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. . , Proftitlon». Trade», &o. _


___ , Borthwiok, 281, George-street._

JOINER wanted, one used to snslies and frames. J. Taylor, Meeks-Toad, Marrickville, near terminus._ -ppRÊN TICES wanted for the Drapery. H. W. _Webb, 74 and 76, King-street._ ~~à SMART intelligent Office BOY wanted. C. Hugo j9_ and Co., 8, Bond-street Chambers, Bond-street._ A" _ Servants' Homo, 83. Murkot-st.-Wanted, a Govcr

ness, teach music, English ; eountiy; R. C. preferred.

"¡_ YOUNG Lady icquned as Apprentice or Improver to Jt_ fnnov needlework. Mrs. Stcffanonl, 4G, Wynyard-squarg.

>_^NY WELL-EDUCATED gentleman, with good rofs.,

J\ can obtain LMPLOYMENT hy appljing to Wilham Davies, 6, Bridge-Street. ,_

XCClD^ÑT^ INSURANCE. - CANVASSERS J_L wanted ; only good men need apply. VV. S. Johnson, United Australian Mutual laurance Company, 79, Pitt-street, Sydney;_ ADVERTISER, having money to invest, may be ad

vontagcon«ly consulted concerning any kind of transactions Involving finance,' with a view to business ; reliable and secret. Box 700, General Post Ofltcc._

PPLICATIOÑS nie invited for tho position of

MANAGER of an extensive Bricky, orks; a liberal salaiy will be paid to a tompctent man ; applicants must be experienced In brickmaklng, possess a good know ledge of claj s, and have ability to manage. Addicss W. L., care of Gordon and Gotch, Collins-street V\ est, Melbourne._

OOK-SE'WERS wanted, stationery hands, for Mcí

bourne. Apply Turner and Henderson, Hunter-street.

OOT TRADE.-Wnnted, two iirst-cluss Pegged '_HANDS. Apply 104, Klug-strcct._ OOT TRADE.-Wanted, GIRLS totiooif; and Im-

provers^ machine. J4, Raglan-streot, Darlington._ fÜÖT'TRÄDE.-MÄCnlNlST~w1mte~d~för factory.

T. Williams and Co.. 278, George-street._ OY wanted as APPRENTICE. Australian Typo

Founding Compnny, 01a, Clarencc-Btrect._*

OY wanted, with experience m stationery business, for Waverley; good wages. G. Djson, 110, Elizabeth-street.

î)YS"wante_. John Sands^Georgë-strcet.

RICXLAYER wnnted for building cottages, labour 1 only. WJllianisoji^crton-stieot^Zctlund-st., Waterloo._ RICK7LAYER wanted, used to furnace-building.

Ilowarth's Foundry, Newman-street, No« town._ UTCHERS.-Wanted, a steady SHOPMAN. F~ _Williams, 17, Wattle-street, Darlington._ UTCHERS.-Wanted, good Shopman; also smart R<T. nscful. Lnb} 's Meat Market, Oxford and Botany sts. RÎSBÂNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL.




A GERMAN MASTER is required, to teach the language con- versationally ns well as grammatically. Salary, £500 per annum.

An ENGLISH MASTER is also needed lor English Litoi ature and Composition and Elementary Mathematics. Salary, J520O per


Applirations, with testimonials, stating any additional subjects the candidate is prcpurcd to teach, must be sent to W. II. OSBORNE, Scccetnry to the Grammar School Trustees, Chan- cery-chambers, Brisbane, on or befoie WEDNESDAY, March 24.


_ Head Master._ CARPENTER wanted, good man. Apply now villa, _Hensou-street, Summer Hill, 8 o'clock,_ COMMISSION AGENTS.-Wanted, 2 gentlemen, to

undertake remuncrathe commission. Delta, Herald Office.

COLONIAL Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Fire,

Marine, Plate-glass, and Accident) requires CANVASSING AGENTS for oltv and subui bs ; cnorgetio reliable men will be Hbcrally dealt with. Office, 105, Pitt-stieet.


practically acquainted with the manufacturo of cement ; one who has been in a German factory piefcrrcd. Address D. B. 0., Herald Office.

D b B B B


ENTISTS' Mechanical Dcntishy done for the profes

sion, long csp., charges mod. Vulcanite, ncrald Oifico.


Larcombe and Co., 79, Regent-street, Redfern.

RAPERY.-Wanted, a HAND for tho Hosiery do _partaient. Albion House. 380, Gcorgo-strect._ KÄPERY and MILXfNE-TYl-Wanted, at once, an

Apprentice and Improver. Grace Bros., 203, Goorge-st.

RÉSSMAKER.-Wanted, ut once, Assistants; aloo

Apprentices. Mrs. Mnsters, Kont Villa, Norton-st., L'hardt.

RESSMAKERS.-Good Body and Skirt HANDS

wanted. 74 and 7G, King-street.

RESSMAKING.-Wanted, good Body HANDS. Madame Wilson, 213, Bouike-street, Woolloomooloo.



IkRAPERS.-Wanted for a lending house in one of the

f principal suburbs, a young lady MILLINER ; hours, 0 till G p.m. Apply Hy. Bull and_Co., Pltt-strect._


RESSMAKING.-First-class Sleeve and good Skirt

HANDS wanted. Mrs, Taylor, G03, George-street,


evening paper. Manager, Box 57, Post-office. Melbourne.

eOVERNESSES,"and~T5tora'~IÏÏ6t., 657Huntcr^st. _Mrs. Mead requires Ladles, country cngts. School for sale ii ÖVERNESS wanted for country, salary £40, music ._T and singing,Miss Fox, Loma House, Wynyard-squaro,

¡TfRINDER wanted at Hudson Brothers (Ld.), Clyde

kX ' Works, Granville

p ROCERY.-Wanted, a trustworthy JUNIOR, nblo ' UT: to drive ; to one with a connection a liberal salary will be

Etven; between 11 and 12 to-day. Craig, Elizabeth-street, near

lcveland-street, Redfern._


OMOOPATHIC Chemist's Assistant wanted for the

country. A. Lewis, 810, George-street, _



DIVERS wanted, accubtomed to deep water workings. Apply to Mr. Martin, Rydo Railway Bridge, Parramatta River.

A. and R. AMOS,



MASONS.-A few good HANDS wanted. Apply at Railway Bridge Works, Hyde, to

A. and R. AMOS,

_ Contractors.

'TOINER wanted. Job, Onslow-avenuo, off Elizabeth %l_Bay-road._ TtyTASON.-CUTTER wanted. Opposite School 'JLYJL_Womerah-avcnue, Darlinghurst._ MASONS wanted. Reformatory, South Head. P.

Newland. MASONS.-Wanted, a few, at Water Police Court. _Apply to the Foreman._ USICIAN wanted, to play Dance Music. P., Herald



IVJTEDICAL.-Tho Colonial Mutual Lifo Offlco require J.TJL the services of a Duly Qualified MEDICAL MAN to accompany a first-class Travelling Agent in the country. Liberal

terms. _ _

MEDICAL.-Duly qualified Medical REFEREE re-

quired to travel with first-class Agent and examine pro- ponents for Life Assurance. Apply Mutual Assurance Society of Victoria, Limited, corner of Georgo and Margaret stieets._ O' FFICE BOY.-Wunted, a smart LAD. Apply 424,

Castlereagh-street, opposite Exhibition._

*pAINTERS.-Wanted, IMPROVER! Crown Loan JT _ Office, Crown-street, near Oxford-street.

"PAINTERS wanted." Philpott and Grico, Bond-street,

"PARTNER required monthly publication; small capital. JET_Editor, 08, Elba'both-street._ "pARTÑER required, good paying Business, established, _j___ehiall capital._Llpman, Allan*, and Co., 122. Market-street. 'PARTNERSHIP.-Exceptional opportunity, young

"J-7 hian, "55 cash, profession, option to leam. CosmoB, Herald. PHOTOGRAPHY.-Wanted, young LADY: re- toucher, good and quick. Carrington Galleries, Haymarket. PHOTOGRAPHY.-Wli_rte_rtwo~yô__g~LADIES, as

, retouchors. Apply Charlemont ct Cie., Royal Arcade.

POLISHERS wanted ; good hands. J. Medcalf's Fur-

nishing Arcado, Regent-htrcct, Redfern. Apply early.

TQORTMANTEAU Mnkers wanted, also luipi overs and JLjioys to stitch. Miller and Co., 55, Crown-st., Vvoolmloo._ PARTNER wanted, to oxtend butchering business;

doing n good trade at present. For particulars apply Mi. Waugh, Union Dining Rooms, LowerGeorge-sticet._ . "IJARTNER wanted with _C00, to loin another in an

JET eätablibhed business, in George-street ; pi esent proprietor Will find same amount. General Agency Companj, 110, King ïtrect.,_ PARTNÎLR wanted in good city business ; can clear

£?2000 in next three months. Full particulars explained by Principal at our office, This Day, at 11. General Agency Com- pany, 110, King-street._ _ "PARTNERSHIP.-Wanted, a good working Partner, -CT capital, about £200, for lestaurnnt, tea and coflee rooms; good Bpce ; principals only. JARVIS mid CO., Haymuiket Arcade. " _ ïl'EQUlRËD, a conipelonrDRESSMAKER, for Wa~ JL-1 vcrley, to take charge of workioom ; must be btylish, and have oxpeiicnc'o ; liberal salary given. W. X. Y., Post-office, Waverley. i_ SMITHS wanted. Henry Goodwin, dray and coach works,

, . Yulôntlnc-lunc.

