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AIKEN.--May 20, Sydney, Mrs. J. J. Aiken, of a son.  

ALCOCK.--May 27, Surry Hills, Mrs. T. M. Alcock, of a son. ALLEN.-June 20, Woollahra, Mrs. Hector Allen, of a son       ALSTON.—June 4, Sydney, Mrs. Alexander Alston, of a son.  

ANEY.—June 14, Sydney, Sarah Jane, younger daughter of William and Sarah Aney, aged 10 years and 8 months.

AUSTIN.—May 29, Sydney, Mrs. B. Austin, of Cowra, of a daugh-

ter, prematurely.    

BARR.--June 12, Waterloo, Mrs. Samuel Barr, of a son.

BARRIE.—June 4, Sydney, Mrs. J. H. Barrie, of a daughter. BAXTER.—May 24, Sydney, Mrs. J. Baxter, of a daughter. BELLEMEY.—May 25, Mrs. J. A. Bellemey, of a son.  

BENSON.—June 4, Mrs. Charles Benson, of a daughter.     BERRY.—May 24, Albury, Mrs. T. Berry, of a daughter.     BIRKS.—May 30, Darlinghurst, Mrs. T. Birks, of a son.    

BIRKMYRE.—June 16, Sydney, the wife of William Wrixon  

Birkmyre, of a daughter.      

BISCHOFF.—June 12, Costwych, Mrs. C. Bischoff, a son.    

BOSSLEY.—June 9, Louisaville, Mrs. F. M. Bossley, a daughter.     BRANCKER.—April 4, Vailile, Apia, Navigator's Island, Mrs. A.  

E. Brancker, of a son.

BRANSBY.—June 6, Moss Vale, Mrs. S. Bransby, of a son.  

BROOKES.—June 4, Manaro, Mrs. W. H. Brookes, of a son.    

BURGESS.—May 23, Paddington, Mrs. B. R. Burgess, of a son.         CAMPBELL.—May 7, Sydney, Mrs. D. Campbell, of a son.  

CAPEL.—May 14, Canterbury, Mrs. R. R. A. Capel, of a son.        

CHAPMAN.--May 19, Glebe Point, Mrs. H. Chapman, a daughter. COOPER.—June 6, Sydney, Mrs. Walter H. Cooper, of a son.     CORMACK.--June 2 Paddington, Mrs. D. Cormack, of a son.  

COTTON.—June 18, Forbes, Mrs. R. Cotton, of a son, stillborn. CRAGO.—June 5, Sydney, Mrs. W. H. Crago, of a daughter.

CRAWLEY.— June 19, Redfern, Mrs. T. W. Crawley, of a son.    

CRAWSHAW.—May 27, Forest Lodge, Mrs. G. Crawshaw, of a    


DANVERS.—June 22, Rocky Mouth, Mrs. Danby H. Danvers, of

a son.

DAVIES.—May 27, Moama, Mrs. Albert Davies, of a daughter. DAVIS.—June 15, Bathurst, Mrs. C. F. Davis, of a daughter.    

DAVIDSON.—May 28, Edgecliff Road, Mrs. J. Davidson, of a  


DAWSON.—June 14, at Cowra, Mrs James Dawson, of a son.  

DEACON. —May 28, Redfern, Mrs. E. W. Deacon, of a daughter.   DENMEAD.—Appin, Mrs. W. Denmead, of a daughter.

DOWMAN.--June 5, Canadian, Mrs. J. W. Dowman, of a son.   DRAKE.—May 15, Sydney, Mrs. John Drake, of a daughter.

DUNN.—June 4, The Oaks, Mrs. Charles Dunn, of a son.

DURHAM.--June 16, Camperdown, Mrs. J. R. Durham, of a son. EVANS.—June 15, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. D. Evans, of a son.     FOSTER.—May 23, Sydney, Mrs. B. Foster, of a daughter.  

FREESTONE.—May 28, Young, Mrs. A. S. Freestone, of a son. FUSSELL.—May 27, Inverell, Mrs. J. C. Fussell, of a daughter.  

GOLDRICH.—June 28, Sydney, the wife of the Rev. I. M. Gold-    

reich, of a daughter.

GANDON.—June 3, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. A. J. Gandon, daughter. GRANT.--June 5, North Shore, Mrs. Robert Grant, of a daughter.   CREAGH.—June 27, Newtown, Mrs. J. A. Creagh, of a son.   GREEN.—June 23, Redfern, Mrs. W. Green, of a daughter.     HAIGH.—June 12, Sydney, Mrs. John Haigh, of a son.    

HANLEY.—June 1, at Balmain, Mrs. T. J. Hanley, of a son.    

HARPER—June 24, Sydney, Mrs. T. Harper, of Orange, of a son.     HEANE—June 1, Mrs. James Heane, Dubbo, of a son.  

HAWKINS.—May 15, Strawberry Hill, Mrs. J. Hawkins, of a son.       HILDER.—June 1, Nattai, Mrs. John Hilder, of a son.

HOGG.—May 29, East Maitland, Mrs. J. Hogg, of a daughter.

HOPKINS.--May 7, Young, Mrs. W. O. Hopkins, of a daughter. HORAN.—May 30, Sydney, Mrs. Peter Horan, of a daughter. HUME.--June 7, Sydney, Mrs. W. Hume, of a son, stillborn.

HUMPHREYS.—June 26, Sydney, Mrs. J. Humphreys, of a son.     HUTCHINSON.--June 1, Svdney, Mrs H S Hutchinson a son. INGRAM. --May 27, Sydney, Mrs. Thomas Ingram, of a son.

IRELAND.—June 18, Burwood, Mrs. W. H. Ireland, a daughter. JACOB.—Sydney, Mrs. Alfred Jacob, of a son.

