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    Richard Henry HAYES (1852-1912) – son of Richard Hayes & Mary Ann Cook
    Sarah Julia Mycock (c1834-1919) – daughter of John Mycock & Catherine McCabe

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Family Notices

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ABIGAIL -August 26, Sydney, Mrs. F. Abigail, daughter.       AKHURST -Sept. 18, Balmain, Mrs. W. F. Akhurst, son.

AMBROSE -Aug. 25, Braidwood, Mrs. C. N. Ambrose, daughter.     ARCHIBALD - ept. 14, Taralga, wife of Rev. J. H. Archibald, d. ARMSTRONG -Sept. 1, t. Leonards, Mrs. John Armstrong, son.       ASHDOWN -Aug. 28, Mackay, Mrs. E. P. Ashdown, daughter.       AUSTIN -Sept. 1, Cowra, Mrs. B. Austin, twin sons.

BAILEY -Aug. 24, Stanmore, Mrs. Alfred Bailey, son.     BALY -Aug. 31, Sydney, Mrs. E. Baly, twin sons.

BARNETT -August 29, Sydney, Mrs. Mark Barnett, daughter.                           BARTON -August 24, Sydney, Mrs. J. Barton, daughter.       BENT -Sep. 13, Parramatta, Mrs. Charles Bent, son.          

BIGNELL -Sep. 26, Stanmore, Mrs. Alfred Bignell, daughter.  

BOAKE -Sep. 2, North Willoughby, Mrs. R. C. Boake, daughter. BOARD -August 10, Melbourne, Mrs. T. A. Board, daughter.          

BOWMAKER -August 29, Sydney, Mrs. M. H. Bowmaker, son.        

BRANSGROVE -Aug. 31, Surry Hills, Mrs. J. H. Bransgrove, d.     BRAZIER -August 28, Sydney, Mrs. John Brazier, daughter.                

BREILLAT -Sep. 14, Marrickville, Mrs. R. G. Breillat, daughter.               BURROWES -Aug. 29, Newcastle, Mrs. John Burrowes, son.     BURNE -August 23, Newtown, Mrs. E. E. Burne, son.  

BURROWES -August 22, Balmain, Mrs. W. T. Burrowes, son.             CAMPBELL -Aug. 20, Glen Innes, Mrs. J. A. Campbell, son.       CAZENAVE -Aug. 30, Sydney, Mrs. J. Cazenave, daughter. CHRISTIE -Sep. 7, Mrs. W. B. B. Christie, daughter. CLIFT -Aug. 29, East Maitland, Mrs. S. Clift, son.

COLLIER -Aug. 31, Sydney, Mrs. C. A. Collier, son.

COLLINS -Sep. 7, Marrickville, Mrs. William Collins, son.    

CORNWELL -Sep. 4, Sydney, Mrs. John Cornwell, daughter.       COTTER -Sep. 5, Sydney, Mrs. John Cotter, son.

CRAIG -Aug. 31, Sydney, Mrs. Robert Craig, son.    

CRACE -August 21, Gininderra, Mrs. E. K. Crace, daughter.        

CROWLEY -Aug. 25, Windsor, Mrs. J. H. Crowley, son.  

DAVIES -Sep. 9, Armidale, Mrs. David G. Davies, daughter. DAVIES -September 1, Sydney, Mrs. Davies, daughter.          

DAVIS -Aug. 22, Canterbury Road, Mrs. A. A. Davis, jun., son.         DAVIS -Aug. 30, Surry Hills, Mrs. Walter Davis, son.     DECK -Sept. 18, Sydney, Mrs. J. Field Deck, son.      

DOBSON - Aug. 30, Newcastle, wife of Rev. J. S. Dobson, d.     DOLE -Sept. ?, Surry Hills, Mrs. T. G. Dole, son.

DOUGLAS -Aug. 19, Inveraloch, Mrs. W. Douglas, son.      

DOUGLASS -Sept. 5, M'Grath's Hill, Mrs. W. W. Douglass, son.       DONALDSON -August 19, Burrundulla, Mrs. L. S. Donaldson, d.             DREW -Sept. 16, Newcastle, Mrs. Thomas C. Drew, d.     DUNK -Sept. 8, Waterloo, Mrs. A. Dunk, daughter.      

DUNRICH -August 31, Sydney, Mrs. Ellis Dunrich, daughter.  