SOAPMAKER.-Wanted, a ilrst-cliws MAN for Wil-

cannia, Flank Howson. Wllloughby-teirace, North Shore. STRAW HAT-MAKERS wanted. Mrs. M. Gill, 13", _Bathurst-stiect._ STRAW .SEWER, to"lmmii_ë" room, wanted; also,

.- GIRLS, handy with needle. 168, Llverpool-stieet._ §YDNEY Registry, '214, Ciistlcrengh-strcet.-Governess

wanted for Moruya. Fni'Hsli mid music, Catliolie, good home. SCOTTISÍTUÑÍON and NATIONAL INSURANCE


Established 1824. Capital, £0,000,000.

ACTIVE AGENTS wanted Iii City, Submbs, and Country.

' . - PLELK, UOR1LVDA1LE. and CO.,

_ _ liimk of Australasia-chambers.

ffTÄlTÖirEfiSES.-00 HANDS for Coloniiil Trousers,

JL Machinist foi tincad work. R. C. Baulch, Claience-street.

ÏU1LO"RESSE'&.-Good Tiousers HANDS, at ouco; __l_BJieat_\i ages ; constant; J. C. I'rjor, 165, William-street. aUILÓRÉSSES7=Fn-t-ctoss "Coat HANDS, indoor,

- wanted; highest wngea. A. Finlayson, 14, York-stieet.

f|1AlLUKKSSISti^Wanted nt unco, iirst-class order

Trouseis HANDS, indoor._A. Finlayson and Co._ AILORESSES.-Wanted, (hut-class HANDS, for colonial tiousers ; highest prices. A^Fjnlayson,J4, Y'ork-st.


ITU1LORESSES.-Coat Hand, 2 lmpi overs, and Ap JLjpientiles wanted. A. Walker. 58, Pltt-strect, second floor. _ TAILORESSES- Muöhiiühts for trousers, Buttoiîhôlo

and Tioiihers Hands. Kverh, Murray, mid Co., 83, Claienee-s.

ÎÎTàlLOiTESSES.-Wanted, IMPROVERS nud Ap JL prcnticch to tiousers making. 1. Naplcr-st., Surry Hills."

TAÍLORESSES, Fiuibhors, and Apprentices for tiousers

wanted. Mrs. Laport, C2S, Gcoige-stieet.ovcr Wilson's.

ffVUREE MASONS wanted, with picks, to lay drain.

JL Apply shops opposite Captain Cook Statue, Randwick.

tw\0 BUTCHERS.-Wanted, good SMALLGOOlTS" JL MAN, used to steam engine. Apply Thos. Huntley and Co., butchers. Miller's Point


0 BOOTMAKERS.-Wanted, Blucher HAND, good _price given. G. Moore, 115, Lower Gcorpo-strcct.

TO BRICKLAYERS.-Wanted, a MAN'to build and _sctcoppor. 80, Geoige-strect Weat._ TO BUTCHERS.-Wanted, a smart young MAN used

lo butchering. 1G5, George-street North._ T~Ö DRAPERS.-Good HAND wanted for country _store. Apply Prince, Oe-g, and Co._ TO HAIRDRESSERS.-Wanted, good HAND, for

country. Hans Andersen, 220, Pltt-st., opp. Tattersall'«.

Tr\0 HARNESS-MAKERS.-Wanted, a good Genorol JL _HAND. R. Sharp, Regcnt-sti cet, Redfern,_ TO MASONS.-Wnntcd, SCABBLER, to work steps".

Apply eaily. Argjle-place, op. reserve, Miller's Point.

TO PASTRYCOOKS.-Wanted, a good MAN for two _da; s' job. W. Marlow, Botany._ mO TAILORS.-Wanted, first-class Frock and Dress JL COATMAKERS. W. Chorley, 72, Iluntor-strcot.

TO TAILORS.-Wanted, good General HANDS. 92, _Hnnter-sticet._ mO TAILORS.-COAT"Hands, also VEST Hands,

wnntcd. 12, Bond-street.

ÏO TAILORESSES.-100 IMPROVERS to Coat, - Veit, and Trousers, wanted. B. Phillips, 180, Pltt-streot. ÏO TAILORESSES.-Wanted, Trousers HANDS. _D. C. Bell, l18, King-street._ O TAILORESSES.-Trousers HANDS wanted, to

work Indoors. Thompson and Giles^


Deniss and Co., tanners, Canterbury.


John Lind, Macdcnald-strcet, Macdonaldtown.



TWO good Rubblo MASONS" wanted. Apply at Horald _corner, at 7 o'clock. Wm. II._ TWO Rubble WALLERS and 1 Labourer wanted. T.

___Griec, mason, Warren Grove, Mqrriekvillo.

TO DRAPERS.-Wanted, a good pusilíñgTITÍÍDTor

clothing and morceiv; ono able to di ess windows. Apply

W. Clare, OH, George-street, Bricktlcld-hlll._ mo MEDICAL GENTLEMEN.-Wanted?

JL MEDICAL OFFICER for the Cumberland Lod.o, G. U. O. of Oddfellows. Applications to bo sent to Mr. B. Davis, Quccn street, Campbelltown, not later than 31st March._ riIHE Proprietor of a well-established and growing JL business, near Sydney, the present profits of which are £8 a week, is desirous of meeting with a PARTNER with £300. Highest rcfeicnecs, and full investigation allowed. Address for particulars, Surry, Herald Office.



Wanted, a MANAGER for our Fire business at Sydney. The gentlemen applying will require to thoroughly understand fire


Applications will be considered strictly private. Salary to commence with, £400. Apply by letter only, to


General Manager,

_, _20, Collins-street East, Melbourne

rANTED, by lady, nr. Stanmore, Teacher, University

certificate, to Instruct young children. J. II., Herald, _

W" ANTED, nt~"ônco, two göod"~PLA"STERERS". _Apply F. Sichert, Wellington._ WANTED, MASONS, long 30b. Apply Foreman, _St. Patrick'» College, Manly._ WANTED, good Hands on paper boxes, alBO learners ;

_J__>d_w agen. Fuerth and Hail, 28j, Pitt-stioet._ ANTED, MASONS. Apply Potts nnd Metcalfo, Cuntinct 35 S. W. S., Appin, nor Campbelltown. rANTED,

tomed to thet ____ WANTED, YOUTH, to assist iu store. Wick's Boot

_ Polaco, Parraraatta-roud, Petersham._ WANTED,~n smart Lndr«s CLERK, "in a financier's _office ; salary £25 a year. Financier, Herald Office.

W~ANTED-, ÏM"PROVERS to plastering. Now

Building, Fitzrov-stieot, near Bonrkc-stroct._ ÄNTEDjlTGöäd'BRlCKLT-ERS. Apply early,

<vith tools,, Scothern, Albcrt-ter. Vlctoria-st., Petersham.

ANTED, 2 good Canvassers, to sell Australian Year Book. A. K. Wilkins. Kidinan's-buildings, 2nd floor.

ÄN'lT_D7"ä_gööd~iui_'dy" CARPENTER" Apply

""" -ballard, and Co., 70, l'ltt-fatreet._ XNTEDTgôoïSHOER and GouornfSmith. Apply

Flower Pot Hotel, 10 a.m.

, a Btrong respectable young MAN, accus ho trade. T. Norton, butcher, Manly._

w w

ANTED, two CARPENTERS. Apply boforo 8 o'clock, at Balmain Wharf, Erskiiic-stroct.' Wm. Sims.

XTñT_>TaM"AN, to collëcrdêbts. sr_TG7P. 0~

w w w ,w w: w w

ANTED, a young LAD for an office. Apply in own

handwriting, stating salary, 60, ncruld Office._ ANTED, a CARPENTER, to roof cowshod and put up stable. Lockheed Brothers, dairymen, Botany._ ANTED, a sober steady Foreman BUTCHER. _Apply 108, Cumberland-street._ ANTED, a MANAGER, for a financial company.

State refs. and salary reqd., to Finance, Herald Office.


Glebe-road, Glebe Point.

ANTED. 2 Carpontors and 2 Improvers. 6, Alpha ten ace, Thorn-street, Woollahra, alter 9 a.m. Tuesday.

ANTED, a STONEMASON for piocowork. Apply

new Public school, Drumoyne. _ _


ANTED, BRICKLAYERS, Hordcm's Buildings, Great Bucklngham-st., Redfern. J. It. Locke, contractor. ANTED, a first-class LITHO. MACHINIST.

Apply W. E. Smith, 220, Goorge-strcet.

ANTED, an intelligent BOY, For Stationery

Business. Apply F. W. Morison, 85, King-street._ ANTED, a steady BRICKLAYER" and" Labourer. Apply T. W. Spring, near Tea Gardens, Waverley._ ANTED; smart BRICKLAYER, with tools. At 7 sharp. Point Piper-road, Woollahra, up. Council Chmbrs. ANTED; a MASON. Apply to S. Turwell, on job, _at Day-street. Leichhardt._ ANTED, GOVERNESS, tor tho country. Apply with refs., Tuesday afternoon, Braeside, Kinwick-st, Lhdt.

