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ABRAHAMS—March 1, Melbourne, Mrs. E. N. Abrahams, d.       ADAMS—March 13, Glebe, Mrs. Henry Adams, son.     AIKEN—March 8, Sydney, Mrs. William Aiken, son.    

ALLEN— Feb. 17, Waverley, Mrs. William J. Allen, daughter   ALLNUTT—March 1 New England Mrs R. H. V. Allnutt, d.         ANDREAS— March 5, Petersham, Mrs. P. E. Andreas, son.      

ANDERSON—March 4, Sydney, Mrs. C. T. Anderson, daughter       ASH— March 13, Singleton, Mrs. W. Ash, daughter.

BADGERY—March 7, Sutton Forest, Mrs. F. D. Badgery, d. BAKER— March 8, Bathurst, Mrs. J. W. Baker, son.      

BANNISTER—Feb 27, Wallerawang, Mrs. E. C. Bannister, d.   BEALE— Queensland, Mrs. W. H. Beale, son.        

BIDDULPH— March 2, Shoalhaven, Mrs. T. T. Biddulph, son. BISHOP— Feb. 24, Balmain, Mrs. James Bishop, daughter.      

BLUMENTHAL— Mar 14, Forbes, Mrs. N. Blumenthal, daughter.

BODE— March 1, St Leonards, Mrs. Bode, son. BOSSLEY— Feb 18, Mrs. Ion B. Bossley, son.  

BOSTON— March 7, Sydney, Mrs. Edgar Boston, daughter. BOWDEN— Feb. 27, Parramatta, Mrs. J. E. Bowden, son.  

BOSSLEY — March 22, Sydney, Mrs. Tarburton Bossley, son.

BUSBY— Feb. 27, Bathurst, Mrs. William T. Busby, daughter. CARBINES— March 15, Clarence Town, Mrs. S. Carbines, son.

CHAMPAIN— Feb. 2, New England, Mrs. W. H. A. Campain, d.     CHILCOTT— Feb. 18, Balmain, Mrs. H. F. Chilcott, daughter.   COLE— March 7, Petersham, Mrs. W. H. Cole, daughter.

CORTHORN— Feb 23, Wagga Wagga, Mrs. C. Corthorn, son.    

COUTTS— Jan 31, Armidale, Mrs. William J. Coutts, daughter. COUTTS— March 9, South Head, Mrs. Alexander Coutts, son.

CRACE— March 6, Gininderra, Mrs. Edward K. Grace, daughter   CROMACK— Feb. 25, Pyrmont Mrs G. Cromack, son.

CUNNINGHAM—March 2, Burwood, Mrs. J. A. Cunningham, d     DEVEREUX— March 5, New Zealand, Mrs. H. de B. Devereux, s. DOWE—March 23, Darlinghurst, James Dowe, son.          

EDSON— Feb. 17, Sydney, Mrs. Frederick Morten Edson, son. EDWARD—March 23, Sydney, Mrs. R. B. Edward, daughter. EGERTON—March 8, Mrs. C. W. Egerton, daughter.

EMANUEL— March 19, Balmain, Mrs. A. Emanuel, son.  

EVANS— March 4, East Maitland, Mrs. Thomas Evans, daughter FINSCHI— March 5, Windsor, Mrs. T. Finschi, son.

FRIEND—March 4, Sydney, Mrs Owen Friend, daughter GROTH— March 11, Sydney, Mrs. H. H. Groth, son.      

GUILFOYLE—Feb. 23, Darlington, Mrs. Joseph A. Guilfoyle, son. HALL— March 9, Burwood Road, Mrs. W. H. Hall, daughter HAMMOND— Feb 25 Ashfield, Mrs. Mark J. Hammond, son HARKINS— March 6, Lyndhurst, Mrs. W. Harkins, jun., son. HARRIS— March 10, Murrumburrah, Mrs. W. M. Harris, d. HATTON— March 12, Sydney Mrs. J. T. Hatton, daughter.

HEATON— March 24, Sydney, Mrs. John Heaton, daughter.  

HENOCHSBERG—March 20, Sydney, Mrs J. Henochsberg., d    

HETHERINGTON— March 15, Gladstone, Mrs. Hetherington, son.       HIBBERT— March 1, Sydney, Mrs. T. H. Hibbert, daughter. HILL— March 18, Sydney, Mrs. W. C. Hill, son.