EDWARDS -Aug. 29, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. J. Edwards, daughter.       EGAN -August ?6, Bundarra, Mrs. P. J. Egan, son.

ELLIS -Sept. 1, Surry Hills, Mrs. J. H. Ellis, daughter.  

FARMER -Sept. 8, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. H. Farmer, daughter.           FITZHARDINGE -Sept. 16, Mrs. G. H. Fitzhardinge, d.    

FLETCHER -Sept. 11, North Kingston, Mrs. J. D. Fletcher, d.       FRASER -Aug. 22, Glebe Road, Mrs. George Fraser, son. FRASER -August 16, Botany, Mrs. D. Fraser, son.      

FREEMAN -Aug. 28, Marrickville, Mrs. W. Freeman, son.       FRIEND -Aug. 29, Burwood, Mrs. W. Friend, son.

GEDDES -Sept. 9, Redfern, Mrs. James Geddes, daughter.    

GILLISPIE -July 21, Norwood, London, Mrs. J. Gillispie, d.   GLANHAM -Aug. 31, Surry Hills, Mrs. C. O. Glanham, son.       GORDON -August 13, Sydney, Mrs. E. W. Gordon, daughter.     GREAVES -Aug. 29, Orange, Mrs. J. S. Greaves, son.    

GRIFFITHS -Aug. 25, Erskineville Road, Mrs. H. Griffiths, son.       HALE -Aug. 11, Sydney, Mrs. S. J. Hale, son.

HAMBURGER -Aug. 13, Waverley, Mrs. W. C. G. Hamburger, d.   HAMMON -August 19, Rushcutter Bay, Mrs. F. Hammon, d.         HEALY - Sept. 5, Sydney, Mrs. P. J. Healy, son.

HETHERINGTON -Sept. 13, Gladestone, Mrs. Hetherington, d.    

HOGBEN -Aug. 31, Strawberry Hill, Mrs. E. Hogben, daughter.   HODGEKISS -August 27, Balmain, Mrs. A. Hodgekiss, son.   HOLLAND -August 23, Coogee, Mrs. H. Holland, daughter.        

HOUISON -August 27, Sydney, Mrs. Andrew Houison, daughter.   HUMFRESS -Sept. 6, Paddington, Mrs. H. C. Humfress, son.     HUME -August 17, North Shore, Mrs. W. Hume, son.

HUTTON -August 3, Glebe Point Road, Mrs. G. Hutton, daughter. HUTCHINSON -August 26, Balmain, Mrs. W. A. Hutchinson, d.   JACKSON -Sept 13, Newcastle, Mrs. John Jackson, son.       JAMIESON -Sept. 4, Darlington, Mrs. W. Jamieson, son.       JOHNSON -Sept. 10, Sydney, Mrs. James Johnson, son.

JOHNSTON -Sept. 11, Walcha, Mrs. John Johnston, son. JONES -Sept. 4, Sydney, Mrs. J. T. Jones, jun., son. LAW -Sept. 17, Sydney, Mrs. Charles H. Law, d. LOWE -August 29, Sydney, Mrs. S. Lowe, son.

KEMP -Sept 3, Sydney, Mrs. G. T. Kemp, daughter.

LAKEMAN -Aug. 26, Brownlow Hill, Mrs. John Lakeman, son.     LARKIN -August 14, Forest Lodge, Mrs. P. R. Larkin, son.   LEES -Sept. 6, Darlinghurst, Mrs. S. E. Lees, daughter. LEVI -August 17, Moore Park, Mrs. A. Levi, son.

MACDONALD -Aug. 18, Albury, Mrs. J. M. Macdonald, daughter.   MAIDEN -Aug. 31, Marrickville, Mrs. G. Maiden, daughter.           MANTON -Sept. 10, Parramatta, Mrs. John K. Manton, d.

MARSHALL -Aug. 29, Marrickville, Mrs. J. Marshall, son.         MAY -Sept. 10, Woollahra, Mrs. W. D. May, daughter. MAYNE -Aug. 29, Inverell, Mrs. T. R. B. Mayne, son.

MIDDLETON -Sept. 9, Wagga Wagga, Mrs. Cecil A. Middleton, s. MITCHELL -August 18, Wandsworth, Mrs. J. R. Mitchell, d.

MOYNAN -Aug. 26, Pyrmont, Mrs. C. O. B. Moynan, daughter. MORRISON -Aug. 14, Mrs. George Morrison, son.    