ANTED, PAPERHANGËR, small job. Tlio

Dove Inn, Kisklno and Sussex streets._ ANTED, MEN to caulk top, sides, and deck

schooner Hirst. Apply on board, Gas Wharf.

w w w w w w w W: w w


WANTED, a competent DRESSMAKER, by day, at

once. 1, Elizabeth-terrace, Ellzabeth-st" Paddington.

WANTED. 2 good JOINERS. Abply Charles Tyhe, _»cw buildings, Liberty-street, Newtown._

w w "V.

ANTED, for the country, a domesticated young Lady, as usefuK!OMPANION. Richmond, Herald'Offlce. ANTED, an experi"enocd~DRESSMAKE"R, for a

few day». Apply 555, Harris-street, Ultimo._ ANTED, respectable BOY, office, 10s week. Apply In own handwriting, with references, to Box 870, G, P. O.

TaNTED, smart YOUTHÎbr Toj-makingl Apply,

0 a.m., C. Parsons, 63, Clarence-street.

ANTED, Governess (R.C.J for country, Appren- tices to dressmaking. Mibs Hall, agency, Bathurat-street.

¡TANTËD, 2 SCABBLERS, no drunks. Applyon

tho works, Glebe Point. J. O'Brien, contractor.

RANTED, Cutholic Governess and 20 Servants, this

day. Mrs. Donnelly, Home, William-street.

ANTED, a PLUMBER. O. Lusseu, iiiougham strect, last house olf William-street. Apply at 8 o'clock.

ANTED, PAINTERS, piece or daywork. Camden-

ville Public School, Newtown.


ANTED, a COACH-PAINTER, constant work.

Apply 20, James-street, Redfern.

ANTED, a Coach PAINTER Apply J. Mackoy, _RHcy-sti cot, Surry Hills._'

ANTED, n good DRESSMAKER, to work by tho

day; Apply 121. Elizabeth-street.

W"ANTED, first-class Smnllgoods MAN. L. Uhde,

and Co., butchers. Haymarket.

ANTED, young MAN, accustomed to buteliëring. Henry Rice, butcher, Campbell-street, Haymarket.

ANTED, competent SALESWOMAN. Molbouvno

Boot Palace, 124, William-street.

w w

w w:

ANTED, two Rubble MASONS. Apply J. Pattor

_son, Monly Beach._

ANTED, a StylishD"RËSSMAKER ; good rofor

ciices. M'Mahon, 2S8, Crown-strcct.


Marhhall-Bti-cet, S. n.


"^KTANTED, a good BUTCHER, for country; must

Tv bo sober; good wngeB. Apply at onco, Clarence and Noi th Coast Company, 35, Sussex-street._ WANTED, Hummer und Drill MEN. Apply Petts

and Metcalfe, Contract 35 S. W. S., Appin, near Campbell- town. _

"ANTED, a practical BOOKKEEPER, for a

country store ; must be enorgetic, and competent to pro- duceiajH)riodiciin_bmce__?£mre _ WANTED, a good FINE HAND, framowork knitted ;

a Nottinghiunshtie man preferred, young. Apply L. Hartshorn, 130, Collins-street East, -Melbourne._

HEELAVRIGHT und Wheelwright's BLACK SMITH wanted, for Kiama. W. 6. Friend and Co., York


WANTED, ii JUNIOR for marking through mer-

cery, and a Man for hosiery and dress department, efficient hands ; also Boy«, general. Apply oflleo between ß and

10 o'clock a.m., 170, Pitt-street.

WANTED, rcspectablo Man, to act as TREASURER

to Travelling Show ; must produco good references ; sin- glo man proferí ed. Alto, wanted, first-class Acrobat and good Specialty People, for Circus. Apply 120, King-street. _ WANTED, a practical WÂTCIÎMAKEr, with a

thorough knowledge of watch materials, to take entiro charge of this department ; good references required. Apply

B.K.. nereid Office._ WANTED, an experienced Invoice CLERK, profor

ence given to one having a knDwlcdgo of the ironmongory business. Apply by letter to Hardware Moichunts, caro Box 241,

" P. O.

_Situations Wanted._

DV1CE to Employers.-Get your Malo and Female

Servants from Simmonds' Reg., 222, Castlereagh-Btreet.

A FIRST-CLASS Housekeoper desires Engagement,

fond of children. Amy, 235, Goulburn-strcot, Surry Hills.

LADY wishes Engagement as Visiting Govorness,

highest references. Address It. M. E., Box 720, G. P. O.

jS excellont Cook (female), Disengaged, splendid refs.,

town country. Simmonds' Reg., 222, Castleroagh-street,

RESPECTABLE Person is opon for Engagement as

MQnthly__u_sc__Mrs. AUan, LAlboit-place, off Crown-st. A^sTGurdener, work by tío dava, otherwise usoful ; good _reference. F. J., jlerald Oilice._ AT Simmonds' Reg., 222, Cnstloroagh-st.-Waiting M.

Couples, every capacity ; Walters, Baker«, Cooks, Grooms.

T~tbo Servants' Homo, 83, Market-street,-All classes

of labour engaged for country ; call or write._ T 1ÜÖ, Castlerengh-st.-Cooks and Laundresses, Gen.

Servants of all classes waiting, town or country._ CCOUNTANT and Bookkeeper dosiros EMPLOY

MENT ; reis, to present employor, &c, L., Fost-o-1»""-'


AT 230, CaBÜeTcagh-street, waiting, middle-ftged person

. asW. H.K. to gent, or lady.____ A YOUNG Man, just arrived, GROOM, Coaohman,

attendsjablc. Address P. S., OG, Iîtl__ __________ ~A~YC)T_*ÑG Person, respectable family, holp in houso __-. work, small family, Waverley. 247, Gcorge-st.. 2nd floor. ? AN EXPERIENCED voung lady (English) requires

Encagomcnt as COMPANION and GOVERNESS; ref». Apply Stella, 250, Victoria-street, Darlinghurst.

S COMPANION, a wofl-educated English lady,

musical ; would not object to teach or assist in house. M. T., 10, Bucknoll-street, Nowtown. _ _

A LADY, from the country, de-dres an ENGAGEMENT

us companion or gnvcrncs». In a gentleman'« family ; course of instruction includes English, French, and music. Apply, by letter, Kathleen, Post-office, Narrabri._

~\ WIDOW Lady ofculturo seeks a POSITION of

__- TRUST-Reader and Correspondent, supervision of house- hold, or would accompany young ladies to Europe ; 6iilary not of primary Importance. Address G., Gcnoi al Post Office._.

A YOUNG English Lady will give her services nnd -5

for PASSAGE to England us companion or nuise, well educated, and cheerful ; good references. Address Flora, Poit offlco, Wllllam-tti ect._____. A YOUNG Ladv from the country, who is very do

meetlcated, and has never been from her parents' homo, is desirous of obtaining EMPLOYMENT ns Lady's Help in a smnll family, nus satisfactory references ns to respectability, &e., from »Werai of the leading gentlemen of Goulburn. Address, stating terms, &c., to Daphne, Post-office, Goulburn._ BAKERS, Pastrycooks.-SITUATION wanted, by

steady man, rets, from last employer. P.M., Herald_ ONUS, £6, for Clerical EMPLOYMENT, any

c-pacity ; ref«. unquestionable. S., Herald Office.

TCHERS.-First-class small goods MAN open for ENGAGEMENT. Templar, 51, ltegent-st., CMpPÇn "j__ Y competent Person, SITUATION as good Cook and

Housekeeper, excellent lets. 47, Goulbuni-street._ Y steady young Man, groom, garden, milk, gooddrivor.

M. M. B., Herald Office.

B m B B B



Y steady MAN, garden, groom, drivo buggy, useful, _references. P. K., l8, Ahcrcroniblo-placc._ Y excellent Cooks, female ; C. and L. Laundress, H. and P., fee.; refs. Simmonds' Reg., 222. Castlcrcagh-strcet. Y Bteady Man, garden, milk, useful about kitchen, _-.,

good refs. Simmonds* Registry, 222, Castler'cagh-streot.

Y young Governesses, Clorks, Grocers, Storcmen, Axe men, Tutor«, Mechanics. Simmonds', 222, Castlcrcagh-st.

LERKSHIP.-Young Mun, considerable experience want« Situation ; g. testimonials. R. J., 118, Forbes-st., W'loo. RESSMAKER Disengaged Wednesday next, cut and

fit well, machine» understood. Osma. P. P., VVill'am-st.

ÎjINGLAND.-£10 to any ono securing Passage for sor

Ji_vices. French, Herald Ofllcc._ ENGLAND.-A Married person would givo her servicos

for passage to invalided lady or children. M.B., Ermington.