HINCHCLIFFE— Feb. 23, Sydney, Mrs. T. C. Hinchcliffe, d.

HOLLAND—March 2, Woollahra, Mrs. E. Holland, daughter. HOLMES—March 1, Sydney, Mrs. James W. Holmes, son.     HORN— Feb. 24, Sydney, Mrs. J. F. Horn, son.

HOURIGAN—Feb. 26, Sydney, Mrs. P. J. Hourigan, son.      

HUTCHINSON— February 18, Barwang, Mrs. H. Hutchinson, son. INNES—March 16, Sydney, Lady Innes, son.  

JACKSON— March 7, Sydney, Mrs. J. W. Jackson, daughter     JACKSON— March 14, Mrs. John Jackson, daughter.    

JACKSON— March 19 Woollahra, Mrs. J. Jackson, daughter. JACOBS— March 12, Mrs. Louis Jacobs, son

JOHNSTON— March 12, Walcha, Mrs. John Johnston, daughter JOHNSTON— March 6, Paddington, Mrs. William Johnston, son. JOHNSTONE—Feb. 28, Armidale, Mrs. T. Johnstone, daughter. JOSEPH— Feb. 24, Sydney, Mrs. Morton Joseph, daughter.  

KEDDIE— March 18, Sydney, Mrs. T. M. Keddie, daughter   KEITH— Feb 22, Sydney, Mrs. William Keith, son.

KIRKWOOD— Feb 18., Cape Hawke, Mrs. R. C. Kirkwood, d.       KNOWLES—Feb, 27, Sydney, Mrs. William W. Knowles, son       LANKESTER— March 6, Albury, Mrs. Captain Lankester, son.   LANCE— March 18, Darlington, Mrs. George Lance, son. LANE— March 18, Orange, Mrs. J. T. Lane, daughter.     LEWIS— Feb 6, Sydney, Mrs. E. Lewis, daughter.      

LESLIE— Feb. 20, Double Bay, Mrs. W. C. Leslie, son.  

LITTLE— March 13, Sydney, Mrs. H. W. Little, daughter. LLOYD— Feb. 23, Sydney, Mrs. W. Lloyd, son.

LOBBAN— March 8, Paddington, Mrs. A. Lobban, daughter.

LONG— March 18, Sydney, Mrs. Mark Henry Long, daughter.

LOUGHNAN— March 16, East St. Kilda, Mrs. A. Loughnan, son.     MACBETH— March 14, Sydney, Mrs. W. J. Macbeth, daughter.         MACKEL— March 9, Campbelltown, Mrs. Francis Mackel, d. MARKS— March 15, Sydney, Mrs. J. D. Marks, son.  

MARSHALL— March 10, Ashfield, Mrs. William Marshall, son.      

McDONALL— March 18, Sydney, Mrs. J. W. McDonall, daughter.     M'KEE— March 14, Sydney, Mrs. J. McKee, daughter.        

M'MINN—- March 5, Redfern, Mrs. John McMinn, daughter.   MELLY— Feb. 26, Waterloo, Mrs. John Melly, daughter.

MEYER— March 2, Wentworth, Mrs. Carl Meyer, daughter.      

MITCHELL— March 4, Sydney, Mrs. John Mitchell, daughter. MORROW— March 1, Sydney, Mrs. J. Morrow, daughter.       MULLINS— March 10, Chippendale, Mrs. F. Mullins, son.   NELSON— Feb. 21, Petersham, Mrs. C. Nelson, daughter. NOBLE— March 1, Botany, Mrs. John Noble, daughter. NOLAN— Jan. 11, Sydney, Mrs. C. T. Nolan, son.

NORRIS— March 16, Richmond, Mrs. C. G. Norris, son.  

O'CONNOR— March 11, Redfern, Mrs. Daniel O'Connor, son.         O'DOWD—March 2, Woollahra, Mrs. John O'Dowd, a son     O'NEILL— March 5, Hay, Mrs. N. C. O'Neill, daughter.     ORBELL—Feb. 28, Dubbo, Mrs. W. G. Orbell, son.      

PARTRIDGE— Feb. 20, Sydney, Mrs. James Partridge, jun., son.       PARK— March 14, Marrickville, Mrs. Leslie J. Park, daughter.     PATERSON— March 21, St. Leonards, Mrs. J. A. Paterson, son.       PEATE - March 5, Sydney, Mrs. Thomas Peate, daughter.