MORROW -Sept. 4, Moore Park, Mrs. Joseph Morrow, daughter.       MURPHY -August 11, Wollongong, Mrs. J. P. Murphy, son. MYERS -August 15, Miller's Point, Mrs. G. Myers, son.

McLEAN -Sept. 5, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. W. McLean, son.           NORRIE -Aug. 17, Grafton, Mrs. Frank Norrie, son.

NOWLAND -August 27, Liverpool Plains, Mrs. G. Nowland, d.       OSBORNE -Sept. 8, Mrs. G. Osborne, son.

OSGOOD -Sept. 2, Surry Hills, Mrs. W. J. Osgood, daughter. O'DEA -Sept. 12, Balmain, Mrs. J. K. O'Dea, daughter.       PEARSON -August 29, Sydney, Mrs. J. Pearson, son. PENSON -Sept. 5, Sydney, Mrs. J. A. Penson, son.  

PICKBURN -August 22, Sydney, Mrs. T. Pickburn, son. PINHEY -Sept. 8, Glebe Point, Mrs. W. H. Pinhey, son. POMEROY -Sept. 13, Petersham, Mrs. J. Pomeroy, son.

POWELL -Aug. 4, Thargomindah, Queensland, Mrs. Powell, son. PRIMROSE -Sept. 8, Windsor, Mrs. William Primrose, son.           PYNE -Sept. 4, Grenfell, Mrs. D. Pyne, son.    

QUINLAN -Aug. 19, Sydney, Mrs. T. Quinlan, daughter.

RAMSAY -August 24, Sydney, Mrs. A. Ramsay, daughter.

ROBERTS - Sep. 3, Potts' Point, Mrs. C. J. Roberts, daughter.   ROBERTS -Sept 4, Merioola, Mrs. C. F. Roberts, daughter.

ROSENTHALL -Sept. 8, Sydney, Mrs. Jacob S. Rosenthall, d.    

ROWSELL -Aug. 31, Hunter's Hill, wife of Rev. T. H. Rowsell, s.   SHAW -Aug. 16, Wallerawang, Mrs. John Shaw, daughter.     SIMPSON -Sept 11, Sydney, Mr. George Simpson, d.

SINGLETON -Aug. 1?, Orange, Mrs. T. Singleton, son.   SORRIE -August 20, Balmain, Mrs. Sorrie, daughter.  

STEDMAN -August 28, Sydney, Mrs. J. Stedman, son.      

STEENBHOM -Sept. 19, Surry Hills, Mrs. A. M. Steenbhom, son. STEVENSON -August 24, Bombala, Mrs. G. Stevenson, son.    

STRETTON -Sept. 15, Mudgee, wife of Rev. F. W. Stretton, d.   SUTHERLAND -August 9, Uralla, Mrs. J. Sutherland, son. TALBOT -Sept. 4, Surry Hills, Mrs. W. Talbot, son.   TAYLOR -Sept. 1, Parramatta, Mrs. J. J. Taylor, d.

THOMPSON -Sept. 1, Armidale, Mrs. James Thompson, son. THOMPSON -Sept. 7, Sydney, Mrs. D. Thompson, d.

THOMPSON -Aug. 11, St. Leonards, Mrs. W. H. Thompson, son. TODD -August 23, Redfern, Mrs. R. C. Todd, daughter.

TOOTH -Aug. 18, Cleveland, Queensland, Mrs. ?. E. U. Tooth, s   TRACEY -August 9, Albion Estate, Mrs. Tracey, daughter.       VINDIN -Sept. 10, West Maitland, Mrs. A. Vindin, daughter. WARD -Aug. 26, Sydney, Mrs. James H. Ward, son.   WALL -Aug. 28, Moore Park, Mrs. Joseph Wall, son.

WEST -June 5, Ardenode, Ireland, Mrs. A. A. West, son.

WOTTON - Sept. 14, Yass, Mrs. W. J. E. Wotton, son

WORTHINGTON -Sept. 9, Mrs. George Worthington, d YOUNG -Sept. 17, Balmain, Mrs. J. A. Young, son.


BEDWELL-SMITH -Sept. 12, at St. James's, Sydney, Charles   William Bedwell to Evelyna Henrietta Smith.  

BLACKBURN-KENDALL -August 27, at SS. Peter and Paul's, Milton, Henry C. Blackburn to Catherine Kendall.