ENGINEER.-Wañtoiíi bv thoroughly experienced

MAN, ENGAGEMENT os above; second-class certificate ; highest refs. ashoro or afloat. Address It. G. J., 511, Kent-street, Sydney. _ _ _ GOOlTLiiuudress wants family's WASHING, or go out _by day. M" Paddington Post-office»_ OENTLEMÀN, going to London, per Cuzco, would bo

glad to transact any bnilncs« ; strictly confidential ; re- ference» If required. Entente Coidlale, Herald Office._ ¡M LAÎ3ËSVILLE, HUNTER'S HILL, and Vicinity. V_T -By Practical Gardener ; will take charge of garden, re- model, or lay-out In the must approved styles. Adufres« A. H. Brampton, gardener, Ermington._ HOUSEKEEPER (superior) disengaged, excellent coot _and manager ; refs. M. M., Crofts',-William-street.

LADY seeks Engagement oh Companion, olderly or In-

valid lady. Patience, Box 726, G. P. O..Sydney. _

LADY requires position na Visiting or Morning _Governess. Address X. Y. '/,., Herald._ LADY requires .position ns Housekeeper or Companion,

could teach. X. Y. Z., Herald._

LADY (Scotch), energetic," practical, well educated,

holding diploma from South Kensington Training School of Cookory, London, and having had considerable experience In the management of large establishments and servants, desires ENGAGEMENT, position of trust ; highest testimonials. Open fortnight. P. J. M., Box 241, G.1',0.

MEN who want good Situations, . try tho Express _Registry Co., 08, Elizabeth-street._ PRACTICAL Gardener in flowers und vegetables wants

SITUATION ; 4 years' Sydney refs. A. Mini, 147, King-st. K ESPECTABLE Person wants Family WASHING or

Sowing, do it at home. 57. Cowpor-strcct. Globe._ QUEENSLAND Drover, now waiting for stock back ;

good references;_C. S., Brown Brother», Castlcieagh-strect. SHORTHAND CLERK or Bookkeeper. A. M. B.,

caro of Mr. Marks, Itobei t-street, Marrickville._ SITU ATION.-Wanted, a"PLACE"a7lIouso or Parlour

_Maid. 51, Bank-street, Chippendale. _ STYLISH Court Dressmaker, pupil"of~Worth, seek*

Engagement, private families, by day. Worth, Herald._ SITUATION wanted, by a steady sobor person, to assist

in housework ; wages no object, but a comfortablo home. Apply 35. Wilton-street, Stinwberry Hills, for Mrs, liurk._

1TUATIONS wanted, as C. and L., H. and P., same house; good refoienees ; Manly preferred. Open 4 days, II. n., caro of Mrs. Cou ghi in, Anglo-street, Burwood.

SITUATIONS wanted by two sisters, ono General Ser-

vant, the other House and Parlour Maid. Apply Mallon terracc, 3, Moonbie-street, Summer Hill._,\ ,,_ THOROUGHLY experienced Accountant nnd Book-

keeper Is open for Engagement ; refs._Integrity, Herald.

TÖTjLOTHIERS.-Wanted, SITUATIONlsCutteT, _country. VV. A. M., Herald Ofllcc._ nftO MASTER-BAKERS.-Wauted, by young married JL Man, SITUATION as Improver ; good refs. J. H. C., Herald. fflRADESMEN'S Books kept, balanced, &c. ; Accounts JL collected, highest city reicicuces. Accountant, Herald.

TO MASTER BAKERS.-Wanted, by a steady singló

young Man, a SITUATION as second, third,or single Hand. Addiess No. b4, Hay-street, Sydney._ TO DRAPERS.-Young Man. 28, who has hHO

years' experience in tho Silk and Velvet Department, desires SITUATION, excellent lefcrenccs; small salary. Apply X., Herald Office _

mo GROCERS. - Assistant seeks SITUATION"!-!

JL Counter Hand ; used to family trade, 8 years' experience ;

good references. Address A. II., 140, Dowllng-stieet, Woolloo moolou._ fViÔ WAREHOUSEMEN. - Young Mai seeks JL SITUATION as Salesman, earthenware department pre- ferred ; can keep set of books ; references obtainable Address Glassware Redfern Post-ofiicc.

WANTED by married man, Situation in warehouse, _not afiaid work. Address Teetotaller, Herald,.

WANTED by married man, good cook, Management of

Ret lam ant, references. Audreys Sobriety, Herald.

n-Ä'NTED, a SITUATION as Cook and L. and H. T mid P. Maid, same family. E., 21, liotany-st., S. n.

"ANTED, by a practical GARDENER, married;

country prcf ; open month. By letter, K. K., G. p. o.

rANTED, Situation, as Barman and Walter, byre

spectablc young man ; colonial refs. II. M" Herald.

'"ANTED, Situation (good plain cook) to wait on an

invalid. E.S., 10, Bartlett-bulldlngs, off Oxford-Btreet. ANTED, by young Lady, SITUATION as Bar-

maid; city references. A.B., Post-office, Oxford-st.


ANTED, by a young woman, Washing or Cleaning

by the day. Apply by letter, Post-office, Manly.

w w W;

WANTED, by nu experienced Person, any work by _the day. VV., Edgecliff Post Office, Woollahra.

WANTED, Situation by a sober seafaring voung Man,

in store, or looking after horse and cart. II.,Herald. ANTED, SITUATION, Groom, CöäehmiinTmilk,

garden ; written or personal refs. S. K., Herald.

ANTED, by respectable young Person, Situation Parlour or II, Mni<U reis. Letter, E. M., 115, Phillip-st. ANTED, SITUATION as House andT?arlourniaid in smnll family, or nurse two chlldren._154, Falmer-st.

ANTED, SITUATION as Nurse and Needlewoman,

town or suburbs. Ordnadrcen Cottage, Ann-st.. Balmain. ANTED, SITUATION, plain Cook and Laundress In small family. Winchester Cottage, Curtls-r., Balmain.

WANTED, by stendy, sober Mun, SITUATION",

groom, coachman, 0 yin.' refs. Whip, 50, Falmcr-st., Wo,

«"?v^-' AN TED", by 2 friends, ns Cook L. arid Ii.'PrMaid,'

in private family. Address A. B., Post-office, Sydney.

ANTED, by respectable Man, ENGAGEMEN'iTas _Boo_ts or generally useful ; refs. J. Griggs,517, Kent-st,

AN"TED, "by young Man, good rough CARPEN- TER or Fencer; country pieferred. _C. 8., Herald Office. ANTED, Hotel or Boarding-house WASHING.

73, Crown-street, Woolloomooloo.

ANTED, by a young Girl, Situation, as Genorol Servant, in small family. A. Mooro, 24, Turncr-st., Iff'n.

ANTED, with good reference, Washing and Clean-

ing by day. 2nd house, back G1, Bullannming-st., Redfern. ANTED by a respectable Girl, ns Housemaid, in an

hotot, in the city. Address l8», Kent-street.

w w Wi w

ANTED, SITUATION,groom and coachman; com _potent ; milk ; Sydney refs. L. S., 214, Castlcreagh-Bt.

WANTtr- SITUATION, by stendy man; groom, _drive,<__.«lllk ; refs. F. G. T., Herald Office._

ANTED, Situation as experienced Nurse or Houso inald an. fam" reft., conn, pref. Mrs. B., ncntldOffice.

ANTED by thoroughly respectable Lady, House-

keeper to gentlemen. Trustworthy, Wllliara-st. P. O.

WANTED, by rcspectablo young ma_7 as Engine^

driver, good refs., any class engine. VV., 83, Market-st.

WANTED, by respcctnblo girl, S'-TTTTTTOT^aTBär

maid. Address Ii. P., Post-offlco, Oxford-st,, Sydney.

W" ANTED, by a first-class Dressmaker, Wl5'RK~by _day. A. II., Post-office, Redfern._ WANTED, u SITUATION asBilliard-markor ; a now _arrival. Apply Billiards, Herald Office._ WANTED, EMPLOYMENT as Sawsharpenor, Cir-

cular Sawyer, or work Planlng-machino ; town or coun- try. E._C., Granville Post-office, _

WANTED, a SITUATION in store or hotal; coun

try preferred; good experience in hotel business. H. B., Post-offlco, Oxford-street.

WANTED, n SITÜATlON""b^ñ^tenFBo"rvññTns

nurse or housemaid ; Protestant, references. S. H., 100, Cqstloreagh-stiect, Sydney._

ANTED, a SITUATION," as Engine Driver-n

fitter by either high or low or compound ; does not mind looking after boiler as well ; had long experience and good ref. No. 2, Artlctt-street, Rushciitter Bay. VVm. Robinson._ WANTED, by young mau. ilrst-elasB cook, a SITUA

TION, strictly sober, hotel or station; Newcastle district preferred ; good references. W. VV. Thompson, Park strcct Post-office, Sydney._ WANTED, by a rcspectablo porson from the country,

a SITUATION as Housemaid alone; no boarding-house kcopors need apply. Hotel preferred. M. Wy, 189, Pahner-strcct, Woolloomooloo._ WANTED, by a sugar oxpert, tho MANAGEMENT

of a mill; well acquainted with sugar maohtnory, and accustomed to largo works. ,

References to well-known sugar men.

Address - . j

"»-"i __ 17 V. -____t-strcet, Woolloomooloo,

W: W

Servants Wanted,


CHIEF COOK wanted, to change positions. Apply ^_^_C. Fahrner, tobacconist, Botany._ A GENERAL SERVANT wanted ; another kept. 90,

Botauy-stieet, Mooro Pork._

AGOOD~Pl_iñ"~COOK wanted, malo or femólo. Si.

