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Family Notices

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ALLISON.—April 3, at her residence, No. 469, Bourke-street,  

Surry Hills, Mrs. T. J. Allison, of a daughter.

BARKER.—May 12, at her residence, 86, Ann-street, Ultimo, the  

wife of Mr. Henry Barker, of a daughter.

BANKS.—May 5, at her residence, 1, Prince-street, Mrs. James  

Banks, of a daughter.

BAXTER—April 28, at Willow Cottage, Yass, Mrs. R. Baxter, of a daughter. BAYLY—April 29, at her residence, 165, Kent-street, Mrs. John  

Bayly, of a daughter.

BEECH.—April 16, at her residence, Woolloomooloo-street, the  

wife of John Beech, of a son.

BELL .-- May 3, at St. Leonards, North Shore, the wife of Mr.

Francis Bell, City Engineer, of a daughter.  

BENSON.—April 29, at her parents' residence, Belmore-square,  

Goulburn, the wife of Mr. Robert Benson, of a daughter.

BEVERIDGE.—May 6, at Balmain, the wife of John Beveridge,

of a son.      

BIESE.—April 17, at Moltke Cottage, Enmore, the wife of Mr.  

L. Biese, of a daughter, of Noumea, New Caledonia.

BOSSLEY.—May 12, at her residence, Balmain, the wife of Ion B.  

Bossley, of a son.      

BRENNAND.—April 14, at her aunt s residence, Monaro Lodge,  

Norwood, Mrs. T. S. Brennand, of a son.

BROCKLEBANK—April 10, at her residence, Toowoomba,    

Queensland, the wife of Mr. W. Brocklebank, of a son.    

BROUGHTON.—April 17, at her parents' residence, Cook's  

River, the wife of Alfred Broughton, Esq., J.P., Muttama,      

of a daughter.  

BRUSH.—April 19, the wife of John Brush, of a son.

BULL.—April 12, at St. Clare Cottage, Goulburn, the wife of T. Bull, Esq., of a daughter.

BULLARD—April 22, at her residence, Northcliff, the wife of

William Bullard, of a daughter.    

BURNS.—May 1, at her residence, Derwent-street, Glebe, the  

wife of Mr. John Burns, of a son.  

CANTOR.—April 19, at 146, Phillip-street, Mrs. C. Cantor, of a    


CARRICK—February 25, at the Customs Station, Tweed River

Mrs. Thomas Carrick, of a son.    

CHAMBERS—April 20, at her parents' residence, Turner-street      

Redfern, the wife of Mr. J. D. Chambers, of a daughter.

CLIFF—April 7, at her residence, Devon Villa, Snail's Bay,

Balmain, the wife of J. R. Cliff, of a daughter.

COCHRAN—April 20, at St. Kilda, Melbourne, the wife of John

Cochran, Esq., of a daughter.  

COLE—April 9, at her parents' residence, William-street, Wool-    

loomooloo, the wife of William R. Cole, of a son.

COMBES—May 2, at Helsarmel, Petersham, the wife of William

Combes, of a son.

COOK—April 30, at Allen=street, off Harris-street, the wife of    

M. Cook, of a son.

COWPER—May 5, at her residence, Mrs. Charles Cowper, jun., of    

a daughter.

CRUICKSHANK—April 14, at her residence, Mumblebone, Mac-

muarie River, the wife of John Cruickshank, Esq., of a son.  

DAVIS—April 25, at Taree, Manning River, the wife of Frank  

N. Davis, of a daughter.

DAVIS—May 13, at Pembroke Cottage, Alma-street, Darlington,    

the wife of G. W. Davis, Esq., of a son.  

DF LISSA—May 11, at her residence, Glen Rhoda, Edgecliff Road,

the wife of S. De Lissa, of a son.  

DELOHERY—April 28, at her residence, East Maitland, Mrs. C.

Delohery, of a son.

DIBBS—May 6, at St. Leonards, North Shore, the wife of George

R. Dibbs, of a daughter.  

DOYLE—April 26, at her residence, Cedar Grove, West Mait-  

land, Mrs. F. M. Doyle, of a son.  