BOWMAN-SOLOMON -July 25, at the residence of the Hon.

A. Levy, M.L.C., Alexander Bowman to Sara Anette Solomon.        

BRITCHER-JARVIS -July 25, Wagga Wagga, Henry S. Britcher to Elizabeth Selena Jarvis.

BROWN-LYNCH -August 28, at St. Michael's, Sydney, George

Brown to Mary Ann Gertrude Lynch.      

BULLIVANT-MOFFETT -August 18, at St. Andrew's Cathedral,             Sydney, Maurice Bullivant to Catherine Moffett.       BUTTS-HOLT -August 25, at St. Paul's, Redfern, Truth William

Palmer Butts to Susan Norah Wells Holt.           CHANCELLOR-BEECHEY -August 31, at St. James's, Sydney,    

Sydney Chancellor to Ida Catherine Beechey.             CHISHOLM-KEYS -Sept. 18, at Bengalla, Arthur B. Chisholm to Maggie Johnston Keys.

CLARKE-SHORTHOSE -July 26, Carlton, Melbourne, Michael    

James Clarke to Florence Shorthose.            

COCHRAN-GIBBONS -Aug. 22, at St. John's, Parramatta, Benjamin Cochran to Elizabeth C. S. Gibbons. COHEN-HOLLOMAN -August 31, at the residence of the bride's     parents, Matthew Henry Cohen to Adeline Emma Holloman.          

COLLIS-SPARKS -August 10, at the Congregational Church,                  

Marrickville, Arthur Herbert Collis to Martha Sparks.       COLLINS-ROBINSON -Sept. 1, at St. Matthew's, Windsor,  

George Thomas Collins to Mary Robinson.          

CROUCH-PENNANT -Sept. 5, at St. John's, Darlinghurst, Henry Augustus Crouch to Isabel Tennant.

DALE-McLACHLAN -July 18, at Trinity Church, Orange,    

William Henry Dale to Flora Rosina McLachlan.              

DANIEL-BERNAUER -July 10, at the residence of Mr. Archi-        

bald Smith, Surry Hills, James Daniel to Esther Bernauer.      

DANIELS-MATTERSON -July 26, at Urara, Ra..orni.., Levi Daniels to Hannan Jane Matterson.

FAULKNER-PRIMMER -September 1, at the Manse, Watt-              

street, William Faulkner to Mary Jane Primmer.          

FERNANDEZ-JACOBS -Sept. 5, at York-street Synagogue,      

Isaac Fernandez to Sarah Jacobs.              

FLANNERY-TORPY -Sept. 1, at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Mr. David Flannery to Mary Torpy. GODDEN-BRYDON -July 26, at the Church, Palmer-street, Tom Godden to Sarah Brydon.  

GRAHAM-MASSEY -August 22, at St. Peter's Manse, North        

Shore, Andrew Anderson Graham to Isabella Amie Massey.              

HAIGH-McDOWELL -August 22, Sydney, Henry Lyon Haigh to Mrs. Mary Ann McDowell.

HAYES-MYCOCK -August 15, at the Congregational Church            

Windsor, Richard Henry Hayes to Miss Sarah Julia Mycock.      

HEDGES-CHADWICK -August 16, at St. Michael's, Surry Hills            

John Walter Hedges to Mary Ann Chadwick.            

HERN-CANNING -Sept. 5, at Christ Church, St. Leonards,    

Charles Edward Hern to Ada Louisa Augusta Canning.                        

HIGGINS-TURNIDGE -Aug. 17, at the residence of the bride's        

parents, Thomas Higgins to Jane Turnidge.                

HILL-THOMAS -Feb. 22, William Hill to Eugenia Annie Thomas.

HOBBS-ROBINSON -August 13, at St. Michael's, Surry Hills,      

Thomas Hobbs to Matilda Jane Robinson.              

HODGES-WITMORE -March 24, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, Edwin    

Oscar Hodges to Eliza Lang.              

JOHNSON-NOBLE -August 3, Woolloomooloo, James Johnson        

to Hannah Noble.        

JOSEPH-JOSEPH -August 23, 119, Botany-street, Jacob            

Joseph to Rosetta Joseph.          

JOSKE-MARCUS -August 26, at 150, Alberto-terrace, Alexander Joske to Therese Marcus. KENDALL-SCOTT -Sept. 4, at Sydney, Benjamin Kendall to Helen Scott.