JAQUES.—June 14, Petersham, Mrs. A. E. Jaques, of a daughter.   JERREMS.—May 29, Sydney, Mrs. C. Jerrems, of a daughter.

KEELE.—June 22, Double Bay, Mrs. J. J. Keele, of a daughter.     KENYON.--June 5, Mrs. G. Kenyon, of a daughter.

KING-May 20, at Forest Lodge, Mrs. E. F. King, of a son.    

KENNEDY.-- June 19, Norwood, Mrs. Thomas Kennedy, of a    


LAND.—May 30, Sydney, Mrs. W. Land, of a son, prematurely.   LARNACH.—June 23, Ashfield, Mrs. G. M. Larnach, of a son.      

LATHBURY.—May 6, Dunedin, N.Z., Mrs. W. H. Lathbury, son. LENEHAN.—June 19, Sydney, Mrs. C. H. Lenehan, of a son.     LITTLE.—May 27, Scone, Mrs. James Little of a son.  

MACKENZIE.—June 24, Sydney, Mrs. R. J. Mackenzie, of a  


M'CLELLAND.--June 22, Sydney, Mrs. Walter H. M'Clelland, son. MASON.— June 15, Sydney, Mrs Azer Mason, of a daughter.

MARSHALL.-- May 25, Surry Hills, Mrs. J. Marshall, a daughter.     MAUGHAN.—June 7, Ashfield, Mrs. John Maughan, a daughter.

MITCHELL.—June 16, Sydney, Mrs. P. Mitchell, of a son.

M'INTYRE.—May 27, Sydney, Mrs. W. M'Intyre, of a daughter. MOFFITT.—June 16, Sydney, the wife of Dr. Moffitt, of a son.

M'VEIGH.—June 23, Woollahra, Mrs. James M'Veigh, of a daughter.  

NEWSHAM.—June 16, Petersham, Mrs. J. E. Newsham, of a    


PATON.--June 18, Sydney, Mrs. Theophilus Paton, of a daughter. PHILLIPS.—May 27, Sydney, Mrs. H. Phillips, of a daughter.  

PARBURY.—June 18, Geelong, Mrs. Charles Parbury, of a son.    

PARKER.--May 22, Petersham, Mrs. W. N. Parker, of a daughter. PETER.—May 17, Parramatta, Mrs. W. Peter, of a daughter.     RAMSAY.—May 27, Surry Hills, Mrs. John Ramsay, of a son.  

READETT.— May 29, at Osterley, Hunter River, Mrs. C. W.         RIGG.—June 22, Sydney, Mrs. G. S. Rigg, of a son.

Readett, of a son.

ROBYNS.—June 15, Newcastle, Mrs. J. Robyns, of a son.     RODD.— May 27, Mornya, Mrs. George P. Rodd, of a son.

SMITH.— June 1, M'Donald Town, Mrs. J. P. Smith, of a son.

SMITH.—June 16, Gundaga, Mrs. William Burton Smith, of a son. SPENCE.—June 23, Alexandria, Mrs. W. Spence, of a son.        

SPRINGTHORPE.--- May 20, Parramatta, Mrs. A. Springthorpe,           

of a daughter.

STEVENSON.—June 3, Mrs. R. A. Stevenson, of a daughter. SWEENY.—June 11, Sydney, Sydney, Mrs. Aird Sweeny, of a son.  

TAYLOR.--May 30, Parramatta, the wife of Charles Taylor, M.D.,              

of a daughter.

THOMAS.—June 7, Redfern, Mrs. F. A. Thomas, of a son.  

THORNTON.—June 6, Forest Lodge, Mrs. E. Thornton, of a  


TIMBS.—May 19, Sydney, Mrs. J. Timbs, of a daughter.

TOOHEY.--June 3, Redfern, Mrs. J. T. Toohey, of a daughter.      

TUCKER-.-June 2, at Melbourne, wife of Rev. H. Tucker, of a son.     TURTON-May 22, Petersham, Mrs. J. T. Turton, of a daughter.           VAUGHAN—June 18, Burwood, the wife of the Rev. Charles    

Vaughan, of a son.    

WALLACE.— June 5, Sydney, Mrs. G. Wallace, of a daughter,  


WELCH.-- May 28, Sydney, Mrs. Henry P. Welch, of a daughter. WHITE.--June 17, St Alban's Parsonage, Muswellbrook, the wife      

of Rev. Canon White, of a daughter.  

WILKIE.— June 20, Sydney, Mrs. George Wilkie, of a daughter.    

WISEMAN. -- June 9, Goulburn, Mrs. C. A. Wiseman, daughter.    

WOODHILL.— June 9, Cootamundra, Mrs. A. M. Woodhill,  

of a son.

WORNER.—June 12, Sydney,Mrs. G. W. Worner, of a daughter.


ABRAHAMS—HERMAN.--May 24, at Macquarie-street, Syna-      

gogue, by the Rev. M. Goldreigh, Isaac Abrahams, second son of the late Joseph Abrahams, of this city, to Laura, youngest   daughter of the late Abraham Herman, of Poland, Russia.    

BENJAMIN—LYONS.-- June 11, at the New Synagogue, Mac-  

quarie-street, by the Rev. M. R. Goldrich, Henry Benjamin,       eldest son of Alfred Benjamin, of Goulburn-street, to Julia,   second daughter of Phenus Lyons, of Goulburn-street.                    

BOWIE-WOODFORD.--April 18, at the Congregational Church,          

Newcastle, by the Rev. T. J. Pepper, George Bowie, Sydney, to       Amelia Woodford, of Forest Lodge.      

BRETNALL-WHEELER.--June 19, by the Rev. Alfred Lloyd,                

Frederick Robert, youngest son of Mr. George Bretnall, of       Waterloo, to Juliet Mary, youngest daughter of Mr. William   Wheeler, senior, of Camperdown.        

