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WlL01.v*IA 1KD Distejot UoariXAt. — Further list of eubscribara WiU 1-rtnt.iti: T. Ponder, M. Cooke, Mr« ICo' r.rt», Urs Parkor. Mena Murtee : W. KUi.u. Drumura . E. D. tihilla '?oer. Whito Cliffs : T. B. Martin. The 1(cv. Ilornce Holhorinjf'oni OrK:-nis:nj; Secmtnry uf tbo Anglican Clixreh, nriireii in Wilcaani* last SuniluT it. time for thft (tvnninrr

and found n large congregation nvrait in^ liin». ilo will again ofEciate at tho ►efrit-e. at 3. James' Church on Suminjr Uoi», N'j»ombor 18. Aa clerical (i-crutaiy, *? lis risita CTor j riarixh of tliu dioco»o on behalf of the uiTrrinn Chuich Fund. A fund vhicti ha» tir iia chief object tho aug menting tho ati[M-nds o£ tho clergy ?B-hen inudi q'ldte. Thia ia hit teiond risit ia our miJat. Laai year ho col

iocmu- znto- iDrougnout tbo dtoceas for this fund, £55 from this [-aiuh. Ilo ia again meeting with much od courigom'ont. Trnrollin^ byoir from 'ay, via Hillitob, he giro a glowing account of the country through whit ti fta paM^d. Nurur hoa ho aota such crop# and auch graaa. SHOOTING ACCIDENT AT MOMBA   Word reached town on Tuesday evening that a young man named   Jack Stanley, nephew of Mr Joseph Timms, owner of Momba station, had that day shot himself dead at the homestead. The Coroner (Mr F. W.     Smith) went out Wednesday, and held an inquiry the same evening. From the evidence it appears the deceased went to his room soon after the dinner hour, and it is supposed that, as he was to leave shortly on a visit to his parents in Melbourne, he was putting his belongings together  

and while handling a revolver it exploded, the bullet entering his head, no doubt death being instantaneous.   He was in his 18th year, and was well-liked on the station. The coroner's   verdict was to the effect that the   deceased died from a bullet wound     accidentally inflicted by himself. The body was interred in the station cemetery near the homestead, Mr W.

Robbins, undertaker from Wilcannia,   carrying out funeral arrangements. Aocrt on Sald— Tho sale of furniture advertised fur^Vvdnesday Iaet at thu rs.idence of Urn Coil way, had (o be postpoood, Kut Will take place to day, commencing at 2 p m, Methodist ' Faib. — This annual fixtars ia to be opened in,. tbo Odd felloffit' Ilull on Wednesday Sftamooo next at 3 p.m. Those concerned hare been actively ongnged ' in preparing for the various stalls, irith the result

before iho publio an unusually ohoico and useftil 'fl-urtmsn: :i articles. A good donl of attention has been paid to th' I'hildron, and their (liaplftys ?lone should bo ty- II worth going to ?ee. Soo ad. in this ieauo. Hioaoeumt.— The engagement ia announced of Dorothy, oocon l datigh ?or of Mr nnd Mrs A. W. Wutson, to Frederick 0. Shndtrick, butli of Wilrannia.

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