KING-NEWBERY -August 26, at St. Philip's, Sydney, Joseph  

Nelson King to Louisa Elizabeth Newbery.                  

LYONS-WAUGH -Sept. 13, at Bethel House, George-street,          

James Lyons to Jane Waugh.          

MAUNSELL-JOHNSTON -August 13, at the residence of the        

parents of the bride, Charles Maunsell to Agnes Johnson.        

MITCHELL-CAMERON -Aug. 1, at the Scotch Church, Church-        

hill, A. J. Mitchell to ChristinaCameron.      

MUIR-LLOYD -Sept. 6, at Darlington, David Ralston Muir to        

Sarah Threlkeld Lloyd.              

McDONALD-O'KEEFFE -Aug. 29, at St. Mary's pro-Cathedral,          

John W. McDonald to Mary Jane O'Keeffe.            

McENERNEY-O'BRIEN -Sept. 6, at St. Joseph's, Newtown,          

James McInerney to Catherine O'Brien.      

PORTER-ROWSELL -April 5, at St. Peter's, Brighton, Eng-      

land, the Rev. J. Porter, M.A., to Adeline Mary Rowsell.        

RICHARDSON-GRIFFIN -August 15, at St. Michael's, Wollon-       gong, Fred Richardson to Angelina Griffin.        

ROBOTTOM - ANDERSON. - August 29, at West Bargo Villa,

Henry Robottom, Esq., to Rachel Anderson.              

SEWARD-CASELLA -June 27, at St. Joseph's Retreat , High-              

gate, Harry Seward to Josephine Jeanne Casella.    

TIIOMPSON-EDWARDS -August 8, at St. Bartholomew's,        

Pyrmont, Theodore L. Thompson to Frances Conway Edwards.             THOMSON-MENZIES -June 29, at the British Legation, Lima,          

James R. Thomson to Mary Menzies.          

TRIMMER-EVANS -July 21, at St. Ann's, Ryde, Henry    

Trimmer to Elizabeth Jane Evans.          

WALKER-ROBINSON -Aug. 16, at St. Paul's, Redfern, John    

Walker to Mary Anne Robinson.          

WAKELY-BROWN -August 4, Morpeth, Joseph Wakely to          

Elizabeth Brown, of Lambton, N. S. W.    

WILMOTT-WADDY - July 17, at Monkstown Church, county      

Dublin, Samuel Cusack Wilmot to Annie Warren Waddy.            

WORSLEY-HILL -August 25, at Redfern, James Thomas        

Worsley to Emma Susan Hill.    


ADAMS -August 18, Waterloo, Mr. Thomas Adams, 75.      

ALBIEZ -South Brisbane, John Albiez, native of Switzerland.            

ALEXANDER -July 29, Dungrange, Ayrshire, John Alexander, 51.     ALLEN -August 2.., Gladesville, Mr. Joseph Allen, 62.                

ANDERSON -August 15, Wollongong, Mr. Gerald Anderson, ??               ANDERSON -August 19, William Foster Anderson, 10 months.            

BALMAIN -Sept.15, Cooma, Edith Mary, Balmain, 15 months.               BARNETT -August 22, Woolloomooloo, Maria Barnett.  

BATES -August 24, Balmain, Mary Ann Bates, 65.       BEARD -August 26, Balmain, Lizzie Beard.        

BROWN -September 2, Sydney, Sarah Brown, 36.       BOARD -August 11, Melbourne, Susan Board.                

BOARD -August 27, Melbourne, Ellen Victoria Board, 34.             ARMYTAGE -Sept. 11, Bourke, George Robert Armytage.        

BRODIE -Sept. 4, Woolloomooloo, V. R. Brodie, 13 months.

BUCHANAN -Sep. 3, Chippendale, H. H. B. Buchanan, 4 months.         BURBIDGE -Sept. 9, Strawberry Hill, Ann Burbidge        

BURNETT -Aug. 25, Edward James Burnett, 1 year and 3 weeks.   BUSHER -Balmain, Margaret Busher, 48.      

CAMPBELL -Sept. 9, Parramatta, Mary Campbell, 74.

COHEN -Sept. 18, Woollahra, Albert Cohen, 18 months.    

COPELAND -Sept. 14, Newtown, Rachael Copeland, 5 weeks.             CORDEAUX -Sept. 9, Darlinghurst, Ann Cordeaux, 86.         COWAN -Sept. 17, Darlington, Richard Cowan, 67.      