DWYER—May 3, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. W. Red-

man, the wife of J. E. B. Dwyer, Esq., of a son.        

ECCLES—April 19, at her residence, Ashfield, Mrs. John

Eccles, of a son.

EDGELL—May 7, at Fernbrook, East St. Leonards, Mrs. Henry

Edgell, of a daughter.

ELPHINSTONE—April 12, at her residence Ramelton House,

Derwent-street, Glebe, the wife of David Elphinstone, of a son.       ENGLEFIELD—May 3, at her residence, Alma-street, Darling-        

ton, Mrs. Englefield, of a son.  

EVANS—February 14, at Waratah, Grove Road, Woolston, near

Southampton, the wife of Herbert Evans, Esq., P. and O, Co.'s         Service, of a son.  

FACHE—May 10, at her residence, Vernon Cottage, Addison  

Road, Marrickville, Mrs. C. J. Fache, of a son, prematurely.    

FARQUHAR—May 11, at Green Oaks Cottage, Darling Point,  

Mrs. A. B. Farquhar, of a son.  

FIMISTER—April 15, at the Junction Reefs, near Carcoar, Mrs.  

John Fimister, of a daughter.    

FITZHARDINGE—May 5, at her residence, Sydney, the wife of  

J. H. Fitzhardinge, of a daughter.

FREEMAN—April 22, at her residence Woolloomooloo-street,    

Woolloomooloo, the wife of Henry Freeman, of a daughter.

GARLING—May 11, at her residence, Hobartville, Richmond,

the wife of W. M. N. Garling, of a son

GOLDMAN—April 20, at her residence, Narrabri, Namoi River,

Mrs. A. Goldman, of a son.

GORMAN—April 25, at her residence, Piper-street, Woollahra,

Mrs. H. Gorman, of a son.

HAMILTON—May 6, the wife of J. Hamilton, Regent-street, of    

a daughter.

HART—April 12, at her residence, Cooper-street, Strawberry Hill,  

the wife of Henry Hart, builder, of a daughter.

HAY —April 21, at the Native Home Hotel, Brisbane-street, the

wife of Charles Hay, of a daughter.

HAY—April 28, at her residence, St. Leonards, the wife of J. G.

Hay, of a daughter.

HAYES—April 18, at her residence, Woodstock-terrace, Under-      

wood-street, Paddington, the wife of C. H. Hayes, of a son.    

ILLIDGE—April 24, at the Telegraph Office, Marlborough,

Queensland, the wife of Thomas Illidge, of a son.  

IRVINE.—April 19, at her residence, No. 4, Bullanaming-street,      

Redfern, Mrs. John Irvine, of a son.

IRVING.—May 12, at her residence, 2, Kent-street, the wife of  

Mr. J. C. Irving, of a son.

IVES.—May 3, at Gibraltar, Blue's Point, the wlfe of I. E. Ives,

of a son.

JACOMBS.—April 21, at her residence, Forest Lodge Estate,

Glebe, Mrs. W. T. Jacombs, of a daughter.

JEANNERET.—April 29, at her residence, Hunter's Hill, Mrs.    

Jeanneret, of a son.

JOHNSTON.—April 20, at Ivy-street, Darlington, the wife of  

Edward C. Johnston, of a son.  

JOHNSON.—May 18, at her residence, 225, George-street, the  

wife of Mr. James Johnson, of a daughter.

JONES.—April 26, at her residence, Old Racecourse, Parramatta,

the wife of Henry Tucker Jones, of a daughter.

JONES.—May 10, at her residence, Botany Road, the wife of

W. Jones, of a daughter.  

JOSEPH.—May 7, at her residence, 298, George-street, the wife  

of Henry Joseph, of a son.

JUSTELIUS.—April 26, at her residence, Public school, Banks-

town, the wife of Mr. Edward Justelius, of a daughter.  

KEOGH.—April 29, at her residence, 46, South Head Road, the  

wife of T. Keogh, of a son.

KING.—April 26, at her residence, Harris-street, Ultimo, Mrs.  