_Aubyns, 8.2, Hunter-street._ A GOOD Gcneral""SERVANT wanted; good wages. _Mrs. James, Paddington Inn, Paddington. _ A HOUSEMAID, 15s, hotel, Coonnmblo; Laundress,

assist hou»e, 10s, Burwood. 217, Castlereagh-st.

A THOROUGHLY experienced COOK, also IIouso and _Parlour MAID wanted. Apply 41 ,_l'MUtp^btrcc__ AT 110," Bathurst-street, Mrs. fehojipardo's-Cooks, C.

and Lb.,II. and P. Md., Laundress, Pen. Ser., Nurses, fee.

A~~N activo GÏ1ÎL wanted at once, who will assist hoube

maid in tho morning and cook In the afternoon; references. Apply at 103, Macqnarle-stiect._ A THOROUGH Gencial SERVANT required, for two

in family; rcfci enees. Apply to Mr. Geo. Bishop, survejor, 130. Pjtt-stieet, 11 to 3 o'clock._ ACTIVE, sober, young MAN, who can milk and use

axe well, wanted for kitchen and general work about a place In tho bush ; wages £30 a year aud board. Send address A. P., Box 219, General Post Office._ A RESPECTABLE young Girl wanted as NURSE

and to assist; goodwnges and home; Protestant. Apply betw eon 10 and 1, open two days, Mrs. Chard, 70, Mnclcoy-strcot, Pott» Pointy_ AT the Servants' Homo, 83, Markot-stroot.-Wanted,

Parlourmaid, Darling Point; Cook,hotel, Maitland; II. P. Maid, good hotel, Wollongong; n. Moid, hotel, Kiama; G b., Richmond ; Waitress, hotel, to^j__J_Ma_l__oj to __>_,

BARMAID for private bar, Foster's Hotel, next

'Jheatie Royal, Cactloreagh-atroct. Apply after 10.

BARMAID wanted for private bar, used to business. _Plient Hotel, George and Argyjo____s___. BOY wanted, generally useful. Bolmoro Coffoo Stall, _Ellrabeth-strcct, nor Belmore Par ___ BOYS wanted, to deliver parcels. S. TTLeigh and Co., _28, O'ConnUl-Btreet._ . Y Rospectablo Man ns Coachman; gnrden, milk; *_good Srdney references. M. H., Herald Outee._, GENERAL SERVANT-Young Girl wanted uu such.

Mrs. Hirsch, Stanmore-road. near WemvBs-strcct._ GENERAL SERVANT wanted (young person). Apply

before 12 o'clock. Mrs. Brad foi d, 140, William-street._

_ vÖOD COOK and LAUNDRESS. Mrs. Binsted', \OT Glenthorne, Boulevard, Foterfcham,_bcfore 3._ GENERAL SERVANT, no washing, easy place, good

wages. Apply after 10 a.m., to W. Lees, 101, King-street, city._

rOUSE and PARLOUR MAID wanted. Apply early, _50, Bridge-street, near tram._ T AD Y requires a SITUATION as Lady's Help, and JL_ would assist in housekeeping, mako herself generally uso

ful. Address K. F., Herald,

URSE and NEEDLEWOMAN wanted for 3 children.

Apply Mrs. Gell, 133, Macquarie-strect._


NURSE wanted, for two children, aged 1 and 6 years. _5, Albert-street, Woollahra._. NURSEGIRL wanted, wngcB 8s. por wook. Apply _Mornington. Edwnid-strcet, Petersham._ PERSONS seeking ApartmontsTor having Vacancies for

Bonrdors, ¿te, cal^.xpre^Reg^Co.^OS^ElUabetji-strect;_ PLAIN COOK~wnnted. Sawell's Refreshment Rooms,

Lady Robinson's Beach, Now Brighten ; apply early.

PRACTICAL elderly English Gardener, milk, mow,

very useful, 10s week, carpet bods._D__Icrah_Office__ KEQUIRED, n~respeötaMe Woman, to cook and assist

_ in housework. Early, 103, Willlam-strcet._ RESPECTABLE OIRL wanted, private fnmily, com

foi tnblo home. Mr». Baker, 82, Mary-street, S. H._ KESPECTABLE young Person General SERVANT,

no w ashing. British Lion Hotel, Torcst Lodgo.


MART BOY wanted, n. T. Dunn and Co., Queen's _chamber«, Queen's-plnee.____ O FENCERS.-Wanted, a MAN, to do repairing. _Mannlx, 150, Botany-street, Mooro Park._ USEFUL BOY wanted for housework, and attend to

horse. 7, Oxford-street.


SEFUL GIRL. 15, roquiraL" Northampton Cottage, _Eustace-street, Manly Beach._ WAITRESS wanted, used to restaurant. 17s 6d weok.

week. Excelsior Restaurant. Ersklne-st., cr. Bussox-st.

WANTED,~voung Girl,-oT Mother's"HELP ; small

.w ages, comfortable home ; Protestant. 11, VVavoilcv-rd.

WANTED, good Geneial SERVANT, no washing.

Apply 01, Puddington-stroct._ _ WANTED, a Gcneral~SERVANf: Apply -59,

Liverpool-street._ ANTED, a respoctnblo GIRL, for gouoral houso w ork. Mrs. Muir, opposite Town Hap!, Marrickville

WANTED, rospectablo elderly MAN. Apply 10

a in., Lion Laundry, 0, Yurong-strcot._ WANTED, rospoctäble Young GIRL, to mind baby.

_ _21, Campbcll-stiect, Glebe_ WANTED, stcadfM AN; drivo. iriilk, and bo useful.

W. Pratt, Liverpool-road, Cioydon._ WANTED7a tidy GIRL, about 13, to mind baby and

make herself useful. 424, Rilcy-stieet, Surry Hills._ WANTED", a respeetablo Gill as GenerarSERVANT.

No. 11, Albormarle-sti cet, Newtown. _ WXNTED~gööd""NEEDLEWOMAN, for making

boys' suits. Bengal House, Jamicson-strcet._ WANTED, general Servant; high wages; no washing

or Ironing. Mrs. Jas. R. Elliott. Curtis-road, Balmain.

ANTED, n respect-Die-BOY. Apply-Baritas^

chemist, Medical Hall, Paddington._ ANTED, a good"GërTë"rôTSERVÂNT. Apply after

10 a m., No. 30, nereford-strcct, Glebe Point._

WANTED, Glnorâï~SERVÂNT. Mrs7"Vo"rmêësnc,

Donnelly-street, near Jane-street, Balmain.

WANTED, a Lad, as Errand BOY. " No. 1, Dënham _sti cet. Glebe._ ANTED, a good'HOUSEMAlD, references. Mrs.

Glider, Billvard-avcnuc, Elizabeth Bay.


w_ ___ ._

WANTED, an intelligent LAD for merchant's office".

Address W. II., nerald Office.


ANTED, PANTRYMAN ; references. Dinor do

Paris, Mort's-pasBage. _ ANTED, a respectable young Person, of cxperi ence, as Barmaid. Brett's Vienna Cafe, William-street.

WANTED, MAN to work in yard. S. Holmes7n_¡ _ King-street. _ W~~ ANTED, a GIRL, for housework. Apply 22U, _Pitt-street._ WANTED, a MAN to Tiench n piece of ground. J.

Mears, Albert-sticet, Petersham.

"W w

ANTED, a COOK, for a fortnight, who can mako butter, suburbs. ThcJIomo, 25, Clarcnce-strcet.

ANTED, a GIRL for housework, &c. ""ApplyMrs".

Christie. Hallowe'en, Nowland .street, Waierlcv.

ANTED, a respectable UBofñT"GIRL. Apply 39,

Moncnr-Btreet, Woollahra.

ANTE"D7~PIaïteTêr's LABOUSESI 0 a.m.,

Keeper's Lodgo, University, Neu town-road.

ANTED, a respectable BOY,""about 157 for gonoral work. Apply, ^o'clock, Carrington Galleries, Haymaiket. ANTED, a lespectablo Genoral SERVANT "at Hughes' International Oyster Rooms, 815, Gcorgo-strcet, ANTED, General SERVANT, washing to bo done. _80, Ultimo-road,_

WANTED, a middle-aged Woman, to look after bed-

rooms. New International Dining Rooms, 4, Gco.-st., W. WANTED, a General SERVA NTrTTñ7nñTilv7"í4s

week. 100, Macquarie-st. Soiitli, near C-unpbcll-st.

WANÏED, a respectable voting person, with refor

e_K_J«__rmald. F. Under« und,Royal SurrovHotel.Wavly. ANTED, a GROOM. Apply St. LooñardsTtablos,

Milson's Point, North Shene.

XNTED7~Gor7eral-SERVANT^ Geo. Barrett,

grocer, Tea Gardens, Waverley.

ANTED, a rcspoctablo General SERVANTftwo in

family, no Ironing, good wages. 5,J3rIdgc-strcct.

WANTED, young" Woman as General SERVANT";

good wages. P. und O. Hotel, George-street.

WANTED, HOUSEMAID. The Dov"o"ln"ñ7Érskiño _and Sussex sticots._ ANTED, Genoral SERVANT, small familv,lefer cnee required. Mrs, ferguson, Rowntrco-st., Balmain.

