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I'iifron ; His Kx.ielU-ticy i.oid Augustus Loftus, G.G.D. ;

Judgn : ,lilr. \V. Dargin; Sraiiei. Mr. Richard Rouso ; Ilnndiii'pp°r, 7>r-" r A. Scur . Clerk of tho Courso : Mr. J. Ashworth : Set»clary : Mi. A. S. Clibborn.

The finit day's racing m coiiniictinn with tho Autumn meoling of tim Australian Jockey Club toole place at Rand- wick yesterday. At un emly hour rain fell, and the hpirita. of spoitKincn iiiu.-.t. liiivu tleucuided to. a lo»v ebb in conse- quence. Towan!« noon, however, the clouds lifted a little, and Anticipations a»oio entertained that though the sun might no1 »lime no ruin avuuld fall. A slight shower fell during tho ni (priionn, und tim »vinci blew rather coldly over tho oom«!, biitonilio wholo tho avcalhor avas agreeable. In point oc nttiiietivi lu-su the rucocouiso divided lionours with Ihc principal results ot holiday makers, and in the iii'tcriioonabout lil'îepn tlit.iiMind portions lind axscinbled on it. It, thereloro, )iresentod ii inoro than uRiially animated appearance. The grand stmid was filled avith spec lutors, iimoiu-ht v.-ijiiin »vero a largo number of ladies. On tim lawn »vein ¡-.tnlioncd the bund of the Permanent

Artillen', »rho played selections of opur.itic music. lu,the / nioniiiig »vue trrn dump to admit of general pro

monadine. : but in tlio nftoriinnn, when it became dry, ludiCä In consideniblo" numhciH «.vunU-rcd over it. Tho dis-, play of . eontuieps whs marked by deep richness,} rullinr (han by brilliancy .of lines, as tho henson »vas too far advaur-oi for lijdit ciileuuf. A very largo number of the tostumfii overo pxlreni.'ly h-icdsom«. " Notwithstanding the r.iiu »vlii'h fell fU tho previous day, i ho coursé was in fair cjiaiiiuon for lacing, niiditho arrangements mudo .by til'., committee »vere ko complete that no 'hil"*! neem red in rnrrying out the programme. Six rv'-M'i, \»-<-jp on Wip card, nmljwilh t»vo exceptions tho i-ninpciilnrii in i'lichworoiminoniua. Mr. Rouse started them nil in excellent town, und I lio only mishaps that oc.currod avere tho falls.ot ß li.iío und its rider in'the-Hurdle Rnce.avhich however .had .wi lierions jesults. Präsident avon the ïlurolo'Jlii'n. YVcllm;;tuu the Autumn ytnkes, Bpinningdolo lbs Chump:". t:e Srnlti-.-,. Pi ogress the bt. Legor Stakes, lïapid Bay tin- J 'tiiunu.ter .lliindicnp, mid iîtrin the Trial Sukes-five of t!io .-.ix vinuorn being those nominated by the ííporling »vi-ilcr "Nemo.'' Immediately tho races were con- cluded the spcctniórs lett the coursf», but found tho urrange nionts for comv-y/jH' tlicm homo imito inadequate. The triiius, wliicii M'ciiitd t" bo um an frequently as the limited rolling nt iel: »»i.uIJ permit, »'.'ero rushed, und vustly ovor rroviaicâ. 'Hie ".imib-i-es ant! cubit in attendance, were iiuickly in(itiop'ili"p(I, mid n Innre proportion of tho people liad to »val!; tu !¡ic i i tv. Iiin-kily, tlio rushing and crovyd ing ol the tram- led 1c no injury to lifo or limb, but it had ihticü'ocr «1 o,, i : i i ni^iii ig tomo of tho motora aod springs of cars to R'ielí na c> teni that a coiiMdcrablp timo must elapso boíoro they (an be put in proper working order ugain.

