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Family Notices

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ALCORN.—January 27, at her residence, Bulwer-street, West  

Maitland, the wife of Dr Alcorn, of a son.

ELPHINSTONE.—February 2, at her residence, Ramelton,    

Derwent-street, Glebe, the wife of David Elphinstone, of a


LIDDELL.—February 4, at hir residence, the Bakery, Holmsdale-    

strcet, Marrickville, the wife of William Liddell, of a son. Both  

doing well.

LOUDON.—January 17, at her residence, Dalta Cottage, Derwent-  

street, Glebe, the wife of W. J. Loudon, of a daughter.  

MILLS.—February 9, at her residence, 71, Oxford street, the wife  

of J. Mills, of a son.

SAUNDERS.—February 8, at her residence, Camira, The  

Boulevard, Petersham, the wife of J. W. Saunders, of a


SNOWDON.—February 6, at her residence, Public School,

Trunkey Creek, the wife of Arthur Snowdon, of a daughter.  

TUNKS.—February 5, at her residence, Church-street, Parra-    

matta, Mrs. George Tunks, of a son.


BRODIE—LANGLEY.—On February 1, at St. Philip's Church,        

by the Rev. J. D. Langley, George Edward Brodie to Matilda Gertrude, sixth daughter of the late George Langley, Esq., of    


BROWN—WENTWORTH.—January 11, at the Glebe Presby-

terian Church, by the Rev Andrew Garoiner, M. A., George   Lang Reid, youngest son of the late George Brown, builder of the Glebe, to Harriett, third daughter of the late William Wentwoth, late of Staffordshire, England.

CAMPBELL—TREBLE.—December 26, at Wagga Wagga by the    

Rev. H. W. Pincombe, William E. son of the late Mr Jas.       Campbell, of Kireudbright, Scotland, to Millie, second daughter    

of Mr. W Treble, of Goulburn N.S.W.    

CLARK—DAY.—February 7, 1883, at the Christian Church, New-    

town, by the Rev. John Strang, Marcus, third son of Cuthbert   Anthony Clark, Esq., of Sefton Park Liverpool, England to     Pattie, third daughter of George Day, Esq., of Woolside, Nam-             bucora River, New South Wales, formerly minister of the    

Christian Church, Newtown.  

COWAN—BEVAN.—January 25, at Wesleyan Church Bourke-            

street, by the Rev. G. Lane, James Cowan of Cowan and   Langley, eldest son of William Cowan, ol Balmain to Eva M.     E., only daughter of the late Samuel Bevin, Esq., of Surry Hills, Sydney, late of Leamington, England.

CRISP—WHITEHEAD.—January 25, at Newtown, by the Rev.        

Geo. Lane George Alfred Crisp, to Caroline, second daughter   of Thos Whitehead Esq, of Newtown.

ELLIOTT—FARRAWAY.— February 8, at Pitt-street Congre-        

gational Church, by Rev. Richard T. Hills, Edward Elliott, to   Agatha Farraway, adopted daughter of John and Ellen Fenton.    

HEAD—MANNIX.—February 5, at St Mary's Cathedral, by the    

Rev. Dean Mahoney, Francis Thomas Maguire Head, of Mel- bourne, to Mary Ann Mannix, eldest daughter of the late Patrick Mannix, and stepdaughter of James Francis Liddy,  

George-street, Sydney.  

HERRMAN--MEARS.—January 31, at the great Synagogue by    

the Rev. Mr. Phillipstein, Morris Hermann of Coonamble to       Rose eldest daughter of William Mears, Esq. , Moore Park,


LOBBAN—ROBINSON.—January 2 at the residence of the bride's  

parents by the Rev. G. R. Glasson, Donald John Lobban, son   of Mr. Thos. Lobban, Gordon, to Louey Robinson, daughter of   Mr James Robinson, Taree, Manning River.

McCRORY—REYNOLDS.—January 16, by special license, at St.        

Francis' R. C. Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Dr. Quirk, John Felix, eldest son ot Mr John McCrory of Randle-street, Sydney, to Anastasia, eldest daughter of Mr Henry Reynolds, of Tower Inn, George-street West, Sydney.  

MORRICE—BRAY.—December 31, at St Thomas' Church,        

North Shore, by the Rev Stephen H Childe BA., David, eldest son of William Morrice, Comfort Hill, Sutton Forest, to   Rebecca Australia, eldest daughter of the late James W Bray,    

James Park, Crookwell.