PHYPERS— March 9, Surry Hills, Mrs. J. Phypers, jun., son.       PRATT— March 13, Burwood, Mrs. E. Pratt, son.    

PURCELL— Feb. 21, Sydney, Mrs. P. J. Purcell, son.  

RANKEN—Feb. 20, Brisbane, Mrs. George Ranken, daughter.         REID— March 15, Glebe, Mrs. James Reid, son.    

RODD— March 24, St. Leonards, Mrs. C. T. Rodd, son.

ROSSITER— Feb. 24, Camperdown, Mrs. F. R. Rossiter, daughter.     SEE— March 12, Randwick, Mrs. John See, son.    

SEMPLE— March 13, Petersham, Mrs. D. Semple, daughter.     SLY— March 15, Redfern, Mrs. J. David Sly, daughter.  

SMITH— March 13, Baulkham Hills, Mrs. W. Smith, jun., son.       SMITH—March 5, Darlington, Mrs. David Smith, son.     STOKES— March 1, Burwood, Mrs. John Stokes, son.   STOBO—March 14, Mudgee, Mrs. Edye H. Stobo, son.   TEECE—March 1 Wellington Mrs J J Teece son   TERRY— March 2, Sydney, Mrs. J. Terry, jun., son.

THOMPSON— March 11, Surry Hills, Mrs. F. H. Thompson, son. TILLETT— March 14, Liverpool, Mrs. G. A. Tillett, son.

TIDYMAN— March 2, Bathurst, Mrs. C. Tidyman, jun., son. TOOTH—March 19, Darling Point, Mrs. R. L. Tooth, son.       WEBB— Feb. 24, Mrs. T. G. Webb, Springfield, Byng, son.  

WEBB— Feb 27, Forest Lodge, Mrs. Edmund Webb, daughter. WEEKES— Feb. 14, Sydney, Mrs. Phillip J. Weekes, son.     WHEELER— March 4, Redfern, Mrs. D. Wheeler, son.         WHIDDON— Feb. 24, Sydney, Mrs. S. Widdon, son.

WHEELER— March 17, Kingston, Mrs. F. G. S. Wheeler, daughter. WHITTON— March 20, Sydney, Mrs. C. H. Whitton, son. WHITE— March 16, Tasmania, Mrs. H. C. White, son.    

WHITEHEAD— March 2, Newcastle, Mrs. D. Whitehead, son. WILLIAMS— Feb 22, Dural, Mrs. W. E. Williams, daughter WILSON—March 21, St. Leonards, Mrs. F. A. Wilson, son.

WOODMAN— Feb. 9, Redfern, Mrs. J. J. Woodman, twin d.   YORK— March 18, Redfern, Mrs. S. York, daughter.


ALLEN—DAVIS— March 4, at Richmond, by Rev James

Cameron, Walter Allen to Jessie Davis.  

ALMOND—JOLY—Jan 22, at Smyrna, Geo. Brooks Almond, to

Elizabeth Sarah Joly.        

ARMSTRONG—WINTHORP—March 22, at All Saints', Wool-

lahra, Frederick Jennings Armstrong to Florence E. Winthrop.      

BACKHOUSE—HILLS— Feb 4, at St John's, Darlinghurst,

Alfred Paxton Backhouse to Kate Marion Hills.    

BALDWIN— GLASSCOCK— Feb. 8, at St Barnabas' Church,    

Joseph Benjamin Baldwin to Emily Glasscock.  

BATEMAN—ALLOWAY— Jan. 20, at Rathmichael Church, Ire-          

land, Edward Fleming Bateman, to Florence Maud Alloway.        

BEKKEVOLD—BRUCE—Feb 25, at St. Bridget's, Kent-street,      

A. Bekkevold to Miss Rosanne Bruce.          

BEST—FLETT—Jan. 21, at Hay, by the Rev. S. Robinson, Henry       

Elliston Best, to Christina Margaret Flett.            

BLACK—TAYLOR—March 13, by the Rev. G. Waters, Walter

Black, to Maria Taylor.            

BOHLSEN—JOYCE —Dec 28, at St Andrew's Cathedral, Henry          

Gerard Bohlsen to Charlotte Joyce.        

BRADFORD—MEECH— Feb. 12, by the Rev T Johnson, Wil-  

liam Alfred Bradford, to Emilie Florence Meech.    

