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On Saturdav last the brig Iserbrook, an account of th6 burning and scuttling ot which was given m these commas about six. we»ks ago, was jumped out bv Morkmenof Rowntree's dock, at the mstance of the Pacific Insurance Company. "Vi nen the v es-cl had been pumped out to the level of the cabin flooi, a parn of W "ter Police were sent on board to recover, 'f pot-ible the remains of Contain Fraser, who it v-ill bo remembered, veas supposed to have perched in the flamea that necessitated the sinking of the vessel After searching for some tim*1, tho constables dis- covered the bodv floatms: urdcr the floor of the cabin, through which a hole had been burnt. As ma-v bo imagined, the bodv, when recovered, was m a horrible conmuon, the skin ana flesh hav ing in some parts enttreh left the bones The tace, of course, Mas pcrfectlv unrecog- nizable, and the bodv coula on1, be identified bv means of such of the clothe-, is h"u remained on the corose The bodv was conveved to the morgu», wnere it was seen bv Dr Dinney, and vesterdav morning an.inouest was held at

the Brecknock Arms Hot»!

James Hampshire, late ch'ef ofCcm of the Iseibrook, who was onboard vvith Ciptam Fra-cr M hen the le-stl caught lire, stated that shortlv aifr * o c'ock on th» afternoon of the 21st Dec»mb»r he went on. baird the I>erbrook, and found Captain Fraser c i boird w th a eailmaker named Barron, iikcm the eaoUm intrifduced to Hampshire as a fn°nd of hi-, saying that there was some rum m tne store- room, and thev would tret so n» foi him ^Bnn-on) tn»v th»n took off one or the nr>m hatche-,, and t_» mreo una went down into the storeroom \ p»a thev got below, finding it dark, the capiim and ma e =tn. t. matches ard went to a t'»r or cast.-, behind tho mamma t, oi" of had be«n bored and was loo eh corked, Captain Fraser remii-ea, ' This must be molasses pnd pulled the cork out, and lmucd atei > a quontirv ot rum nu out on to uie oeck, Hamuslure E»"rag tms put his finger into the cask but tne hoi» be ng largo the spirit st 11 continued to ron oat, and in m» CDJUI. SIOU one of ti e men dioppea o -n itch into ti e ^put L^uor M hich immediate^ took ino both men afoupt ja to s-1 "t> out the flame, but wero unable to do so and Hamp hi-» - arm and hand Mere so scorched mat he hal tj Mithdraw his finger irom the bung-hole, and, ?pp-chtnd mg that tne rum would blu^e up, B-vron aid Ilanvo«hire lushed on deck, Hampshi'e falling uno tho ho'd a- he endeavoured to leave the s'orenom, oath»l ttei reining th» deck a fevr seeonds alternaros, he lound Barron lion», boih men went to the hatchwav and shouted the captain's name several time-, but wi hou efewt, anl then an esplo sion took p!a"p. and names and -'no1 c rvde their aop» trac-e rt the hatchway , tho emploi , of Rowntree's wha-i seemj th» flames came on bo v "nd~moved theves »1 from the wharf, witne-s never civ Captam Iraker altve atterwards, but according to hi-> beliei the bodv he hrd «esn at the deadhous», in tho presence oi tue Colmer and jur., was that oi Joseph F»-a=<rr, late c ptam oi t'-e brig


Th» ev îacn-e of this v ita«^ -v a fullv corroborat«a bv that of John Barren, a sailniasc-, residing at Balmain, who had gone on board the vc--il at the invitation oi the captam ' to nav e a ghi5, aZ grog

The jurv io and that the bodv lvms at the ddidhoure was that of Joseph Fra cr laffapta n or the 1-t.rbrook, ard, further, that hi= death k-d re ulted a" dentallv from m jturcs iec=ned whii-* dri v ng ram The tollo ung ruk was app^naed to the \crdiet ' The lu-v uie oi opimen that the delay m taking cut. ti e steps for tue re:overy o* the body is higidy censumb'c "

A weelJy newapapei devoted to the interest

of the Roman Catholic Church is to be established m Rome, and will be pnnted simultaneously m nve euftercnt


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