BROWNING—BURTON.—May 23, at St. James's Church, Syd-             

ney, by the Rev. Canon Allwood, Henry, youngest son of Thomas   Browning, Cambridge, to Ada, eldest daughter of Henry Burton,  

of London.    

BURGESS—EVANS.—June 3, at St. John's, Newtown, by the    

Bishop of Tasmania, James Ogle Burgess, son of the late Rev.    

J. R. Burgess, Vicar of Streatley, Berkshire, to Eleanor Marie,       youngest daughter of Michael Evans, of Newtown, Tasmania.        

BUTLER—JOHNSTON—April 17, by the Rev. J. A. Nolan,        

Leonard Butler, eldest son of Leonard Butler, of Balmain, to     Mary Johnston, eldest daughter of Benjamin Johnston, of   Manchester, England.  

COOGAN—ELLISON.—May 6, Annesley, by the Rev. Dr. Fuller-    

ton, Francis Borgia Michael, son of the late John J. Coogan,     Kilmore, Victoria, to Elizabeth Mary, youngest daughter     of Thomas Ellison, Esq., Emu Plains.        

COULTER-SPRAGG.-- June 6, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Surry            

Hills, by the Rev. J. A. Nolan, David, youngest son of Mr. David Coulter, of Paddington, to Hannah Maria Bowen, fourth       daugnter of the late Mr. Joseph Spragg, of Newcastle.

CRAN—IRVING—June 2, at St. Paul's, Tamworth, by the Rev.      

J. F. R. Whinfield, assisted by the Rev. A. Brown, James,     second son of Robert Cran, Esq., Yengarie, Queensland, to Jane,       youngest daughter of D. Williamson Irving, Esq.      

CRIGHTON—FAIRBAIRN.—June 17, by the Rev. Dr. Lang,      

Sydney, John Crighton, of Rosshire Cottage, Norton-street,      

Petersham, to Agnes, second daughter of the late Dr. Thomas Fairbairn, of Edinburgh.        

DOUGHTY-TAGG.-- May 24, at All Saints' Cathedral, Bathurst,          

by the Rev. Canon Smith, William West Doughty, second son of         the late Mr. Richard Doughty, Lincolnshire, to Sarah Ann,     daughter of the late Mr. W. Tagg, Lincolnshire, England.  

DONOVAN-ROBINSON.-- On May 2, at St. Francis's Church, by the      

Rev. Dean Sheridan, O. S. b., William Donovan, eldest son of           the late John Donovan, Esq., of Sydney, to Sarah Ann Robinson,           daughter of John Robinson, Esq., of Sydney.      

DUNKLEY—FERGUSON—June 20, at St. Michael's Church,

by the Rev. H. S. King, William Henry, second son of the late Mr. Thomas Dunkley, of London, to Annie Charlotte Sloan, daughter of the late Mr. James Ferguson, Sydney.

EDWARDS—STURZAKER—April 12, at St Stephen's, New-  

town, John Weavell Edwards, eldest son of the late John Edwards, Ross, Tasmania, to Mary, daughter of James Stur-   zaker, Rockly, N.S.W.      

EGREMONT—DEWHURST.-March 29, at the parish church,        

Edgbaston, by the Rev. W. Kant, John Egremont, Esq., of             Yorkshire, and NantGwylan, N. S. W., to Marion Beatrice,           daughter of the late W. D. Dewhurst, M. A., Birmingham.      

FADDY—JOHNSON—June 5, by the Rev. Dr. Gilchrist, Sydney,    

William, son of the late Dr. Faddy, of Sydney, to Ruth, only     daughter of Mr. John Johnson, of Toowoomba, Queensland.

FITZPATRICK-FINNERAN -April 22, at St Francis's Sydney    

by the Very Rev. Dean Sheridan, Mr. Richard Fitzpatrick, to        

Elizabeth Finneran, late of Goulburn.      

FRESHWATER-BANKS.-May 24, at Wesleyan Church, Ash-            

field, by the Rev. S. Wilkinson, William, eldest son of William   Freshwater, Ashfield, to Ruth Banks, youngest daughter of  

William Banks, of Ashfield.  

GAFFEY-SMALE.-June 4, by the Rev. H. A. Langley, at St.    

Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, Edward Gaffey, of Yorkshire,     England, to Elizabeth Parnell Smale, Devonshire, England.      

GEIKIE-THOMPSON. -May 3, Church of the Holy Trinity, by

Rev. W. S. Darling, Walter Wodehouse Geikie, M.B., Trinity     College, son of Dr. W. B. Geikie, of Toronto, to Lucy Elwin,   daughter of Mr. I. Thompson, of Toronto, Canada.      

GATES--FINN. -May 30, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev.    

Father Petro, Bernard, second son of Mr. Joseph Gates, Port         Macquarie, to Frances, youngest daughter of Mr. Edward Finn,  


GILL-EDWARDS. -June 21, at St. Paul's, by the Rev. Canon

Stephen, assisted by the Rev. H. H. Britten, Francis Gill,    

Queensland, son of Frederick Gill, of Holloway, London, to   Mary, third daughter of the late W. Edwards, Sydney.

HALLORAN-HARRISON. -April 29, at St. James' Church,

Toowoomba, Queensland, by the Rev. Thomas Abraham, Henry   James Burnett, fourth son of Arthur E. Halloran, Esq., to Alice, eldest daughter of J. Harrison, Esq., Stroud.    

HATTON--BLACKIE. -May 24, St. Peter's, by the Rev. Joseph    

Barnier, John, eldest son of C. W. C. Hatton, Esq., to Matilda, eldest daughter of W. Blackie, Sydney.      