BRIDGES—COOK— March 12, at St. Peter's Church, Woolloo      

mooloo, John G. Bridges, to Mary Ann Cook.  

BURK—O'BRIEN—March 10, at St. James's Church, Sydney,      

Frederick Burk, to Elizabeth O'Brien.        

BURRELL—SMITH—By the Rev. C. Graham, Thomas Burrell,

to Sarah Ann Smith.              

BUSHELL—MACTAGGART—Feb. 25, Sydney, Edward Hunter

Bushell, to Menie Mactaggart.    

CANSDELL—- DELOITTE— March 12, at St. Mary's, Balmain, 

Gordon Gillhome Martin Cansdell, to Anna Maria Deloitte.      

CANTOR— ISAACS—March 18, at the Great Synagogue, Sydney        

Hyam Cantor, to Elizabeth Isaacs.    

CARTER—HAYES—March 12 at St. Paul's, Canterbury by the      

Rev. J. Carter, William H. Roe Carter, to Eliza Mary Hayes.  

CORNWELL—STONE— Feb 27, North Richmond, by Rev. A.      

McKeown, George William Cornwell, jun., to Lucy Stone.      

COTTON—BOURKE— Feb. 11, at St. James's R. C. Church,  W.           

J. Cotton to Laura Eveleine Bourke.    

DENGATE—WALKER—Feb 12, at Christ Church, John Den-            

gate, to Jessie Helena Walker.    

DOBSON—WILSON—Dec 12, at St. Peter's, Woolloomooloo,  

William Dobson to Sarah Wilson.

DUNDAS—LATIMER—Feb. 20, at St Philip's Church,  John           

Dundas to Lizzie Latimer.      

DYSON—TUCKERMAN—Feb. 22, at St. Andrew's Cathedral,  

James Dyson to Emily Harriet Tuckerman.  

ELLIS—THOMPSON—Feb. 25, at Hobart Town Cathedral,  

George H. Ellis, to Elizabeth Georgina Thompson.  

ELLIOTT—ELLIOTT—Feb. 20, at St. Mary's Cathedral,  Arthur    

M'Kinlay Elliott to Joanna Frances Elliott.      

FITZGERALD—SILK—Feb. 10, at the Sacred Heart Church,     

William Fitzgerald to Kate Silk.        

FLETCHER—PASSMORE—Feb. 22, at St Joseph's Church,

Woollahra, William Jaspar Donaldson Fletcher to Mary Sophia  


FOULKES—WEST—Feb. 26, at St Barnabas' Church, Glebe,  

Charles Edward Foulkes to Emma Amelia West.      

GAINFORD—CAMPBELL—March 8, at the residence of the  

bride's parents, William Richard Gainford, to Ada J. Campbell.      

GATES—KELLER—Dec 10 at St Mary's Star of the Sea, John    

Campbell Gates to Mary Elizabeth Keller.    

GODDARD—HARDING—March 20, at Sydney, John Goddard,

to Emily Harding.  

GOWING—BALL— March 13 at St David's Church, Frederick  

Lanchester Gowing to Caroline Kyle Ball  

GRAHAM—BLOW—Feb. 18, at the Wesleyan Church, Kiama,    

William Graham to Rebecca Blow.      

GREENHILL—HOGG—Feb. 24, at St. James's Church, Sydney,        

John Thomas Greenhill to Elizabeth Hogg.      

GREEN—HARDY—March 6, Paddington, James Thomas Green,        

to Annie Jane Hardy.

GROSSET—ISAACS—Jan. 27, by the Rev. Dr. M'Gibbon,            

William Grosset, to Judith Georgina Agnes Isaacs.    

GURNEY—WRAGG—March 10, at St. James Church,  Theodore  

Thomas Gurney, to Johanna Cornelia Wragg.

HAZLEWOOD—HODGSON—Feb 25, by the Rev. J.W. Brown,    

David Hazlewood, to Louie Hodgson.      

HAZELTON—M'MASTER—Feb. 21, at St John's, Paddington,      

John Hazelton to Margaret M'Master.      

HELMRICH—GAY— Feb. 27 at Paddington, Alexander B.

Helmrich, to Florence M. G. Gay.


Church, Richard Holdsworth, to Matilda Birkenhead.    

HOUGH—PEARSON— March 1, at St James's Church,    

James Alfred Hough to Harriet Pearson.

HUXLEY—MYLES— Feb. 12, by the Rev. Bernard Kenny, william

Huxley to Christina Myles.      