ANTED, old Mun or Boy, GROOM~Hog¿í,

Bligh-strect, opp. St. Andicw's College, Newtown.

ANTED, smart LAD ; must know town~well ; for

hay and com «toro. 51, Nowtown-road.

ANTED, a WAITER, to mako himself"góñerally

useful. 197, George-street West.


W W; w w

WANTED, General SERVANT, for tho country. _ Apply 2 to 4 p.m., 210, Macquarie-strect North.

WANTED, young Lady HELP. R. C, competent to

Instruct youngj!bildion._Apply_ll tol2,210,Macqutirie-Bt. WANTED, smart Restaurant Second COOK,-iobo"r"

good wages. City North,_239, George-street.

W'ANTED, a strong GIRL for housework. "Apply

_Mrs. Love, grocer, Blrchgrove-road,Balmain.

WANTED, a COOK and Laundress. Haymarket _Hotel, Campbell-strcot.

'ANTED, a smart Restaurant WAITER. loT

Lower George-street. '



WANTED, Pick and Shovel MEN. Job, Bñthurst

streot, near Kent-street.


_ Btreot, near Kent-street.

ANTED, a good no~USEMAID. Apply"

Variety Restnurant, 377,1'ltt-Btieot.

WANTED, a Man as COOK and generally useful. _81, Victoria-street. Potts Point._

WANTED, a strong BOY for our packing room. C" __lLJ3l£pa and c±' 800, George-street.

WANTED, rospcctable littlo GIRL, mind baby, assist _light house duties. 104, Clown-street, Woolloomooloo

WANTED, Gonoral SERVANT, four-in family.'

Belmore Park Hotel, Gipp» and Mary-st., Surry HIUs

WANTED, a General SERVANl7rin~fMmly";-4¿" _ Fovcaux-stieet, Surry Hills._ ' WANTED, a respectable BOY. Apply J. C. Bradv.

_ 200, Ooorgc-sticct West. _ r> T7*_"ANTED, Genoral SERVANT ; rofêrencos lequiied _T_Apply No. 8, Upper Vort-Btreet._

WANTED, Gen. SERVANT; housemaid kept,young

woman pref. Mrs. Murray, Dungate Inn. Castlereagh-st. WANTED, a Btrong LAD, accustomed to horses. W"

It. Reynolds, 151, William-strcot, Woolloomooloo.

WANTED, a BOY to drtvo woodcart Apply J _Wobb, No. 1. EU/.abeth-street, Newtown.

WANTED, MEN for stonebrenking. Apply corner

of Oxford and Abenuoyle streets, Newtown.

WTNTED. GIRLS for packing.-" Dillon, Buitows, _ and Co., confectioners, Kent>Bticct._ -

W-^TE*>, YOUTH for Packlng. Apply, by letter _only. Dillon, Burrow a, and Co., Kent-street.

WANTED, a young GIRL, to assist housowoik. S ^_^ lna-tcrracb. Double Bay. apposite Woollahia omnibus


ANTED) Honso àmKParkmr "MAIDS, for station» and hotels. Gluo's Labour Agency, 44, Huntcr-strcot.

W w w

ANTED, a. voung. smart WAITER. Vienna Reficshnicnt and Luncheon Rooms, 85, CaBtlereagh-st,

AN TED, a rcspectablo GIRL, to assist in houso work._J. Muiphy, corner Kent and Liverpool streets.

w w

ANTED, respectable GIRL, used to fruit, confeo

tioncry shop. 401, Liverpool-street, Darlinghurst._ \NTED7goôd"WÂITRESS, also young GlRTTto

mind two children. 0, Margaret-«trcct._ ANTED, Cash BOYS. J. J. Ryan's Drnpory and

Clothlng Alcade, Haymarket

ANTED, a. GIRL to wait at tablo and assist at bar.

rVpply Golden Age Hotel! 174, George-street,

ANTED, Man as Groom, drive, and useful ; country Lad for station, otherB private and dairies. 83, Markct-st.

WANTED, good Cook, hotel, country ; Pantryman

jmd useful, Milkman, Gardeners, "o. 83, Market-street. W:

ANTED, General SERVANT,.uscd to bar; highest wages. Windsor Ca»tlo Hotel, Ell7aboth-st., Paddington.


ANTED, GIRL, lfi, usofüTTsleep homo.

Riley-btreet. Surry Hills._ iVNTED, NURSE, to mind ono baby, another girl _kept. Apply 04, Victoria-street North._^^ WANTED, active House and Parlour MAID. Mrs. __edley,53, Upper Wllllam-strcet South. Reieienccs._ WANTED, a tidy rcspectablo Girl ns NURSE.

_ Mrs. J. Lyons, 120, Oxford-street.

W: w

ANTED, a competent House and Parlour Maid. Mis. Wm. Hudson,RoslynHouso, Llverpool-rd.,Croydon. ANTED, a respectable old LADY, about 40 ; fair

wages. Apply 45, West-itreot, Darlinghurst,

WANTED, experienced Servant, understands cooking,

cainfortnble home Mrs. E. Butler, Wilga-st., Burwood. "ANTED, a good General SERVANT ; also a House and P. Maid ; refs. required. Apply 20, Mooro Park-road. WANTED, by two young Ladies, Board and Residonco,

darlinghurst pref._State terms, mod., E. V., Herald 0_.

"ANTED, General SERVANT, H. anoTP. Maids. _M'Mahon, 288, Crown-strcct._ "ANTED, a good WAITER, icforenco required.

Petty'* notch


WANTED, a MAN to drive timber dray. J. Wright, _ Ivy-stiect, Golden 0_________ WANTED, a lespoctablu willing ¿LAD, 15 or 16. C.

C. Finch, chemist, 204, Gcorgc-stieet West._ WANTED, a MAN to mnko himself gonerally usoful.

Apply FrcemasonB' Hotel. York-street. _

ANTBD.'a General SERVANT and Nursegirl to assistjn housework. Bellevue Hall, 472, Kent-street.

WANTED, a good strong LAD, for ordors, &o. _Butcher,_47. King-sticct._ ANTED, LABOURERS, used to handling timber. Alex. Burns, Wentworth Wharf, foot Dmitt-stiect. _ ANTED, respectablo GIRL, wait and absistin shop. Hayme»' Refrgshment-r., cr. Hunter and Kliznbeth stB.

WANTED, respectable GIRL, assist in house and _shop, sleep at home. 224, George-street North.

tYNTED, a usoful MAN for a fow days, one used to gardening preferred. Apply J. E. Mann, Randwick. _

ANTED,"n useful little GIRL, to assist with ohil drcn ; sleep at homo preferred. 88, Castlereagh-street.

ANTED, a smart LAD, to sell flowors ; £1 a vvoek. _ Applv 611, Georgo-strcet._ WANTED, a Geiieial SERVANT. 165, Walkor _street. Redfern._ ANTED, a gonetal useful GIRL, to sleep at honiei

good wages. No. 020, Harris-street;_ WÄT^EDTyöüng Girl, about 16, as Genoral SER _VANT, 3 in family. 517. Bourkc-stroct, Surry Hills.

WANTED, a strong young MAN to bo useful inhouse

___or garden. Apply 540. George-street. _ ANTED, a YOUTH -to drive horse van. Riley and _ Bon, 201, Pitt-street._ ANTED, a smait BOY. Apply early to J. B. Ley-

land, fuel and produce merchant, Ada-lane, Ultimo.

ANTED, useful PERSON or Girl for gonoralwork. Mrs. Paiklnson, midwife, 87, Church-slrcet, Newtown.

ANTED, a GIRL to mind a baby. 31, Parramatta ._road, Glebe._

ANTED, ii Plasterer's LABOURER. Apply on _job, MulllnvBtrcet, Balmain. -_ ANTED, a General SERVANT. Apply Colonol . . __?y_ne_s> Victoria Barracks._ WANTED, 2 LABOURERS-pick-ond-Bhovolhands.

_Noveltv Co., King-st.,_7 sharp. J. R. Locko, contractor.

WANTED, a sobeFMon, SERVANT. Apply Glud _stone Hotel, Miller's Folnt._ ANTED, WAITRESS. Apply 10 o'olock, R. _Grieve, Victoria Caf-, 315, Georgo-strcet._ ANTED, HOUSEMAID, s 23, Jamieson-street. ANTED, a' BOY. - Apply 27-, "Goorgo-strcet. ANTED, strong Girl as General SERVANT. Mrs. VV. S. Pi eddy, Booth nnd^____d streets, Balmain. _ WANTED, "respectablo young WOMAN, for fruit

shop; i cf. indispensable U. Bair, next Haymarket Arcade. ANTED, htiong active LAD, to cony tray and assist _in bakehouse. 'Apply 630, Georgc-streot._ 'ANTED, WAITER, International Dining-rooms, _Wharf-street, foot of Market-street,_ ANTED,- nn . Assistant HOUSEMAID and

WAITRESS, accustomed. 480. Gcorgc-strect._ ANTED, yoiing Girl, General SERVANT. Apply 187, Bouikc-streot, 2 doors above William-btreet._

ANTÉD7T"thorôugh Gonôrnl SERVANT. Mrs. Brown, 005, Ethel House, Dowllng-strect, Mooro Park.