HAVILAND-ROBSON-June 8, at St. Luke's, Burwood, by the

Rev. William Lumsdaine, assisted by the Rev. Canon Vidal, Edwin Cyril Haviland, to Jessie, only daughter of the late    

Mathew Robson.

HAYNES--MOONEY. -May 24, at St. Mary's pro-Cathedral, by

the Rev. Father Sheridan, Edward, son of Mr. John Haynes,       late of Morpeth, to Theresa, eldest daughter of Mr. R. Mooney,   of Sydney.

HOLLAND-BARNES- April 26, at Newcastle, by the Rev.

Thomas A. Gordon, Edward Scott, eldest son of the Rev.      

Edward Holland, of St. Andrew's, Grenfell, to Susie Elizabeth,     eldest daughter of John Barnes, C.E., Oak-terrace, Sydney.    

HOLDER-CRIDGE -June 15, at St. Mary's, West Maitland, by    

the Rev. Robert Chapman, Horton, eldest son of the late James   Tyler Holder, of Charlton, Kent, England, to Mary Ann, eldest   daughter of Thomas Cridge, West Maitland.      

HEATHER-HEATHER -May 23, at St. Paul's, Redfern, by the

Rev. Canon Stephen, Thomas Alfred, eldest son of the late Mr. Thomas Heather, to Rebeca, second daughter of Mr. Alfred     Heather, of Sydney.  

HUDSON—MACANSH.—May 31, by the Rev. James Matthews,  

at St. Mark's Church, Warwick, Richard Hudson, of Warrah, Liverpool Plains, to Elizabeth, second daughter of John D.   Macansh, of Canning Downs.

HUTCHINSON-WILLIAMS.- June 1, at St. James's, Sydney,    

by the Rev. Mr. Shepherd, Frank, youngest son of the late Francis Celeridge Hutchinson, Esq., M.D., of Briscoe, Cum-         berland, England, to Mary Louisa, relict of the late John Wil- liams, Esq., of Sydney.  

ISRAEL-JONES.- June 20, at the Synagogue, Sydney, by  

the Rev. A. B. Davis, assisted by the Rev. A. A. Levi, Aaron Israel, of Newcastle, to Deborah, third daughter of Mr. Joseph    

Jones, Darlinghurst Road.

LADD-WILKINS.-May 13, at the residence of the bride's

parents, by the Rev. W. Bradley, John Edward, second son of the late John Ladd, Esq., of Honolulu, to Francie, only daughter of William W. Wilkins, of Sydney.

LEVI-HARRIS.-June 21, by the Rev. A. B. Davis, Aaron, son  

of the Rev. Joshua Levi, Rue-de-Lafayette, Paris, to Minnie,       daughter of Alfred Harris, Esq., late of St. Kilda, Victoria.

MACPHERSON-FISHER.-May 25, at St. Paul's, Redfern, by

the Rev. Canon Stephen, Donald Campbell, second son of Donald Macpherson, of Rockhampton, Queensland, to Ann, eldest     daughter of Thomas F. J. Fisher, of Buckingham-street, Sydney.     MANN-SHUMACK.-June 1, at Mitchell's Creek, in the Church,          

by the Rev. W. T. Rabone, Wesleyan minister, Mr. Robert Mann, to Sarah, third daughter of Mr. Samuel Shumack, store-  

keeper, at Mitchell's Creek.        

MEADER-COULTER.-June 13, at the Registrar-General's      

Office, New South Wales, John Meader, second son of Mr. John   Meader, of Waterloo, to Isabella Coulter, eldest daughter of    

Mr. James Coulter, Woolloomooloo.  

MEDCALF-BEST-May 27, at St. Peter's, by the Rev. J. G.  

Southby, Charles Cole, second son of the late Thomas Medcalf, of Buntingford, England, to Elizabeth Ann, only daughter of   George Best, of North Villa, Ryde, Parramatta River.    

MILLER-BENJAMIN.-May 13, at St. James's Church, by the

Rev. George Sheppard, Henry Auther, youngest son of the late   John Miller, Sydney, to Esther, only daughter of Mr. Benjamin,


MORROW-WRIGHT-March 23, at St. Stephen's Newtown, by

the Rev. Robert Taylor, William, only son of the late Robert     Morrow, Camperdown, to Christiana Jane, only daughter of   George Wright, Engine-street, Ultimo.    

M'CONNEL-KENT -June 1, at Euston, Toowoomba, Queens-

land, James Henry, eldest son of David C. M'Connel, of Cress- brook, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest of the late William   Kent, of Tondaryaw.

M'DONALL-HEFFERNAN-May 30, at St. Mary's pro-Cathe-      

dral, by the Rev. Father Augustus Petre, Joseph W., fifth son   of Francis M'Donnell, late of Windsor, to Kate Mary, third   daughter of Patrick Heffernan, late of Wollongong.

M'KIE-GRANT-June 5, at Sydney, by the Rev. Thomas Gain-

ford, Henry Barnes M'Kie, late of Cumberland, England, to     Charlotte Elizabeth, only daughter of the late John Grant,   M.D., F.R.S.C.E., of this city.          

NEWMAN-RIDGE-May 9, St. Barnabus' Church, by the Rev.    

Joseph Barnier, Charles Henry Newman, of Newtown, to

Esther Amelia, fifth daughter of James Bligh Ridge, Esq., late    

of Windsor.  

NICHOLAS-VENTERS-June 1, by the Rev. J. B. Laughton,

at his residence, James Nicholas, of Newington, Parramatta     River, to Frances, only daughter of Charles Venters, of the

same place.

OKE-HOPKINS-February 25, at Broger's Creek, by the Rev.

T. V. Alkin, Church of England minister, George, second son of       Mr. William S. Oke, of Shoalhaven, to Catherine, eldest daugh-     ter of Evan Hopkins, Sydney.    