KELLY—BECKE— March 10, at Holy Trinity Church, Richard

Vallancey Kelly, to Edith Becke.

LEE—DODDS— March 10, at St. Clement's Church, Yass, Alfred

Lee, to Minnie Dodds.  

LEAVERS—STONE— Feb. 27, Richmond, James Leavers, to  

Annie Stone.

LYNCH—HALCRO—March 18, at Wesley Church, Melbourne,

John Mooyaart Lynch to Sarah Ann Halcro.  

MARGUAND—CRADDICK—March 8, at St Andrew's Cathe-

dral, Nicolas Bissett Marguand, to Agnes Craddick        

M'INTOSH—LAWSON— March 3, James S. M'Intosh to  Maggie               


M'KONE—HAGAN— March 1, Newtown, Felix M'Kone, to    

Maggie Hagan.  

M'LEOD—M'DONNELL—March 12, at St. Matthew's, Prahran,

Victoria, James Alex. M'Leod, to Eliza Sarah Uhr M'Donnell.          

M'WHANNELL—MORGAN—March 12, Petersham,  Thomas  

McWhannell, to Jessie Mary Morgan.        

MELVILLE—CUNNEEN— Feb. 19, at Stanmore-terrace, Glebe,    

Andrew Melville to Mary Cunneen.        

METCALFE—WHITESIDE—March 1, at St. Jude's, Randwick,          

Algernon James Metcalfe, to Lucy Jane Whiteside.      

MILLS—BOXWELL—Feb. 27, Edgeroi, Richard Brier Mills, to

Mary Frances Boxwell.        

MITCHELL—RICHARDS—March 15, at Bathurst, Frederick      

Mitchell, to Isabella Richards.

MOORE—CARTER— Feb. 19, at residence of the bride's parents,          

Arthur James Moore, to Matilda Carter.    

MOTT—PILLEY—March 11, at the residence of the bride's    

parents, William Henry Mott, to Harriet Susan Pilley.  

NASH—ROURKE— Jan 10, at Mackay, Queensland, Charles Nash,    

to Mary Rourke.  

NEWMAN—SIMPSON— Feb. 25, Surry Hills, Michael Newman,      

to Lucy Simpson.

NICKSON—SMITH—March 11, at St. Peter's Church, Woolloo-    

mooloo, Thomas Nickson, to Mary C. Smith.                

O'LOUGHLIN—BIRKINSHAW—March 5, St David's Church,  

William O'Loughlin, to Malinda Birkinshaw.              

PARTRIDGE—KING— Feb. 1, by Rev. George Woolnough,  

James Partridge to Mary Ann King.          

REEVE—WALKER—March 21, at the residence of the bride,

George Arthur Reeve to Miriam Walker.        

RENNIE—ALLEN—March 15, at Balmain, by the Rev. J. Cosh,      

David C. Rennie, to Minnie Amelia Allen.

RICHARDS—SHERLOCK—Feb 13 by the Rev Daniel Allen,

William Watkins Richards, to Elizabeth Jane Sherlock.  

RUTLEDGE—ALLEN—Feb 18, at Wesleyan Church, Ipswich,          

the Rev. W. Woolls Rutledge, to Lissie Allen.  

SCOTT—MAC MASTER—Jan 30, Scotstown, Quebec, Canada,    

John Scott, to Isabella Jane Mac Master.  

SMITH—JUDKINS—Dec 25, at the Presbyterian Manse, Red-

fern, Edward Percy Smith, to Ann Judkins.  

STAINES—MADGWICK—March 12, Richmond, William Thomas        

Staines, to Rose Ann Madgwick.

STIRLING—ALMOND— Feb. 26, Sydney, Henry Stirling, to

Mary Almond.

STOBO—WREN—Feb. 24, at the residence of the bride's parents,    

Thomas Stobo to Harriet Susan Wren.

SUTTON—WILLCOCKS— Feb 20, at St Paul's, Redfern, Daniel  

Henry Sutton, to Emma Catherine Willcocks.    

SUTTOR—BOWERMAN— March 12, at Wallerwaugh, Allan

Albert Suttor, to Cordelia Marie Jeanette Bowerman.

SWAIN—DODD—At St Paul's Church, Carcoar, by the Rev. A.

C. Hirst, Edward Plant Swain to Annie Maria Dodd.  

TOVEY—DAVIES—Feb 22, by the Rev. G. Lane, George Tovey      

to Ann Levina Davies.

