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The closíng match for premiership was played on the Association ground on Satur- day last and resulted in a win for the City, who beat Holebrook by a goal. The day waa all that could be desired, and the attend ance, perhaps the largest that has been ob- served ou the ground this season. Messrs. Ki'Burn and J. Masterton undertook the duties of goal umpires, and J. Chapman offiii&Ua in the field. The samo wa« characterised by the swiftness of tho play throughout, BOtne good kicking, aud a dis- position on both sides to try their utmost «¿succeed. C Eady played an excellent nae for the Holebrook, ho bciue. a host in .Simtclf. Walton, Ryan, Plant, and .MoOhristie also showed good form. \\ illing Abbott, and I). Guest were in evidence fre- quently and Shea, Henri, Donnellan, Nichol- son, McGinnis, Howe, Clarke, Goldie, and -"Paul, with Borne others, were favourably com- mented on. All the City goals were obtained in the first quarter, ond although Holebrook 5tried to rally tlicy were met with too Btrong .a opposition foroe to be able to effect their Îarpóse.' The first item was a behind by

lonncllan off S. Bowe. C. Guest then got

an anglo allot ; nobody thought he would do ?is, yet he managed the first goal all right. McChristie carne next and struck the post. Holebrook did not appear to relish this state 'ii ' things, and accordingly rallied their

orces, and pushed matters, Paul having au opportunity to gil e it to Shea, did so with the result that a goal weat up. The efforts of the City to get the play downwards was -disputed very strongly by the Holebrook, who worked well together and played as one tuan, but Walton having been given a mark, Um tn'crit B of which were very questionable, »second goal was'-put up. 0. Guest suc- ceeded iu obtaining another goal just at quarter time, when the score Btood : City, 3 -goals 1 behind ; Holebrook, 1 goal I behind. On resuming, 'the play was warm on both ?ides/' Henri obtained a fair mark off Hyan, and had a shot for goal, which re- sulted, in a behind going up. G. Nicholson sent ia the next behind. Another one followed after a little trouble, when Walton .received the ball from tho hands of ?"McChriBtie, and booted it at a distance

Willing made many attempts to shine in the , field, hut was not afforded a show to dis-1 -anguish himself. C. Eady evinced a dis- position to dispute matters on more than .one ocoasion, notably in saving a goil when -ttere ' appeared to be no doubt whatever of the issue. Nicholson having tried- a ?hot' McGinnis marked right at the post. It looked a moral for1 another, but 0. Èady uncoiled himself a bit and caught the .leather about 8ft. off the ground. Two be- finde followed on 'he part ef W. HOMO and

Clarke, and the Hoir brook- woke up a little , jthen.', Plant managed a really good run ?long the lower wing, his swiftness standing Um ra good stead, which almost eventuated »?other goal, only GüiBon savad it just as the hell rang. Half-time : City, 3 goals 4 be- feinde,; Holebrook, 2goal 3 behinds. Shortly s*lt»r resuming the Holebrook team -worked the game well up to ' the j City goals . aud Desuellan obtained ;the ' ball. He passed it to Jeffrey by » fair kick and Jeffrey marked. It w»s dis- * »Hawed by the umpire. Shea theo put up a behind, and Barlow quickly followed with a goal straight in front Another bebind was stored at the -hands of Shea, who again eventuated with a splendid shot for goal, but, being touched, did not come off. The City played up then to the Holebrook goals, .where -C. Eady saved their bacon. All the players appeared to be very excited, and some good opportunities were missed thereby. C' Eady kicked the next behind, which was supplemented by another. Lovett scorim* off Willing. Barlow came next, and the ball then slipped its wind, necessitating tho *<ttrodaottau of » fieou «.... Thrco «juarter time : f*ity 3 goals 4 ba hinds; Holebrook, 2 goals 9 behind'. The breeze -freshened from the south atthia time giving City the advantage. 'McChristie placed for a shot, and obtained a behind. Holebrook had all their work cut out, and they knew it. When G. Nicholson waa "given a mark clean io front, things looked a little blue, but a behind only Tesulttng, gave Holebrook another show. Quick play was wanted, but City kept their nea well on the field, and shepherded Hole- brook. Goldie kicked the next behind, and his team, working with the wind, kw' UP the play and forced their otu-*"*111* t0, act on tue defensiv» ~i<eu tney required'the attack. Benind Ko. 8 was secured by McGinnis, and C. Guest, out of tho ruck, got in another. The Holebrook were then out of it, the gamo finishm? as follows :

City: 3 goalB S behinds.- .

Holebrook-' 2 goals 9 behinds.