ÄT*YED7än"honestnBiri, as General SERVANT,

with references. 40, Bul ton-street, Darlinghurst.

ANTED at oneo, General SERVANTT

Winona, Boycc-str'eet, Glcbe^Foint^

W "V

ANTED, GIRL, about 16, to bo useful.Mrs. Lutton, Carrington-road, og Cliarmg-cross, Wnveiley.

ANTED, a young GIRL, to make lieiself generally

useful. Apply 118, Woolloomooloo-strcet._ ANTED, smiTrTLAD, used to sell small goods ; fair

wages. 500, Orient Hotel, Kcnt-sticct._ ^AÑTED, General SERVANT. Apply 100, Pad

dington-street, Paddington._ ANTED, 3 Married Couples, Axeman, for surveyor.

Glue's Labour Agency, 44, Hunter-street.

w w

ANTED, a WOMAN to take home shirts to iron ;

lefB. Rothwell Lodge, Fcrry-iond, Glebe Point._ ANTED, 2 or 3 MKÑ, milk and deliver. Apply J. _Murph}, Illawaiiu-ioqd. Marrickville._ ANTED, a good second COOK. Apply M. Hayden,

Great Ccntr,.! Hotel, Market-street;_

ÂNTËD, a respectable girl as General SERVANT"

Apply Mrs. De Grocns, 512, Gcoige-strect._ WANTED, n good steady MAN to drive a horso and

Up-cart. _Apply, 5 to 6 o'clock, 404, Jones-st., Ultimo.

ANTED, 2 BOYS, to carry' out and serve shops ;

know town, _c. 330, Ell/aboth-sticet.

ANTED, experienced MILKMAN ; references.

Victoria Dairy, Prospect-road, hummer Hill.

ANTED, a MAN to peel potatoos and useful. 255",


w w

ANTED, YOUTH for packing in store. Apply, by _lottcr only. Dillon, Burrows, and Co., Kent-street.

ANTED, a strong BOY for the bakoköüsöl SI,. _Goulbmn-strect._ W"ANTED, n strong General SÊ1ÎVANT, no wush _ing. Apply 81, Qoulbui n-strcct._ ?ANTED, a HOUSEMAID. Apply 283, Pitt-streot.

WANTED, a respectablo girl as Gcnoral SERVANT ;

good wages. Mrs. Tlllock, Kimpton, Addlson-road, Marrickville, nour Petersham railway Btation.

WANTED, two smart sober MEN, accustomed.-to

bush work and horses. Apply 8 a.m., Geo. Turner, 13, Al undcl-teiraco, ForeBt Lodge._ WANTED, COOK and LAUNDRESS; must bo

good laundi esB and good plain cook. Mrs. J. Taylor, Kit rlbilll, Mllson's Point. Fen y paid. _

WANTED,""Gencinl SERVANTTfor small family, at

Petersham; nursery maid kept. F., Box 524, Post Office. _

WANTED, good Pick and Shovel MEÍT Apply

Potts and Metcalfe, Contract 35 8. VV. S., Appin, near


WANTED", a respectablo little GIRL,with Foferoncös,

for Watson's Bay ; open for a week. Apply Ho. 3 Jetty, Circular Quay. _

WANTED, good"COOK~añd~ LAUNDRESS : will

pay good wuges to a competent one. Apply 76, Upper William-btreet North, Darlinghun,t._ "ti^7~ ANTED, a thoroughly experienced BUTLER

»' (single) ; personal character required. Apply W. Coopor, Woollahra House, Roso Bay, between 11 and 1.

WANTED, General" SERVANT, for small fumily,

Apply, from 10 to 5 o'clock, to Mrs. n. C. Fraser, Park Btonc, Redniyro._ WANTED, by a sober Man who understands horses, a

SITUATION as hi ead carter or draper's carter; good references. Apply G. T., Post-oHlce, Marrickville.

WANTED, a strong and"iimttrt LADT^vho knows the

city well. Apply to Briscoe, Drysdale, and Co., 397, George-street._

WANTED, respcetuble young Woman as Gonorul

bERVANT, no boarders. Apply Ship Inn, Pitt-streot, CircularJJuay. _

WAN TED, kind useful GIRL, to mind baby and

assist in light housework ; Bleep at home. 28, Cumber lanrt-stiect._

WANTED, a respectablo littlo GIRL, about 12. to

nimd a child from 8 till 6. Apply altor 8 p.m., 32, Kljiir strect_ »i. s WANTED, LABOURERS, for rock excavation;

must be nblo to uso stone picks. Apply Martin and

Pitts. Kent and Druitt streets.


good Gcnoral SERVANT. Apply botero 1 at the Govern- ment Observatory, Vlagstaff-hill, Upper Fort-streot.

WANTED, General SERVANT, good wages. Apply ". . c- J.' Urowning. room 0, fiist floor, Tattersall's-ohambers. Hunter and Castlereagh streets. __^ ' WXNTEl), gen. Servant, lady, family 2; younir

Nurses, and Houso and P. Maids, Cooks and Luun di esses, general sei vants,'useful Gills, &o. Mrs. Vincent's

Eui eka Registry, 154, Castlorcugh-strect._^vincent s WANTED, rohpoctablo PERSON, Protestant, as

Working Housckcopcr for private family, must bo good cook nnd limndicss ; man kept. Rothwell Lodge, Ferry-road.

Glebe Point. Open 8 days. »-».»,

"\/y~ ANTED, at NowoH's Labour and Registry 0~fnëô" rTi. *«n--st«ett Newtown, several good general .Servants, Cooks and Laundresses, House and Parlour Maids for city, surbB and country; abo six good bo}B, about l8 or 14 years of agc.

TOT" ANTED, a Parlourmaid, 13s. gont.'s fnmilv, G"oûT V v burn ; a 1 urlourinaid, assist wash, 15s, hotel, Kempsey . a Cook and Laundress, "1 station, Gundagai; a Cook, female' £1, near Queensland; a Housemaid, 13s, collego, Katoomba . a House and Parlour Maid, 15s, station, near Young fn no yoiin. femólo borvunts. Simmonds' RcgisUy. -22, (^"oroWiUc...

WANTED, First and Second good Restaurant Cool». Must bo qulok nt serving up. Syd- Tea Pal«ce, Market-it;

'ANTED, a good Gonoial SERVANT for small. » . family of two and ono baby ; good wages given to . competent person fond of children. Apply at once botwcen 2 ano 4 p.m., Mrs. Haines, 2, Bosslcy-tcrrace, Crown-st., near_pomaln. WANTED, 20 LAUNDRESSES, for ironing ; wage«

£1 per week, with board and residence ; or 0» por day ; none but first-class hand« need apply ; no washerwoman wonted. Apply ModcljitoamJI^undry, Livingstone-street. Marrickville _ W"OR~KTNG HOUSEKEEPER required by Widower

with four children ; no washing ; wages, 15s ; comfort- able home. Open a week. Apply 202, George-street West, op- posite M'Carroll's. butcher. ___

WANTED, for tho Mudgeo Hospital, a Married

COUPLE, without oncumbrnnco: tho man as wardsman and wife as cook and laundress ; salary, £70 per annum the two,

with board and residence

_Secretary._ ANTED, Mlm~CÖökT'S5fl. privato house, 25s, suburbs ; a second Cook, man, 85s, best hotel, mountains; three Kitchen Lads, 10s to 15s, collogo, hotels, town, country ; a Lad asslkt photographer outside, 12s and keep ; a Man Groom and Useful, hotel, Kempsey, 15s ; a Groom, Gurdcncr, milk, &c., _1, suburbs ; a Married Couplo, wlfo C. and L., man groom, milk, &c, "70, Grafton; a Married Couplo, wife honsomald and laundress, man groom,klll,&c.,£75. Simmonds',222, Castlrgh-st.

General Merchandise. _ HljME~TNb PEGRUM'S TABLE WATERS

can be obtained from Wine Merchants, Hotclkcopcr«,

&e.. or direct

Sparkling Nervine Is strongly rccommondod as a tablo bovcr nge, having but It\r equal« and no superior In tho oolonlos.

Our Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Sodawater, Seltner Water Acidulous Water for Liver complaints, Potass I.lthla for Gout| and Magnesia Water, are» also highly recommended.

105 and 107, Regcnt-stieet, Chippendale, Sydnoy. N.B.-Greatest Pi I'/o-takcra throughout tho world. Telephone, No. 508._ BASS', Poster's, Bull Dog, Aitken'«, M'Ewan's ALE3

Guinnebs'. Burko's, Boar's Head, Foster'«, Pig 8TOUT8 Pcnfold's South Australian Wines, In bond and duty paid

Grenache, Tokay, Frontignac, Port and Sherry, bulk and bottled Superior Old Scotch Whisky, in 2-gallon tars, and bottlod

English Hams, winter cured, in small ana medium weights Wilson's American " Extra Toast" and " Baby " Biaoults

Choleo Port« and Sherries, dry and sweet; Geneva, Schnapps Marsala Wine, very superior, for Invalids; Lager Beer Jamaica Rum, Palo and Dark Blandios

Rod and White Colonial Wines ON SALE.