WAUGH—CAMERON—Feb. 27, at St. Mary's Church, Balmain,      

John Waugh, to Julian Barbara Cameron.

WEST—ADAMS—Feb 20, at Cook's River, William John Joseph

West to Jane Mary Adams.    

WHITFIELD—M'CALLUM—March 6, at residence of the bride's      

parents, William Whitfield, to Mary Ann M'Callum.            

WHITFIELD—LOVELY—Feb 8, at St. Andrew's Cathedral,  

William John Whitfield, to Mary Lovely.    

WILKES—MAYTUM—Feb. 25, at St. Mary's pro-Cathedral,  

James William Wilkes to Mary Anne Maytum.

WILSON—LANGHORNE—March 5, Melbourne, Robert Wilson,

to Mary Langhorne.    

YEO—PATERSON—March 22, at St Phillip's Church, John Cole

Yeo to Mary Kirk Paterson.  


AGAHEG—At Serampore, Calcutta, Harriet Agaheg, 40.

ANDERSON— March 8, North Shore, Walter Scott Anderson, 26. APPLEBY— Oct. 15, 1878, England, Isabella Appleby.

ASHLIN— March 5, Burwood, Arthur Spencer Ashlin, 17 BAILEY— March 8, Balmain. Samuel Bailey 88  

BEANEY— March 3, Margaret Beaney, aged 77 years. BENNETT— March 17, Sydney, Frances Bennett, 59  

BETHEL— March 16, Paddington, Raymond A. Bethel, 16 months. BLACKMORE— March 25, Balmain, Annie Blackmore, 21  

BOWMAN— March 24, Jerry's Plains, J. Woodward Bowman, 56. BRAY— March 12, Mary Anne Bray, 58.

BRISTOWE— March 15, Sydney, H. C. Bristowe, 11 months   BROWN— March 10, drowned at sea, Sarah Brown, 53.   BROWN— March 10, drowned at sea, Maggie Brown, 28.

BROWNE— Jan. 7, Clapham, Surry, Sarah Anne Browne, 80.

BROWNHILL— Jan. 29, Alloa, Scotland, Mrs. D. Brownhill, 81.   BURFIELD— March 1, East Maitland, Isaac Burfield, 75.           BURGE— Feb 28, Parramatta, Samuel Burge, sen., 67.   BUTTERS— Feb. 28, Glebe, Louisa Butters, 50.

CAMPER— March 10, Forest Lodge, H. F. Camper, sen., 72 CAREY— March 22, Forest Lodge, Mr. James Carey, 62.    

CARUGATI— March 1, Sydney, G. H. A. Carugati, 2y, 3m. CHATFIELD— Feb 21-Queensland, Helen Chatfield.      

CHINCHEN—March 14. H.W. Lamb Chinchen, 2 years and 3 m     CLAY— March 19, Ashfield, Charles Clay, 84   COLE—March 14, Susannah Cole 23  

COMAN— Feb. 26, Waterloo, William Coman, 60.   CONDUIT- March 7, John Conduit, 64. COX— Feb. 15, Robert Futcher Cox, 22.

CRIMSTON—March 19, Sydney, James Henry Crimston, 16.       CULLEN—March 10, Jamberoo, the Rev. John Cullen.         CUMMINS—March 23, Ashfield, Robert Cummins, 29. DANDO— March 16, Balmain, Mrs. Dando, 63.

DEEBLE—Feb. 25, Sydney, Samuel Peter Deeble, 2½ years.     DELANEYFeb. 22, James Delaney.        

DEW - March 13, Sydney, Thomas R. Dew.

DIXON- Feb. 15, Mogilla, Mary Ann Dixon, 40. DOYLE- March 5, Sydney, Henry Doyle, 69.

DUGDALE - Drowned, off Newcastle, Ellen Dugdale.

DUNLOP- March 19, Queensland, George Henry Dunlop, 18.

DUNN- Feb. 27, St Peter s, Jennette Agnes Dunn, 13 months

DUNN - March 3, Dundee, Scotland, Mary Lavinia Dunn, 3 years. ELWELL - March 7, Queensland, Jennie Elwell.      

FEARNSIDE - March 1, Newcastle, Edwin John Fearnside, 29   FELL- March 12, Sydney, George Summers Fell, 44.      

