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Business Caras.

ALL KINDS of Plain and Ornamental PRIMING

executed with despatch, at model ate pnces, bv JOHN WOODS and CO, 13, Budge-t I lection Postéis, Cird-, Cn culars. &0r Stationery of ovci y kind Bookbinding Litho Pinitg A CARD -SIMS nnd PARKES, Wholesale nnd~Rotail

Heibalists. tieatall disçiscs 240. Gcoi^e-strcet North

/_ CCOUNTS audited, booki kopTor superiT_e_7l)iiliinco -t-L sheets prepired coircsponclcnci conducted Alod , Herald A COX, Silk, AVoollen, and Cotton Dyer, STôurër^nnd

. Hotprcsser, 61, AAilliam-sticet AVoolloomooloo, 8o5, Rul wav Bridge, and ¿50, Huntci-st Gentlemen's app irel -comed and properly pressed dilly Alourmng dyed on the <hoi test notice

A TURNING, _(> O Connell-street, SÏ d&e^D_ör^

. atorforN S VA ales Cotut Melbourne Lvlubition uiidei takeethe Decoration of Halls and puvato Mansions foi balls, banquets, and aesemblies Flag's on Hire, Is per flag pel da>

Shields, dovices, emblems, statues, pier and othir glisse , und every kind of decorative pl-int alnavs at command

ARTIFICIAL TEEÍ1_~-ThOho~v,_o WISH to obtnm

the above mado on the litest English pimciples should consult Mi J. E CArTl-R, Suigical and Alechinicil Dcnti t. fi om London, who guarantee- pel feet -it, mastication, ind n itui ii appearance, at a vorj moderate cost P unless extraction by the Nitrous Oxide Gas. All dental opeiations skiltiilly performed Consu'tatlons freo at Air Caitei s losielencc, 32 (late 28), College itreot, Hyde Park _ _


Painless dental opcr itions by aid of nitrons oxide g_s and

all othei known antestketfcs

Mr GUST VA US G ABRI. I, Donti t,

S3 Cailton-terrace, Aoik-strOLt, A\ynyaid-«quiie

N B-As others are ti adina: i pon íuj ieputa*ion, e tablisbed bj practice in these colonies -ince 1353 mv p iticnts and friends are particularly requested to nott AI Y ONLA ADDRESS

A CARD -The TIRST PRI7E and Highest AM ard fe i

Mechanical Denttstrj at the S-DNLY. IN Ti-UNA-ION Al

EXHIBITION-The N h AViles Agiicultural Inhibition Aledals, the London Intelnational Gold Aleelil 4nd the Philadelphia Centennial Aledtil for Aitifieial Teeth hayo been gained bj Mr John Spencer, against ill compotiers Pain- less extraction by nitious o\ide gas


14 AVynyard-squaic Nor'h

ÀBY LINEN, et cry requisito-The Underclothing

Alanufactory, C9Q, George and Goulburn streets L Loi king

OYNE'S Dispensary, 129, Elt7abeth-st - Alfdiieaies,

men, ivor en, children , acly ice ind medicine 3 davs, 2s Oil

F BURDETÍ7~DentÍBt lceth o .traded Avithout

t pain 71, Hunter-street, oppo ite Eli/abcth-street

YE, EAR, nad 1HR0AÏ~SPECTA_ÏS_~DT. SPABK may he consulted at 26. Colicge-strcet, H- de P uk





Vide import entries ni the líenla oí _sth August

These goods aro NOW OPEN, and include nnnv NOVEÍTirs Our stock of Mantles, Costume,, Hats, Bonnets, and Dre-s Alute rials w11! bo found on inspection cheaper than any bouse in the City.

L WAY, Importer ot Di apery.

_213 to 210, Pitt-street,

äUME, 120, Market-street, treats diseases euccosafnlly

by magnetism No cures announced till proved permanent * ÖJ-ÄCE WOOLNOUGH AND COM1-ÄNY.

5á, York-street, AA ynvard-square, Sydney.


Inipoitcrs of

Straw Hats I Felt Hats

Flowers and T-athei. Shirts and Shirting

Bibbonsandlruamings | Flannels and Alanchos ci

INSURANCE OrriCE -Established 1861 -

Fire, Lifo, and Moline Policies issued by

AV li MACKENZIE and CO, Agents

, Exchange-cornel., Sidney_ _ ÎNLX.PENSIVL MOURNING, us AVCII us tho ricliêst

quaUtifeo, can bo supplit d by I AV VY, 211, Pitt-stiect, in ceu reet tasto and at a gi eat say ing in unco Dies-making, Millinci v, ftp E WAY, Importer of Mourning Good"_ JAMEd PRINGLE, Life and I ire nnd General Agent. _Offloo, Pitt and King sti ects_ T" EE and ROSS, Steam Printers, ¡stationers, _c, 5,5, J-J t _Marhet-stieet, Sydney_

RS BRI1CFLR, Practical Accoucheuso, Llunbeth

«treet opposite Belmore Pail


Tà/fR-. El J-IERHAGION, Lodies' NURSE, near Con J^IJL ¿TI egational Church North Willoughby, late ot Ultimo

MEDICAL~HALLr~103r Bathurst-srrcot -\V~T

HOBBS, Dispensing Chemist Pie cuption« accurately dlsppnsed, medicines ileUyered to my part of t_o city Patent Medicines nnd I'ertumery at lowest pnoes_

PHRENOLOGIST HUME'S descriptions of oharucfei

are pincticnl Pinents, bring vom chjldrcn 120 Maikct--t

PASSENGLRS poi S S CUZCO and the Travelling

Public- Clieipest House for Colonial-made PORTAfAIs TEAUS Bigs Boxes, ito , to order and lepaiicd The trade sup- plied Lancashire nndiCo (onlv address) 226, Pitt-street, 8ydnc.y


_cutter Bpy CHARLES AR1LFTT, Upholsterer_


JL Special Appointment to his Ro>al Highnes» the Duko of Edinburgh The International Exhibition, prize Portmanteau and Ladles' D e s Pi urtk Makerc Repairs done oi e\changcd, by

A* B LANCASHIRE and SON 121, BATHURST-STREE-1 ' EAST Es1 ABLISHED 16 YEARS Good workmanship gua- i wuiteed __NJ_->o Connection" whatevci with Janie» Lancashue, j

ofJPitt-street, lato pi Lemdon

W ICING, Pianoforte Makoi. All kinds of pianos

. tuned, ind repaired 70, Hunter-st, op fiamwa

WQNBteRrUL, YET TRUE -Paints extraction

of TlffTH,-A seci et mixturo applied to the gum?, tilt tooth is drnyyn withdlit pam Dr EAIANITEL and SON', Dentists, 174, Pitfr-gtreet_ opposite Pi-iioh's Hotel_

Btisiness A_ao_uoo.me_ts.

~ ~~B Ä~R B _.~_~ N~C ~ II-.


we tafe muoh nleasuie «i announcing that « c ha\e opeucl a

BRANCH óí out Biikiness, as


at COBAR, undei the Local Manareraent of Mi IIOAV ARD MAOFARLAN^E, and our friends t'lioughout tho colonies c n __felyreiy that no pains or expenso - ill be spued ui cemduclliicr all business entrusted to our cole, lbanmnnci tint, Ave, hope, canBot fail tori Te _atlsfac*i_ii


, Pitt-sheet, 3-di.ty,


M~ 'B^"CT__Ol/-_£_, Photographic AT it, desires to in-

form, his _i%nd_ anef patrol}!? ,that he has puichased the

Business and NSgatTve. of


late AnnivittiandCo ,4S8>GeoigtJ-stieet,

c °

Fpr^snoh of his ous,tomol,s as icquuc copies of those Photo Rfàphs the negatives of which hilve -been* dish oved bv the Hto Bi-fM* Böako will HE-COPY from their OAAN P_CfU_lES at ti

»BrEDTJCt--) CHARGE , ,1*

Having procured tho best modem apçaiatus, and hal mg a gone1 g^lëry, «r BóakéTsTii * position to ç\pcTj**"workof the highest class v_ __. r % ,_j_ TEr""" li T I C E .

D-_$óttj4*_ON Or ¿AttliNERSniP.

v; _. _ o * - ¡He

The P-HTNrReHIf tsiiheno etistlngi betiyccn the Lnder- . tlgned _l ftio^hwi*»"* O' Bltfl(_t* _i0t Tituber Merchants, at

P?rr_natto,^Under t%AÇyrc"aÀËOllà_rCO\aESand SON, «111

expire by effluxion or Hmp-on-BWf u. j jua,

AU ACCOO-Nt« <5ue to. Ar^té fa will be uccned b . Ali

GEC*aE«-»A_T_,k«daU_WoWtsdueby the late Arm will be



.Wtue-a-H ______ s

Paj-amattaJl7th Sept-rthW, 1880 *

Coal. FireWooa, &c.

ÏITACaSd"WO^r_í¡;tjhWe-tJJepbt i_rS\d_-y7c7vSlI J fiV PEtlVjtíty ONLY, t. Ji^-XtlOTT _nd Cb .AA -.nloo B tv

B, K-od PIR-äWOODT-s nor load. MànrHlv

, d, _jB»rrfc_ville, near Empress of'Indi» "Hotel ,to .jan.