PROTT-PARSONS-June 7, at St. John's, Parramatta, by the

Rev. W. J. Gunther, Charles William, eldest son of Mr. George Prott, Kiama, to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. John Parsons,


RASHLEIGH-HODGSON-April 20, at Stratford-on-Avon, by

the Rev. F. H. Hodgson and the Rev. E. Franks Hodgson,   brother and uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. J. D. Collis,   D.D., Vicar, the Rev. J. Kendall Rashleigh, M.A., Vicar of     Luxulyan, second son of Sir Colman Rashleigh, Bart., M.P., of   Prideaux, Cornwall, to Charlotte Maria, youngest daughter of Arthur Hodgson, Esq., of Eton Vale, Queensland, and of

Clopton, Warwickshire.  

ROBINSON-PARKE. -May 21, at St. John's, Heathcote, Victoria,

by the Rev. J. H. Hall, George William, son of Charles Robinson,   Esq., M.D., of that place, to Bessie, daughter of Mr. Samuel    

Parke, Illawarra, New South Wales.

SCUR-COUSLEY. -April 26, at Sydney, by the Rev. Dr. White,

W. J. Scur, of Yass, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John   Cousley, Sandgate, Brisbane.

SHIPTON-HALL-June 10, at St. Marks's Church, Darling

Point, by the Rev. Thomas Horton, Henry, third son of Charles Shipton, of Sydney, to Annie Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Francis Hall, Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England.

TURNER-GAIN-June 1, at St. James's Church, Morpeth, by  

the Rev. R. Chapman, John Henry, eldest son of the late John Hawkes Valentine Turner, to Hannah Eliza Sarah, second   surviving daughter of the late James Gain.

WOOD-YOUNGER-June 1, at St. Thomas's St. Leonards, by  

the Rev. T. Kemunis, Reuben, second son of W. H. Wood, of Balmain, to Lavinia Martha, youngest daughter of the late C.   Younger, of Neutral Bay, North Shore.


ABERDEEN.-June 7, Balmain, Alexander Aberdeen, of Shoal-  

haven, aged 71 years.

ADAMS.-June 15, Newtown, Joseph John, the only son of

Edgar and Emma Adams, aged 24 years.    

AITKEN.-June 12, Sydney, Florence Edith, aged 7 years, youngest  

daughter of D. G. Aitken, formerly of Wollongong.    

ALLEN.-March 31, Levuka, Fiji Islands, the wife of the late  

Thomas Allen, aged 56 years.    

ALWAY.-June 24, Darling Point, William Henry Alway, aged 35    


BARKER.-June 27, at Sydney, Mr. Charles Barker, aged 34      


BEATTY.-June 15, Sydney, George Beatty, aged 50 years.

BENSON.-June 1, Mary Jane, daughter of Charles and Jane


BENNETT.-May 30, Balmain, William Henry Augustin, youngest      

son of Alfred Bennett, aged eleven months.  

BENNETT.-June 6, Marian-street, Pyrmont, Frederic James,  

son of G. J. and S. Bennett, of malignant scarlatina.

BENNETT.-May 5, Boston, U. S. A., Marcus Elmer Bennett,    

aged 34 years.

BETTINGTON. -June 10, Merriwa, Hilda Emily, youngest  

daughter of J. B. Bettington, aged 1 year and 4 months.

BIDEN. -June 3, Singleton, William Downing Biden, licensed

surveyor, A.S.A., F.G.S., F.C.P., Mem. Bot. Soc., London, son         of James Biden, Twickenham, England, aged 57.  

BISCHOFF. -June 19, Gostwyck, the beloved wife of George  

Bischoff, aged 40 years.     BOBART. -June 21, Sydney, Mrs. H C. Bobart, aged 29 years.

BURNES. -June 9, at Sydney, Adam Burnes, Esq., late general

manager of the National Bank of New Zealand, aged 44.  

CAMERON. -June 11, Richmond, Mary Ann, beloved wife of    

A. R. Cameron, M.D., daughter of G. Bowman, J.P.        

CAMPBELL.- May 25, Redfern, Alexander, eldest son of J. and          

C. Campbell, aged 24 years, native of Nairn, Scotland.

CAMPBELL.-June 7, at Sydney, Christopher James Campbell,  

aged 51.

CAMPBELL. -June 2, Gindellon, William, the dearly beloved    

husband of Delia Campbell, aged 41 years and 10 months.        

CARROLL. -May 26, K garan, George's River, Matthew Carroll,    

aged 88 years.

CARR. -June 16, Sydney, Mr. Robert Carr, of the East India

Co.'s Service, aged 48 years.            

CASSIDY.-June 18, Sydney, Patrick, eldest and beloved son of  

Patrick and Margaret Cassidy, aged 10 years and 4 months.

CATLETT.-May 30, Sydney, Arthur Lyddiard, second son of the    

late William Catlett, Esq., M.D., aged -1 years.              

CAVANOUGH.-June 16, Parramatta, Richard John, eldest son of

Richard and Ann Cavanough, Redfern, aged 8 years.    

CHAPMAN-June 17, Sydney, Mr. William Chapman, aged 46.        

CHAPMAN-April 17, Clifton, Bristol, England, Margaret Eliza,        

relict of the late W. Chapman, Esq., aged 85 years.

CHAPMAN-June 28, Louisa Rosetta Chapman, the youngest  

daughter of Maria Chapman.

CLEARY-June 5, Sydney, Richard Cleary, native of the county    

Wexford, Ireland, aged 67 years.

CLIFF-April 15, Hallfield Road, Bradford, Yorkshire, Isaac Cliff,  

in his 69th year.

CONLEY-June 9, Kingston, Newtown, Mr. James Conley, aged

68 years.    

CONWAY. -June 12, Woolloomooloo, John Conway, aged 32. COOKE-May 28, Ashfield, Claud, infant son of J. E. and S.      