Somo ot tho n.'jii.g, especially that for tho Champagne Gtnkcs and the Dmicnster Handicap, was very close and tay ci ting, and tho finish for the lust-wimed race must have ln-en highly Hitiibtuctt.ry to Mr. Scarr. Pangee, Peter Simple, Spr-lriu-i, YimI, Maritana, Councillor, Darby-the fBlust, at.d .liipitor wore scratched for^tho Hurdle Race. for which i'reimdpiit was so freely backed, that at tile end it V7s diilioult to get 2 to 1 about lum. Pluto piri.-d with Pickard after a Rtruggle at tho ilrat hurdle, mid after a pretty race the favourite ron lo tho iroat when about hulf n.milo from home, and won easily 1»t «bout tlireo lengths. The Autumn* Stakes was deduced to a mateh botween Wellington* and Braidwood, and the son of Panic, who lod all »tho way, worfvery easily, without being onco extondod. A splendid start began proceedings in the Champagne StakesTrand, after (Valentino had mude a deal of running1, Somerset put in his blaim at the distanco; but a little further on* Tho Gem shot to the fiont and looked nil over a'winnor; but Spinning-, 'dale, who lind boen in a .'.bad position, dashed ,up im tho outside when nair the St. Leger stand, end finishing at a wonderful pace unutcbed tho race out ot- Che Oro in the lust «trido, and scoredia*'brilîinnt,v1otory by o bead, the same distanco separating TheÍGem anaJSomorsot, while "VVheatear, who tired in the last 100 yards, had his head on Somerset's girths. The absence of Grand'Flaneur Honrived rho St. Legor of aU^ntçrcst, ana Progress won as ho'chose from tho two"him, and then rattled on to Cuttfi's, so as to completo a'gallop of two miles vrçith a viow to tho Sydney Cup on Wednesday. A' very numerous field faced tho flag for tho Doncaster Handicap, and Mr. Rou.°o had no end of troublo to get thom away, but did ino at last to a good start. Courtenay out oat tho work at o great pace, hut lost a lot of ground by rnnnlng out wide at the home tun), and Rapid Bay, dashing up on tho insido,

lust beat him on tho Dust, whilo P.luck Swan, coming with,,

a desperate rush, was only beaten bv a head for second place Etna waa backed at evens for tho Trial Stakes, and taking up tho command when about three furlongs from home was nevor afterwards interfered with, and won m a canter Tho following is an account of e ich race -

Th_ HunDtiE Race, a handicap sweepstakes of 5 sois

each, I forfeit, with 100 t>o\s added, becond horse 20 boas, from the prize. Two miles and " half

Mr. LU Jellat'» b oi br g Picsltlcnt, bv Panic, nged, list

0 "Till) 1 AA AA elm Hi's p g Sleet aged, S st 7 lb» (P lung) 2 J -rilorlilli's _ g AVtanglu, «"eel, 0 ht 2 lbs (íturke) i T Shore m br g lliidic ii, igetl. 10 st 8 lbs (Cliiirnev ) 0 AV -oncstei's b ni Lill j- Ripon, 6 icais, 10 st 2 lbs

(S Harding) 0 E do Alestre s br p Bonall t G inrs, 10 atiAAnl!«/ 0 P N Bailcj's eli g Hie Hutt«, 0 years, B st 11 lbs (Hunt) 0 J - com inB! b g Pluto (lite (olli), 0 st (1 Piclnirel) 0 J I Garland's b m Secrot, aged, 8 st 13 lbs (Cliampley) 0 J Marianne's br g Manner, n^eel S st 7 lb» (Cain) 0 Betting 2 to 1 a President, 4 to 1 a Radie ii, 5 to 1 v