_Produce. Provisions, ¿Le, Uno. housohold, mid BCIOIIU^,

manufactured at our Bathurst, Ashfield, mid SYDMA MILLS, also various tountry mid Adelaide bl and« Bran, poi- lu ii, toni meal, com floui, barley, oats, mnt/e («hole nnel i licked), on SALE by M. BOA LSON and SONS, tho byelnci I lorn MUK, Omftoii AVhnrr._

JTEMELL'S Othce und btoro, op. Kuihyiy G VU,

. Flour AIill, Siissc\-sticet, near Hnymaikct. S¡lk-di<">>cd Miptiflue.rmc, and Second FLOUR, AVhcat Alni, Alui/e Ateul, linn, Pollard, Prcpaieel Cftttio .ood, AVliole and Cracked Coin, litliv, Oats, Peas, ¡straw, Oaten and Lnccrn Hi y and Cb itf, lo lim s_Guaianteidbost qualities , Ion est pi icc


unnei «Igned, hay o ii large quantity of pi une Cantciburv 1 liT VIOrs, to be sold cheap, non lying at the Giniton and Ne.iv

_cilauel A\-|iaus, milked O

tin lull particulars, applv

_M'RAl ' KKOTULRS, Alarkct AA bai f

PRIME New Zealand OATMEAL foi SALE, in any

ejuantitv. JOHN RITCI1I1, Caledonian AA hail, Iving-e'ioct

GOLDEN SYRUP, oc-uul lo girilon lionov.-Bo 11110 To _nsjkjewrj'uicci foi -.M. ILI (TWjuid A Rit LL'~>._ PLUM PUODHsGTnnd MINCE MEAT -Bo smo to _ask youl giocu leirSWA1 LOW «ndARirt I'S_



it "'lye.-- tlio fliusli to eiyeiy dish, for trrivie-, soups, game, lls'i or cold meats it assl-ts digestion mel incica-es tile ippetite It Ins i place, at Government Ilonse, and is seo'i nt ovtiv lospecitihle niti7iin's I he. piotcctionists use it b«cui c it is c.oloni.1, tin fiee-trider bec luso it is cheap It is fie c pccial f vi ourite « i li all classe» bcoausc, as oiu> of the Svdnci clcigvmcn wioto " It is the best yet made, " It i» tho


made bv


_>1 PtTT-STRLl T, and sold by even stoi ekecper Pi ico, one shilling

CIRCUL VR HEAD Potatoes, primo Chaff, and frcnu

îne llonedn-t, on SALE C B BOND, 01, -ii-'t*.-tieet


ICHARDbON and WRENCH AI ill sell, on tho


1ÎLVIR Al HOL NURSERA, PEÍERbll AAI, as subdivided Hie terms ivill be hbeial.

Jjthos^will be re idj in a fen du; a_ NEAVTOAVJS LAND SALE, ne\t Satin day Afternoon

on the Giound. nt S o'clock RICHARDSON uulAARLNCH





each 75B in full.


Apply Mr. T. ADRAIN, Ivauhoe Hold, Manly ;


_STUBBS and CO., 322, George-sticet._ ORBES, MILLS, and CO., 89, King-st." have £207000 _to lend on mortgage, from £100 np, e.t current rates

TANKS, superior to allbreivery tanks; seotlio wuteFTn _them. AV. ROBISON. 67, Siissc\-strcct.

WAY, Importer of Black SfLÍtS. Extra v_i_tTln

Silks nt E. AVAY'S, 213 to 219, Pitt-street._ 71 WAY'S PRINTS, POMPADOURS, 8ATTEENS, ,J - and DRESS GOODS aro the best value in tho city.

E, E E

I7.XIIIBITION Show STANDS and Cases for SALE. L-._322, Gcorge-strcct._

LOVELY DOLLS-Alllhoclôthes take off^stiy mama

and papa. Central fliiy.aar, 464, Georgt-st., op. Markets.


BROTHERS, 02, Markct-st. Something to yuur aclvuntagc. STERLING SILVER JEWELLERY, now & fiishióñ*.

iiblc. Tho best mid cheapest A. Blau, 0, Huntci-st. First floor.

FOR SALE, Ï9~^e4irêei~ANTWERIrPIGEu-ATS, _cheap. A. C. HELLYER, 217, Riley-strect._ TO F li, U I T _ R E ïî S.


FITTINGS, for SALE, cheal). _Applyj[9, George-stieet West. STUDY HË""ALTH"mi_'""*to


STUDY HEALTH and COMFORT, and u*e the STAR SPRING BEDS._S. HERBLE"VHlTE,416,Gcoißc-s,trect.

DRAWING-ROOM Suites Ro-uphoIstorcdiindFr.iich _polished for £3, at Kilis's, ljjn,_ Bathm «-street.


_139, No bill of sale.

OR SALE, Bar "Fixings mid Plato* Glass.* Apply "T.

AVHEATLEY, 123, Pitt-.trcct. near Trickctt's Hotel.

OR SALE, chenp, largo Pinto Looking-glass, 7 x Ü0, suit a tailor. Glasson, builder and ironmonger, Ilains-st. L'l.


PREMISES.-Wanted, by a Mercantilo firm, on lraso

for a lengthened term of years, OFFICES on ground iloor, v ithin easy distanco of Exchango or Herald Otflcc. Occupation to be bad within seven months. About 2400 feet space; in one apartment preferred. Abundance of light and air absolutely nccessai v. Principals only treated with. Apply Premises, llox 518, G. P.O._ "J3EQUIRED, n commodious and centrally situated J--1 PREMISES, ínitable for a laige hotel. Full particulars to P., Herald Office._

ERRIERS.-Wanted, a good pair of Ratter-7~AV. _Douglass. 126, Pitt-street._ L"_FT-"OFF CLOTHING and Miscellaneous articles

wanted, large or small quantities. Djiwson, 52, York-street. THE utmost value given for Indies' and gontlemen's loft

off Clothing, Jewellery, &c. J. Murphy, Kent and L'pool stn.

GO~(__~n.ATT_R TOqûîredTmustkiîTwel!. Äppl}

on FRIDAY, betivee" 9 and 10 a.m., or 5 and 6 p.m., to B.H.. cue of ANTHON. UO-lD-illN ond SON«, Ilot (only)._

ANTED, Old Composition NAILS. E. CRUMP,

Brnssfounder, Bathtirst-strect.


w w

ANTED to Lease, PREMISES, suitable forpublic hou*. or hotel, without license. A, B.. Herald Office.

ANTED, second-hand Volume» POPULAR EDU- CATOR ; must boohenp; »tate price. Hox 447, G. P. O.

W; W

ANTED, COUNTER and Shop FIXTURES, buit ablofor Drapery Establishment. Emanuel, Herald Office. XNTËD~"-~or 9 roomed HOUSE, near William

atreet. Alpha, Pest-office, William-street._ ANTED TO" LEASE (yvith the opticîôf jiurchnse)",

a FARM of from 100 to 300 ncros, with a comfortable resi- ' deneo thereon, within a short distanco of the railway. Full ptu ticnlars to B. H. Chapman, estate agent, 317. Georgë-sti cet. _


TEE of ttio BRUNSWICK CLUB being luvitousol ob- taining suitable premisos for a clubhour.c, will be glad to receive .applications. ,, Suoh applications to be addressee! to tho Secretory Brunswick Club, Caetloie.igh-strcet, up to the fith October.

Professions. Trades. &c.


FIRST-CLASS OPENING for ji Bootmaker, in a

country town. ' Apply Z., Herald Office.

PPRENTICES wanted to tho Millinery and Dross L making, salary at commencement. MrB. Morgan, T. Baker.

"î:rrâËNTiCES.-Vacancy fer"r'¿3p"oci"blo"YOüTH. u Crawshaw, Mcclelland, and Varley, 04, King-street._'_ ~LADY,_wit_T £300, to- join- advertiser in highly re

-spcctableand remunerative new institution. Principal, G.P.O. Ö_^V_Äl_ER_r^va»ted~aiso 2" smart Lads, to paint

and screw. A. J. Goodwin, 99, Ilathurst-strcet._



TayloY, Gai-den-sb-eet, Alexandria._ BUTCHERS,:-Small-goods Man;, sober, steady work-

man ; good references. X. L., IJonild Oflico._ CARPENTER wanted, small'job ; labour only. Tooth's

' _, Brewery._ CHEMIST'S ASSISTANT wanted at onco. Downes,

._281, Pitt-street._*__._ CCOMPOSITOR.-Wanted, good steady Compositor, ns

J FOREMAN, for country nowspaper, Apply 10 o'clock, Gordon and Gotoh,

DRESSMAKERS.-Good body and skirt HANDS ro

quircd'by Crawthaw, M' Varley, 94, King-st,


BRES'STÍAKÍ-R (BfcvliHh) required at Burwood for, _^probably,-ortr.ighl._ Silk, Box 5VP. O._ D*RÊS*_il_AK'l"NG"anTMI _LINEIÎY.-Apprenticeand

Inipi'oveis wanted. Mrs. Hutchison. 140,Cnstlereagh-st.

D"'R_'3^ÎA7_IN^.-\V*inte_, Improvers and Appren-

tices at once. Mis. Ev.ins, 70, Willtain-sf., AVooIloomooloo.

'RISSSMXKERB.-Want"-. g"-6d"Body_ând Skirt Hands, Improvers and Apprentices. \V. Cater, 139,1'ltt-st. EnI*_"_^_*Â~S_"ôppôrtuiiity for Doctor or Deiitibt ; best

. , position, Hyde Pall*. Apply, GO, O.vford-street._ G'ÖTVERNEp.S leqitireel, conii.eíont to teach thorough

English, yvrth 'usual accomplishments. Apply A. B., Post-' oillce, Ashfield._ HAIRDRESSER wanted iuuuediately for 105, King-st.

