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municipal elections.

Thp official declaration of tho result of tho polling loi aldermen took piuco yostuiday m tho i'own Hall, at 12 o clock Ihero was a very largo attendance and the Mayor, as Returning officer, occupied tho chair

lbo Chaihsiah read tho result of the polling, and doclared tho successful candidates, Messrs Pottigrow, Billett, Boattio, and Sinclair, duly oleoted as aldermon for their respectivo wards, foi tbo j ears 1871-2 Ho also doclarod Messrs Hull and Crow thor duly elected as uuditors for tho onBUing your Ho then lhankod tho iato pajois of the East Ward for tho imioutit of con ildonco they bad displayed m him by again olocting him as thoir representante and ho trusted that by his actions ho would show that tlmt ounfidnnoo ) uti not been uilspluicU

Alderman Billeti said ho felt very grateful for tho proud position he occupied that duy, this being tho third time thoy had elect od him to represent them in tho Council Ho Avas g lud he lind got opposition, for ho would not have liked to walk ovor tho course without a fight for it, and ho must say thoy lind had a protty hard fight yesteiday, and ho hoped that his opponent was satisfied that ho had got a thorough good boating He (Mr Elliott) had boon their re presontativo for tho lost thioo years, and duung that lime ho had always done the best ho could for the w ard Ho w as glad to seo tho mtorost thoy now took in municipal mattors, and if thoy had taken the samo interest en yeais ago tho city would now bo in u bettor position But they were asleep then, and now Avlien tboy had awakoned it Avas very little use for thoy had voiy httlo money to spend Whilo ho was in tho Council bo would do his duty to tho best of his ability, and ho returned thom his sincere thanks for tho ruauner in which Ins supporters had worked for him the previous day (Ghooi s )

Alderman Hogan roturned his sincere thanks to the ratopoyera of the South Ward for electing him as their ropreseutativo, and ho would always endeavor, to tho best of bis ability to further tho interests of tho ward (applause)

Aldorman Beattip, v bo n os received with great w armth, said he i. as extremely grateful that da\ to be again plnced in tho position of representative of tho Valley Ward, particularly stomg the strong opposition he had to contoad against, and not only this, but there was a slan dcrous report circulated to the offset that tho votes of the Valley ratepayers could bo bought with agios« of rum or beer, and ho was proud that they had refuted this slander by returning him He need only toll them that bo would do his duty to the Valley Ward, but ho would not seek to get more for it than what was properly its due, to the injury of the other portions of tho city lhere was oso thing which ho wished to complain about at the previous day's polling He (Mr Beattie) went into tho voting loom lu the morning and did not loavo it until the poll dosed in the ovoning He vi as vory sorry to see tho excitement under which some people labored, as ho thought it took away from the dignity of the position of contesting candidates, but he wished to complain publicly of the eon duct of the Mayor (Mr Pottigrow) coming out to the Valley and threatening to give him (Sir Beattie) in chargo for being in the room when tho voting was going on Ho said that he (Mr

Beattie) had no business there and read the law to him Of course ho (Mr Beattie)

lauphed at the latv

Tho Chaibma> hero interrupted Mr Beattie, and said that this meeting was not called for I the discussion of these personal matters, and if Mr Beattie insisted upon going into such mot tors ho would at once dissolve tho meeting

Great uproar enBUod, the meeting Bhouting to the chairman to koop his sea* and allow Mr

Beattie to proceed After a few seconds the Chairman declared the meeting dissolved, and

left the room with the Town Olerk

Amidst great confusion Mr J Habdgeaae took the chair in obedience to o unanimous call from the meeting Ho said he took tho chair on the pre«ent occaBion, not out of any opposi

tion to Mr Pettigrew, but simply upon the broad grounds that every Briton should havo an opportunity of explaining bis views and opinions, and ho did not think that the Mayor had treated Alderman Beattie, on the present occasion, with even his usual courtesv, which was scant at the best of times Ho therefore thought that m taking the chair he wouU bo doing nothing but his duty

Three cheers were then given for Mr Hard grave and groans for Mr Pettigrew

Alderman Beattie then carno forward and continued his remarks He said that the Act provided that at every polling placo there should be provided and set apart a separate ballot room or compartment, with writing materials, into which no person shall be allowed to entei except electors while preparing their bollot papers, and every other person entering or re morning in such room shall bo guilty of a mis demeanor and can be given into custody In the Town Hall there was not a single provi'ion toenable an elector to record his vote secretly, but at the Oddfellows' Hall in the Valley they had

threo soparato compartments into which voters could rotiro and preparo thoir balloting papors Ho (Mr. Boattio) did not go near thoBO com- partments, but only sat in tho public room to assist his scrutineer. Ho thoroforo did not boo what right Mr. Pettigrew had to threuten him Avith tho police, and not onlv with that but also with an aotion at law. Ho could only say that ho wished for tho sake of bis own pookot ho had been given in chargo. Ho had nothing to say açainst the othor candidate, whom ho boliovod to bo a quiet, amiable, young man, and ho would only adviso him as an older man, and ono who had seen much moro of tho world, that in futui o ho should not allow himsolf to bo made che catspaw of any party. (Applause).

Mr. HableY said that bo wn» ono of tho gentlomen who bud been kicked out, but ho might tell thom thal bud it not been for tho opposition of Mr Thompson, ho (Mr Harlov) would have been at tho head of tho poll. He would, however, como forw ard again, and ho would bo thon successful In defeating him this time tho ratopayors had certainly dono him a great kindness, for his business demanded all his time, and ho would not huvo como foi word at all had not his friojds insisted upon lum doing bo. There had, no doubt, been a gieut amount of influença brought to boar to provent tho return of himsolf, and Aldermen Billett, Boattio, and Poitoi. Ho was pleasodto seo that Messrs. Billett and Beattie had boen ro elected, as thoy had always workod hard for tho Avards thoy loprosoiited, ns ho (Mr. Harley) had always dono for South Brisbane.

Mr HuinuiiD saul that ho was sorrv to Iiuao to appear boforo thom as a doftutul but not a disappointed candidate Although tho majority agonist him was >ery gi cat, they should tuko into cousidciation tho great amount of influ- ence that hud bien brought to bear against him, and ho hoped tliut upon tho no\t occasion ho carno for» ard ho would huvo suppoit enough to

carry him in.

Mi. EEADl2>a oppoarod boforo them defeated, but not east donn. Considering tho agency that had beon bl ought agnrast lum ho woudeiod that ho had got so many votes as ho hud. Ho hid not kept an open houso at tbo Sir John Young Hotel tho day of tho polling, nor did ho Civo a supper to his supporteis tho night bofoio (Upiour.) Neither had ho employed a lot of men to go about canvassing for votes, and ho had novor asked a singlo individual to roto for lum If bo was retuinod ho would wish to bo so without any ontloavors on his own part Persons had como up to lum mid askotl bim for a dunk, and when ho hod íefusod to give it to ti em thoy veiy naturally went oaoi to Mr Bil- lett His principles would not allow bira to supply those people with intoxicating hquoi, as ho «as a Koohabito Ho thanked voiy siueoioly those gentlemen who had voted for lum.

Aldermun Bimett roso to contradict what

lind fallon from Mr Beading, Ho (Aldoiman Elliott) had not glvon dunk to his supportois (" What about tbo supper '") Ho could only say ho had never given any such Biippoi.

A \oto of thanks to tho Ohmruian terminated tho piooeedings, and lho meeting sopurutod.