Edward King, of a son.

KING.—April 16, at her parents' residence, Sussex-street, the wife

of Frederick J. King, of a daughter.

KUNKEL.—May 2, the wife of Charles Kunkel, of a son.    

LIPMAN.—May 14, at her residence, 125, Elizabeth-street, Mrs.    

L. Lipman, of a son.

LIPSCOMB.—April 29, at Cooma, the wife of Mr. B. Lipscomb,

solicitor, of a son.

LORD.—May 13, at Ethelton, Bathurst, the wife of Francis Lord,  

jun., Esq., of a son.    

LUMSDAINE—May 1, at Mowbray, Ashfield, the wife of E. A.

Lumsdaine, Esq., of a son.    

M'CULLOCH.—April 19, at her residence, Essendon, Ocean-street,  

Woollahra, Mrs. Andrew H. M'Culloch, of a son.

M'GLEW.—April 23, at her residence, Wyndham-street, Water-        

loo, the wife of Mr. C. S. M'Glew, of a daughter.

MACKAY.—May 8, at Pelerin, Singleton, New South Wales, Mrs.    

G. E. Mackay, of a daughter.

M'KENZIE.—April 18, at Argyle Cottage, Aberdeen, Mrs. M. C.  

M'Kenzie, of a daughter.  

M'LACHLAN.—April 16, at her residence, Peisley-street, Orange,    

the wite of J. C. M'Lachlan, Esq., solicitor, of a son.      

MACMASTER.—April 30, at 4, Glasgow-terrace, the wife of Hugh    

Macmaster, of a son.

MAITLAND.—May 10, at her residence, Tumut, Mrs. D. M.

Maitland, jun., of a daughter, prematurely.  

MANTON.—March 30, at her residence, Bourke-street, Woolloo-    

mooloo, Mrs. C. H. Manton, of a daughter.

MASSIE—April 20, at Waverley, Mrs. Robert G. Massie, of    

a son.

MELVILLE—April 26, at Heathfield, Hobart Town, the wife of

John K. Clark Melville, New South Wales, of a daughter.  

MOORE—Apnl 16, at her residence, Church-street, Parramatta,  

the wife of Hugh Moore, editor of the Cumberland Mercury, of twin daughters.

MOON—April 24, at her residence, George-street, Waterloo, the

wife of Mr. Thomas Moon, of a daughter.  

MOORE—May 13, at her residence, Briarbank, Mrs. Lewis Moore,  

of a daughter.

O'DWYER—May 4, at Belmont Cottage, St. Mary-street, King-  

ston, Mrs. E. O'Dwyer, of a son.

OLLIFFE—April 21, at her residence, Crown-street, Ultimo,      

Mrs. J. B. Olliffe, of a son.

OSBORNE—May 10, at Mangerton, Wollongong, the wife of

Alic Osborne, Esq., of a son.  

OVERALL—April 14, at her residence, Fairfield Cottage, Marian-

street, Redfern, the wife of J. Overall, and daughter of J. Niblett, Parramatta Junction, of a son.  

PAGE—May 8, at her residence, Merimbula, Mrs. Adam E. Page,  

of a daughter.

PEARSE—May 9, at Dunmore, the wife of Joseph Pearse, of a    


PEATE—April 4, at her residence, Bolsover-street, Rockhamp-    

ton, the wife of Thomas Peate, Esq., of a daughter.        

PENSON—April 16, at her residence, 351, Pitt-street, Mrs. J.    

A. Penson, of a daughter.  

PIDDINGTON—May 11, at her residence, The Terrace, New-  

castle, the wife of Rev. W. J. Killick Piddington, of a son.  

PLUNKETT—May 2, at her residence, Dowling-street, Woolloo-  

mooloo, Mrs. W. E. Plunkett, of a daughter.

PORTER—May 1, at her residence 25, Ultimo-street, Glebe, the  

wife of Mr. Andrew Porter, of a son.

REUSS—April 16, at his residence, Alma Ville, Pyrmont Bridge  

Road, Glebe Point, the wife of Mr. F. H. Reuss, jun., of a daughter, stillborn.