Apply A. B..Clay, tobacconist, jic-ctJA'çw Sensation, Klng^st. JUNIOR CLERIC wanted; must,be an export penman,

ethel 'Kinni't ut'iigtire.s. Enclose copie» of leferences to " Office," ANTHONY HORDERN mid SON-', Haymarket (only). Open till_Saturday._ ~]\_ ASONwñntcd, Piiiall job. opposite tho Harp of Erin JLYJL Hotel, l'oveati\-stre6t. SuriyJIills._ Ï_)AINTERS WANTÉD7^OÓ7I~WOIlimen." Monday, JL _Hine'.. North Shoie._ riilO HAIRlHlBS.SER3*^Re7]inrf'd, a good HAIR JL CUTTER and SHAVER* J. V. Brady, 0,0. George-street.

0 MTC II ÍN IS T S.-Wanted, two tlrst-okss _, MACHINISTS. 'J. Curley, 787, George-street._

t_VJ TAILOR8.<-Fiook and Dress Coat HANDS

__. AVnnted. F.irmcrniid Company._

TO~~fA'ÍLORESSES."-: Wanted, "Trouser IÍANDS.

AVakchiiin'é, 478, George-street.

fTlAÍLORESSES, first-clnss, for coat* ; also, a .Boy im

" plover/ Apply sharp, 52C. Gi'orgc-Bticct S.


milE COLONIAL MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE JL SOCIETY (Limited) require the services of a duly-nualllled MEDICAL PRACTITIONER to TRAVEL in the INTERIOR with an agent. Teims, liberal. Apply to _

ALFËED CHANDLER,,Secretary. Offices, 141 and 148, Pitt-streot. Sydney.


COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER, with lengthened business experience, will visir rec-nlarly NEW, ZEALAND, TASMANIA, miel VI.1I ; is open lo negotiate fdr triinskcttng business there ; all lines except di apery . references to leading Sydney merchants. Address Commerce, Bot 501. fiencraliPo-t Ofllcc, Sydney._ U' NDERCLOTH1NG.-Good Machinist -vanted. Apply

early, 92, Eli2ab6th'*--r-itj bfetween King and, Hunter sts. WANTED, a MASON, for a amall job. W. Wyatt, _ Hordeoi-ttreet, t*ewtown._ WANTED, «nart Brush HANDS. W. II. Burne, _Parramatta Road, Camperdow-n._ ANTED, aY SHOPMAN., M. lîoger., butcher,


w _

WANTED, a CLERK. David Cohen and Co.,

WANTED, a_TRtíNCtíTPOJLI_!H^'i-¿oncó. Afiply"

toB. Doinie-j2ílJ(?jtb_ircít* nearPàrlt'i.trêét*'" "...,

WANTED, POLISHERS. Moranitilo Rowing Club, _Dimes'Point.

WANTED, COACUPAINTEU. Bolmoro Coach _Factory, ncluiorc and Foicaux slice.*.. .

AÑTiiD, ii SHOPMAN ; -vage«, "_ 'in lid, with board. P. M-Carioll, butcher, 207, ParrnmaHu-sticet._ ANTED.'Uvo MASONS. ~Apply~Philip RTonau,

near Green Park Hotel, A'lctorla-sticet, Darlinghurst.

ANTED, IMPROVERS* to tho Carpcníor*"¡iñd

Joinery Miop. Apply'Dick-stieet, off Abercromblc-strcet.

ANTED TAlL"bltE*S^ËS^"go^d Machinitn. Apply

163, Loivcr George-street. AVallach, Brothers.

ANTED, for Station," Nursery GOVERNESS, good Eng., Music, DiiiM-lng.Nceellcyvoik. Mead, nSjThilllp-st. ANTED, _CABBLERS. Apply S. Dine, Botany. _ _ street, Randwick._ _' ANTED, AA'. und" G. Miichinisf, to leam ninttross line! pallnivs case making. Godson's, 221, Casllcrta*,h-st.

w w W; W w w

W" _ _

"AÏ/^TANTliD, good PIANIST, accustomed to variety

v »_ business. "Apply Egyptian Hall, Geeirgc-strcet._


iiiusic, French ; must be good pianist. 94, Elii-abetb-st.

ANTED, G APPRENTICES. Apply to T. Canerd,

Abattoil", Glebe Island. v

w w w

ANTED, two CARPENTERS. Cotlago of Cou

_tent, Pltt-strect, Redfern._ ANTED, two good FENCERS. Apply oaïïy,

)al-,y ard. T. Rose, George-street, Redfern. »


ANTED, an Assistant DRESSMAKER. Mrs.

AA'iitsnn. Yonng-street, lledfeni.


ANTED, nu Improver to tho dressmaking, under

t.mds Singer. Mis. Frost, draper, 430, Huriis-at.. Ultimo.

ANTED*""iTcônTpêtTiït MANAGER, with smaïï

capital, for a Juvenile Dramatic Troupe. Actor, Herald 0. WANTED, Machinist, Avho thoroiighlyunelorstandstho

TIoivo mid Jone» Machine«. Apply 0.'Kidd, Newcastle.

ANTED, APPRENTICES. Apply R. Ingall, lato

Ilayvtliorno and Reilly, Georgc-strcol AVest._ W"ANTED, ? two QUÂIÛIYMÊN. Apply nt thô

Town-hall, Glebe, Ibis (Thnr'dnv) morning, at 9 o'olock. D. J. O'CONNOR, C.C. 30th ¡september, 1680._ WANTED, ono Mining BLACKSMITH, accustomed

to machinery ; also three MINERS, for Northern Queens- land: wages. £l per week. Apply at OS, Phillip-street, between

3 and 4 o'clock p.m._"_ WANTED""""** PARTNER, with £300, in a Gold

Sluicing Claim, with all machinery in 'fnllwoik-a sure fortuno j mino can be seen boloi o any moncv paid. Address Piactical Miner, Herald Oflice.

Situations Wartí.od.


GOOD Bookkeeper having ovonings disengaged will tako ti-ndesuien'.s books to make up. B. L. F., G. P. O.

ALL classes of SERVANTS waiting ongngemont. Mrs. _Stephens, îegistry office, 69, AA'ilham-strcet.

RESPECTABLE voung~Girf wishes SITUATION t^rî__1_f'.ï?*1'_^._L,n,ni"?__A1y_L____.. IIo,ald Ófrico.

AS COOK, by sober middlo-ngcd woman ; hotel pro

feiTcd. E. P., Homo Registry. 110, Market-street.

A SITUATION wuutod, ns Cook and Laundress, in

Miiall family; suburbs. B. II., Post-offlee, Newtown.

A SITUATION wanted ; groom, garden, milk, &c7; _lci'orence. IC. L. AV., General Post Oftlco.

A YOUNG MAN seeks EMPLOYMENT, in a country _htorc. town preferred. Apply J. E. O Kogarah.

ANXIOUS, a Mun Cook "and "Bakpr""~*with~ "ôxcoïiont

_ references. Miss Hall's Registry, 120, Elizabeth-street.

A SOBER intelligent young Man seeks-EMPLÓY"".

MENT as grocer or baker's Carter : good references. Apnlv M.Jtt*., Herald Office._ * AS COOK and Indoor Servant, Avotdd iiMto~hims__

useful to his employer, ii steady respectable middle-aged man. E. Hargraves, SOG, ritt-street.

AN ENERGETIC young Mun, with~gO-d rccôme""ë*i

diitions and references, capable of managin1,* r* farm or plan- tation, is desirous of constant EMPLOYMENT ; Fiji picfcrrcd. "'. h """ Gordon Hou-c, 3S, Castlerengh-stiect.

"OY BUTCHEl- and Orderman, -"""aï, goe^smân"; B * coiuitryjircf., good refs. B., Pro. Reg., 240,C_tlereag.i-«t.

Y Nurso, necdlowomnn, .- A-onrs' references, Protestant ; 1 Burwood preferred. Mr». Killick, 217, Ca-tleroagei-streot.

BUILDERS and CONTRACTO"RST*^'Âd"iô*r"i&"!r7'aTod

-G, good bookkeeper, wants a SITUATION ; ean prepare plans, takeoff quantities, _o. Apply O. H" Herald Office.

ARRIÊD Maa seeks EMPLOYMENT ns Cnrpcnter

and Joiner, up country. Address D. AV., Herald Office.


an office; lias been shorthand corrcsoondent in Manila. Excellent testimonials. Addi ess P. MncBeañ, Bindango, Soma,


O BREWERS and Other« requiring a thorough com-

petent Cooper, -please addre»s X. X. X., Herald Office.

O BUTCHERS.-A Smallgoodsruan for"ENGAGE-

MENT, town or country. X. L.. Herald Office.



TO SQUATTERS.-AA'nnted to place a Boy, 15 years

old (not afraid of work), on a station. A'crnx, Jarrett and Co., 102. Liverpool-street. _

TO BREWERS"*^"VÍarncrór^^i"i3ro. without oncum

brancc, wi_h to be put into an HOTEL; bael little expe- rience; kept boarding-house ; have good house of furniture. Open one month. Business, 4S6, Bourkc-strcet, Surry Hills.

