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The opening of the second portion of the first section of the Goulburn to Cooma line took place to-day. The first section extends from Goulburn to Bungendore, a distance of 41 miles. The first portion of this section, Goulburn to Tarago, a distance of 27 miles, was opened on the 3rd of January last year, and the opening of the second portion,   Tarago to Bungendore, a distance of 19 miles, was cele- brated to-day. The visitors from the metropolis came by special train, consisting of a dining and a sleeping car, which left Redfern at 6 o'clock this morning. It had on board about 30 passengers, including the Colonial Treasurer (Mr. G. R. Dibbs), the Minister for Lands (Mr. J. S. Farnell), the Commissioner for Railways (Mr. C. A. Good- chap), the Mayor of Sydney (Alderman Playfair), Mr. Wm. Clarke, member for Orange ; Mr. David Gaunson, member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly ; Mr. H. McLachlan, of Sydney; Mr. D. Kirkcaldie, acting traffic   manager; Dr. Evans, of Balmain; Mr. P. Hayes, J.P., of North Shore; Mr. A. Brown, of Newcastle; Mr. A. O. Moriarty, chairman of the Goulburn Land Board ; Mr. Rogers, of Tamworth; Mr. F. A. Franklin, civil engineer. The comforts of the passengers were well looked after by Mr. Cassidy, of the Parliamentary refreshment saloon, and his staff of assistants. The special arrived at Goulburn at five minutes past 11 o'clock, and the train was there extended by the addition of a carriage, containing the Goulburn con- tingent of visitors to the demonstration. The Ministerial

portion of the train was also joined by Mr. E. Gillespie, Mayor of Goulburn ; Mrs. Gillespie, Mr. B. O. Holtermann, M.L.A. ; Mr. D. H. Campbell, of Cunningham ; Mr. Alex. Crawford, traffic inspector for the Goulburn district ; Mr. R. D. Stephens, district engineer. The train arrived   at Bungendore at a quarter to 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and the Ministers were welcomed by about 400 residents of the district, who cheered heartily as the train drew alongside the platform. The oheering was followed by the Balmain Cold- stream Band playing the National Anthem.

Mr. W. F. RUTLEDGE. J.P., chairman of the recep- tion committee, next advanced to the Ministers, and read the following address of welcome:-"Bungen- dore, 4th March, 1885. The hon. the Ministers of the Crown. Gentlemen,-On behalf of the re- sidents of this town and district, I have the honour to offer you a hearty welcome amongst us on this auspicious occa- sion. We now feel that for the first time we are brought into direct railway communication with the metropolis. We beg to tender you our sincere thanks for coming so far to share in our rejoicings, and we hope to show by our endeavours to entertain you, and the heartiness of our welcome, how fully we value the honour you have done us in becoming our guests on this occasion. On behalf of the committee, I have the honour to be your most obedient servant, W. FOSTER RUTLEDGE, Chairman."

Mr. DIBBS, who was received with applause, said he had exceedingly great pleasure in receiving the address which had been presented from the people of Bungendore to Mr. Farnell and himself, on behalf of the Government, on the occasion of the celebration of tbe most important event that

could be marked in any district. By the opening of that railway that district had become connected with the metro- polis-(applause)-and another link had been forged in the great railway system of this colony, a system by which every industry of the colony would be developed, and the great resources of that district in particular would be opened up to the benefit of those at present occupying tho soil, as well as of those who would come after them to occupy the land. Much work had been done during the past year through the able assistance of his friend, Mr. Farnell, in the direc- tion of settling the land question, and they hoped it had been settled to the satisfaction of the people. It was hoped that the enacting of the Land Law and the opening of the country by railways would lead to the thorough develop- ment of the resources of this great colony. That day witnessed the completion of the first section of the line from Goulburn to Cooma. It was hoped that in a few months more the line would be completed to Michelago, and then they would be on the highway to the rich district of Cooma. He heartly congratulated the people of that district on that great event. He now, on behalf of the Minister for Works, formally and publicly declared open this railway from Goulburn to Tarago. (Applause.)  

Cheers having been given for the Queen, the Ministers and the other visitors were conducted to a number of buggies and other vehicles which were in waiting for them at the entrance to the railway station. The party were taken for a drive through the town, and afforded an opportunity of seeing the capabilities of the soil.

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