FRASER - Feb. 16, Java, Julia Hermenia van Citters Fraser, 60. FRESHWATER- Feb. 28, Sydney, Horatio B. Freshwater, 5 w.           GALLOWAY- Feb. 27, Darlington, Mr. C. Galloway, 62      

GERRETT- March 3, Shoalhaven Henrietta Dobito Gerrett 66     GOODWIN-March 16, Darlington, J. C. Goodwin, 2 years 2 m HARDEN- March 10, Brisbane, Henry Scott Harden, 44.

HEPBURN- March 18, Sydney, William R. B. Hepburn, 4 mos. HILL- March 4, Villa, Picton, Alexander James Hill, 23. HOGAN- March 12, Surry Hills, Mary Hogan, 67.

HOGARTH- March 5, Chippendale, Julius Hogarth, 58 ICELY- March 9, Goimbla, Arthur Herbert Icely, 4.    

INCHER- Feb. 27, Sydney, Euphemia Elizabeth Incher, 40.      

JOHNSTONE- March 6, Mount Lachlan, Emma Johnstone, 16. JOHNSON- March 8, Balmain, Anne Johnson, 80

JOLY- March 23, Hunter's Hill, Rev. Peter Julius Joly, S.M., 31.   JONES - At Sydney, Emma Blackwell Jones, 45.            

JONES- Feb. 23, Wallerawang, Mrs Hugh Jones, 23

KELLEY- March 3, Camden, Bartholomew E. Kelley, 11 months     KEOHLER-Jan 3, Ireland, Thomas Goodwin Keohler     KING- March 18, Sydney, Mrs. King, 42.

LAMOND- Feb. 26, Sydney, William Lamond, 32

LANDSBOROUGH- March 7, Ultimo, Samuel Landsborough, 47   LANE- Feb. 25, Sydney, Sarah Lane, 56.

LEECH- Feb. 26, Waterloo, Mrs. Martha Leech, 60.  

LEWIS- March 9, Rushcutter Bay, Mortimer William Lewis, 83     LE MESSURIER- Feb. 26, Douglas Park, Mrs. Le Messurier, 48   LINCOLN- March 7, Ultimo, Philip Oriel Lincoln. LONG - Nov 14, England, Christopher Long, 46.

LUCOCK - March 13, Bombala, Louise Lucock, 64.    

McCAULEY- February 21, Darlington, Anne McCauley, 69.    

McCURDY- March 12, Newtown, Mary Emily T. M. McCurdy, 12. M'DOUGALL - March 1, Goorangoola, Ronald A. McDougall, 29.

McLOWE- Feb. 2o, Narellan, Louisa McLowe, 82.   M'MAHON - March 21, Sydney, Eliza McMahon.

MACDOUGALL - March 8, Angus Frederick MacDougall, 29.

MACKEL - Feb. 1, California, Ellen Mackel. MACKENZIE - March 4, Sydney, Jane Mackenzie, 67. MANGAN - Feb 17, Sydney, James Mangan, 33.  

MANN- March 1, Auckland, N.Z., Mrs. Thomas Mann, 70.    

MARSHALL- March 4, Lilian Beatrice Marshall, 17 months        

MARSHALL- Feb. 23, Manly, Alfred Charles Marshall, 2 years.         MASON- Jan. 24, Sydney, Captain John Mason, 34.

MAY- March 10, Moruya, William Waltham Frederick May, 24.   MEARNS - March 24, Balmain, Ida Mary Mearns, 14 months MELLIDAY- March 16, Redfern, Kate Teresa Melliday, 10 m. MILLER- March 12, Surry Hills, Alexander W. J. Miller, 2   MILLS- Feb. 28, Redfern, George Mills, 49.

MOMBERG- March 1, Sydney, Louisa Caroline Momberg, 20. MORRIS- March 11, Hobart Town, Margaret Morris, 58.

MUIR- Feb. 28, Cockatoo Island, Jessie Lloyd Muir, 7 months MURPHY- Feb. 20, Chippendale, James Patrick Murphy, 17. MUSTO- March 12, Ashfield, Herbert Stanmore Musto, 8             O'GORMAN- March 9, Sydney, Michael H. O'Gorman, 36.

PANORMO- Jan. 29, Noumea, Theophilus S. Panorino, 42.

PARKHILL- March 19, Balmain, George Edward Parkhill, 19 m.           PATON- Nov. 11, 1877, Scotland, Marjory Carmichael Paton, 85.     PAYNE- Dec. 19, England, Marie Langley Payne.  