ROBERTS—April 17, at the Ferns, Rose Bay, the wife of Mr.  

Henry C. Roberts, of a daughter.

RUDD—April 15, at her residence, Snail's Bay, Balmain, the wife

of Chas. W. Rudd, of a son.

SAMUELS—April 17, at her residence, 177, Goulburn-street, the    

wife of Mr. Henry Samuels, of a daughter.  

SIMPSON—May 3, at Roseneath, Armidale, the wife of John

Macneill Simpson, Esq., of a daughter.    

SMITH—April 22, at her residence, 13, Margaret-street, the

wife of Sydney Smith, of a son.

SPARK—April 23, at Woollahra, the wife of A. B. Spark, of a


STEPHEN—May 3, at Woodside, the wife of Septimus A.

Stephen, Esq., of a son.    

SUMMERFIELD—May 6, at her residence, South Head Road,  

Mrs. G. M. Summerfield, of a son.

TAPP—April 20, at her residence 8, Riley-street, Woolloomooloo,  

the wife ot John Tapp, of a son.

TORR—May 1, at her residence, Leiecster-street, Paddington,

the wife of George Torr, of a son.  

VENABLES—April 15, at the residence of her parents, 17, Hamil-

ton-street, the wife of A. F. Venables, of a daughter.    

WYNDHAM—April 21, at her residence, Egremont Lodge, Curra-

jong, the wife of Alexander Wyndham, Esq., of a son.  

YOUNG—May 11, at Newlands, Parramatta, Mrs. George E.

Young, of a son.  


BEAUMONT—TALBOT—April 6, at Trinity Church, by the

Rev. Edward Rogers, Arthur William Beaumont to Mary Ann

Talbot, both of Sydney.

BLACKWELL—MAHONEY—April 9, at St. Patrick's Church,

Sydney, by the Rev. Father Mounier, Thomas Blackwell, native     of Liverpool, England, to Annie Theresa, youngest daughter

of Mr. T. T. Mahoney, schoolmaster, of Rosebrook, near West


BLOOMFIELD—HARVEY—March 1, at Gladstone, Port Curtis,

by the Rev. Alexander Proudfoot, Thomas Stephen, eldest son   of S. E. Bloomfield, late of Illawarra, to Mary Josephine, second   daughter of Robert Harvey, Gladstone.

BUTLER—BARLOW—April 15, by special license, at the resid-

ence of the bride, 24, Samuel-street, Surry Hills, by the Rev.

William Clarke, Wesleyan minister, Mary, relict of the late     William Barlow, to Captain Arthur John Butler, master mariner,   from London, now resident at St. Leonards, North Shore.

CAINE —LIVINGSTON—April 29, at St. Peter's Church, by the

Rev. T. H. Moreton, William Dixson Caine, of Shoalhaven, to

Isabel Jane, youngest daughter of Richard Livingston, Esq., of


CARLISLE—TURNER—January 31, at St. Paul's Church, Red-  

fern, by the Rev. Charles Baher, Alexander, eldest son of the late John Carlisle, to Mary Jane, second daughter of Alfred

Turner, Chippendale.

CLARE—MORAN—May 3, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton, Albert,    

Clare, third son of William Clare, engineer of Darlington, Shepherd's Paddock, to Ellen Moran, fifth daughter of James      

Moran, Colo.

CLISSOLD—WEYMAN—April 10, at St. James's Church, Lud-  

denham, by the Rev. James Ross, M.A., Thomas Daniel Clissold,             to Rebecca, daughter of Henry Weyman, South Creek .district

CORDEN —WREN—April 11, by special license, at St Paul's

Church, Deniliquin, by the Rev. William H. H. Harrington,     Henry James Corden, Manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Deniliquin, only son of the late Robert Corden, Esq., of   Nottingham, England, to Ellen Wigg, second daughter of Erasmus Wren, L.R.C.P., F.R.C.S.                