TO CÖNTI"ACTORS*l.ND^tHERS.-Steady young

mon wishes SITUATION, as Clerk or Timekeeper, with last employer for 8_ -vcais, best of lefcrenccs. Address J. II. G., UeroklOfficc.____ _____ _ TO MILLOWNEHS and ENGINEERS.-AVññtcdTa

SITUATION, by nu Engineer, yvlth highest references from former employers ns to skill nnd ehaiacter; flrst-elas« certificate (London) ; yvell-edticated, nnd good draughtsman : colonial and o.-tpeileuce. Address E. C. Stnblcs, Miller's Point Post-oftice, Sydney. _

WAITING SituatÍoñsTtwô~E"ood*"E_gli~-h"Cook"mid

Laundress. Mis. Donnelly, nome and OfiHce. AA'm.-st.

"T^rANTÊb, by h_if-c"asïo Grr"í;'^l97SÍTÚXriON,

V / ns Nurse or Housemaid. .19, Carlton-ter., Wynvard-sqnare. WANTED, ns GêmoniTSm'-ïi^

_family, or nurse. News Agency, Darling-st., Balmain.

WANTED, by widow, Situation-W. Housekeeper, _ widower, town or country. Seymour. P.-O., O_..or.l-.t.

WANTED, a Fire Insuianco Commission by a travel-

ing life assaranco agent. Fire Insurance. Genera! Post Office. WANTED, a SITUATION ns House a_d"*t~"Añr

maid; good reference; open 2 days. S. G., Globe Point B.vt Office._

WANTED, by a young Liidy"~sTf UATION, a

Governess, iu a Christian family. Apply to Rev. T. B. Tie**,, M. Mniy's Parsonage, Balmain.

WANTED*""*)",- aTef-prèliihlo'pôrsoii, a HOUSEMAID",

fir6t-class hotel, good lcferences. Address 8. P., Post office», Woollahia._ _____

WANTE~D~Ty a rcspcctnblo g~r-"TsiT"Ü_VTION*~ä~s

Housemaid, or assi«t in house work. Darlinghurst or AVoolloomooloo preferred. A. S., Post-office, AVUlinm-strcet.


with own machino if preferred, din nssist in the dress muking. Apply, by letter, to Mr. Spragg, P.O., Bourko-strcet, Surry mils.___ __

' OUNG" Man wishes SITUATION, Groom nnd*C~>_c_""

. man, S years' ex. in Edin'gb. ; wait, milk. ifce. Alpha, Herald.

Servant. Wanted.

BOY wanted, to delivor parcels, &c. John Murray,

_draper, Darling Road, Balmain. _


CLEAN rcspcctablo GIRL wanted ; two in family. _133, AVoollonmooloo-.strcet. _ BOY wanted. Apply 278, Palmer-street, oft Oxford


COMPETENT NUR6E required. Belmont Villa,

neit Paddington Brewery._

G"0"OD General SERVANT wanted, ¿*T"i~ooí__g.

290, Elizabeth-street, opposite Belmore Park.

A TIDY little GIRL wanted ns NURSE, and to bo

useful. Apply 3*3, Corben-tcrrnce, Rlley-strcct.

ASHFIELD.-AVnnted, a young Woman, as thorough

General SERVANT, for a tsmall family ; good wages ; lofer cncc3 requited. Apply for address to Mr. Potter, Bonus Stores, near Ashfield Station._ COOK and Laundress:, Housemaid, country; General

Servant wonted, toivn and suburbs. Those icnulring gentle- men's families call early, ladies walting; SN. ana Hcuiscinnicls, u*eful Girls. Mrs. Cia¡-g's Plot. Registry, 240, Castleieagh-st.

I71IRST-CLASS GARDENER wanted, outcloor, Avages

J 3lls ; also. Married Couples, general useful, suburbs ; several Youths, IS to 17, bring ri'íei enees ; country female Servants, all classes. Mr. Cragg's Prot. Registry Ofüoe, 240. Castlcreagh-st.

G-ÔOD General SERVANTS wanted ; Parlourmaid,

Goulburn; useful Gillie. Mis. Killick, 217, Castlereagh-sl.

M N; N. W w w w W W W W

ISS BAKER, of Baluiaiu, who called on Mrs. Pilo

yesterday, please call again.

'"È'i-DLËAWRjniSiiInj wuntedTat home. Y. S., 6-7


URSE wonted, two children. Apply Mrs7~J. M. Gib.*on, Ormonde Hou-c, Paddington. Open for three days. ANTED, a "young Girl, ¿B Goneraf SERVANT; no washing ; wages 12s yveek._ Mrs. Evans, 73, AVillmm-st.

ANTED, a GônornrsÊRVANÎ'TTiIrs.' Joidan,

262, Eli/alioth-strcet._

ANTED, tidy GÎRL""îiboutl4, lo attend-ThTídroñ.

Mrs. Campion, St. Elmtn Grnsvenoi-strocl, Croydon.

ANTED, a good COOK nnd~_ÄÜND"RES"S"""för "?¡lifton_Hoii5e, Harris-street, Pyrmont ; wages, 13s.

ANTED, for tho country, strongLXDjUsodlo drivo horse nnd cart. AA'hlto Horse notel, George-street,

ANTED,"*Vnr~st-dnis *HOUSE~and PARLOUR

MAID (Protestant). Mi3. Weston, 45,1'hillip-sticot N.

ANTED, i espectable líttlü GIRL, orphan profened ;

comfortable home. 277, Pitt-sticot.

w w

ANTED, _0 MEN, for underscrubbing. Apply to

Mr. Kenny, Regent's Park, Rookwood.

ANTED, Genoral SERVANT, 2 in family. Mrs. Koyror, Maida Vale, Ross-street, Forest Lodge._ ANTED, a married couplo,as General 8ERVANTS _lor an hotel. Mr. Jacobs, 103, Pitt-street._ ANTED, 3 respectable BOYS. M, B. Magill,

Bot(in}--streot, Randwick._._



WANTED, a young GIRL, 17, to bo UBeful ; gc

wages. Welcome Inn, 174, Liverpool-st,, close to the P_rk, ANTED, a MAN, to trench ¡ Burwood".

J. Brierly. 63, UppérWilUMB-steoet South;_ ANTED" _ BOYT^Apply to D. j7Hump_ti_ys, 274,

George-at--et."-MK>slte Margaret-street.

ANTED, a young WOMAN, who understands plata cooking» Apply Commercjal Hotel. Lower George-street. ANTED, G"iñeral SERVANTS, Hoiisa'and Parlour

Maid«, ii-inediatelyi- Mrs. Hoad, 178, Phillip-street.

"V*^ANyED7PANTRYiiAID. Pfahler-*- Hotel. '"'""

IJfrAWTED,, _, BA&ÜAlp. Apply, ftfte UU.»... w w

ANTED, a young Porson, ¡is NURSE for child;

must have good references. 115, George-street North.

WANTED, thoroughly compotontplain COOK. Apply

_Tcnby House, AA'yuynrd-sqnaio, next Potty's Hotel.

W W W w w w w

AN'J'ED, assistant HOUSEMAID; references re- quired. After 10, Aarons' Exchange Hotel, Greshni-i-st.

ANTED, good Gonornl SER VAN _\ Apply""öl"*

Kcnt-strcct, Miller's Pointy_

ANTED, "a littlo GIRL, to bo"gnnorally*us"ofiü.

Apply GIO, Georgo-strcot. Bnckfleld-hill.

w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

ANTED, a smart BOY, for boot shop. Apply S.

Kerr, 716, George-street, Haymarket._ ANTED,» generâîSÊRVANT. Fleming, butchor, _Short-jti ect, Leichhardt, Petersham._ ANTED, a FOrníí*""COOK. Edinburgh Casllo

Hotel, Pitt and Bathurst streets.._ ANTED, au activo BOY, to ho generally useful.

Railway Station Sydney Refreshment Room.

ANTED,"" WASHER-UP," 'and to*"íiin_3~hiiñsoíf

useful. Yoik Temperance Palace, York-street._ AÑTED",_a~WA"lTRESS, Ï8* or. Í9 years of ago.

Apply No. 4, George-street AVest._ ANTED, thorough COOK and LAUNDRESS,

references. Apply Mrs. Brodzlak, Girvan, Pltt-st.. Redfern.

'ANTED,""cloañ71idy"Girl, as NUR'SE. Mvfiät",

_Boulevard, Petersham._^^ ANTED, LAD, about" 15, in Store; generally uso

ful. Apply H. S. P., Herald Office._ ANTED, a rcspeotablo Gil? L. No. 5, Cresceut

stiect, Cbnrch-hill.

ANTED, a good Pick and Shovel MAN, to sin!:

well. Apply Larkin's Hotel, 10 o'clock a.m.

ANTED, F. Cook, hotol, in town, early ; severa young girls, for prívalo fom. Miss Hall, 121). Elizabcth-st.

ANTED, an Errand BOY, age 13""ör*~-. Rayner, _ISO, AVilliom-ïtrect;_ ANTED, rospoctahio GIRL, accustomed to needlo

w-ork & charge child of j, 151, Forbes-st., AA'oolloomooloo. ANTED, GIRL, to nurso and assist in housowork.

Mrs. Dalgaino, 97, Victoria-street, AVoolloomnoloo.

AÑYED7"a~goÓd" Gonc"ml"^ERV^

_ 1 IG, Crown-stroet. _

ANTED, smart YOUTH, for the butcheiing ; opon

till 6 p.m. J. X. L., Meat Mart, St. Pctcts._ ANTED, a General SERVANT ; "no washing,

man kept. Packhorse, Campbell-street, Haymarket.

ANTED, a competent General SERVANT ; refer-

ences. Mrs. Toose, ti.lS, George-street, Haymarket.

