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BRISBANE,-Arrived : October 10, Burwah (s.) and Elamang   (s.), from Sydney; Balmain (s.), from Townsville; Maranoa (s.), from Cooktown ; and Currajong (s.), from Rockhampton. Sailed : October 15, Tamsul (s.). for Sydney. The Rodondo (s.), for Sydney, left Maryborough this afternoon. The Glanworth (s.). for Rockhampton, arrived at Bundaberg this morning. The Eurimbla (s.) left Rockhampton this morning for Sydney. The Derwent (s.), from Sydney, arrived at Keppel Bay this morning. The Quiraing (s.). for Sydney, arrived at Keppel Bay yesterday afternoon, and sailed this evening. The Alexandra (s.), from Normanton for Brisbane, left Townsville early this morning. The Fitzroy (s.). for Cooktown, left Townsville last night. The Archer (s.), for Cooktown, arrived at Cairns this morning. The Taiwan (s.), from Sydney for Hongkong, left Cooktown early this morning.

BALLINA.- Arrivals : October 16, Tomki (s.), at 5.25 a.m., and Lismore (s.), at 3.40 p.m., from Sydney.

CLARENCE HEADS.- Arrivals: October 15, City of Grafton (s.) and Australian (s.), from Sydney. Passed: October 10, Lismore (s.), north, and a large steamer, with black funnel and white ribbon, at 3.20 p.m., north,

NEWCASTLE.- Arrivals : October 16, Maitland (s.), Chanchow (s.), Kembla (s.), Tasmania (s.), Saxonia (s.), Hauroto (s.). Adonis, from Sydney; Champion, Freetrader; Shamrock. Prince Alfred, from Port Stephens. - Departures : October 16, Loongana, for Mauritius, with 352 tons coal ; Karaweera (s.). for Adelaide; Ellen Doran, for Auckland ; London, barque, for San Francisco, with 1308 tons coal; Myall. Caledonia, for Port Stephens;   Corinna (s.). Gabo (s.), Cintra (s.), Kembla (s.), Maitland (s.),   for Sydney.    

GABO Island.- Passed : October 16, Taramung (s.) at 1.10 p.m.,   Lindus (s.) at 3.57 p.m., R.M.S. Parramatta at 4.7 p.m., and   Lyee-moon (s.) at 6.40 p.m., north.

MELBOURNE.-Arrived: October 16, Lollerton (s.), from Lon- don; Suez (s.), from Hongkong via Sydney; Loch Etive. ship. from Glasgow, Hesper, barque, fron Port Ludlow; City of Adelaide (s.), from Adelaide; Southern Cross (s.). from Hobart; Essby (s.), from Newcastle; Wentworth (s.), from Sydney. Sailed: October 16, Claud Hamilton (s.), for Adelaide via out-ports; Flinders (s.), for Launceston.

ADELAIDE.- Arrivals : October 16, Menmuir (s.), from Foo- chow; Lass of Gawler, from Newcastle. Departures : Carl Pihl, for Melbourne; Jean Pierre, for Newcastle; Annie Brown, for


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