ROSS—McNEILL.—February 3, at St Mary's Convent Church,    

Rosebank, by the Rev P F Carroll, Hugh, eldest son of Mr Mr Ross, Creswick, Victoria, to Elizabeth Isabel, second     daughter of the late Mr J B McNeill, of Sydney.

TEMPERLEY—CROSS.—January 18, at the Church of the

Epiphany, Manning River, by the Rev W Swindlehurst, Thomas Temperley, Inspector of Northern Fisheries to Margaret Louisa, youngest daughter of William Cross, Esq.,     Lansdowne, Manning River.


BELL.—February 9, at his residence, 70 Crown-street, Woolloo-    

mooloo, James Bell, aged 68 years, after a long illness.    

BETHEL.—February 8, 1883, at his residence, Newland-street,      

Waverley, Elias Bethel, aged 71, after a long and painful illness,     which he bore with Christian fortitude, leaving an affectionate   wife to mourn his loss. His end was peace. Home papers  

please copy.    

BLACKET.—February 9, at his residence, Roland Villa, Croydon-      

street, Petersham, Edmund Thomas Blacket, architect,     suddenly, aged 65.  

BROWN.—February 7, at Hunter's Hill suddenly, Annie, widow      

of the late Henry Brown, Esq., of Bendinine, aged 45 years.      

DAY.—February 9, at the parsonage, Ryde, Alfred Sydney Day,

of Pyrmont, aged 34 years.

DUNN.—January 20, Constable Arthur Dunn, of the police force,

Stawell, Victoria, from effects of sunstroke.  

EBSWORTH.—At his residence, 11, Collingham-place, South    

Kensington, London, of congestion of the lungs, Alfred     Ebsworth, F. R. C. S., in the 61st year of his age.  

GODDARD.—February 6, 1883, accidently drowned at Macdonald-  

town, James Reuben, the dearly beloved son of John and Eliza- beth Goddard, aged 4 years and nine months.

HILL.—February 3, Christopher John, aged 25, the fourth son of  

the late M. A. Hill of Sydney, after a long and painful illness. Regretted by all who knew him.

KEATS.—In fond and loving memory of my beloved sister, Sarah    

Keats, who died February 10, 1882, aged 50. Though lost to     sight, still to memory dear. M. Bradley.  

KNIGHT.—February 9, at her residence, Rochfort street, Mac-    

donaldtown, Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of Henry   Knight, sen., leaving 7 children and 29 grandchildren to mourn  

their loss, aged 61 years.

LETTS.—February 3, at his residence, Forsyth-street, Glebe Point,  

Sydney, James William Letts, late first-class seaman on H. M. S.     Wolverene, under Commodore Wilson, in the 28th year of his       age, lcavinp a wife and two children to mourn their loss. Home   papers please copy.

MILLER.—February 8, at the residence of Mrs. Steer, Lorne Cot-    

tage, Goulburn, Robert, eldest son of James and Agnes Miller,   of Willow Cottage, Gerringong, aged 22 years.  

MONCUR.—February 8, at 6 p.m., at her residence, Livingstone-  

road, Marrickville, Isabelle, beloved wife Thomas Moncur, in

her 59th year.

RYAN.—February 8, 1883, at the residence of his son in law,    

Thomas Bennett, Unicorn Hotel, Old South Head-road, Patrick   Ryan, aged 84 years. R. I. P.

SIDDINS.—February 8, at her residence Richmond, N. S. W.,  

Jane, relict of the late Richard Siddins, aged 82 years.  

VILES.—February 8, drowned at Coogee Bay, the beloved  

daughters of John and Frances Viles, Blanche Smedley, aged 21,         and Ida Helena, aged 13 years, both much regetted by a large

circle of friends.

WAKELING.—January 29, at her residence, Greendale Ludden-

ham, Sarah, the dearly beloved wife of Benjamin Wakeling, and youngest daughter of the late William Adams, Linton, England,               after 10 years and six months' patient sutfering, aged 59 years. Home papers please copy.  

WATT.—January 26, 1883, at Gosford, N. S. W., Alexander Watt,          

aged 23 years, the beloved brother of John and George Watt. Scotch papers please copy.  

YORK.—December 17, 1882, at her late residence, 110, Cooper-

street, Waterloo, Sarah, the beloved wife of William York, and   youngest sister of Mr Charles Veale, of Bristol, aged 47 years. Bristol papers please copy.

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