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THE PREMIERS' CONFERENCE. SYDNEY, Wednesda&y. .The visiting PIemiers were enter tnaiied,dtlunlhelcon:by the Government iit the Chief Secretiary's office to-day. Ath.lailf-ptas 2 o'clock Messs.. Lyne, M['Len , Philp, Iolders and Tewis comn menced th?lePremieis' conference. At the coniference of 1'remiers dur ing the evening, It was resolvcd to suggest that whlien ' ederation is accomplilished the ap pointmento of State Governors be made by tihe Imperial Govelnlmnent. The conference deemned it probable that the saliries of State- Governorl.rould. ' be reduced; as they would not be expected to: eiitirt?tin as ait present. -lThe question, of the reception of the Governor-Geneiral, was discussed. .It was"aniounced that the Government .Holses, ioth tin Sydney andMeilbui-urnet, lad. lleen offered for .the' use of the Governor-General pending the, con struction of ?.?a fcderial residence.. The question;of the pro?liosed con feren'ce of statisticinans of the respec tive' colonies was discussed lesolved to lihold the matter over till to-morrow, with the object ofaasking M?r. Coghlan for the figitres respecting the popula tions of the colonies. 'he':sunbject !of despatelhin~ i:a Fd? ral rifle team to Ehgland to take part in the Bislcy mneeting was coinsidercd, and decided it \vas not desirable to do so in view of the South African war. SThe subject'. of nmakling Freminthe the port of call for thle mnil steamners was .beiig .disossed act the time the' conference rdse.: The Plremiers' will inest again a', 11 o'clock - to-morrow. "