term time was concluded, but it is thought that by keeping two courts going simultane- ously, the settlement of actions now pending will be much expedited, and thus some hope may bo reasonably entertained of getting well abreast of the work by the end of March. Tho remanots which came ovor from last term number only three or four; but, notwith- standing tho efforts mado by the bench towards the close of last year to overtake the cases at nisi prius, there oro still a large number outstanding Avhich aro of courso included in the present list On the 27th instant a second jury court Avili bo opened at Darlinghurst, and unless unforeseen delay occurs both tho torm and nisi prius lists will in all probability ho clour when tho next Aviation comos round. On Saturday morning, his Honor tho Chiof Justico and sovoral of the Puisne Judges mot in consultation, and it waa decided that owing to tho A'acancy caused by tho retirement of Mr. Justico Faucott not having yet beon filled the Equity Court Avould not sit until further notico, as Mr. Justico Owen is required in Bnnco. Tho sooner, therefore, the now Judgo is appointed the hotter it will bo for porsonsAvho aro partios to suits. For some days past tho Avork of removing everything appertaining to equity businoss from tho present offices to "Chancory-squaie," at the top of King-streot, has beon piocoeding, but it avüI bo somo timo before tho now offices aro in complote order. Tho court, however, is ready. Tho bankruptcy moot ings will be resumed to-day at Chancory-squaro, whoro a court has been specially fitted up for the purpose When thoir Honors take thoir 6eats to-day in Banco no doubt somo rofoienco will be mado to Mr. Justico Faucott's long and ohio sorvices on the Bench, and Mr. G. B. Simpson, Q.C., will announce his acceptance of tho office of Attorney-General.

In the presence of a very largo asaomblago the foundation-stono of a new school-hall, in connection with St. Bonedict's Roman Catholic city church, was laid by Cardinal Moran, yesterday afternoon. As an initiatory proceeding there Avas a procession, in Avhich the members of tho nibernian Society, in thoir bright green and gold regalia, avoio conspicuous, and in performing tho ceremony of laying the stone Cardinal Moran Avas attired in cope arid mitre. Among those who had places on the platform wore tho Very Rev. Dr. O'Horan, the Very Rev. A. O'Noill, Rev. P. L. Coonan (administrator of St Bonedict's), Mr. T. M. Slattery and Mr. D. O'Connor, Ms.L.A. Tho Cardinal, in addressing tho gathoring, after ex- pressing tho porsonal pleasuie the auspicious beginning of so important a work afibided, alluded to the recent celebration of the Popo's 50th anniver- sary of ordination as a simplo priest of tho Church Avhich ho now lulod as Sovereign Pontiff. The Cardinal spolto of Loo XIII. as wiso and gifted in a dogjoe rarely excelled by any of his 259 predecessors -a Popo specially qualified for his august office, and ono whoso peaceful pontificate had beon productive of benofit and blessing, not only to those who rovoroncod him as their spiritual father, but to the wholo Christian Avorld. His Holiness, the cardinal declared,while over tho courageous champion of Christian truth and principio, had proved himself the friend of progress, free- dom, science, and enlightenment in thoir highest and noblest form3, and in this his Holiness, it Avas claimed, was simply sustaining tho church's historical character, and carrying into our own times the traditions of tho long and illustrious lino of Pontiffs, to whom Christen- dom owed all its richest inheritances, and all its most precious possessions. Messrs. Slattery and O'Connor de- livered speeches sotting forth the Roman Catholio claims in regard to the State endowment of education and tho collection following, £750 was received, this sum being increased to £850 by a donation from Cardinal Moran, who in closing the proceedings warmly congratulated tho parish priest, and his peoplo on their energy and their enterprise. Messrs. Tappin, Gilbert, and Donnelly aro the architects of the now building, which is to cost £.1500, and Mr. Bradley is the contractor. The main hall Avili be 120ft. in length.

