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International cricket 1Match. EBw TELEGRAPH.] (FROM1 OURB PEOIAL OORRES5ONDRBNT.) bYDanE, Friday. Toes second match between a representative Australian team of cricketere and Lord Sheffield's team of English crickcetera wee commenced on the Association Ground to. day. The attendanco was large, and there was great interest evinced in the play. The teams were as follow :-Auetralia--New South Wales: Boannerman, Moeos, Turner, Callesray; Victoria: Bruce,. Blackbam, Trolt, 61Leod; eSouth Australia: 0. Giffen, W. Giffen, Lyons; emergency, d. Gregory. England: W. G. Grace, A. E. Stoddart, M'Gregor, M. Read, B. Peel, Attewell, G. Lobmaun, Sharpe, W. Brigge, Abel, Bean. Mr. J. G. Jackson, sole scorer. The two captains, Grace and Bleckboam, tossed up the coin at 12 o'clock punstually. Bleetham won, and decided on his side going in first. At five minutes part 12 o'clock Messrs. Flynn and Tosher entered the field as umpires for England and Australia respectively. Five minutes later Lord Shcfileid'e team took the field and were treated to a round of applause. Lyons and Bannarman, the two first bateman, according to the start, came closely behind, and the appleuce broke forth agaic. lBasnerman took strike to Briggs, the little left-bander. The crowd clapped excitedly, when be broke the ice by cutting the second bail to the fence for 4. Sharpe went no bowling at the other end, aud Lyons scored' a single off his first over Lyons played confidently to Brigge, and 2 resulted from his second over. lbs fourth over produced 3 rune. The wikeht was playing splendidly, and bath haatsmen soon crew at home with the bowling. The bats. men dealt liberally with Sharpe. reel through maladroitoess allowed Lyons to obtain 2 from Brigge. Three additional runs came from the over. The basemen had scored at the rate of over a run per minute, and at half-paet 12 Lobmano displaced Sharpo. The score then was Bannerman, not neat, 11; Lyons, not not. 16; total, 27. Lyons scored somewhat more freely than his partner, who, however, put up his record considerably faster than usual. When the score was 31 Sharps, at mid~off, fielded a hard hier by Lyones like a tradesman, saving 4. Bet crc thee cere was increased Barner.-r .man tipped Lohmann into the sleps, where Abel made a neat catch. 1-12-81. It took the Englishmen half en hour te secure the first wicket. George Giffen, the South Australian champion, joined Lyons. Giffen cut the first two balls of Lrshmann'a into the slips without scoring. On getting opposite Brigge Giffen secured his initial run. Peel was again out in lois fielding, while Sharps proved serviceable. Giffen with a magoifi. cent drive put up his first 4 during Lob. mann s over, Lyons cut the same bowler for another 4, bringing up 45. Lyons hit the first 5 soon afterwards, the .ball geing over the fence to the unbounded delight ef the crowd, He then treated Lohmano the same way as he had treated Brigge, the ball on the second occesien rattling on the ladies' pavilion. Grace now thought it time to try Attewell instead of Briggs. The new bowler opened auspiciously with a maiden. The first ball of the following over was fatal to Giffen, a catch in the slips by Abet di,. posing of him. He made 6 by indifferent play. 2-6-57. Lyons was 39 Moses arrived next at the wicket. The bowlirg so far was excellent. Lohmann broke a good deal. Alt the isldesoen, with the exception of ens, were placed en the off. Wben tioses batted he tried for a long time to make a bsgincoing. He eventually made a tries at the expense of Lobmano. At 62 Lyons, whd had given the Englisbmsn so much trouple, hit Lohmann in the direction of Grace at point. The borly ceptein stopped it with his left, knocking it into the air, and as it fell caught it, 8-41-62. Lyons played grandly. The players then adiourned for luncheon.

