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JIiîLnvi>0AM)CuitTi8-The share market is BtiU vol j dull,al though vi o notice a Flicht improvement on last month ; but in most in- stances prices gave vuiy, ovraig to tho largo "interest" given by the banks for " fixed deposits " Banks : Owing to losses said to lu TO been sustained by tho banks in the estate ot Haynes, ïiccic, mid Co, shales linvc fallen a little Now South AVales Fold at £50, £4D 5s, and £49 ; holders now ask £50; bu)ersat £>9- the hnll-yc.irl) meeting takes plncc mafoiv days. Com- mercial bay c changcil hands at £87 and £80 j sellers now at tbo 1 ittei figure Joint Stocks have boen dealt in most at from £13 Ids to £13 2s Gd City have nlso boen dealt In pretty largely at ii) to £0 Is (Id. Queensland sold at £5 13s Gd. Mercantile had Fiilcs at £G 5s; and Neil Zealand nt £17 17s Gd, £13, nnd £18 2s Gd, but thcic aro selléis at £18 Steam : Auftralaiinn have declined 30b per share since our last sales made, Irom £18 10s to £17 las ; sellen, non about £17 12s Gd ; buvirs, ¡C1". Althouith Hunter Btv cr appear loyy-or (sales made at £G 15s), there has been more inquiry for them, and shares can be placed at £7. Insurance . Shaics have again had another hcavj inll, ovuiig to fears for the Strnthnavcr and Indus, both coiibidciablj oycidue m London; butnfevi days back nowa carno that tbo Indus had arrived, and abares aro slightly better. I rollies sold at 18s, and Unitcds from lös do« n to 13s 3d, and baye ngam ruen to 11s buy crs , sellers, lGs Mutuals sold nt 2s 3d. Gold : 'J he only shares thnt appear salable aro fischer and Beni as mid North Williams ; the former brought 3s, 3s Id, and 3s 3d ; a dividend of Is Gd lins been declared. North AVilliams sold at Gs, and arc v-nntcd nt tbat figure Lion Reefs sold for 3d. Copper. Teak Dow ia v ci y dull, nnd remain about 10s ; sales mado ircm]0s3a to 0s9d, Mount Perry inquired foi lit 7s. Coal: A\ nllscnd remain firm nt about £20 ; sales mide at £20 anil £20 2s Gd ; sellers non £20 5s; bujers, £10 16b. AVurnUli have advanced slightly, sales from £14 5s to ¿14 10b ; Bulli changed hands at £13 10s and £13 7s Gd Gas nnd Birnie Oil. Theo stocks show a considerable fall. Old gas aie offered at £14, and no declared buj crover £13 53 ; new gai arc offeicd at £815s, und £8 is the highst bid ; Shale and Oil sold at from 7s Gd donn to Gs Gd, BclUrsnownt Gs Gd. Deben- tures, (-orno fair pniccls have been »laced. Now South Wales Government, duo 1U02, sold nt£107 and £10010s; ditto, duo 1801, i-old nt £1CG 10s, ditto, interminable, sold at £103; City of Sidnov, due 1880, sold at £100.-October 21.