Lady Ripon, 6 to 1 v Tho Hatter, 7 to 12 to 1 a any other

The word was giaen to a aerv good sturt, and Pluto and Marmor led on terms to the first fence, where tho former came don n, and Mariner showed the avaa our tho fonco near Cutts's by three lengths, 1 ho Hatter ne\t, about the same distonio in tiont of Sleet, who ivas followed bv Secret, the othors on close terms, with Benalla last Tho Hatter joined Mariner at tho sei en-furlongs post, and the pair led ulong the back of the coutso bv about ton lengths, hleet and bocret next, teigether and clou of the o bets 'S ery little ihange took place until tho Douison turn iwih being negotiated, when Wrangler run into thud piuco, und a little fut thor on Tho Hatter touk up the running and showed the aiua past the stand bl a couple ot lengths, Mariner ni_t a length in fiont of Wrangle r mid oici t « ho vere racing on finns and nftci them iiino J .uti i ii nnd Prcsidint Manuel bigan to tire at Cutts s and the | Hatter, running to tim frtnt led ulour* thi fur sido of tni

course, with Sleet nt his girths, und a sboit letiptli from the lattir, succeeded Jtndiail ivitb Win. trie i ard Vri aident at tho head ot tho others Piesidntrnn into .e omi pi »if it the sheds avheie Sleet amis m front , but tho favourite hoaded tho groj at tho half-mile post and drawing away, won eastla by three length* tiom Sleet, who run a goeid horan all thiough, and boat Wrangler, who rame well ut tho end, by a length for second placo Two lengths from Wrangler carno Lady Ripon, six lengths in front of The Hatter, who was a length in advance of Radical The others were beaten a long ivay, and Benalla walked in. 'lime, 5 minutes 13 5-10 eeconds.

Thb Autumn Stakes, a sweepstakes of 10 sovereigns

each, I forfeit, with 150 sovereigns added For 3-j ear olds and upwards Second horse 20 sovereigns from the prize. One milo and a half

Mi J Morrison nu br h AA ellington, bv Panic-Frou l>ou, ¡5

i ear», 0 ht S lbs ( W _ comans) 1 Mi AV E Royds' b h Braidwood, by Maribyrnong-Nellie

Brandon, 6 yctrs, 9 st S Ibu ( P Pigott) 2 Betting Nominally 10 to 1 on Wellington

1 ho f a vomite1 led at a slow pace all the aa ay, and won very easily by about three lengths fimo, 2 minutes 52 8-10


The Ciiaai.aone, a sweepstakes of 20 sois

each, 6 ft , for two-year-olds, colts, 8 st 10 lbs , fillies, 8 6t 8 lba , tho owner of the second horso to save his stake, and the winner to give two dozon of champagne to tho committee, the forfeit to be paid on the Siitarday pre- ceding ftp race, or tho nominator will be liable for the

whole stake.

Mr. 1 Chirnside _ gf Spinuingdalo, by Maribyrnong-Sipplio,

2 yeim, 8 st 8 lbs (Connor) 1 Jno Mavo's b o l_e Gem, by Kelpie-Ida, 2 years, 8 st

101b9(Koarty) 2

Ldvvd lie's br o Somerset, by Maribyrnong-Keepsake,

2 yeairs, 8 st 10 lbs (.lomans) S J. Stewart's b o Tctatoi, 2 years, 8 st 10 lbs (Kiel ard) O H. C White's b o Valentino, 2 joars, 8 Et lo lbs (Pittott) O -br or bl o Taust 2 y< nrs, 8 st 10 Ib« (Smith) 0 Hob J P. Boll'sb o AVhottcar 2>oars, 8 t.tl0 lbs (AValsh) o Mr.K DeMestro'aborbro Beneaiot,2 yeais,8 st 10lbs (Kiimsay) 0

AV BranoU's b f Royal Maid, 2 years, 8 st 8 Ib» (bt Alban») 0 Betting. 6 to. v Spiumngdnle, 2 to 1 v. Wheatcar, 5 to 1 v. Somerset, 10 to 1 v. any othor