ANTED, a BOY, used to LiawkingT S397EH__!)t)th"

strert. _

ANTED, assistant BARMAN, and to bo generally

useful. Apply Coogee Bay Hotel.___^ ANTED. thorougyGcnèr""d SERVANT. E. Pctor

Fon, Hit or Miss, Crescent-street, Balmain._ ANTED, COOK and Laundress. 2ö6, Liverpool

street, Datllnghurst.

ANTED, tidy GIRL, t*> niako herself generally

_u-cful. 35, Riloy-strcet Xortb._

ANTED7~â~r*ii*^ctahlë "BOY "about 11 for light

yycuk. 31, top of Engine-street._ ANTED, a rcspc-tjtablo GIRL, about 13 years, to mind children. Mi». M-Mahon, 048. Ocorge-atrcet._ ANTED,ägood Genoral SERVANT. 16, Francis

street, Hyde Park._ ANTED, youg GIRL,about sixteen. Alpha HOUPe,

Dowling-street, Moore Park._ ANTED, .""""WAITRESSES. Apply after 0,

_Colonnade Hotel, King-street._ ANTED,aCOOK"7äl8oa WAITER, forrostaurant;

15", Loivcr Geoigo-streot.

ANTED, HOUSE and PARLOURMAID. " Apply before 1 o'clock. Mrs. Mackenzie, Dawes Battery._ WANTED, a good COOK. Victoria Café, 315.


WANTED7~*Gcnoral SERVANT." Äpp"l"y~Th~r_e

Crpyvns, Church-hill. References required._

w w w

ANTED, a good General SERVANT; another

kept. Apply EUerslio House, 20, AVynyard-squai _.

ANTÈD"^-ôdlîc"norirSE"RVANT (another kept),

after 10 a.m. ; refs. Clydesville. Clevcltuid-st., Redi em.

ANTED, "General SERVANT. Apply British

Seaman Hotel, No. 53. Argylc-street.


ANTED, competent General SERVANT, with good reference* ; «mall family. Mr«. Cahill. 70, tipper Fort-st.

w w w

ANTED, activo young Man, as PORTER, iron mongcry store jn country. Glue's Labour Offico, Fitt-at.

ANTED, an ERRAND BOY. E. Carey, 71, _Market-street._ ANTED, Housomaid, of respectable character, and able to wait attable. 59, Castlereagh and Moore streets.

ANTED, a useful GIRL, to mind a baby. Mrs*.

Hnrefy, 07, Rilcy-street, AVoolloomooloo.

WANTED, a strong active GIRL, for general house, _work. 63. AA'Illlam-streot, after 10_ WANTED. NURSE and NEEDLEWOMAN. Mrs.

Stephens, C9, AVHHam-st., AVoolloomooloo. WANTED, respectable GIRL to assist in housework.

_551. Bonrke-strect, SnrryHlll»._ WANTED, a HOUSJSMAID. Apply Stcampackot _notel, Goorge-street North.

WANTED, a good plain 65ÖK, for Parramatta".

Apply Catbolio Female Home, 117, Elizabeth-street.

W"ANTED, a good General SERVAOTTTQuêinsJand ___Hotol, Ersklnc-strect._ WANTED, a middlo-aged WOMAN, an General

_Sei vant. 206, AVillltun-streot. AA'oolloomooloo.

WANTED, KITCHÈ-fMANTntTidru_kards7"ïngêi",

15s per week. 239, George-street North.

ANTED, COOK and LAUNDRESS, good wages ;

i cfercnccs. 13-, Botany-straat,Moore Park.

w w w w


Mrs. Shoppaicle, Bathurst-arrcct.

ANTED, a GIRL, 15 or 16, to look after thrco children, and do housework. 58. Liverpool-street.

ANTED, a useful GIRL. Corbon-terrace, 357»

Rllc'-stieot, Surry Hills, near Fit<*roy-_trcet.

ANTED, good Plasterer's LXBÖÜRER; new

buildings, St. John's Road, opposite Town-hall, Glebo.

ANTED, a niarriod Man, aa CARTER, accui".

tomed to limo. Apply to G. W., 126, Pitt-street._ ANTED, childroa's Maid, C. and Ls., suburbs,

country; H. and P. Maids, hotels &c. ; Gen. Servants. loppaicle, Bathur«t-atTcet._^^

WANTED, 2 active, intelligent young W-M_~N7"r*Sr

¡mm'edîato service in a Public Institution. Applv Thursday morning, between 11 and 13, at Miss Fowler1« Registry Office, '"0, Caatlereagh-street, Sydney.

A3-artmont3, Board, and Bcaidence.

LCC0MMODA.T1ON for a gentloman, at Guildford

__ ' _House, 24, AVynyard-squsrc.

LGRÓUNÍ) FLOOR ROOM, nicelv' Furnished, for

single person ; male or female. 190, ttonrke-strcet.

A HOME for respectable men ; bath, balconv room. No.

l8, Paik-tcrrace. Albion-street, near Belmore Paik._ A LARGE front ROOM to LËT7furas_id7use"~kitchon,

bath. 324, Castlcreagh-strcet, near Goulbiirn-stieet.

LARGE ROOM to LET, suitable for clubs or meet- ings. Llddy's Mclbóiirno Club Hotel, Brickfleld-hil!.

LL COMFORTS of HOME, married couplo or . gentlemen. 2, Camberwell-ter" Point Piper Rd., AVoofiahrn.

PARTMENTS Vacant. 38, Alberto-terraco, Dar ?_Unghurst Road. _ APARTMENTS and private Sitting-room vacant. Mr«. _Lodge, 103. Macqiiaric-street, opposito Domain.

APAR"rM_Ñ"f_Tfor lady and gentleman, or two gentle-

men. York House, 31, AVynyaid-c-quare ; terms mod.

APARTMENTS vacant, for families and gentlemen, at _221, Macqnnric-sti-ct North._ APARTMENTS and Drawing-Room Suite, 153 (late

jlft5)LMacqn,ir¡c-3trct't Noitb, opposite Inner Domain.

APARTMEÑTS va<__uTfor lady an"d"^e"ntlemâ"i7ând

gentlemen ; every convenience. 131, Phillip-street.

APARTMENTS.-Sitting and ¿""""TTÍO'OliíS vacant.

Belmont Houso, AVynynrd-squaie. Mrs. Bl ickmoic.

APARTMENTS, I or 2 ROOMS, furaishöd ;gas, both,

kitchen : boat d optional; private family. 164, Woolhiiloo-st. APARTMENTS vacant, suit two friends. 164, Croivn _stroot, Burdekin-square._ APARTMENTS vacant for married couplo or 2 gents. _Brighton House. Brighton-street, Petersham.

APARTMENTS vacant, for families and gentlemen, at

Mrs. Tberry's, Heskcth, 115, Victoria-street Noith.


PARTMENTS.-Front ROOM, for 2 gentlemen, at Mrs. Moircssoy's, 36, AVynyard-square.Tei ms moderate.

PARTMENTS vacànt7~funiished aa bed and sitting rooms. Alpha House, Don ling-street, Moore Paik._ SHFiELD.-Pino Grovo, Liverpool Road, few

minutes fiom station. A'acanoy for one gentleman.

SITTING-ROOM and Bedroom, well furnished ; also, u_ single Rooms^SSS, Llvcipool-stieet, Darlinghui-t. _ SUPERIOR HOME~"for respectable gentlemen, bath",

piano. 234, Elizabeth-street, facing Belmore Paik.

T HUNTLEY HOUSE, 100, Elizabeth-street,

Vacancies for gentlemen,

AT 233, Miicnuario-stroot North, opposite Mint.

VACANCIES for two gentlemen, also lady and gentleman.

T MERLIN HOUSE, Premier-terrace, William -street, a Drawing-room SUITE and other ROOMS vacant.

AT PEMBROKE HOUSE, 189, Macquario-street

North, opposite Parliament House. APARTMENTS vacant. ^VERANDAH front ROOM, furtiiBhedor unfurnished

moderate rent. 205, Macquarie-strcet, off Albion-strcot._ WIDOW Lady has three handsomely furnished BOOMS to LET. Apply Mrs. Baillie, 207, Illley-street,


ALCONYROÓM" suit two friends, with or without i boarcLjflB.j'almer-street, near Burton-street._ ÄLMORAL HOUSE. 128, Phillip-etreet.-Furnished ROOMS vacant, 1st and 8nd floors ; terms moderate.

OARD. -Vacancy for 2 gentlemen, tonnt one guinea

woek. 28. AVynyard-square._



BOARD, Re-idtmc-, and Washing, 18s, for two respect

able men. 296, Elizabeth-street, opposite Belmore Park.

BOARD and Residence, large front room, suit married

couple or two gentlemen. Mrs. Du Vernet, 10», WilUam-at. ÀRLTON HOUSE, Wynyard-square North.-Balcony Bed and Bitting Boom-, auitmarrted eouples. Mrs. Hardy,


lo Mrs. Bray, Eteicourt ; or Mr. Lawson, 249, George-st.

OMFGBTABLE HOME for two gentlemen. *_yo*fi" Lavender Bay, North Shore, minutó li «m ferry. Terms, 21s. ^ÓOGIÍE BAY' GRAND. HOTE t. .-Splendid View \¿t ftfrer Paciflq. ^ «a^üppál room», faj-tye ol ^amnl-t. -

ELLERSLIE «OUSE, 20, Wynyard-aqnaro.-VA-

CANCIES for gtntlcmcn-, terms, -lee ; piano, bath._ XjlSSENDON HOUSE, 42, "Castlcre_gh".stroot, near _--i Hunttr-strcet.-A'acmoy for gentlemen. Terms. 21s.