A special festival for operativo girls, in conneetion Avith tho Centenary, has beon arranged to take plaoo in tho Inner Domain on tho 10th instant, undor the pre- sidency of Lady Cairington. Tlio gathoiing is likely to prove a successful and a very enjoyable one. A com- mittoo of ten ladies have had the matter in hand for some time, and arrangements are all but complete. A final mooting of tho committee is to bo hold this after- noon. The various employers of femólo labonr havo been invited to furnish lists of thoir girls, and tho names of thoso aro now being handed in. It is par- ticularly pointed out that, should any omission bo made, tickets Avili bo cordially issued upon appli-


The sculling contest botween Peter Kemp and Thomas Clifford for £200 aside and the championship of tho

Avorld, which took place on tho Parramatta River on

Saturday attornoon, resulted in an easy win for Kemp. Gaining a good start, ho led uotil the finish, novor being asked to exert himsolf. The timo was 23 minutes 47^- seconds. The race was Avatched by thousands of peoplo, eithor from tho shore or from steamers anchored in the river; but thoro was nothing vory oxciting about it Kemp Avas the favouiito from the start, and his victory Avas a popular one. A challenge from Hanlan, tho American sculler, has sinco boon accopted

on his behalf.

A consignment of very valuable stud rams and ewes arrived yesterday from London in the steamer Port Pirie. They aro originally from Vermont, in tho United States of America, a Stato that is colebrated for its sheep flocks. Ono hundred and sixty-ont; eheop Avore shippod, and it speaks volumes for the care and attention paid to the sheep, when

it is stated that out of that number only one died on the voyage. They oro consigned to Mr. Alex-

ander Wilson. The minature flock is divided as follows :-39 rams and 131 ewes. As wool producors tho Vermont shoap can scarcely bo surpassed anywhere in the world.. The average clip from tho rams amounts from 301b. to 401b.,and that from the ewes runs from 151b. to 241b. The wool sets'very close, and is of great density. Mr. E. D. Morrison and Mr. B. D. Clarke have brought out the sheep and speak in high terms of the vessel. The whole flock has been most attentively looked after during -the voyage, and the rate of mortality has consequently been v»ry low. In all probability this will not be the only importation of

sheep of the American merino type.

It is little known to what oxtentbank tellers have to

guard against traps deliberately laid for them by dis- honest persons asking for change. We aro informed that a fow dayB ago an employee from a George-street shop called in at a neighbouring bank, and asking for " ten in half sovereigns," put down a £5 note. The teller, inadvertently complying, returned him l8 half sovereigns and one sovereign, in all £10, not discover- ing the discrepancy until the dishonest clerk had left the bank with his bioty. However, he was afterwards followed and fully identified, and the matter has been placed in the hands ol the detective department.

The sittings of the Metropolitan Court of Quarter Sessions will he continued at the Darlinghurst Court- house this morning. The jurymen, who were locked up on Friday, night in connoction with tho case of Walter Hume, who was charged with having compelled a person to make a valuable security, were unable to agree upon a verdict, and were discharged on Saturday morning. The accused was remanded to the next sessions. The following coses are down for trial to-day:-Benjamin Braun, wilfully making a false statement: Archibald L. Campbell, embezzlement; Denis Fearn, alias M'Dara or M'Donald, (1) larceny, (2) haying in his possession counterfeit coin with in- tent to utter ; Bobert Bonzou, Smith Brown, cheating

at cards.

A -lamentable collision, attended with loss of life, occurred on the Parramatta Biver'on Saturday after- noon. Tho Bteam launches ,TJndine and Little Violet collided off The Brothers Bocks. Tho latter filled and sank instantly. The engineer of the Little Violet, James Peol, was drowned, and a man named Daniol Miller is also supposed to have lost his life in tho


A sad fatality happened near South Head yostorday morning, when a man named Thomas O'Connor lost his life through the breaking of a rope, by means of which ho was loweiing himBolf ovor the cliff. It appears that early in tho morning O'Connor and his father proceeded to Bon Buckley Cove, about a milo and a-half distant from the South Head light, for tho purpose of fishing. The latter succeeded in lowering himself about 100ft over the edge of the cliff by means of two ropes, but whilo his son was in the act of descending tho second rope it suddenly snapped in two, causing bim to fall on to the rocks below, and meet with instantaneous death. The body was hauled up shortly afterwards, and was examined hy Dr. Bundle, who

found that tho man had suffered fracture of the base

of the skull, and that his right arm had boon broken in two places. Tho docoascd was a single man, 33 years of age, and resided at No. 70, Surry-streot, Darling-