The signal was givoato a beautiful stait, the colours of Valentine, Wheatear, and Spmnmgdale showing most prominently, and, no soon iib tnoj scttlod into their strides, tim first namad'showod slightly in front, mid led Wheatour "half a length past tho five furlong post-tho sumo distance -dividing the Queensland colt from Paust, who had Spm Tnngdale at hia gums, thon, st-urce a length away, carno yiestator ut tho head of tho others At the I minors' Stand Valentino hod mireased his advantage to a length, ivhilo Wheatear and Faust wore on terms mxt, two lengths dear of Testator and Spmningdalo, who iveie closely Avuited on "by The Gem and aomoisst When half way round the bend Testator and Taust Avero in dißiiulties, and Valontino just led Somerset into tho stiaight, and "Valentino crying enough at tho distance, the sou of Manbj rnonpr and Keepsake appeared at the front, but Wheatear and Iho Gem were hurd upon linn, ivhili Spinningdnle, nftor having been disappointed, took up a position on the e\trcmo lilt, and began what appeal ed to bo a hopiloss put suit of the leaders W heatcar commenced to falter ut the half distance, and a few strides tui thor on 1 ho Gem shot up against tho rails, and estabhshin,: a lead of a lounth, it lool e d tis ho could not lose it, but Somerset answiring leouiuu's call, lame again very gamely, vrhile Spiniitngdale, in the conti e of the course, finishing at a terrible pace, and hell cd h\ her grand condition, caught tholendets m tho In t stride, and won a biilhant race by a httlo more than i head Tho Ge n defeated Somerset bj a head for senond pheo , and Whent oarwnB scarcely half a length awnj, closely followed by Roj al Mmd, four lengths trom whom sueceidcd Vnlontino, .estator, and Faust, m order, with Benedict last limo,

1 minuto 19 5-10 seionds


H rbher l__t,_rnn H lishci Pear-on Tait

P Lewis G lee T Tait

Fishhook lueworks 1 enclin

J impbghtei 1 loi cuco Hamlet


¡Hose D'Atioui |riievi oiks,

II HoMnsoi Iv. nt,hl oioun h kingston

II Robin on'IIi pelion Leu 1 uti nine C Fisliei iRobn Ciu»oc Hiller

Irishein an



'l cn j man


Alni Ibv inong ¡K'JlLl-tOll

I. Co\ De Meetre

G Donnclli De Alesti e


His LouKhip

I -nonet

Giantl I ii

f Chiuibiele1' pinmuird ile

A titt-iult ii

' TI e A'i r» is

|_orel ot I nine Hie ii Him»


1 ii

1 M WOt I860 Uni 1803 1809 1870 1871 1872

lo78 Air

1874.Su lSÎVSrr lStuAJi


18<JAIi 1870 ill 1830 'Ii 1J81 All

* Tbis l ice was teven furlongs long, but the nott j eai it wes

nlteicd to live

.i- ihiojc-u lie distance wis extended to oi-s iur'ongs

Inn Si Legeh Stakes, a nwcip«ta_n of 30 bovs each,

10 ft. fur ¿-yen olds, colts 8 st 10 lbs , "Hies 8 st 5 lbs The second hoit-o to leioivo GO eovb out of the stakes 1 he forfeit to bo paid beiore 4 p in on the Satur- day preceding the race, or the nominator will bL habit, fur the Avholo of the stake Gno mile and three quarters

Mr. AV Blanch's bor br o PiogiiEs, by Angler-Coquette, 3

vearo 8 st 10 Vb9 (f Hales) 1 E DeMcstro's b c Oiicnt, by Fn ew orks-Sunshine, 8 rears,

8 st 10 lbs (J Rile)) 2 Bon las AVbite's b f lheOiummcr-Amethyst,

3 years, 8 st 6 lbs (AA Huxley) 0 Thoio ayas not any betting, and Progress, forcing the paco from the jump, made a one-horse show of it and a on with the greatest ease by twenty lengths Supphire, who aras liddon a Avniting rate, ran up second when less th m half a mile from homo, but collapsed when called upon , and Orient beat her by nearly twenty lengths for second money

