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A further extension of the South Coast, or Illawarra Railway line, from Hurstville station, the present terminus, at 9 miles 50 chains from Sydney, to Waterfall, 24 miles 30 chains, will be opened for traffic to-day. This extension is the last portion of contract No. 1, the distance from Hurstville being 14 miles 60 chains. The rail level at Hurstville station is 214 feet above high water spring tides at Sydney, and at Waterfall it is 720 feet, giving a rise of 506 feet towards Wollongong. The highest point of the line is at 23 miles, where it is 770 feet ; at the George's River crossing it is 38 feet above sea level. The earth works upon this portion of the railway are rather heavy, comprising 574,000 cubic yards of excavation taken to embankments, or about 39,000 cubic yards per mile. The cuttings, excavated for the most part through sandstone and gravel, number 41, and the depths of the cuttings and heights of embankments vary from 1 to 42 feet for cuttings, and 1 to 62 feet for embankments. The gradients are 53 in number, and vary from 1 in 40 to 1 in 660 for a total length of 14 miles, the remaining distance of only 60 chains being level. There are 16 curves, varying from 16 to 240 chains radii, the total length of the curves being six miles 70 chains. The remaining distance, seven miles 70 chains, is straight. There are five overbridges all built with timber tops, supported by timber trestle piers, bedded on brick sills. In addition to George's River a few small

streams are crossed, for which ample waterways, consisting

of timber openings, brick culverts, and box drains have been provided. The first station reached after leaving Hurstville is Oatley's, at 11 miles 14 chains from Sydney, where there is a platform 240 feet long x12 feet broad. At 12 miles 18 chains George's River is reached; the handsome bridge spanning this river has already been fully described in our columns. At Como, 12 miles 45 chains, there is a weatherboard waiting-shed 66 feet x 16 feet, with shingle roof, and a platform 350 feet x 12 feet, giving ample accommodation to tourist and picnic parties visiting this picturesque spot. The next stopping-place is at Suther- land, 16 miles 17 chains, where there is a passenger station built of brick, with galvanised iron roof, having a porch to road front, and a verandah to railway front, and containing a general waiting-room 20 feet x 17 feet, ladies' waiting room and ticket office, each 16 feet x 14 feet, and also lamproom 12 feet x 14 feet, yards, sheds, &c., There are also the necessary sidings. The platform is 350 feet x 12 feet, vamped at both ends. The goods warehouse, 60 feet x 10 feet, is a timber and galvanised iron structure built on brick piers, with uncovered plat- form at north end 84 feet x 15 feet, an office 12 feet x 10 feet, and the ordinary outside covered platforms, each 6 foot wide, running the whole length of the building. A comfortable residence for the stationmaster has been pro- vided, situated close to the station building, built of brick with iron roof and containing seven rooms, hall and veran- dah. There is also a gatekeeper's brick cottage of five rooms with verandah. A little way beyond Sutherland, at 16 miles 30 chains, branching off to the left, there is a line being constructed to the National Park, 1 mile 14 chains in

length. At Heathcote, 20 miles 34 chains, there is a   weatherboard waiting-shed 30 feet in length with iron roof, and containing the necessary waiting-rooms and offices. The platform here is 330 feet x 12 feet. A siding, level cross- ing, and gatekeepers's cottage have also been erected. Upon entering Waterfall station, the new terminus, there is an overbridge. The waiting-shed at 24 miles 29 chains is built of timber and iron, and contains a general waiting room, 14 feet x 13 feet, and ladies' waiting-room and ticket office, each 10 feet x 13 feet. The platform is 198 feet in length. There is a level-crossing, with gatekeeper's cottage at this place. The water supply for all stations excepting Heathcote is obtained from underground rainwater tanks, Messrs. Rowe and Smith were the contractors for the general works upon this extension, and Mr. Stephen Smith the contractor for the station buildings at Como, Suther- land, and Heathcote.  

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