"F1IS,T"ER'VILLE, "_8, Eli_ahoth"str¿ol"*North,-l¡íá"r -i-. Bridgc-strett.-AVcll-iippulntcd RESIDENCE, for gentle- men; Suite vacant. \

T^RO~NT"b"alc¿i~tf ROOM t^

-""-_family._ 02, B-tany-sU-eet,near Oxford-street. FRONT FURÑIS"_ED~Baíco"'r"ri^

_kitchen, married couple or 2 gimts. U7, Devonshire-street.

T4IÜRNISHED BEDROOMT^wTti" ¿JTof bath "and **-_kitchen. 164,'Alblori-stiect.

FURNISHED BEDROÔTMSio LET, with board, of, _Hunter-street (bil« j?).

URNISHED 2 ROOMS, bed outsitting ; plunco and

shower b.ith, use of kitchen; terms niculcrate; lieblichen. 52, Piincc-strcet. near flagstaff._ N

T ODG1NGS anti partial Board wanted, by*-usine__m,'in ; JL-_private family only. Musical, Herald Ofh«c. ^

MANLY.-Clarendon Hoto!, Ocean Bondi. Xpnrty"-f

gentlemen, fi-icnds. Bachelor«' hall. Tennsmodoutc.

P"RIVATE BOARD and RESfDENCE, lib. -*?__*""

quarlc-sticot, near Domam entrance. Terms modeiate.

.|3lliVÄT"_TBÖ-»_lD. and conife"*rt"i"*"ô_RESÏDENCÉ;,

IGs ; balcony sitting-room, near Domain ; splendid view._ ÖOMS to tE'-Tfurnished or unfurnished, -is Gd, Pitt

street, near Haymarket. _

TÑGLE GENT".""<"r~2 Friênds"will nnd~l_rf"ô~froiil fur- nished balcony ROOM. 117, Dovonshire-st. Board optional.

TO"XET*rîî*rco balcony ROOM, suitablo for club or

meetings, with gas. 126, Phillip-street. _ f*|10*_LET7T largo" balcony-KOOMTand Lodgings for

__u two respectable mechanic*. 28, Mary-st,-eet, Haymarket.

TO LET, a furnished BEDROOM," for two gentlowon.

2'.IIiinler-strect,liotwccn Pitt and George sticcts.

O LET, large Front ROOM, furnished, balcony, bath,

use of kitchen. 14, Brisbano-sticct. _


T __"'

O LET, Furnished ROOMS. 27, Albion-tcrraco,

Foyoiiuv-strcet, off Elizabeth-street._ TO LET, a furnished ROOM, with balcony. Apply

_3G2, Riley-sticct, Surry Hills. Shop._ mWÖ"respectable mon wilf find corufortahlo LODGINGS, ÜL bith. 821, Costlcrcairh-strcct, near Goulbiuii-strcet.

TWO liOOÂÎS fiiniurSshed), uso of kitchen, 6s.

Inqtiiro Mr. Fowles, grocer, George-street, Waterloo.1

TO LET, lnree unfumished Balcony ROOM ; gas and

firing; view. Also, good STABLE and Concliou-.c. Apply corner Moncur-st. and AA'overloy Road, AA'oolluhia.

VACANCY for a married couple, or two singlo mon. _43, Albion-street, near BclmorcPaik._ VACANCY for BOARDERS; rooms, 6s. f rooms, suit

married couples or tyro friend*., fls, 43, Bnthurst-sticet.

MARRIEDLndy rerjuires a F*i^sîi^-B_D^O"05î"

with bool el, suburbs pi efcrred. Ashfield or Burwood. Addreis

M. A. P., Post-otlice, Georgc-r.treot South._ "¡ClURNISHED BEDROOM wanted by a gentleman <_ JD gaged in tuition, who would teach several horn-* daily in return for board; Apply tolota, Post-office, Osfoid-strcct.

EQÚÍRED, ¿"comfortablo BEDROOM, at Ashfield";

city dinner; terms moderate. 21, Herald Oftlce._ ANTED, to rent a Cottogo RËSÏÎÎËNCÊ. with

gai den, in suburbs. Stating rent F. B. Cripps. 00, Pitt-st.

ANTED, BOARD and RË"S_5EN^É7nc^L-_"d

hurst-st., by 2 mechanic«. Address AV. B., G. P. 0.

n W; W w w

ANTED, 2 largo unfurnished ROOMS, with uso of

kitchen. H. H" Herald Office._ ANTED^ROOM with fireplace, back yard, small shed. Apply, by letter, J. Hainsworth. 407. Pitt-sticct.

WANTED, furnished APAR**TÉÑTs"~b7~liwric_

couple, use of kitchen. Terms mod. M., Herald Office.

WANTED, ROOMS, with partinl boardTfor lady nnd

gentleman ; private family preferred ; bath indispensable ; near city. Address J., 140, Clarence-street.

W~"ANTED to Rent, a small COTTAGE, Avith somo

ground, suitablo for a poultry farm. Address AV. B., Dick's Hotel, Balmain. State tcrmB.

WANTED, by brother and sister at business during dnv,

two unfurnished ROOMS, gas and balcony preferred ; moderate. A. O. C, General Post Office._

YOUNG married couple require BOARD and Lodging,

or furnished room, town, plain. Terms Delta, 19S, Pitt-st.

To Let.


nccom., splendid garden. Ramsay, oorner King and Geo, sts. A HOUSE and Shop, suitable for any business ; also, a

Shop andTlwolling, central. Particular?, 400, Gcorgc-st.

A HOUSE, 4 room«, to LET, good situation; rent, 17s _fid. Apply 381, Bourkc-strcet, near Oxford-street.

HOUSE to LET, Glenmore Road; 7 rooms, bath, gas,

coppor, water. Apply at shop nctt door.

A LARGE OFFICE nnd'BACK ROOM, on the ground _floor, to LET. 3, Brldge-sticct._ A SMALL Residence, 4 rooms, kitchen, gas, tliroughout,

gasjtovc, <-c, toJ,ET; healthy suburb. E. Ramsay.

"T*PÂDDÏNGTON*"HOUSÊ, 7 rooms, kitchen, b*"th"

gas throughout; rent low, water guar. E. Ramsay, Geo -st. AT WOOLLAHRA, vory convenient RESIDENCE to

LET, on heights of this suburb. E. Ramsay, agent.

A"TWO and throo-roomed HOUSE, 10s and 13s"Gd. _Apply 38. Smith-street, off Campbell-street._ ARUNDEL-TERRACE, Glebe.-No. 12 to LET, op

poslte University, 10 rooms, coachhouse, stables, ¿te.

HOUSE ttfLET, suit small family, healthy position. ._r>tr View, AVAverley Roan.

A PRETTY waterside Villa Residence, FAIRLEA,

Snail's Bay, latelv occupied by II. AA'oolnongh. to LET. Apply F. Broughton, Un'on Balik, 577, George-street South ; or

Mr. AVoolcot, Bell's-chamberi-.

BLUE MOUNTAIN.-Furnished Cottage, or accom

modntion for family ; beat locality. M. A. Hay, Lawson Stn. BALMAIN, M~"U L L B N S"""~S T R E E T.

To LET. HOPSE, 6 good rooms, &c, in first-class position. JUST TANCT-rent OXLV 14s per week. CARDS to vieyv fiom _BATT.RODD, and PURVES.

BALMAIN.-Loolco's Road, off Nicholson-streot.-To

LET. HOUSE, containing 11 room*, kitchen, io., ovei look- ing harbour ; plenty of water. Mr. Pigott, solicitor, 143, King street._ BOWRAL.-To LET, Furnished COTTAGË7"""5

rooms, hall, every convenience, close to station. Apply s. Downs, Lodge-streot, Forest Lodge; or C. Griffiths, piopuctor,



pleto RESIDENCE, furnished, and -vith every convenience for a family, is now to be LET for the ensuing spring and summer months; situate nt a moderate distance from the city on tbo western line, adjacent to n platform, and commands fine mountain vleyvs. Apply to G. Rattray, 1, Lloyd's-chambers, Geoigc street:_ CIOMFORTÄBLE HOUSES, 6 rooms, bath, gas, &c. ;

-tiawborry-hiU, Rcdfein 'bus stand ; rent reduced..*!. Sohimel.

COTTAGE, 4 rooms and" kitchen, AvitU land7"fo7*SALE,

Ashfield, easy terms. "Apply H. M.'Den-in, 38, Paik-street.

D"*_R_Ï-^HÛR~ST.-10-ioomod HOUSE, low rent,

good yard, ga». &c. E. Ramsay, ? Gem ge and King streets. DARLING POINT.-To LET, boauti*fuîïy"fmnished

dctao-cd COTTAGE, piano, bath, gas. E. Ramsay, agent.

DARLING POINT.-to LET, a splendid Residence,

water frontage, every possible conven. E. Ramsay, agent.

ENMORE, free from dust.-To LET, 6-rooniPd House,

kitchen, gas.j-ood yai d, washhouse, etc. E. Ramsay, Geo.-st. ERÔNT OFFICES to LET, suitablo for merchants or

Professionals. Apply Blake and Co., 30, O'C-nnclI-stieet.

URNISHED COTTAGE, 4 rooms, kitchen, wafer, view, bath, garden, _c. ; rent, 25s. Millar, grocer, Erskinc-st. FURNISHED, in good style-a 12-ioomed HOUSE"to

LET. neighbourhood of Miller's Point, commanding beauti- ful and extensive views; every requisite, and house veryconvc nient and comfortable. Card», Evans, agent, 73, AVilliam-strect.