Time, . minutes loi seconds

Winners or _h" A J C Sa Leora



1800'AIr 1807

Air Ml Mr Air Mr Atr All


Air AU

A Loder 1 it-lier Tint

John Leo Foi roster Horan

a» Ifvvis

AV AA'inch J Tait

H Robinson E DeMcstic G B Fisher A Town E Jellett AA' Long

AA Broneh

AA Jiner


f h" Pitsford .Ishhook Glencoe Coquette Moselle

Ladv Cluden Hamlet

Counnoiloie Goldhbiough

hingsboi oligh



I ord or the Hill î Si Hei oules Cobsack

Ycl\ elton

Alaiibynimg A attention I irevvoiku Kingston Hobin Hood ir u t wai Its

Rbu n CitibOe Cup a pie

I,n»uoit_ Petiea



Alai ibv inong Aliiribvinong

Kino:of .helling, Anglo;_

St, Time

in 8

14. 25A

()|3 l8 3'a jo

8 I 2-i

7 3 21

08 21i lil lOî

03 18?

.) lb


8.1 1"J 4'3 la

4 ! 13

13 21i

fi'a 21 i-io S3 lui

IKOB Ibu') 1870 1S71 187' J8i3 1874 187S 187C 1877 1878 1870 18S0 1881

The Donoabt-H Ha", n handicap BweeDbtakcs of 6

sovs eaoh, 1 foi felt, with 150 so vs added Por all horses becond horse 20 sovs fiom the prize. One mile and a


Mr F AAentwortb... "Rapid Bay, by Talk o'the Hill-Miss

Girti-e, aged, 8 st 4 lbs ( A comans) 1 II C Dangai's eh h Courtenay, bl Yattendon, . yeais,

0 st 10 lba (Ravnor) 2 J Mayo'fcblm Black Swan, by . attendon-Maid of the

Lake, C > cars, 0 st 8 lbs ( Connor) 8 T h Master Awinel, 5 voars, 8 st 7 lbs (Pigott; 0 E do Mestro's b h His Loidft-ip, 5 years, 8 st 2 lbs (Ram

.?»y) s» » ° J Baigi»'» b g Milbrodale, äycaia, 8 st (Ronrty) 0 J. Button's br g AInjor, 0 years, 7 st 12 lbs fílales) 0 A R Iucl-'s b o Cynio, 8 j ears, 7 st 4 lbs (AA llllainson) 0 S W Knight's b h Tattoo, aged, 7 nt 4 1b» (Fmswoith) 0 H Horbirt's bl h Black J- ugle, 6 a cars, 7 bt i Davis) O W Kite's br f Juvcntas, 3 v car«, 6 st 12 lbs (Henderson) 0 H Gbiftney's b g F G, 4 lees, 0 st 8 lbs. eauicd 0 st 10J

lb«(AA'ulker) ,, , . ° J A Dallas's b o Munnora, 2 years, 6 st G lbs (Clai 1 s) 0 C M'Donalu's bl c Zulu, 8 years, 6 st 1 lbs (HugheB) 0 T Shore ns oh g bun y, 4 years, 0 st (frailéis) 0 E E Jones' br e Billy -taits, 8 years, 0 st, c "alod 6 st 1J

lbs) (Ciaoknell) ", ,. ,, , <* John Pbelt's br o Partner, 3 years, 1 st 12 lbs (Jenkins) . 0 C T Roberts' oh e West Country Dick, 3 years, Í st 10 lba

(Matthows) .....,",. ÍJ W. Kelso't- b h Loid Oi ville, 6 years, S st 7 lbs (Kelso) 0 Botting 5 to 1 v P. G , b to 1 v Black Swan, 8 to 1 each a. His Lordship, Cynic, Mujor, and Courtenay , 10 to 1 v Rapid Bav, lu to 25 to 1 a any other

lhere avbb great dilaj nt the post, but when the (lag went down it was to au excellent start, Muster Avenel, against the rails. Courtenay, and His Lordship being the smartest on thur legB, and CouitenaA, at onie taking up theruuning, led past Cutts' by u couple of lengths. Marmora, Partner, and P G. showuig at the head of the others P G was within two length« of Courtenay as thoy sailed alone the far side of the course, where Maior and Partner follow edonterins, just in front of Rapid Bay and Tattoo. After topping the hill Eapid Bay went up second, and next to him could bo seen P. G., Master Avenel, and Block Swan, at the head of a clustered ruok. Leaving his horses at every stride, Courtenay 1 hod an advantage of four length« at the Dead, but, running out very wide at the home tura, he lost a deal of ground, andRamdBay. against thornlie headed him at the du