II A. CAPÍ -The shene market has been v cry inactivo since mj last monthlj upon The amount of capital utvested has been small, anti there is a decided pause in the demand for lmest n tnts. Tito reports of the half -j early meetings of sov eral com- panies aro now close at hand, and an improvement in business is looked for. Hanks : New South Wales have experienced n fall of 25s iiehnre, last sale reported at £10 5s. The stock has met with but little inquiry. Commercials reali/ad £87, and still offer at this, figure Australian Joint Stocks are weaker, sales at £13 10s, £13 5s, £13, and £13 2s Gd. Citys have also slightly receded, Eales at £0 and £9 Is Cd. Neu Zcalands remain steady at £13 'lite only sale of Queensland Nationals lcported has been nt £5 13s Cd. The new issue of abai es offered to existing; shareholders has caused a slight depression in the stock No sales of Unions repotted. '1 here mc buj crs in the maiket nt £53, sellers at £54 Only one salsof Mercantiles to note at £0 5s. Steam: Aiu>tiahoianlu\o still furthei íecedcd in price ; eales from £18 10s to £17 10s, closing with sellera at £17159 Huntci Hivers vicie quitted at £0 15» Other Btcam companies' shares have not been dealt in. Irsurnncc : Business in this description of 6ecuritj has been v ery limited. The only vales quoted during tho month hal o been in I'aciflcb at 19s, IPs, and Us Od; UnitcdB, 14s, Bnd Bjdney Manne ot 13s Cd. bydney Fire Insurance Co. held Its half-yearly meeting on the 18th instant, when a satisfactory report was hubmittcd, and the usual dividend of 15 pei cent, per annum was declared. Buyers row of the stock nt 54s; sellers, 50s ox dividend. Gas shares, although gonerally a most favourite iniestment, have not been inquired tor of late. No netual sales have taken placo during the month ; the old stock is offering at £14, and the new at £9. Coal: Wallscnds realised £28 2s Od and£20. Wnratnbs liai c slightly nth anced, business done at £14 7s Gd and £1110s. Bulli mrc tauen nt £13 10s, £13 7s Gd. Copper: Teak Downs lim e lind a dull market, sales at 10s Gd. and 10s. No transactions in Mount l'eirj. buyers at Cs, sellers at 10s. Miscellaneous : Shale and Oil remain depressed, ono small sale to noto at Gs Od, at which they still offer. Sydney Exchange met vi ith a purchaser at £5. Dcbentuics: There has been but little demand this month The banks, by offering high tates of interest on deposits, enter Into successful competition with this description, of inv cst ment. New South Wales Government flic per conta, have ex- perienced a fall of 1 per cent. ; recent sales at £180 10s. City Corporation sixes leaUscd par.-October 21.

J.'Um.e* NB -The Share market has continued quiet during the past month. The high rato paid for deposits by tho banks has told on pi ices, allot which mark moro or less of declino. Tho demand for debentures is 6mnll, and nothing but their scarcity keeps their value at rho present high level. Bonks: Sales of these stooks have been for small parcels only, at moro or less decline on last month's quotations. Steam Companies : Ajistral aslnn Steam 'shares are lower than thoy have been for jcars. A few parcels forced on a very dull marura havo led to this result. New Hunter shares have been i soldf nt £G 15s. Insuranco Companies : There is no ,ic

coi cry in thl« nwrkctj as recent losses glvo but ¡littla hope oí

dividends in Marino Companies The Sjdncy Tiro Insurance * Company declared the usual diTidcnd of 15 per cent per annum, on the 18th instant Coal Companies Theso slimes arc in demand, but holders aro v cry firm in price, and but little business is being done Alisccllancous Companies Gas shares nrc lower 1 he banks offer bettor interest than this stock pays at present pi ice, and buy crs are therefore scarce Slmlo and Oil shares have declined nnolhci Is Non-dividend paying stocks uro quito out of favour ju^t now Debentures Government dcbcntuics com- mand n certain modcrnlo sale at high rntcs for trust purposes. All other debentures ne difficult to place I haye this neck sold Municipal six pel cents at a small discount -October 21

CUATI m I> AMI MACKIN-U -AA'O have not experienced any increased actn ¡tv during the p ist month The demand for mvcstincnts is small, and the amount of almos oftcnii,r is not large Meetings Hie Sydney InsuranceCompanj hive declared the usunl dividend of "i pel cent yvith 2¿ pel cent, equal to 15 peri cent per annum Lnnks Atisti than tolnt btook Bank, Bank of Now South AVulcs, and City Bank share1» have submitted te a decline, Bnnk of New 7cvland aie slightly improved Mcicnntilo mid Commercial unaltered Steam Australnsiun were done at £17 10s, a fall of upyvards of £2 during the month Hunter Uiver sales quoted at £G 15s. Insurance Acrj little doing in these securities, mid that uto. .decline Gas No business doing Coil No alteration Copper:

Teak Doyvns only changed hnnds at from 10s 3d to Is Id Gold : Nothing doing Dcbcntuics ales effected of Gov eminent De lientui cs long dntcel, at lOOy, no lui go amount changing hands -

October 20

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