CROUCHER -Sept. 1, Parramatta, William G. Croucher, 76.       DALE -Aug. 20, William Henry Dale.     DEEBLE -Sept. 13, James Deeble, 48.        

DONOVAN -August 22, Hyde Park, Daniel Donovan, 68.

DOWSWELL -August 0, Concord, Charlotte Dowswell, 34.           DOYLE -Sept. 5, Sydney, Jane Doyle, 67.

DRAKE -Sept. 12, Petersham, S. D. Drake, 1 year and 8months.   EAGAR -Sept. 8, Glebe, Rosamond Violet Eagar, 15.                 FAGAN -Sept. 6, Sydney, Mary Fagan, 31.      

FERRIER -September 4, Sydney, Mary Ann Ferrier, 75.         FILMER -August 26, Chippendale, John Filmer, 59.        

FLETCHER -Sept. 14, North Kingston, Elizabeth Fletcher.             FLYNN -Sept. 19, Sydney, Mary Ann Flynn, 29.  

FORBES -August 30, Liverpool, Arthur Leslie Forbes, 3 months.             FORD -Sept. 5, Sackville Reach, Mrs. Mary Ann Ford, 75.     GELLATLY -Sept. 5, Sydney, Alexander Gellatly.  

GILCHRIST -Sept. 13, Surry Hills, Katie Gilchrist, 24.      

GLAISTER -Aug. 8, Brisbane, Thomas Skelton M. Glaister, 26.       GLENNIE -September 1, Singleton, Anne Isabella Glennie.         GUTHRIE -Sept. 10, Badgelly, Catherine Guthrie, 63.            

HADDELL -Sept. 15, Woollahra, Mary Ann Haddell, 64.     HANNAH -August 26, Pennant Hills, James Hannah, 23.      

HASTIE-BAKER -July 26, Sydney, Eliza L. Hastie-Baker, 66.       HAWKINS -Sept. 8, Paddington, Eliza Hawkins, 68.

HERRING -August 31, Longbottom, Mrs. Jane Herring, 56.              

HENDERSON -Surry Hills, Mrs. Allan Henderson, 40.       HEWITT -Sept. 2, Denman, Henry Hewitt, 75.    

HICKSON -Woolloomooloo, John Thomas Hickson, 49.           HILL -August 31, Sydney, Mary Ann Hill, 39.       HOPE -June 25, Paris, Eliza Hope.    

HOLDSWORTH -September 2, Sydney, Emma Holdsworth, 49.         HOOPER -Sept. 8, Sydney, Henry Hooper, 35.  

HUMPHERY -Sept. 6, Charles Innis Scott Humphery.       HUME -Augut 23, Surry Hill, James Hume, 7 weeks.      

IRVING -Sept. 8, Maryborough, Gertrude Charlotte Irving. JAGO -Sept. 12, Cootomundry, William Corfew Jago.         JAGGER -Sept. 11, Balmain, Joe Jagger, 59.  

JAY -September 1, Paddington, Irene Beatrice Jay, 2 months.             JENNER -August 29, Forest Lodge, Sarah Jane Jenner, 47.       JONES -Sept. 5, Sydney, James Turley Jones, 1 day.    

JONES -Sept. 5, Redfern, George Jones, 56.        

JOSEPH -Sept. 6, Sydney, Henry Joseph, 48. KEANE -Ultimo, Patrick Keane, 76.        

KIRK -Aug. 28, Geelong, Victoria, Dora Kirk.

KUPER -July 19, Plymouth, Emma Margaret Kuper.            

KNUCKEY -Sept. 7, Waverley, Benjamin Knuckey, 48.       LEECH -Sept. 19, Waterloo, Edward Leech, 65.            

LIDDIARD -Sept. 8, Darlington, Radford Polycarp Liddiard, 31.         MACKEL -Sept. 10, Wollongong, Florence Madeline Mackel, 8½.             MALCOLM -Sept. 13, Woolloomooloo, Edward Malcolm, 39.           MAUGHAN -August 29, Oxley, Robert Maughan, 41.  

MECHAM -June 26, Jersey, Harriet Catherine Mecham, 70.        

