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To-morrow's contest between Holebrook and City form« ose of the most important event« oi the present season, inasmuch as its result will give a very fair indication ' as to how the premiership will go, and a win or draw for City will finally settle the question in their favour. Should Holebrook prove victorious the scores will then be equal, and another match will have necessarily to be played to decide the matter. The unusual amount of attention that ha« been paid by the players to training, etc., during the paat week is evidenced by their determination to ?play a bold game, and with the surround- ings favourable, the contest bids fair to excel anything shown for the last,three asasen». Pa lie interest in the match is also very keen, and an attendance far beyond the usual average is anticipated. The committee, in view of the stn por'.anee of tho conflict, have made every preparation for intending patrons, and trains will run to the gi ound at 2.10 and 2.40, returning at 4 6 and 4.30. Carriages will be specially reserved for ladies. Tbe umpire question has been arranged by the the appointment of Mr. J. Chapman. The following are the teams : City : Byan (capt ), Dickens, McGn'r- . Kcdy, McChr.-«-. "--"".. ««ngTord (2), Goldie, Plant, Guest (2), Lesmen, Boonitcha, Adkisson, Nicholson, Walton, Henri, Stub, HalL Holebrook: Abbott, Abel, lUrlow, Clark (2), Cook, Donnellatf, Eady (capt.), Gibson, Howe (2), Jeffrey, Lovett, Mackey, McKenzie, Paul, Shea, Stephen«, Taylor, Willing.

City v. Holsbrook (Juniors).-Tonn« : City : Nicholson, Read, Neylon, Flynn, Belbin, Mooney, Rowlands' (2), Roberts, Lyneb, Vautin, Bingham, Stredwlck, Mooney, Beasley, Meredith, Propsting, Rosendale, McChrlstle, Divoy. Holebrook: Robertson, Morgan, Harrison (2), Hayton. White, Brown, Rule, Wellington, Lord (2), McKenzie, Palfreyman (2), Batt, Magrath (2), Harper (2), Fro it, Jonkfns, Gilligan (2), Thors. Hope, Walls, Wallace), Thompson, Byfield.

Grantillsv. Glbxohcut, at Glenorchy. Teams ;-Glenorchy-Cooper, Perkins (2), Bnckney (2), Mason, Harley, Johnston, Maxwell, Billings, Grant (2), Phillipa (2), Essen, O'Brien, Duukerley. Sherwood, Fulton. Butterworth, C. Hallam (oipt ) Pratt, Goody. Granville-Stewart, Street, Cantrill (capt.) Dwau (2), Jackson, McKenzie (2), Nicholls, Langworthy, Anderson, Crosby, Boucher, Miller, Jatman, Payne (2), Murray, Fowles, Lancaster. Giles, Standfield, Kay.

N*w Tows (Juniors) v. Hutchins School. -On NoW Town («round. Teams-A'eia Town : Smith (2), Propsting (2), Jordan, Wright, Burrow» (2), Reynolds, Morrisby, Kennan, Rule (captain), White, Mather, Harper, Williams Doro, Riuhardaon.

Fitzroy v. Union Jack.-On Victoria Sports Ground. Teams-Fttzioy : Under- wood, Reeves (captain), Moote, Russell, Riohardson, Vautin, Rex, Murdoch. Root,

Maplcy, Cooke, Lucas, Davey (2), Williams, McDonald, Crisp, Elliston, Leighton, Bel steal ; ' emergency - Mcwilliams, Reid. Unxtn Jack : Creese (oaptain), Smith, Albury, Maher, Gibbons, Davies, Kemp, 'thorburns, Oddie, Crisp, Moore, Maiu, Harboard, Propsting, Sherran, Best, Burns, Abel, Williams, Smith ; emergency-Moran, Edward", Coulter, Biggins.

Old Scholars v. Friends' School -On Lord's Paddock. Old Scholars .' ' Miller (captain), Magrath (2), Propstiog (3), Harri soo, Mather, Tabart, Cruickshank, MacoJ Benjafield, Brcut, Innes, Browncll, Seal, Dossetor. ,

North' Hobart v. Bellkiuve.-At Bel Ierive on Saturday. Teams from tho follow- ing :-North Hobart: Sjkcs (capt.), Mills, Summers, Phillips, Kcrney, Mason,,Patter- son (2), Schofield, Gilligan (2), Scmple, Jones, Briton, Shaw, Mathews, Sutcliffe, Langford, Smith, Brooks, Cavauugli,. U'Bt'ica, Archer, Mason, McLaggan. Bellerive : A. Hook (capt.), Langford, Burton (2) Swift, Ward (2), Markham, Struthera (2), Gatehouse,' Wilkins, Eadon, Russell (2), Ford, Connor, Peech, Marlin, Henri, Fisher, Smith,

Purcell, Rex, Free, Richardson I