A. Cooke, aged 3 months.  

COOK-June 16, Wentworth, in his 27th year, Charles, Travis

Cook, solicitor, eldest son of the Rev. Charles Cook, D.D.  

COTTON-June 19, at Wadagery, Forbes, Minnie, the beloved

wife of R. Cotton, aged 21 years.

CRADDOCK-June 14, at sydney, Mr. Humphrey Craddock

aged 45 years.

CRAIG-May 1, Hill End, Sydney Renforth Criag, son of Thomas  

and Mary Craig, aged 2 years and 9 months.      

CRAIGIE -June 10, Glebe Point Road, Robert Craigie, in his 76th


CRAIK-June 14, Paterson River, Margaret Emma, youngest  

daughter of S. A. Craik, aged 10 months.

CRAWFORD-June 21, Sydney, Samuel Crawford, aged 50 years.         CROFT-May 21, Paddington, William Croft, jun., aged 51 years.  

CROPPER-May 28, Lake Bathurst, near Goulburn, Hannah,

relict of the late John Cropper, aged 59 years.    

CUTTRISS. -May 30, Goulburn, Thomas Cuttriss, Esq., aged 76.

DANGAR-June 9, Kempsey, Pauline Freethy M'Leay, daughter      

of Otho O. and L. Dangar, aged 3 years 7 months and 20 days. DEARING-June 1, Sydney, Mr. James Dearling, aged 65.    

DEAN-June 1, Hermisne Idee, daughter of Joseph and Her-    

misne Dean, aged 2 years and 2 months.

DE SALIS-June 7, at Cuppacumbalong, Rodolph Fane  

De Salis, of Strathmore, Queensland, second son of Hon. L.

Fane De Salis.  

DETTMANN-June 22, Bathurst, Sophia, daughter of Agnes and      

the late Louis Dettmann, aged 13 years and 1 month.

DEWDNEY-June 12, near Tambaroora, Joseph Samuel, son of              

George and Emily Dewdney, in his 10th year.    

DOYLE-May 19, at Killarney, Narrabri, Alice Anne, wife of  

Alfred John Doyle, in her 36th year.

DOYLE-May 29, Alice Anne, infant daughter of Alfred John      

Doyle, aged 18 days.

DUFF-June 5, Newtown Road, of bronchitis, Frederick John    

Boscawen, youngest son of J. and H. Duff, aged 7 years and 7


DWYER-June 5, Sydney, William Dwyer, aged 77 years.  

EDWARDS-May 28, Ashfield, Amy Augusta, daughter of Cor-  

nelius P. and Mary J. Edwards, aged 21 years.

FAGAN-June 5, at the residence of her son-in-law, Frank    

Compton, Mrs. Margaret Fagan, aged 64.

FALCONER- June 19, Sarah Ann Munro, sister of John and

James Falconer, aged 37 years.

FALCONER - June 19, Sydney, Sarah Ann Munro, the beloved

daughter of Henry Falconer, aged 37 years.

FARRAR - June 12, William Farrar, late of Nortolk, England, in  

his 76th year.  

FERGUSON - June 20, Sydney, Margaret Mackie, widow of the

late John Ferguson Esq., of Greenock.      

FIELDER.-June 6, Inez Caroline Margaret, dearly beloved   daughter of Frank S. and Jeannie E. Fielder.

FITZGERALD-June 18, Hunter's Hill, Emily Blackwell, wife of              

Robert D. Flitzgerald.

FLAMSTEAD-May 4, Queensland, Cecil Frank Aubrey, infant        

son of William J. D. and Annie C. Flamstead, aged 2 months and 14 days, May 20, at Brisbane, Captain W. J. D. Flamstead, second son of the late Rev. Alvery R. D. Flamstead, Notting-

ham, England, aged 38 years.  

FLANDERS.-May 26, at the infirmary, after a painful illness,

Mary Flanders, aged 60.      

FOLEY-June 15, Forest Lodge, Mr. John Foley, aged 33 years.   FOX- June 16, Campbelltown, Thomas Fox, aged 77 years.        

FREY- June 27, at Glebe Road, Wilhelmina, daughter of Jean

and Caroline Frey.

FURLONG- June 15, Surry Hills, Charles Newman Furlong,

aged 53.

GEORGE.-April 30, Waterloo, Alfred Ernest Mackenzie,      

son of J. J. and F. E. George, aged 2 years 11 months and 17


GIBSON-June 14, at Waterloo, Margaret, eldest daughter of James

P. Gibson, aged 21 years

GILES- June 16, Camden, James, only child of the late James

Giles, aged 3 years and 2 months.  

GLASSCOW-Sydney, May Glasscow, daughter of George and      

Mary Ann Glasscow.    

GRAVENMAKER-May 30, Grenfell, Engel Gravenmaker, aged  

46 years.  

GRIBBEN- June 2, Sydney, John, son of the late Mr. Andrew    

Gribben, aged 45 years.

HARRIS-June 23, St. Peters, Mr. James Harris, aged 70 years.

HARRISON- March 13, Dalston, London, Charlotte, relict of the

late George Harrison, of Banbury, aged 51 years.

HARTLEY-June 17, Sydney, Mary Ann Hartley, wife of    

Edward Hartley.  

HARVEY-June 27, West Melbourne, Mr. Lawrence Harvey,

formerly of Notting Hill, London, aged 55

HELLMRICH -June 21, Sydney, Elspeth Mary Adelaide, eldest  

daughter of J. and Esther Hellmrich, aged 4 years and 4    


HILL-May 22, Windsor Road, Charles Robert, aged 6 years ;

and on May 19, Frances Emily, aged 11 years, son and daugh-  

ter of Charles and Elizabeth Hill.  