After the repast Turner partnered Moses, whose injured leg was troubling him, and he was afraid to run hard. Turner drove Lohmann for a single, and out Attewell to the same effeot. Subsequently, when Turnerhit Lohmann for 2, Miosees appeared to have great difiloulty in jogging along, and rune came slower than they ought to have, in consequence of his injury. Moses out Attewell for 4 and 2, elevating the total to 72 Turner and Moses made additions to the score steadily, though the bowling of Lohmann and Attowell cauld not be trifled soith. Moses kept clightly ahead of Turner. Numerous singles were foregone, owing to Mores' inobility to get about. When the scors reached 85 Sharpe, who had beon bowling earlier at the northern end, relieved Attewell at the southern erease. Turner was not long in cutting him scientifically for 4. Briggs stopped a hard drive by Turner, and saved 4 thereby. Moses placed Lohmann to leg for a umni Turner, at 90,. spooned a ball sup phed by Lohmann, and the wicket.keeper, M'Gregor, effected an easy catch. He made 15 in trenchant style, and hod terrible ill luck in getting out in the manner he did. 4-15-90 M'Leed, another left-hander, next tried his fortune with the English bowlers. He was nervous at the beginning of his innings. loseas now began to suffer a lot from his leg, and after running hard for a single, seemed alto. gether crippled. Cries of "Put on a man to ron for him" were raised, but the English captain did not see why he should. All further trouble was saved by Moses tipping Lohmenn to Grace's hands at point. He made 29 by sterling play. 7-29-126. On retiring Moses was loudly applauded. Walter Giffen, of South Aus tralia, was instilled in the position left vacant by Moses. The new partnership was not prolific for a while. M'Leod utlast glanced Attewell to leg for 4. No more runs were made between this and 4 o'clock, when a short adjournment was made. M'Lood was 7, and W. Giffen 1. On resuming, the letter was sent to the right.about, and cave place to Tr~tt, who was uncomfortable at the wickets, and Loh mann soon bowled him. Be only made 2. 5 -2-123. Bruce, the Victorian, filled the vacancy, and was warmly greeted by the on looliore. Bruce lot go at the sphere in sweeping style, and Bean was afforded an opportunity of exhibiting his ability in the field. Bruce had a narrow escape of being caught by Lobmann while the latter was trundling, and, fortunately for him, Lohmann couldn't get forward quick enough. Bruce had ap. parently come in to make runs sgainst time, as he lashed out right manfully. Despite his efforts, there was a black opposite his name for a long time. At length he out Lohmann to the fence, and 4 appeared on the board. He followed this up by a single from the same bowler, bringing tbo figures 99 to light. Bruce cut Sharp for 4, and those present hailed the appearance of the first century. The Australians were just about two housa making this total. The two loft. handers hit out vigorously, and the Victorian was soon in rouble figures. Runs came apace, Bruce especially playing well, and some real excitement was gone. rated amongst those round the rail. ines. The rate at which the pair of left handers scored did not suit the linglish skipper, and accordingly harooe had to make way for Attewell at the southern end. M'Gregor made a flie effort to stump Bruce at 117, but did not succed. Bruce's hard.hitting taotics at last resulted in disester, Bean away near the leg fence oatohinc him when he stied Attowell. 5-15-117. Bruce in his bott ng erred on

the side of excessive freedom, but still that is pre'erable to persistent stonewalling, of which so much has been seen lately. Moses was 23 at the separation, Ho was joined by W. Giffon, but the pastnership did not last long as tbh lhtter had to retire after scoring cne run. M'Lead followed, and after Moses had added four to his score be was caught I, Grace off Attewell. Blackham was next man. M'Lend put 18 runs together, when he was caught by Attewell off Lohmann. Calloway partnered Blackhem, but only added one run to the score when he was run out. The following are the scores: AUSe'RAIAx S -First innings. Bannerman, c Abel, b Lohmann ... 12 Lyons, o Grace, b Lohmann ....... 41 G. Giffen, o Abel, b Lohmann .... ... 6 Turner, o M'Gregor, b L:hnmann ... 15 Trott, b Lohmann .... .... .... 2 Moses, o Grace, b Lohmann ...... 29 Bruce, o Bean, b Attawell ... .... 15 W. Giffen, o and b Lohmann - .... 1 M Li ed, a Attewell, b Lohmann ... 1. Blackham, not out ... ... ... 8 Calloway, run out .... .... ... 1 Sunories .... ........... 6 Total ................ 144 Bowling Analysis.-Lohmann, 260 balls, 58 runs, 18 maidens, 8 wickets; Attewell, 186 balls, 25 runs, 20 maidens, 1 wicket; Brigge, 60 balls, 24 runs, 2 maidens, no wic kets; Sharps, 60 ball, 31 runs, 1 maiden, no wickets. The colonials took the field at 20 minutes past 5. The first representatives of England were Grace and Abel. Moses, limping badly, fielded in the slips. Turner opened to Grace, who cut him for 1, but Abel had a narrow escape of being run out. M'Leod bowled from the other end, and started with a maiden. Abel snicked M'Leod for 3. Grace then cut Turner for 4 with a good sound stroke. A maiden to Turner, and Abel scored a single, Grace doing like wise, and 10 appeared. Turner troubled Grace very. much in the next over. Abel added 1 at the expense of M'Lesd. Grace cut the next for 2, and brought the score to double figures. Ab'1 drove furner for a single, and Grace hit the "terror" danger ously olose t~ Lyons for a single. Grace next hit M'Leod for 3. Abel cut the next ball to the boundary by a pretty stroke. Grace cut Turner for 3. At 27 George Giffen relieved M'Leod. Grace placed the last of the over for a single. The champion next showed attention to Turner by hitting him to square leg for 4 and cutting for a single. Giffen bowled a maiden t> Abel, who hit Turner to the boundary for 4, when the stumps were drawn. The scores were : ENGLA)N.-First Innings. Grace, not out ......... ... 23 Abel, not out .. . ... ... ... 15 No wickets for .... .... ... 88