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Mr. Abbott, S.M., presided in the Chargo branch of the CINTRA- POLICE COUUT yesterday, and dealt with an un- usually large number of caseB. Samuel Ewing, lo, no occu- pation, was fined £2, with the option of 14 days' imprison- ment, fer having thrown missiles and bananas at a China- man. For the use of indocent language, Henry Kelly, 27, baker, was fined £2, with tho option of 14 days in gaol. William Campbell, 28, steward, was fined in all £13, with the option of six months' hard labour, for obscenity, and for having assaulted Constable Murdoch and one Annie Warren. George Keane, 40, carpenter, was sentenced to a'month's hard labour for having stolen an ox-tongue. John White, 35, labourer, for having a hide ia his pos- session, after midnight, which it was reasonably suspected had been stolen, received a sentence of 14 days' hard labour. William P. Ryan, 10, cabman, and John Thomas Hunter, 32, painter, were respectively ordered to pay 10s. and 15s. Ser week, for 12 months, towards the support of their

eserted wives. James Cronin, 43, carpenter, was com- mitted to take his trial at the Quarter Sessions upon a charge of having obtained £2 17s. from Thomas Smyth, by the means of a valueless choque, with the intent to defraud. John M'Phail, for having committed an aggravated assault upon D. Honeyman, was fined £10, with the alternativo of four months' hard labour. James M<Mahon, 20, labourer, for having used indecent language in Macquarie-streot South, was fined £ô ; in default of payment three months' hard labour. George William Wilson, 29, painter, was sent to gaol for 12 months, or until he shall havo complied with an order of Conrt for the payment af £7 10s. On the summons side, before Mr. Clarke, S.M., Andrew Duncan, licensee of the'Turf Club Hotel, Castlereagh - street, was fined £5, with 5s. 6d. costs, for Sunday selling of liquor. Thomas Carney was ordered to pay 16s. per

week, for 12 months, towards the support of his wife, Sarah   Carney. An order of a similar character, to the extent of 12s. per week, was made against Jeremiah Heggarty.

Mr. Whittingdale Johnson, S.M., presided in the Charge Division of the WATEE POUCH COUUT. Eliza Rowe, 69, married, was fined 40s., or seven days' gaol, for drunken- ness and disorderly conduct in Cowper-stroet, Waverley. Thomas Moore, on remand (on bail), who waa charged on the previous day with neglecting to pay the sum of £3, due on an order of the court, for tho support of his deserted child, did not appear when called this morning. His bail was estreated. Richard Johnson, 25, stonemason, was fined 24s., or 21 days' gaol, for wilfully breaking two panes of floss, value 4s., tho property of one William T. Johnson,

'or having no visible lawful means of support, the accused was further sentenced to threo months' imprisonment. Elizabeth Sly, 39, married, was fined 20s., or seven dsyB, for drunkenness on the Corio at Manly. < For usfag in indecent language ia the same thoroughfare tho was fined

£2, in default one month in gaol ; the' sentences to ha cumulative. James Brown and Patrick Ryan, respec- tively, were fined 10s., or two days' imprisonment, for offending against decency in South Steyne Park, Manly. David Arnott, 26, baker, was charged with unlaw- fully assaulting Michael Reardon by striking him. Tho accused, who pleaded guilty, was sentenced to a month's imprisonment, with hard labour. William Mountstephen was charged with assaulting ono Laura Alexander, and occasioning her actual bodily harm. Senior-Sergeant Perie proved arresting the accused on the 22nd in- stant. The prosecutrix, who resides with her husband in Carrington-road, Waverley, said sho went to tho pri- soner's mother's house in tho same thoroughfare a few days ago. The accused ontercd the premises whilst the prose- cutrix was there, and an altercation ensued between him and his mother. Mrs. Alexander interfered, and the accused struck her on the head with a hammer, inflicting severe injuries, necessitating medical attendance. It was said that prisoner had no occasion to betray aay ill feeling towards the prosecutrix. Ho was committed to take his trial at the next Court of Quarter Sessions. ThomaB Shields, 22, a seaman belonging to tho British registered vessel Balmoral Castle, was charged with wilfully disobeying lawful commands on board that ship on the voyagé from England. The offence having been proved, the accused was sentenced to four weeks' imprison- ment, with hard labour. Mr. J. M. Marsh disposed of a

number of cases m the Summons Division.

Mr. James Buchanan, S.M., presided at the REDFERN POLICE COUUT. Mary HanBon. 39, no occupation, was charged, on remand, with uttering a forged document, pur- porting to be a £1 note on the Bank of New South Wales, with intent to defraud, and knowing the same to bo counter- feit. Prisoner had presented the cheque for change at a shop in Regent-street, when it was at once detected as bad, and the prisoner handed over to tho police. She was committed for trial. Ruso Paternoster, 13, on remand, a girl under the age of 16 years, charged with having no lawful visible means of support, was ordered to be sent to he Reformatory School at Parramatta. William Gordon, 41, carpenter, charged with unlawfully deserting his wife, Margaret Gordon, was ordered to pay 10s. a week for 12 months. Richard Ernest Jones, 2.4, draper, was charged with attempting to discharge a loaded re- volver at .Albert Arthur Terratt, with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The evidence of the prose- cutor was to the effect that he was a bootmaker, and that his avocation made it necessary for him to live away from his wife, who resided at No. 5, Rose-terrace, Darlington-road. He, however, visited her every Sunday, .and last Sunday evening, according to his usual custom, he went to tho house, when he found his wife ont. He then 'left on his return to the factory, where be had to sleep, and on the way met Mrs. Terratt, arm-in-arm witn the prisoner, who was a stranger to him ; hut Mrs. Terratt introduced the gentleman as the brother of a lady who was mutually known to them. Mr. Terratt thereupon appeared to be satisfied, and expressed his intention of returning to the factory. The woman said in that coso Mr. Jones would see her as far as her own door, and the parties separated. Terratt watched the retreating couple ; and instead of Mr. Jones leaving his wife at the door, ho accompanied her into the house, and shortly afterwards the pro- secutor, who stood outside, saw his shadow on the bedroom window-blind. After waiting for some time he went to the Redfern police station, and shortly after- wards returned, accompanied by a constable. He then knocked boldly at his own door, and a voice, which he recognised as that of his wife, responded, "Who's, there ?" whereupon Terratt made know« who ho was, when, to his consternation, his wifo told him to "go away-that she didn't want him," upon which he assumed an air of authority, and informed her that unless she opened the door at once he would burst it open with an axe. The prisoner then appeared at the bedroom door, armed with a revolver, which he pointed straight at prosecutor's head and threatened to blow his brains, out. At that critical moment, however, the constable stepped forward, took the weapon from him, and took him into custody. Tho revolver was found to bo loaded in all six chambers. Prisoner, on hiB way to the station, told Tarratt that if it had not been for the sudden appearance of the constable he would certainly have shot him. The con- stable having «riven some corroborative evidence, the pri- soner was committed for trial, bail being allowed for hi» appearance at the Quarter Sessions. Mr. Buchanan dealt, on the Summons side of the Court, with a number of petty cases under the polico Act.

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