HODGSON-June 8, Sydney, Annie, the beloved wife of Joseph  


HOLDEN-June 1, Redfern, Florence Mary, daughter of the late  

Mr. T. W. Holden, of Darlinghurst, aged 17 years.  

HUGHES -June 3, Cook's River Road, John Hughes, Esq., aged

66 years.      

HUGHES-May 19, Margaret Hughes, aged 26 years.  

HUTCHINSON-June 8, Hamilton Sanders, infant son of Hamil-

ton and Annie Hutchinson, aged 4 days.

INNES-May 18, Sydney, Eliza, daughter of the late John Innes,  

Esq., Black Hills, Morayshire, Scotland.      

JENKINS.-May 27, Berkeley, Illawarra, Matilda Pitt, wife of  

William Warren Jenkins, Esq., aged 56 years.            

JULIUS- June 18, William Daniel Julius, Sydney, aged 16 years. KENT-June 9, on board the Balclutha, off Cape Moreton,  

George James Kent, Petersham, aged 41 years.

LAIDLAW -June 12, Yass, Mr. Thomas Laidlaw, J.P.

LAMONT-June 27, William Lamont, jun., in his 37th year.  

LANDRA-June 22, Sydney, Ann Eliza Chatrion, daughter of    

W. and C. Landra, aged eight months.  

LANE. -May 30, Sydney, Charles Herbert, son of Charles and    

Lucy Lane, aged 2 years and 8 months.        

LATHBURY-May 16, Dunedin, N. Z., Louisa Maria, wife of Mr.    

W. H. Lathbury, daughter of Sir W. H. Drake, K.C.B., &c.,        

War Office, London

LESLIE-May 3, William Norman, only son of Patrick D.

Leslie, of Wartle, Waikato, N.Z., aged 35 years.      

LEWIN -June 15, Sydney, Edward Lewin, aged 63 years, late of

Newtown Road.

LLOYD -June 24, Marrickville, Charles John, youngest son of Thomas and Kate Lloyd, aged 9 months.

LUCAS - May 31, Forest Lodge, Emily Eliza, daughter of Percy C.  

Lucas, aged 3 years.  

LYNCH - June 16, at Sydney, Louisa, the beloved wife of James

Lynch, aged 31 years.  

MACDONALD- June 26, Parramatta, third daughter of J. A. and  

S. J. Mac Donald aged 3 years and 5 months.

MAHER - June 2, at Moreton Park, Menangle, John Maher, aged

51 years.

MAIDMENT - June 10, Glebe Road, Mary, the beloved wife of

Mr. George Maidment, in her 59th year, late of Hertford,


MANDER - South Kensington, John George Mander, aged 77. MILLS - June 21, Burwood, Wiliam Mills, aged 33 years.    

MITCHELL - June 13, Kiama, Miss E. Mitchell, sister of John

Mitchell, of Sydney, and the late Hugh Mitchell, Kiama.

MONTEFIORE - April 15, at Brussels, Joseph L. Montefiore,

aged 46.

MORGAN - June 28, at Camden, W. S. Morgan, late of Levuka,

aged 29 years.  

MOONY - June 16, Darlington, Thomas, youngest son of Edward

and Frances Moony, aged 20 years and 7 weeks.

MOORE - June 26, at North Shore, Esther, beloved wife of

Mr. Robert Moore, aged 29 years.

MUDDLE - May 28, Paddington, Amy Lillian, daughter of

William S. and Matilda J. Muddle, aged 6 months.

MURPHY - June 16, Chippendale, Mary Ann Murphy, eldest  

daughter of John and Bridget Murphy, aged 22 years.  

M'CARTY-June 22, Woolloomooloo, Mr. Francis M'Carty, sen.,        

aged 86 years.

M'CREDIE - June 8, Pyrmont, William M'Credie, late Bris-

bane, in his 47th year.

M'FARLAND - May 23, Sydney, Joseph George Chabot, son of

J. and C. E. M'Farland, aged 7 months and 9 days.  

M'GRATH - June 2, at Sydney, John M'Grath, late of Goulburn,

aged 34 years.

M'LEAN - May 30, Glen Alice, Capartee, John M'Lean, a native of

the Isle of Skye, aged 86 years.  

NEILD - June 19, Woollahra, Philip St. John, the only child of J.

C. and Clara Gertrude Neild, aged 4 years and 2 months.  

NELSON - June 20, Young, Mr. John Nelson, aged 65 years. NELSON - June 18, Sydney, James Nelson, aged 26 years.

NIGHTINGALL - March 26, at Limehouse, London, Florence

Alma, daughter of the late Captain Nightingall, aged 21.

O'CONNOR. -June 27, Sydney, Richard O'Connor, late clerk of the

Parliaments, aged 65 years.  

O'GRADY - Sydney, Eliza, beloved wife of Michael Francis

O'Grady, in her 41st year.  

OWEN - June 23, St. Peters, Elizabeth, relict of the late

Edward Owen, aged 42 years.

PEGUS. -April 29, Plymouth, England, Florence Eva Beatrice,

only child of Mary Elizabeth and F. H. Dudley Pegus, of Sydney,

aged 2 years and 8 months.

PERDRIAU. -March 1,Lucknow, India, George Augustus Per-

driau, C.E., aged 62 years.

PHILLIPS-June 20, Woolloomooloo, Emma Elizabeth, the be-    

loved wife of Mr. Charles Phillips, aged 42 years.

PRESTON-June 21, Sydney, Elizabeth Jane, the beloved wife

of Mr. John Preston, aged 41 years.

PROUD-May 29, Paddington, Alice Maude Mary, daughter of    

Thomas and Mary Proud, aged 7 months.

PRUDAMES-May 31, Amelia Sophia, aged 7 years, and on  

June 13, Annie H., aged 17 years, daughters of Charles F. and    

A. Prudames, of Braidwood.      

REGAN-June 16, Sydney, Mrs. D. M. Regan, aged 67.  

