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Mr II I'Fstringp tho aeronaut, whose misadventures, pluck end narrow escapes lioni deith VA hilo pursuing lus daii-eioils TOCition, hive kept lum somewhat prommentlv bcfoic tho public, ma 'o a most suecos ful ascent on Satuidav afternoon horn Cook Paik Housed the balloon with which ho tried to oscend from Brlinoi p Park, and as the great v ellow - bioun bag gradual] i filled with gis it lookeillike an îiiuitiise mauge bobbing ibout, and uiiwilliuglv anthoied to euth bv a scoio of stavs At ! p ni tho cur vi as hooked on and tho at io-put, talina with linn a few curtoi pigocns, -i¡p d into tho btsl et und /eve the si"nil to cust oil

Hi i tho men who hid bee i ho'ding (ho 1 all on to euth lek go, mid the "leit nu ship doited up ln\o a biitl iliinj flight, and might in n RHOJJ; euri mt oí unit", duffed ovei the GaidenPalure îiiaih oilOO people hud ns.ombled m and around tho Paik But h ilf Nvdimv knew of tho ascent, aud as the balloon loso to u height ola n ile it was visible to, und was watched bv, munv thou anus of eves _vo misidvciitiue oeelined dunlin the tnn, and L Tsti in.o disnissd Ins pinions ouc atioi another, and cniovcd his tim until he could MP the culling waves of tho Pacific As ho was not r upai rd toi a night at sea, he at onco opened tho valve, saw that his gripnelvv is swinging pi -porh, anil pr paied foi a descent upon AAe t Almlv And belo tho onlv misa ivtntuio ot tho jonrnpv neem i ed loi, tboii,h L'L ti inga him-

self mino to mother enth without a sente h a

sti mg ground ouripnt ciiighl Ins I illoin and s0 dashed tho big ni out, tint, shrivelled anti wnn'led though it was bv loss of _js, ii, nucitLolpss was dinon aiuon_. «omo treesnud bushes, and tun uljiost to ubbons L'l stiango himself returned to town, having ] ntked in the c*ir tho l'ebi is o* his balk on, and though ho has I pen a loser bv tho ascont frcls proud that ho at last oven ame the difliciilties th it seemed so peisistentlv to lace lum whenever he attempted to achieve his ambition ol going "up ina

balloon "

Among the passeii-pis bv tho Cilv of "Sow _ork (s ), fiom San 11-unei-to is Ali s Loai olomcroj, a celebrated Amen "ti at tress anil authou s whoso inteipretutions of the loading ie les in Sh ii espiuro s plavs have gamed for her an env mblo f une 1 his laelv, vv ho is espev udlj distinguished tor her performances of Rosalind, m ' As \ou Like It," Imogen in " Cv mbelme Alola, in the " twelfth Night, " and Juliet, in " Romeo and Juliet, 'is undei engagement to Mr HUT man, Jtid is announced to appear m the fiist namedcoiiip iv, at tho Queen s Ihentie, on Saturday oven in_; ne\t J o support this ai tiste a numbei of engagements have been oflpctetl, und Mcssis li II A incent, Emmet, Lesron, the AIis»e- Alelnllo and Melrose will bo included in i coin] anv couipiiseilof man favountes ihe thief comedy patN will bo eiihusted to the e apable hands of Ali J R Gievillo _

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