PAYNE- March 5, Kempsey, John William Payne, 70.    

PEISLEY-March 9, Elizabeth Bay, William George Peisley, 61.                     PETERS- March 20, Manly Beach, James Cornelius Peters, 64.  

PIKE-March 7, Mary Beatrice Rose Pike, 1 year and 9 months.                 PLUMMER.-March 10, Adelong, Harriet Plummer.  

POULTON- March 20, Sydney, Minnie Poulton, 16 months. PURCELL- Feb 24, Darlinghurst, Anne Jane Purcell.  

QUIN- March 5, Paddington, Beatrice Chesney Quin, 17 months   QUINN- March 19, Orange, John Quinn.

RANKEN- Feb. 21, Brisbane, Issabella Chalmers Ranken.     REID- March 10, Redfern, Minnie Reid, 10.

RHODES- March 1 Sandgate Queensland, Eliza Sarah Rhodes       REIDY- March 20, Sydney Martin F. Reidy, 50.

ROBINSON- March 13, Balmain, Ruby Emily M. Robinson, 7 m.     ROTHWELL- March 6, Sydney, Mrs. Elizabeth Rothwell, 76.   ROWE- March 7, William Henry Rowe, 19 years 8 months.         RUSSELL- Feb. 13, Forest Lodge, Matilda Russell, 63.       RUSSELL- Sydney, James Russell, 74.          

RYAN- March 12, Newcastle, Mary Johanna Ryan, 26.    

SAUNDERS.- March 3, Sydney, Mary Scholastica Saunders, 42.   SELLER- March 4, Newtown, Mrs. Thomas Seller, sen., 88.   SHARPE - At Darlinghurst, William Sharpe, 52.  

SHAIRP- March 13, Marrickville, Kate Eliza Shairp, 12 months   SHANN- March 17, Newtown, Priscillia Grierson Shann, 52.            

SHEEHAN- March 20, Camperdown, Margaret Sheehan, 26.       SHIPTON- March 24, Paddington, Clara Jane Shipton, 68.  

SHOULTS-March 7, Surry Hills, William Henry Shoults, 6 m    

SIMPSON-Jan 14 Ireland Robert Simpson, 62  

SIVIER- March 12, Woolloomooloo. Rebecca Sivier, 56              

SMITHERS- March 1, Burwood, George Cordy Smithers, 27.       SNELL- Jan. 19, England, Miss Eliza Snell, 75.

SOMMERVILLE- Dec. 19, 1878, England, Janet Somerville, 89.         STEPHENS- March 13, Sydney, Harriett Lyle Stephens, 67. STREET- March 18, Coogee, John Widgery Street.        

TABER- Feb. 23, Menangle, Edward John Taber, 1 year.     TRAVERS - Feb. 27, Boa Vista, Louisa Travers, 17.   TUCK- March 1, West Maitland, Margaret Tuck, 62.         TUCK-March 1, West Maitland, Tuck, Margaret, 26.

TUCKWELL - Feb. 24, Parramatta, Mrs. E. M. Tuckwell, 82.         TUNKS-March 10, Pennant Hills, Mrs. John Tunks, 33. VANCE- Feb. 23, Kiama, Enoch Vance, 26.      

WALCOT-Jan. 14, England, John Walcot, 86.      

WARD- March 9, Joseph Ward, aged 59 years.          

WARD-March 18, Balmain, Ann Edgar, 53.          

WATSON - March 4, Marina, Ryde, George Cobham Watson, 55.     WATT - March 7, Denison Town, David Watt, 65.                

WEBB-March 1, St. Mary's, South Creek, Elizabeth Webb, 69.       WEBBER-March 12, Sydney, Samuel Thomas Webber, 70.               

WHITE-March 10, drowned, off Newcastle, Mrs. White, 28.               WHITEHEAD-March 12, Rachael Whitehead, 73.       

WHITTINGHAM-March 22, Sydney, Katherine H. Wittingham.   WILKES-March 24, Sydney, George Wilkes, 5 weeks.          

WILLIAMS-March 18, Alexandria, Charles Williams, 64.            

WINDYER- March 3, Wagga Wagga, Walter O. Windeyer, 47.          

WOOLF- March 1, Sydney, Morris Woolfe, 58.

YEATES-March 12, Camperdown, Ethel Maude M. Yates, 8 m.      

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