tance, while, at the same time, Black Swan dashed up on the loft and a great i ace ensued Courtenov caine again like a glutton, when 100 vards from home, but Rapid Bay btiugjrled on mid »»on b) a hind from Courtenav, wno beat Black b\»an b> the same trillo fot second place, and then followed His Lordeh p, Ptrtner, Tattoo, Major, and Cvnic lune, 2 minutes 1 second

The Titi vl {jtakf-., a b»» copstaki s of j so. a each, 1 forfeit,

»»lth 100 hovs added loi ill hoi oes » Inch hu vc rot »»on a priJ-o ctcccdiUr? oO so» s in anlue up to tuno of outrance Second hot so 20 ho» s from the pi i/c I] mik

lion J nins YMiiti's bl f J tin, b» Yla-ibvironj- Vlpiica, 2

villis (>st') His (Willi eil 1 Mr li Moitnuci s bl oi g f Wheel of loitune, 2 ycais, 6 st

!) lbs (Cou"'li) 2 I* 1 Jonis's, eil 0 Gicvliounrl, 2 jcsrs, 6 ht 11 lba (Crack-

nell) 3 St Sheelian'8 b c Templai .3 jen«, 8 st ß lb i (Sheehan) 0 T VVentworth's br c Mistletoe, 2 aeais, 0 st li Ibu (Wil

linuiboii) 0 lion T 1* Dell's b f leeerclcmoin, 2 vein» Ost Ollis Iones) 0 Ml H Herbei t's cb. f Roi olite, 2 » c ti *, G st 0 lbs (Heul) (I

J CooK's ns lir f l.cbecca, 2 op tis 0 «t I) Hu (Gain«foi(l) 0 A Busbi'tbf Ciuiseinn, 2 aeni ,(ift ') lbs (St Albans) 0 T Chniisiilc'sbl 1 Plumose, 2 »pus 0 st 1 'bl (Hughes) 0 T Ivnij'o eli g Stilton Sacáis, 0 st 8 lbs (Nicholson) 0 Hotting Even on Etna, 4 to 1 v Cunssima, 5 to 10 to 1

bal two

Korolito and Rebecca »vei e tho smarteston their legs, but, ns soon as they got luirla «oinsr, Mistletoo, Caussunn, and Pnmrotc joined thom and atttr racing lonna the tan tuin, fot Albans took Ciin-sima to the f rt nt, and she It d nlong tho back of the (011180, and to the foot of tho lull, with 1 mm oso at hoi quirtei und a length fioni tho liist-n-tniod carno I pgcrdtniiim una Ltua Iho hill settled Legei demain, und 1 t ni rin into stioiid place, while V» heel of 1 ottuuc bcj,un t) nipinvo her ] Ositiou 1 tnt utu.,ht Cam-tuna at tho nail milo p ibt in 1 the latter compounding at the home turn lint turntd into thi sfaubt v»ith the rate m lund, ftllowod b, YYhctl of loi Mino and Gtev hound who i icoa pist Cniissitiin anl Pinino e Ltn i drew nvv tv in the luu hoi io mid won m se inter bv tom lcntrtho trom AM c1 of io lune, »rho as «bout fio same distance in fr nt of Grpvho n d Pininos-- w ti îourrh, a length nway, and thpn tiuno Stilton Mistic oe Cariismia, and leger- demain und thoothirs WLie beaten a long way limo,

2 minutes 13 2-10 secouds

Mr T S Chbborn and Air G Kiss will hold thoir nnuunl salo of j earlings on the Randwick racecourse to dav, when a lot of v erv fashionably bred youngsters will bo brought under tho hammer The sale is advertised to com- mence at 10.30 sharp

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