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THE carapace of a crab from Fiji, presented by Mr. M. Richardson, 21, Cumberland-street; a lizard (gecko, Phyllurus sp.), by Mr. H. W. Forster; a sea snake (Pelamis bicolor, from Port Stephens, by Mrs. Glover; sample of tin sand, from the Bathurst district, by Mr. Letson; a pheasant Phasianus veneratus, by the Director of the Botanic Gardens; 29 specimens birds in spirits, from Cape York, as follows:-8 Glyciphila subfasciata, 1 Stigmalops setularis; 7 Ptilotis notata, 2 young Crapedophora magnifica, 1 Ptilotis cockerelli. Philemon buceroides, 1 Sericornis bruneus, 1 Drymodes superciliosa, 2 Colluricincla parvula, 1 Dicaeum hirundinaceum, 1 Merops ornatus, 1 Monarcha alliventris, 1 Rhipidura

rufifrons, 1 chick from egg of Thalasseus poliocerona, 1 Trachea of Manucodia gouldii, 3 fishes 4 Holothuriae, 1 frog (Pelodryas caerulea), a spider, a Longicorn beetle Phora-   cantha sp.) from Somerset, by Mr. K. Broadbent; a land shell     Helix bidwelli, by Mr. J. A. Henderson; a scrub wallaby   Halmaturus ualabatus, by Mr. J. A. Boyd; a snake (new species of Hoplocephalus?), from Kiandra, by Mr. R.J. Campbell; an   egg of the brush turkey Talegalla lathami), from Burraway Creek, near Berrima, by Mr. T. Glencowe; a blue-tongued lizard (Trachydosaurus sp.) from Mount Victoria, by Mr. D. Adams; 2 large specimens of a species of rock snake (Lialis amethystinus), alive, from Cape York, by Mr Walter Powell; 1 Falcunculus frontatus, 1 Dicaeum hirundinaceum, by Mr. W. Bradley, Randwick; 1 pelican (Pelicanus conspecillatus), by Mr. J. A. Boyd;

a fish, allied to the genus Salarias, from Port Jackson, by Dr. J. C. Cox, F.L.S., a "horse mackeral" (Tynnus sp.), a rat (Mus sp.), by Mr. J. A. Boyd, Sydney; a box made of wood from the Brotherly Love, and receipts for wages from two of Captain Cook's seamen, by Captain Watson; Seven specimens - 7 species of ARachnida, 3 Lialis, 4 Simula sp., 3 Gecko sp., 1 rock snake (Liasis amethystinus 1 carpet snake (Morelia sp.), 24 specimens small fishes from coral reefs, 3 Acanthurus sp., 2 Caranx sp., 1 Caranx lessonii, 1 Labrus sp., 1 Serranus sp., 1 Scorpaena sp., 1 Chaetodon ephippium, 5 Ch. setifer, 1

Henoichus macrolepidotus, Holocentrum tiere, 1 Pomacentrus emarginatus, 1 Monacanthus sp., 2 Anguilla sp., 2 Muriena sp., 3 Odex sp., Birds - 1 Vanga personata, 1 Chlamydodera cerviniventris, 1 Geopelia sp., 1 Milvus affinis, 1 Graucalus hypoleucis, a bower of the bower-bird (Ch. cerviniventris), a bat (Scotophilus sp.), a flying opossum (Beledeus ariel), a fine specimen

of a new (?) species of kangaroo Halmaturus sp.), 25 specimens Crustaceans. Thiry specimens sea shells;   2 Cerithium sp., 1 Planaxis sp, 1 Vertigus sp., 3 Mitra sp., 1

Nerita, 1 Cardium unedo, 1 Nasea sp., 1 Natica sp., 1 Strombus sp., 1 Collumbella sp., 1 Euchellus sp., 1 Cypraea errones (?),1 Cypraea moneta , 1 Cypraea annulata, 1 Lithodomus sp., 2 Triton tuberosus, 1 Octopus, 20 specimens Insecta - Coleoptera, Longi- corn Choracantha (?), sp.; 8 Curculio, 2 species; 18 Stigmodera,   2 species; 1 Dynastes sp., 1 Heteronyx sp., 1 Notoclea sp., 6 Lasria sp., Hemipetera, 3 Pentatoma sp.; 9 Nematopus, 2 species;    

Hymenoptera; 3 Pepsia, 2 species; 1 Nyl copa sp. ; 26 specimens   of rocks, &c.; a stone adze, and 28 specimens of native made implements and utensils from New Guinea, collected and presented     by Mr Gouldie botanist. Port Moresby, New Guinea.  

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