ROBERTSON-June 16, Tamworth, Minnie, wife of Kinnear    

Robertson, aged 32 years.  

REID.-June 23, at Pyrmont, Agnes, the beloved wife of Mr.

David? Reid, aged 52 years.

ROSE-June 15, North Kingston, Mrs. Elizabeth Rose, aged 38


ROS-. June 11, 382, Liverpool-street, Darlinghurst, James Allan,

R- aged 23 years and 8 months.

RUTTER-June 14, Balmain, Edward Alfred John, infant son of      

Jo-n and Selina Rutter, aged 2 years and 7 months.

SANBROOK-May 27, North Kingston, Henry Horation, so of

HI and M. Sanbrook, aged 4 months and 3 weeks.

SCHMIDT-June 9, Bathurst, Eliza Jane Schmidt, only daughter

of the late John Schmidt, Balmain, aged 20 years.

SCHRYVER. -May 16, St. Peters, John Henry Schryver, M.D., a    

native of Amsterdam, aged 52.

SHANNESSEY. -June 5, Sydney, Katherine, daughter of Mr. P.  

Shannessey, aged 3 years and 6 months.  

SHARPE. - Parramatta, Peter Sharpe, a native of New Cumnock,    

Ayshire, aged 37 years.

SHAUGHNESSY. - Sydney, Mr. Timothy Shaughnessy, native of  

Limerick, Ireland, aged, 74 years.        

SHAW - June 13, Pyrmont, Horace, son of C. H. and E. M. Shaw,

aged 4 years 8 months.

SHERIDAN. -June 23, Sydney, Mary, daughter of Robert J. and

Annie Sheridan, aged 19 months.

SHIRLEY. -June 18, Sydney, William Shirley, a native of Kent,

England, aged 41 years.  

SHOOBERT. -June 4, Sydney, Effie Forrester, daughter of H.    

and M. Shoobert, aged 15 months.

SIMSON. -June 10, at Armidale, William Petrie, second son of  

the late John Simson, Bet Bet, Victoria.

SLATER. -June 21, Sydney, Mrs. Isabella Slater, aged 64 years.        

SMITH. -June 8, Auckland, New Zealand, the wife of the Hon.

. L. Smith, M.L.L., of the colony of Fiji,      

SMITH. -June 23, Camden, Charles Smith, aged 62 years.

SMITH. -June 9, At Sydney, Isabella, the beloved wife of Uriah   __ Smith, aged 32 years.

SPENSLEY. -May 15, Pyrmont, Robert Spensley, aged 35, late  

of Melbourne, Yorkshire, England.    

STEPHEN. -June 27, at Botany, Alexander Charles, fourth son of

William and Mary Stephen, aged 7 years.

STEEL. -May 30, Redfern, Hannah, relict of the late James Steel,  

aged 60 years.

SUTTON.-June 12, Balmain, Mr. George Sutton, shipwright,  

aged 81, formerly of Chatham, Kent, England.      

TAYLOR. -June 13, Parranntta, Francis Dean, fourth son of John  

and N. A. Taylor, aged 11 years.  

TERRY. -June 19, Sydney, W. Terry, aged 34 years, son of the

late G. Terry, Leicestershire, England.    

THOMSON. -April 7, Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Janet, widow of        

the late Mr. William Thomson, aged 75 years.      

TOOLE. -May 29, Maude Mary, daughter of Isaac and Harriet

Toole, of Bathurst, aged 9 years and 5 months.

TOOTH.—June 5, at Toowoomba, Queensland, William Butler      

Tooth, of Clifton, Darling Downs, aged 53 years.      

WALSH. -June 17, Woolahra, Richard Walsh, aged 18 years

and 6 months.  

WAREHAM. -May 31, at Cotswold, Ulladulla, Margaret Mason  

Agnes, aged 13 years ; on the 2nd June, Edwy Hastings, aged     16 years, and on the 3rd June, Louise, aged 8 years, the children of John Valentine and Susanna Wareham, of scarlet


WESTGARTH. - June 3, Darlinghurst Road, Constance Maud,

daughter of G. C. Westgarth, aged 1 year and 6 months.

WETHERED. -June 23, Sydney, Walter Bell, the eldest son of      

Frederick and Caroline Wethered.

WHEATLEY. -June 18, at Wodonga, George, eldest son of    

W. A. Wheatley, Narellin, aged 23 years.

WILKIE. -June 24, Margaret Jane, the wife of George Wilkie,

and daughter of Henry ?uodling, aged 34 years.

WILKINSON. -May 5, Marshwood, Branxton, the wife of Herbert

St. George Wilkinson.  

WILLIAMS. - March 1, Silo Meadow, Bodmin, Cornwall, Mrs.

Grace Williams, aged 87 years.  

WILLIAMS. -June 25, Sydney, Caroline Annie, daughter of

James and Isabella Williams, aged 14 months.  

WILSON-June 19, Sydney, Harold Hastings Wilson, aged 3 years      

and 10 months.

WILTON. - June 14, Hill End, Clara Lucy, aged 16 years, daugh-

ter of Mr. E. G. Wilton, of Dubbo, and sister of Mrs. W. J.   Hilzingar, of Sydney.

WOOD-June 8, Sydney, the Rev. James P. Wood, late minister

of the East U. P. Church, Haddington, Scotland.  

WOOD.-June 9, Redfern, Mr. Charles Wood aged 62 years.    

WYATT. -June 5, at Sydney, Mary, the beloved wife of William  

Wyatt, sen., aged 79 years.      

YOUNG.- North Shore, William Young, sen., aged 77 years.  

YOXALL.- June 12, Liverpool, Mr. William Yoxall, native of

Yorkshire, aged 92 years.  

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