_~*i EORGE-ST.-SHOP to LET, eastern sido.goodhouse

VÎT accom. ; rent low, imnll premium. Ramsay, house agent.

0"LE¥E.-New HOUSE to LET, 6 rooms, large yard,

copper. Apply W. Lloyd, Darhng-street, Lyndhurst.

***1 ROUND FlooiTfront ROOM vacant, suit two. *"UT Annesley House, CHnrlottc-pl-ce.Chuich-hill. _ HOUSES to LET, near Belmore Park, Redfern station,

anil Glebe. Thurston, Com Exchange, Haymeuket.

OUSE, 5 rooms, kitchen, and bathroom, laige yard.

Apply No. 31, Bellei ue-stieet, Burry Hill». -

OUSES, los to 25B. Apply 41, Mnry-atieet, Albion _street ; and No. 71, Ann-street, ofl Riley-strcct.

HOUSE to LET. Apply to J. Harknese, Pifce-street, _ Dallington._______ OUSE to LET, John-street, Woollahra, 4 tooms,

_;bilcony. kitchen ; I2s. No. 32._ HOUSE to LET, 4 rooms, good yard, city water ; rent

10s. Apply 27, AValker-street. Redfern._ OUSE to LB 1, cheap rent. Grosvenor Hotel, Harris


HUNTER'S HILL.-HOUSE and Grounds, now occu

pied by Miss Lenthall. Apply 1, Barrack-street.

OUSE to LET, 420, Cttbramatta-terrace, Castlereagh" street, opposite Alfred Park, 7 rooms, gas, bath, &c. Apply J. Booth. 00, Suasex-sueet._ HOUSES, 2 rooms each, Sussex-street, 10s; Kcnl

sticct, 8s; Goulburn-street, 7s; Pyrmont, 5s per week; rents collected. Edwd. Blunsun and Co.. 0, Bligh-strect.

OÜS-T to"LET; London-street, South KingatoñTc

loouiB and kitchen; HOUSE, Lyndhurst-strcct, Glebe, 6 rooms and kitchen, balcony and verandah, city water and gas, and bathroom to each ; rent, 18s and Sus. D. Elphinstone, Dcr wcnt^sticet, Glebe. _,_ LARGE STORE and DWELLING, threo floors and

patent lift, 321, Su-sex-stroct. Shop front, &c. alteicd to suit tenant. Keys, 319, next door. SHOPS, 20s. Apply 29, Rose terrace, Ra~dle--trect.

ANLY.-Furnished Cottages, pleasantly situated;

piano ; rent, fiom 27s. Apply Porter, butcher. Raglan-st.

St" _

MANLY BEACH.-To LET, furnished, No. 2, Spey

terrace. Apply Alex. Denn, 71, Elizabeth-street.

M"ÖÖ~R*E PARK.-To LET, furnished HOUSE, 5

rooins, kitchen.^tabling; rent low. E. Ramsay, h. agent. MOORE PARK.-To LET7oatho line of tram, gen-

teel ("-roomed HOUSE, bath, gas, and every convenience ; rent. 18s. Hi E. Swyny, Maryson-terraoe, Sclwyn-itreot, back of Captain Cook Hotel._ NEWLY-ERECTED Business PREMISES to LET,

Milton's Point. Apply AV. Douglass, 126, Pitt-street.

NEWTOWN.r-To LET, in Hoidern-street, Business

Premises, and t^Hoose, both new, gas nnd,yv_*er. AV. AVyntt. ^ICELY-FURNISHËÎ) House to LET, near Deaf and

Dumb Asylum ; pjano, *_c. ; rent y« y mod, E. Ramsay.

GRTH SHORE, Mi_oa Point.-To LET, well

furnished HOUSE or Apartments. Deacon, new» agent.

0_1, 11. 0_ÍOkeE^rTB¿RACÍE, ChrM^Atob, N N1 »

'ktt-.tre.t4o ¿Et, Ö. «. W-it_í,I3',tí\uitefstrót.


containing 0 tooms, wita out-office«, commanding a loveljl vloiv of.hnrbnnr. yritlun two minute«' vrnlk of ferry. Apply Jj Gibspn.No. 2, Jeffrey-'-ticet.AIIlknn's Point. > *]

soach __

OFFICE.-Front ono vacant "itTConi Exchuñgo-clian¿ _licrs. Hnrmailtet. Apply Thun-ton, same floor.

OFFICES to L ET, 1, 2, or 3 rooms, r""_Tlô~vr~SS7Èli"_"{




M. Deakin, 88, Pnik-strect.

PETERSHAM.-COTTAGE, i rooms, Wichen, woi

hou«c aml^opp'T. Apply at Mr Gould's, butcher, Fetcrshaj

P""TftTO*tOAD.-To LET, ARDBLÂlN, famiíyR-,.

dence, 9 rooms, kitchen, batli,.yr.;*,l>lioiise, ceiaelihousc, tift" stall Mabie, havloft, man's loom, gas, water; ovcrv convenien Apply 211*. Park Road._ _ "OANDAVICK.-To LETT-iOliSETrrooins, latch.

-_Ji*) hath, stable, -rater, ga*,,' every convenience. G. Denning

TÖIALTO-TERRACE, Upper \V*Íliñm-_treet Souüf

IL») To LET, HOUSE, containing dilling and di awing voonit hi»'room«. hathroom, servants' room, kitchen, pintrv, *tc. ; tis V___ Apply to II. A. Cape, sharebroker, 92, Pilt-street._ ' fr

Q iRip and HOUSE to LE*T73-6l7Pitt-strôet"South, i»i **-_._"^y-eriiool-Mrcct^rown.JIüS.J^^ticct;_Jj-_ C* HOP F__T, ó rooms, doubla"fïônt, suit draper, drW" k-7 makb.. 37, Shepherd-street, shepherd Paddock. |

»TANMORt ROAD:-To LET7Clift"^C0TTiCcE", ._» Apply at th--piteigpjor Mr. Watkinson, Balmain. 6_ STORE to LE'ITwith threo flats, dry. Applyftfi, _g001 _?**_;*, Biickflcld-hill. f__ SURRY HILLS.-Nü'w HOUSE; 6 rooms, gas"fSÑ _5£I_______î_i_l___f»^teel-s.,Devon^hire-s1,i-e_lSs.

S TON E13 Y, a compact and des_;i,fr_oTT AGE" VII-.¿V

ELSIDENPE. «nuate in AVellmer.^i-^t, \V_-U_hTV-.U

ablo lor a small lamil'-. Every cnnvM ? ¡tf d*Jand

_ Haidee nn£Gormai^l33.Pifij{r(.et_ t

SUPERIOR well-finished Family -«f.siDENCÈ" Ño"

3. MAGXOLI A-TF.RR ACÍ", to i?T ^T

situate on tne healthiest part of Pyimont Bn'e!,'c Boad'"'orei_i Lodge, close to'bu3 .stund, 7 looms, kitchen, ba",roonl 'msh house, .te. : gas throughout, city natcr laid on ; rcnt,ins " mnlv to A. MjGovisk^at tliMorracc.________*

mo LET. u-iv HOUSES, S2"I_f~Victoria-sti'e7""iO JL rooms, etc. ; rent ¿130. tatos paid. P. Rech, 5, Pprin-J;.

TO LET, HOUSES, Ed^a7d"^reetTPvrinonr"rc_r,

15-, 13s, 12«, Ils, william'T)iy, VA estera Lea, Pyriont. *,

TO LET, fine SHOP ¿ñd'HOUSE, at 281,"Piá-troet, ' _between Park and .Alaruct street:?. J_ TO LET. in Elizabeth-street, I'addiñgton",__ft-clasi

Family COTTAGE, gas, good_w.iter^_AV. Taylor, prmiscs.

TQ LET, 1-rooniedGOTTAGEÎcomfortableTtào, one*'

___*"_ __". C!ucr* __"? andRaîhin streets, Redferr_ TO LET, HOUSE, CumberlMd^tré-TN., Iiooms,

_ _kiWhe^&o^_F. Snn^li, lS^l^cm-i-plnce^ ?_ TO L_T, 2 neat COTTAGES, 8s, now. MrsÎTitlow,

.1, Georgc-strcot, Redfern, iltur Kaglan-streot. »

TO LET, a SHOP and 5 Rooms, suitable for gycery or

general stoic. Apply Mr, Baldwin, Itx>ss-st.,Fon-t Lodge. TO LET, HOUSEre rôôms:aS'CBourke-'sttet, ¿caï _Liverpool-street. B. Cocks, City Mart. '_'

TO LET, SHOr and Dwcïl"ng,"_S-r***i*5êx-i'reot, siz

looms, cellars. Apply Gray, Brothers, bakers.

TO LET, Denison-square, Surry ' Hills, HOUSE, P

rooms, kitchen-, and batlu oom. Pritchard. 2S9, Gcorfe-st..