Another sad death from typhoid fever occurred at Parramatta early yesterday morning, the victim being a gentleman well known and respected in the town, Mr. J. W. F. Lovell, one of the proprietors of the Cumberland Argus. Mr. Lovell took an active part in the Centennial demonstration at Parramatta on the

27th ultimo, but three days later was confined to his room. For several years he edited the Cumberland Mercury, and also acted as local correspondent to the Sydney Morning Herald, in the discharge of which duties he earned the reputation of being a very con- scientious and persevering pressman. He was in his 30th year.

Tnn following cases wero treated at the Sydney Hospital yesterday:-Fredorick Shingorhofi', labouior, was talton to the iustilution by Constable Glanville, of No. 2 police station, tho patient having had Rovoral fits shortly after boing assaultod on Satuulay night Patrick Smith, storeman, was admitted, suffering from fracture of tho loft leg, ho having fallen over a heap of stones in Dowling-streot, Woolloomooloo.

At about 3.45 am, on Saturday a fire hroko out in Covo-slreot, Balmain, and resulted in tho almost com- pleto destruction of four unoccupied cottages, situated Nos. 21, 23, 25, and 27 in the thoroughfare named. Tho cottages wore adjoining ones, and woro constructed of brick and weatherboard with iron roofs. Tho 'pro- perty belonged to Mr. W. Nicholls, of Trafalgar-street, Annandale, and was insured in the Mercantile Mutual Fire Office. It is surmisod that the firo originated in somo limo which was upon tho premisos becoming slaked by rain falling on it The llamos wero extin- guished by the local volunteer firo company, assietod by tho Metropolitan Firo Brigade.

Wmr.E hauling in thoir fishing notj, the members of a picnic party given in honour of Major Oascoigno on Fri- day wore considerably surprised at the unusual resistance to their efforts and the damage which was apparent to thoir tackle. Upon gotting the not ashore tho mystory was solved by the appearance of half-a-dozen sharks of sufficient size to have been formidable customers, a post-mortem examination upon which provod thom all to be of the female sox and containing a large quantity of eggs, in which tho infant fish could be distinctly discerned in full embryonic activity.

Mr. Wjt. Lawrence, of Mansfield-stroot, Bald Bock, Balmain, yesterday, at about noon, took his valuablo "brown rotriover dog to the Bald Hock Wharf for a swim. Much to that gentleman's horror, as also to that of other residents assembled, as soon as the dog toole to the water a hugo" shark arose and drew tho unfortunato dog under water, and about a minute afterwards the dog carno to the surface, completely disemboweled and ono log gone. A rush was immediatoly made to bring the romains of the poor dog ashore, which was quickly dono, and tho body

was loft to Ho on the wharf for somo timo as a warning to tho many, youths that aro in tho habit of daily taking a swim from this and other wharfs. For hours after this shark, which apparently is a monster, was soon taking a circuit of the bay.

The following is tho order of musical sei vice at St. Andiow's Cathedral this afternoon, at 4:-Magnificat, Stuinor, in B flut ; Nunc Dimitlis, Stainer, in B flat; anthem, " 0, Pray for the Poaco of Jeruaaloiu" (Goss).

The Village Festival at Neutral Bny, in aid of tho funds of St. Augustine's vicarage, which wai to havo boon bold on Saturday aftornoon, was unavoidably postponed, owing to tho wet weather, until no\t Satmday, the 18th instant.

The following is tho roport of the Prince Alfrod Hospital for tho week ended February 11, 1888:-Nnmbor of in patients at last report, 11*1 males, 77 females; since admitted, 33 males, 23 females ; discharged, 14 malcB, 14 fomales; died, 4 males, 4 females ; remaining inhospital on Fobruary 11, 1888, 129 males, 82 females. Number of out-patients treated during the weeli, 319 ; number of casualty casos treated but not admitted, 126: totul, 445.

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