TURNER and CO., Wine, Spirit, and General Merchants,

74. Sussex-street, botween Erskino and Margaret streets, Sydney. BATES.-Finest Cnliphat picked fruit. J. K. Lovo _and Co., flu, Bnthurst-street._ ____^ LENLIVET" WHISKY, very old, in bulk, bottle, or _jar. II. S. BIRD and CO., Mncquiuic-placc._ SOUTH AUSTRALIAN.-Frontignac, Tokay, Gron

ache, Muscadine. Port, Sherry, Reisling. II. S. BIRD and CO. AUSTRALIAN WINE.-Cnrmichaol's Porphyry,

equal to best Imported nock In casca 3 dozen pints, 12s (id do/.cn ; 2 dozen quarts, 21s per dozen.

_II. S. BIRD and CO., Macquarlo-placo.


English, Bodalla, Parmesan, and Dutch Cheese, Preserve. Fruits, Meats, Vegetables, and Fish of nil kinds.

_II. S. BIRD and CO., Macquarlc-plnco.

CB IE A.-Hali-clicstsand Boxes, from ration to vorvfinost. JL_li. S. BIRD and CO.. Macquaric-place. _ G

UGAR.-Ration to flnost White ; Grocorios of ovory

description, n. S. BIRD and CO., Macquario-place.

Ï71ISHING NETS of ovcry description ; Corks, Herring,

- Seino, and Salmon Twines. l_u_way, J


A LE.-BasB, bottled by Poster; Bull 5)og, Tomiont's,

-X M'Ewan's, Flensburg, Lager of various brands, Guinness"


_H. S. BIRD and CO., Macquario-placo._ CAGES of ovory description nt tho Cngo Manufactory,

wholesalo and retail. Enstway Brothers, 41L Georgc-streôu TOATS.-Our Rat TRAPS on improved styles mo still ---_i tho only ones to earth them. F.nstway Dios., 4Í1, George-st. I TUSH.-Try our improved Fish Traps that will earth

- them. Enstway Brothers, ulrc workers, 411, George-street.

FLOWER STANDS for holding fïowora in pots, ninda

of iron und wiro, handsomely painted and bronzed, suitable) for balconies, verandahs, rooms, halls, &c. Samples to be seen lit Eastway Brothers', 411, Gouritc-street._ FISHING 'TACKLE of every description, wholesalo

_and retail, Eastway Brothers, 411, George-street._

on ; Corks, Herring, _, Bros., 411, Gcoigc-st. 'IRE-ÑETTIÑG, suitablo for poultry, &c, from 12

inch to 72'inch wide, lowpricc. Eiistways,4U Gcorgo-st.

&10 Storekeepers, Wholesale Ironmongers, and OthcrB.

- Splendid shipment of CUTLERY, hy Brooks mid Crooks, Sheffield, for SALE, in any quantities. B. G. WOOLLEY, Com« merelal-chanibera, Bond-street,_ MAGNIFICENT Collection Japanese Carvings, Vases,

Bronzes, Sec, and other Curios, Coiniucrcial-ehniu., Bond-st.

f ¡RANKS.-200 und 400 gallons ship's iron wator Tanks, JL _cheap. W. RoblBon, 07, Sussex-street._ TANKS, best London mnko, ,on SALE. J. T. and J.

Toohey, Standard Brewery, Ellzabetli-strcet.

QUEENSLAND RUM, lino bid Milton, in hogshead» _nnd quarters. GEORGE LLOYD, Bridge-street,_ LUCIEN B'ELLOT and CO.'S BRANDIES, in quar

ter-ensks »nd cases. H. HAEGE and CO., Solo Agente.


the attention of Bankers, Merchants, Jewellers, Solleltors, and others to our well-assorted stock of this celebrated make. List of sizes and prlceB on application to


_Sole Agents.

OWNS END'S SARSAPA RI LLÄ7 Dr. S. P. TOWNSENDS COMPOUND EXTRACT of SARSA- PARILLA Is only genuine when accompanied by Dr. J, It,

Chllton's certificate.


Solo Agent for N. 8. W.,

_22, Bridge-street.

ILSON'S American " Extra TouBt " BISCUITS;

to be obtalnod from all respectable grocers.

TURNER and CO., Solo Agents,

_._74, SuBsox-streot, Sydney.

rINO-SACRO, the perfect Altar Wine, for'churcl»


TURNER and CO., Solo Agents,

_74, Sussex-street, Sydnoy.

ATTAN BLINDS.-A few ROLLS, for vorandahs

or floorB ; also RATTANS. 21, King-street West.



HOPS, Malt, Browing Crystals, Glucoso, Isinglass, and

Black Malt.

Empty 400 and 200-gnllon Tanks and Casks for sale.

_T. and W. WILLIS, 15, PItt-strcot.


we only import the best olass of


Prices now reduced to meet competition of low-clas», though well-painted, ninngles. Accurate Inspection Invited.

Price List free per post.

_ IIKBBLENVHITK nnd CO., 416, George-street, Sydney.


. best, prico _3 10s. Send for the prlco list of all our house- hold requisites.

_ HEBBLEWHITE and CO., 4M, George-street, Sydney.

"ÖÖRTABLE Washing BOILERS," w-ith'tnoVow seam^ -I- less copper which cannot leak. _ Hebhlewhlte, 410, Geo.-Bt.

FRETWORK Desig'r.ii, Kretwoôd",-BrnököT"S_WB~ and

Blades, a line assortment. Hcbblewhito and Co., 416, Geo.-Bt,

_pTSincFIlI_US"TRAT^irTfilJG_rriBT "oTTlolise, O hold Appliances, p. free. Hebblcwlutc and Co., 416, Geo.-s_

MERIGAN BEEHIVES, with frames and section»/' _boxes, ven- good. Hebblowhlte and Co.,41fl, Goorgo-et. ' /Ç-PLEASANT SIGHT is Home PreiervH-FRUr__ ___- equal to the best imported, which, being " all our own pre* serving," is additionally good and satisfactory In uso.

ThlB is, thanks to AMERICAN FRUIT BOTTLES with air»

tight covers.

Price lists and directions for use freo.


_410, Oeorge-Btroct, Sydnoy. _,

«fp-RDEN HOSE, first-class, at'low prices. Hô-blo

V^ white and Co., 416, Goorgo-Btrcot.

Produce, Provisions, &c. N

EW ZEALAND CANNED MULLET. This wholesome nnd delicious fish Is now being canned and ex- ported to tbiH market, and as the undoubted excollcnco of .all New Zealand fish, whethor for delicacy of flavour or its nutritious piopcitics, is so well known, and its supeilority over tho American article and that which abounds in other colonial waters such uni accomplished fact, wo neod scarcoly reeomniond to nil con nolsecuis of prime tish a trial of this new and toothsome


In cases containing 4 dozen lib. tinn.

Samples and quotations on application to


20, Loftus street, Sydney._

BOYLSON und SONS, Millers and Grain Mor



_ -. chonts, hiivo on SALE, patent rollor-rando Flour, various brands ; Bran, Pollard, and Sharps ; Maize, whole and oraokod ; Seed and Feed Oats ; Cape Barley ; Poultry Wheat j Cow Moa! ;

Mill Sweepings for Pigs, &c.

_AH a£ lowest market ratos._ FLOUR, Superfino, Fine, Household ; Whoatmoal,

Sharps, Pollard, Bran, Cornflour, Cornmeal, Cowmeal, Corn wholo and crnckod, Poultry, Wheat, Pig Feed, all mill produce good and cheap. J. and J. Wearne, Goulbuni-strcet, Sydney.


It is made from tho best wheat, In a mill replete with ths latest improved NEW PROCESS MACHINERY. The price la very low, and the quality is guaranteed extra good._ f>R"ÎME Boga hnnd-cured Com-fed~Bacou for SALE,

also Butter and ChccBO. John Ritchie, 2, King-street.

YINEGAR in bulk"and bottle. Monk's Vinegar Works, _203, Sussex-stieot._ N SALE, Primo Tartarian Side-bearing Sood OATS.



TASMANIAN Side-bearing Oats, quality, purity, un-

surpassed ; all Grasses and Clovers, Capo Barlov, Tares, and ovorv Seed Grain. T. EDG1NTON and CO., Importen«, 102, Sussex-street._

rpASMÂNIAN Ground ancTChopped BARK- ; lowest JL market rates. T. Edglnton and Co., 102, Sussex-street.




FREE SPECIAL TRAIN, with Petersham Brass Band, w_l leave Redfern at 10.55, calling nt Homobush and Parramatta.

UPON ITS ARRIVAL Intending buyors will obtain Lithograph«

and proccd to Inspect tho Estate

AT 1 O'CLOCK Luncheon will be served.

AT 2 O'CLOCK sharp Sale will commence, and every lot offered will bo sold. '

Terms of salo : £1 to £4 per lot deposit, according to bIïo, and the balanco In equal monthly payments, extending ov«r six years, and bearing interest at 0 per cont. per annum.

Special Train will leave Wentworthville Station on return trip

at 5 o'clock.

Free Train Ticket« and Plans of Estate may be obtained at offices of compnny, 280, Gcorgo-strcot.

Persons missing tho special can bo landed on the e»UU by tat «rO-uiry tula whig. ltaVM ludiera at 1 -'.lo-b


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