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THE documenta appearing below, connected with Iho land- ing of the Colonist gold-finding expedition to Now Guinea were placed at the disposal of tho Sruiatu Courur-iat publication -

" Port Moresby, Now Gomea, April 29. " The Hon. the Colunia! Secretary, Queensland

" Sir,-I havo tho honour to report to your Government that, on tho 22nd April, the schooner Colonist arrived in this port, bringing a sopy of tho Queensland Goiermnent Gazette, in which I saw that lus Excellency tho Governor, With the advice af tho Exccutivo Council, had boen pleased to honour mo With on appointment as Government agent at this port Pending tha arrival of instruotions from j our Government, I have assumed the responsibility of acting on your behalf as follows -

" On April 23 I boarded the schooner Colonist, and made a short address to the passengers, In which I informed them that Ï bad the honour to represent your Government at this port, and that it would bo my duty and pleasure to assist thom m all lawful undertakings whilo in this country 1 gavo them a fow words of advico as to their method of deal ing with tha natives, and requested them to report to mo immediately any case of thoft committed by tho natives, and that I would endeavour to recover tho property for th»m without delay 1 afterwards called a meeting of tho village chiefs and told them to report to mo any damago dono to thom or their plantations by tho white men or their


" I have tho honour to report that only two casas of thoft - have occunrtd The first coso being reported to mo imme- diately, I recovered the property about an hour later, with

tho assiitanco-cf tho chief» and nativo teacher Tbo second raso was not reported till tho following day, and the thief having mc-awhilo gono off to a neighbouring vilagc, I havo not vet boen able to recover tho stolon property

"The natives reportad that ona of their dogs bad been shot, and, upon holding on inquiry, I found that tho dog was accidentally shot, and tho claim was adjusted by the payment of a tomahawk

" I hav o pleasure in reporting that at present perfect peace and goodwill exists between the natives and the white


" On April 2J I received tho neighbouring chieftains as your representative, and having informed them that tha new armais would most probably remain in the country, and that very llkelv more white man would 30m them, they requested mo to ask for the protection of your Gov cra-

ment ,

" 1 havo the honour to forward herewith . written expres-

sion of their wishes

1 It having como to my knowledge that the schooner Swan had loft Cooktown with six mon on board, and arrived hero with five men, I asked tho crew what had becomo of the sixth man Captain Brunel, having refused to accom- pany them any further was (according to their statement) put ashore at Lizard Island, with provisions, but without tisearin» I took possession of the schooner on behalf of tha Queensland Gov crament untd such timo as I rccciv e in- structions from you, or an order for delivery from the owners with tho cousent of v our Government.

111 havo posted a notice that as Gov eminent Agent I will receive letters and forward mails by all vessels leaving th s port for Queensland

"On April tho 29th I was pro ent as a visitor at a final meeting of prospectors beforo leaving Port Moresby, at which they azreed amongst them«elvcs to ndhoro to certain rules during their abs»nce inland I have the honour to forward a copy of thoir rulos for tho inspection of jour


"Rulo 10 was opposed by several tnembe s, lut was finally carried by about two laira» ot the party After the meeting I heard several members exnrcsi their onimon that Rulo 10 would never be kept Othei however eipeeally Kinsella, threatened to shoot anv man who broko it

' After tho mee ing tho committee presented me with an address, wh eli I forward fo- tho 1n.pct.t10_ of jour Government Qiirntti 1 laka

" I have the honour toinform your Government that tbcro aro at present fortj nina British subjects doperdine, on th s port for supplies and communication with Au tralla exclusivo ot the Muston Society s emploj ces I nm expo bug fresh arrivals from Cooktown, and also from 'íovv ¿calami

" I hav e tho honour to inform v our Govcmmentthat largo trading canoes from the coast near tho Aird and Tly Riv era have latclj been to till» port with supplies of sago I nave taken capital caro to mako friends with them, as their ter- ritory has hitherto b en considered hostile It )s nf im- portance to open pcaceablo communications With them, as their land is very rich 111 sa_o, palms, and cocoanut^ I have received on invitation to vis t them, and a promise of protection from one of the chief» An old man is a'so

stoDDtnc at this villnire to return w ith me as soon a» I can

find an opportunity to go.

-I have, i£c.


"Agent Queensland Government."

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