MEGARVY -Aug. 26, Wollongong, James P. Megarvy, 4 months.       MERRINGTON -Sept. 5, Surry Hills, J. Mayfield Merrington, 49.     MOLLET—Sept. 7, Balmain, Bridget Agnes Mollet, 33.    

MOORE -August 23, Randwick, William Oldbridge Moore, 9.         McCARTHY -Sept. 6, Sydney, Miss McCarthy, 31.                

McDONNELL -Aug. 23, Windsor, Melbourne, R. J. McDonnell, 27.     McKENNA -Sept. 7, Surry Hills, Patrick Theaddius McKenna, 17. McMILLAN -August 28, Lane Cove. Mr. John McMillan, 84.  

NELSON -July 18, Stoke, England, Major-General Nelson, 74.

NISBET -Sept. 11, Pyrmont, Mabel Eveline Nisbet, 4¼ months. NOBBS—Sept. 10, Kingsgrove, William Henry Nobbs, 3.   ORTON -August 26, Parramatta, Sarah Orton, 81.     OSBORNE -Sept. 8, James Edward Osborne.    

OVERTON -August 27, Sydney, John Overton, 98.      

O'SULLIVAN -August 31, Burwood, Sylvester O'Sullivan, 46.         PAIN - Sept. 16, Norwood, Mrs. Henry Pain.

PEARCE -Aug. 31, Double Bay, Rosina E. Pearce, 1 year 11 month. PEARSON -August 22, Surry Hills, Ann Pearson, 55.  

PELLETIER -Aug. 23, New Caledonia, Marie M. C Pelletier.     PURTON -July 25, Macdonald Town, Ann Purton, 45.

RIELLY -Sept. 7, Sydney, Matthew Rielly.    

ROBERTS -August 20, West Maitland, Henry Roberts, 74.     RUSSELL -Sept. 19, North Shore, James Russell, 53.         RYAN -Sept. 16, Sydney, Edward Ryan, 6 years.        

SAVAGE -July 5, San Francisco, Henry Savage, 54.  

SCHIMEL -August 21, Waterloo, Theresa Schimel, 83.        

SCOTT -Sept. 7, Sydney, A. I. Scott, 16 months 17 days.

SCOUGALL -Aug. 26, Maryborough, Richard T. Scougall, 69.   SELKIRK -Sept. 15, Windsor, John Selkirk, 63.   SHARKEY -Sept. 15, Sydney, Susan Sharkey.       SHAW -Pyrmont, Mary Ann Shaw, 77.

SHARWOOD—August 24, Brewarrina, Christina Sharwood.  

SHEPPARD -August 30, Sydney, Cecilia Sheppard, 18½ years.      

SIMPSON -August 25, Camden, Grace Simpson, 3 years 5 months SLADE -Sept. 11, Darlinghurst, Myra Lucy Slade, 10 months.     SMITH -Sept. 10, Queanbeyan, Eleanor Ethel May Smith.   SMITH -Sydney, Andrew Smith.

SPOONER -August 28, Milton, Mary Burnside Spooner, 4 months. SPRINGTHORHE -July 27, Lee, Kent, England, A. G. Spring


SPRINGEET -Sept. 15, Molong Road, Robert Colman Springeet. STAADER—August 19, Louis Staader, 13 years 7 months. STRATFORD -August 20, Kogarah, Mary Stratford.

SUTHERLAND -July 15, Scotland, John Sutherland, 92.  

TATHAM -August 24, Balmain, Louisa Bertha Maud Tatham.

TRASEY -Sept. 13, Nea Katharine Trasey, 1 year and 5 months,       TRASEY -August 28, Redfern, Ellen Trasey.

TROTTER -Sept. 18, Sydney, Catherine Charlotte Trotter, 43.                       TRUEMAN -August 27, Nelligen, John Trueman, 62.  

TUCKERMAN -August 28, Mudgee, atherine Tuckerman. TYE -September 1, Newtown, Louisa Tye.

WALKER - August 30, Glebe, William Walker, 53.        

WALL -August 20, Parramatta, John Joseph Wall, 31. WEBB - July 1, Sydney, James Webb, 59.

WESBEY -August 10, Sydney, William George Wesbey, 52.

WICKHAM -August 28, Parramatta, Laura Ann Wickham, 35. WILSHIRE -Sept. 11, Thomas William Faithful Wilshire, 34.       WILLMOTT -Sept. 13, Braidwood, Elizabeth Willmott. WINTOR - August 27, Prospect, Ann Wintor.

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