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ARBIVALS.-FxnnnssT 27.

Adelaide, barque, 434 tons, Captain Weteott, tram Mauritius' Sib January. M'Donald, 8mltb, and Co., agents.

Lotd'Ashlcy (s.), 21)0 tons, Captain Barley, from Endeavour Blver, via Intermediate ports. J. E. Manning, agent

Rangatlra (s ), 700 tons, Captain Paddle, from Melbourne 1 tth instant. Passengers-Mr. and Mrs. H'Grath, Mr. and Mrs. Gleeson, Miss Gleeson, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs I'lootwood, Mrs. Ucm kendorf, Messrs. Gleeson (S), Fox, Price, Kiuse, Vcrlotte, ti. Bramiam, Fisher, A. Tattiman, J. King, M. Harrison, Crosby, Day, Watson, 8tmpson, Severn, BlafT, H'Farland, II. Itay, T. Jennen, Moody, Conran, W. Reeves, H. Mason, snd 69 In the steerage. A. 8. N. Co., agents.

Iserbrook, brig, 216 ton», Captain Levison, from the South Sot Islands 3rd Instant. Passengers-Mrs. Williams 5 children and 2 servants, Mr. Williams Itabone, Fees, and Co , agents.

City of Bcnarea, ship, 1187 tons. Captain Shuni, from the Lisaid 6th December. Campbell and Co , agents.

Kanslau, barque, 257 tons, Captain Roullc, from Mauritius 1st January. Dangar, Gedyo, and Co., agents,

i FicnnuAriY 28.

Governor Blackall (».), 831 tons, Captain Baundors, from Rock- hampton via Gladstone and Brisbano tho 25th instant. Pas- sengers : From Rockhampton-Mrs. Ferguaon 4 children and servant. From Brisbane-Miss M'Donald, Mrs. M'Donald, Mr. H'Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Dillon, Miss Rayner, Captain Joua Hill, and 20 In lbs steerage. A. 6. N.Co., agents.

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