TO LET, Union-lane, G*"eorge-M,reet7ST"t5EE, 2iloors;

, lent moderate. SA, Upper AA'ilIiam-atrMit South.,

TO LET, No.4,MATfL_5Ä7rERRTC_^M")ll¥är5 __Rond;_renU!c. Key atyo..I. ______

TO LET, COTTAGE, 3*röönis< and*2~hoTse-Stable, auit _cabman. T. Gould, Broughani-Hrcet, Glebe. ¡ ?

mo LET, 2 SHOPS, suit any business, Dp' Queen-street, JL_Woollahra. App'ly next door._'

yo LET, a 8-rc_r_ed COTTAGE. Apply Mrs. ._ Baldwin, Boss-street. Forest Lodge. " ? - '

TO LET, HOUSE. 10 rooms, gas, bath ; 27s Bd. Boby _ and Ario!, Mansfieid-a-rcei, Balmain._ TO LET, HOUSE, two rooms, kitchen, oven, water, 91,

Mrs. J. AV. Smart. _ _ _ TO LET, H0 USE, 6 rooms, bath, ga«, copper, .shed,

&c. ; 20s. Apply 11, Bellevue-street.

mo LET, 2 HOUSES, 6 rooms, bath, gas, hall,"wast -JL house. ,37, Devonshire-street, Surry' Hills, near Biley-st. '

O LET, HO i""SE,-8 rooms, Forest Lodge ; gas, water,

Ac, J. \V. Camperand Co.. 163. Pitt-street._ 0 LET, OFFICES, Pitt-street, near King-stroêt.

J. AV. Camper and Co., 103, Pitt-street.

TÖ-7ET, 129, CROWN-STREET, 5 rooms, kitchen, __c. Apply Mr. O'Ryan, Elizabeth-street. _

TO LET, HOUSE, No. îl"Bligh.-sfroot, opposite UnioY

Club. Apply S. Levin, Auctioneer, 153. King-street._ TO""LÉT7tivenro"Û'SES, ono 6 rooms, and one 2 rooms,' _A pply No. ó j, Swiss-terrace. Brisbane-street._ 0 LET, brick COTTAGE, 4 rooms, close to ferryi

North Shore. Apply 37, Piinoc-stieet. Sydney._ 0 LET, a soven-rodmed HOUSE in Forbcs-streetv

Apply "7, Fnibes-strcet, Woolloomooloo. _



rr.0 LET, HOUSE, No. 1, Kidman-terraco, Comber.' JL street, Paddington ; rent, 12s. Apply next door._ T T

O LET, on ForostTLodgc, 6-roomed HOUOE ; 'bua

p_>sing door. Ellis, draper. Forest Lodge._ O LET, furnished, .-roomed HOUSE, 1*80, Pnlmer

btrcet, near AA'illiam-stieet.

TO LET, HOUSE, SHOP, largo stables, yard; suit' _nny -ueiae_a-_n. Apply 41, Rilcy-3trcet._ mo LET, BELLVUE ROüSE7"Forest-»trcot, Forest,

_Lodge, 3 rooms, outhohses, laige yaid^_ OTiËTjS-roouird HOUSE7balc.ny7goôdvard; 17s6d".í

Moore Park Hotel. Bourlte-slrcet, Surry Hills.

T T'

O LET, 6-roomod. HOUSES, sjiedi «n^ coppers, andl

large yard, Campbell-street, off the Glenmore Road._ TÖ~"LET7""HOUSE, 6 rooms, coppor, water laid on,;

11s week. St. Mary-street, Kingston._ TO"ÏET7"a"large7HOUSE. Apply 2227"Crown-street,

AA'oo-Oomooloo. _ ' TO LET7cOTrAGE,3rooms,kitchen;rent 10s6d. Apply

760, George-street,Haymarket (first floor)._ -TO LET, a i-roomod HOUSE, with balcony, Haryvood-1 JL .' street, Pymiont, near Bridge._ TO LET, Missenden Road. Newtown, HOUSE, No. 3,'

Park yiew-tcrrae.0 ; gas and water laid on ; rent, 20s weekly^

Apply opposite._. TO LET, a HOUSE, situated on the Pyrmont Bridga

Road, Glebe, containing 11 room*, with water and gas laidl on. Apply AV. Allerton, -OS* Ocorge-street. Haymarket._ mo LET, MONTROSE VILLA, 8 rooms, bath, Wt-i JL chen, pantry, copper, with abundance of water, gas ; DukoJ street. Balmain. Apply next door._

O LET, a now 4-roomed HOUSE, with hall and bal- con v, kitrhen and 'oven, sud uever-íail!n¡* supply of water; rent, 12s"wcek!y. L. Mead, George-street, Waterloo._

O LET, CHAPET-TON" HOUSE, 1-, Mnrlborough

street, SiirrvHiU* ; residt-ce of the Rev. Mr. Hargraves; el St. David's. Occupation on IstObtober.

O LET, a largo SHOP and PREMISES in Georgo strect, suitable for «nr business. Apply to Mr. Stokes, Burwood Hotel, Georgc-st-Cft,_ nho LET, in Queen-street, vrell-furaishèd HOUSE, 3

I bedrooms, dining and drawmg rooms, kitchen, ga6, nncf every convenience. Apartments vacant fur ladies and gentlemen, Apply S4, Queen-street, AA'ooll'hrn._^ TO LET, two conuno-'Ci-Ei DAA'£LLING-HOUSES'

Phillip-street Xorth, opposite new Government buildings) suitable for lodging-hoitt-S, &c* APP1*" A. G. Milson, Box 315i General PostOfBce.__,_ TO LET, Dowliug-street, Surry Hills, below Clevoland-e

street, and overlooking Moore PArk, HOUSE, 7 rooms, bal« i conv, kitchon, bathroom, and washhouse. Gas and water laid on.

Apply T. Btowart, jim., No. L_ TO LET, HOUSE, .6 rooms, hall, bath, copper,!

splendid view, rent £1 ; House, S rooms, rent 18s; House, a1 rooms, bath, copper, every coavenience, lent 26s. S, Downsj

news agent, Lodge-street, Fore* Lodge._ " TO LET7"Durlmo"*-.Te"t East, Balmain, one minute",

walk from ferry.""pleas-ntly situated Verandah COTTAGE!, containing 4 rooms, with kitchen and servant's room detached. H. Hicks, Gcorgess^rccjjlaittts. _^_ a IO LET, - a HO*ÚSE in Alice Maudo-terraco, Riley

. street ; lent, £1 4«; a!-'0! ono » Lady Robinson-terrace Boiuke-strcet, Suny Hills; «»ti i'1 2ä- A* M'NeiU, 411, Bouike strect, ßurryJJills._ __ TO LET, "largo BUILDING, suitable for storing wool^

or other produoo ; 100 feet long by 80 feet wide; three floors, perfectly dry, opposito to entrance to Darling Harbour Railway Station. Apply C. Kidman's mih, end of Goiilbiirn-street. _ TO LET, Oxfe"ra*"""tri-t, Hydo Park comor, over-'

looking Domain, Hyde 'Park, and the harbour, splendid PREMISES, suitable for prieto Hotel or flrst-class Boarding Kstablishment ; every convenience, and lednced rent. Apply AV. Pi itchard, 289, Gcorge-streot_,_?_ TO LETTfor ii"leñ:iívH0BART VILLE, Glenmora

Road, Containing lan» drawing, dining, and sitting rooms, five good bediooms, kitchen, stoioroom, bath, gas, water, &c, complete ; gardens and balcoiies back and front ; rent, moderate, Apply H. Stocklinm, Good Hope-street, Glenmore Road.

TO LET, LANDSDOWN, corner Waverley-street,

AVavciley, 81 oonis, pantrr, cellar, kitchen, bath, copper, 2« steill stable, coachhouse, bayoft, man's loom, 2 acres of land,' prettily laid out. Inspectionftvited daily, after li a.m. Tram' way will run to the gate. Ap|ly W. Cary, No. 820, Gcorge-streel West._j_ TO LET, " TODDINGTON," a most charming

. suburban residence, situnio on the Boulevard, Petersham, containing drawing, dining, «.* breakfast looms, six bediooms/ patent AV. C. in tho house, gas m every room, grounds 3 acres( flower and vegetable garden', croeutet lawns, paddock, coach houso and stables, plentiful supply ot good water. AV. P. AVool cott, Bell's-chambeis._ TO BE LET, for a termôî years, from 1st Octohornext,'

partlv furaished, the commodious Family Rcsidcnco knoyvn as THE RIDGE, situated on Ike sea coast, about 2 miles south of Newcastle. AVith the house iriu bo Let about 130 A« es of Gras»

LAND, enclosed in a ring fence' Liberal terms will bo granted t« ,

an approved tenant.

Further particulars may bo obtained froen the undersigned; c8 Rooort Scott, Esq.. Newcastle. .,

_EmVARO*"- MEREAVF.THER. The RidgcX V" ICTORIA PARK.-A dcsirablo Residence, 7 rooms,

kitchen, gas throughoa*. Kas stove, bath, fcc. E. Ramsay.

YORK-TERRACE, B-lmain.-HOUSES to L_T7~ _roonis^&o., rent 10stoj2s. Scivell, Stnith-strect._. __' LAND SALE, IJLÄTR ATHOL NURSERY, PETER-

SHAM.-subdivision see plan at RICHARDSON and'

WEENCH'S Rooms. Pitt-strcct*. _^

NEWTOWN "l_Âl_rSAXE, next.Saturday Afternoon,

on the Ground, at 3 o'clock; RICHARDSO.V and AVREN'CH. OFFICES to UÖT, Soul'b-chauiberi-, Pitt-alreet, ona

door from King-htieet. Apply on the premises.

??.j I .1. , ... ^ ???_T_,^i-r-~-y__.. "",, ,,, ",| 8t4>»*v.-Pnnéd and nublulod by JOKK FAiar.k and SOK«,1

? »t the office of, the SudMU Morning ?Berilla. Pitt and Hunt«! '

ttreeti. Thursday, Sepwai-et 80.188a - -


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