CUNNINGHAM—BLAKE—April 20, at Christ Church, Sydney,  

by the Rev. Canon Vidal, Michael W. Cunningham, of Burdekin Downs, Kennedy District, Queensland, eldest son of the late M. Cunningham, of Yarra Yarra, district of Murrum-   bidgee, New South Wales, to Charlotte, third daughter of the late John Blake, of Blakeville, Cahir, Ireland.

DAVIDSON—MACKENZIE—April 25, at Goonigal, Wagga       Wagga (the residence of the bride's uncle), by the Rev. W. H.  

Pownall, Alexander, eldest son of Alexander Davidson, Esq.,   of Bullenbong, to Marion Edith, second daughter of S. A.   Mackenzie, Esq., of Burwood.  

DOBERER— CARSON—April 18, at Christ Church, Grafton, by

the Rev. Josiah Spencer, John Frederick Doberer, of Weins- berg, Germany, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. John B.     Carson, of Victoria-street, Grafton.  

ELLIOT—GLASS—March 27, at 621, George-street, Sydney, by    

the Rev. S. H. Coles, Thomas, third son of James Elliot, New-

castleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland, to Isabella, youngest     daughter of the late William Glass, of Doune, Perthshire,


EVANS—LOWE—April 15, at the Church of the Holy Innocents,    

Bringelly, by the Rev. G. A. Woodd, Alfred Essex, the only surviving son of Captain J. Evans, J.P., of Evansville, New- town, to Fanny Laura, second daughter of James Willard Lowe, Esq., J.P., of Sidmouth Valley.      

FARMER—BOWLIN—March 28, at St. Philip's Church, Clydes-  

dale, by the Rev. C. F. Garnsey, George, third son of Mr. John Wright Farmer, of Allt Ucha, Llanfair, Caercinion, Welsh Pool, Montgomeryshire, Wales, Great Britain, to Lizzie Car-   loss, eldest daughter of Mrs. J. Bowlin, of Jericho, Windsor.    

FLEMING—CRAWFORD—April 1, at the residence of the bride's        

father, Strawberry Hill, by the Rev. Robert Lewers, William       John, fourth son of Mr. Charles Fleming, to Elizabeth, third     daughter of Mr. George Crawford, both natives of New South  


FLYNN—REED—May 6, by special license, at Balranald, by the

Rev. William H. H. Yarrington, John Flynn, of Euston, to   Elizabeth Victoria, daughter of Mr. Alexander Reed, Euston, Murray River.

GAMACK—MACKELLAR—May 4, at Woolloomooloo Presby-

terian Church, by the Rev. Dr. M'Gibbon, assisted by the Rev.   Mr Lewers, John Alexander, only son of Alexander Gamack, Esq., late colonial surgeon, N.S. Wales, to Effie, only daughter           of the late Frederick Mackellar, Esq., M.D.        

GIBSON—BETTS—April 17, at St John's Church, Parramatta, by  

the Rev. James Carter, assisted by the Rev. W. J. Gunther and

Rev. James Hassall, James Gibson, Esq., of Flinder's River,     Queensland, fourth son of the late Thomas Gibson, Esq., of Ayr,     Scotland, to Mary Jane, second daughter of the late John Betts,  

Esq., of "The Vineyard," Parramatta.             GIBSON—CAMPBLLL—March 13, at Inverell House, by the

Rev. T. A. Gordon, James Jackson Rae Gibson, of Reedy Creek, Warialda, to Mary, third daughter of the late Alexander Campbell, Esq., of lnverell.      

GLEN—KIDSTON—February 22, at Glasgow, by the Rev. Dr.    

Henderson, John, second son of George Glen, Esq., of Stratton,     Audley Park, Oxfordshire, to Isabella Wallace, eldest daughter   of the late William Kidston, jun., Esq., Glasgow.      

GRIFFITH—ARMSTRONG—March 30, at St. Peter's Church,

Woolloomooloo, by the Rev. G. H. Moreton, William       Griffith, to Eleanor, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Armstrong, of Sydney.

GRUNDY—TABOR—April 2, at the Oaks, by the Rev. Samuel

Fox, Edward, eldest son of John Grundy, Oaks, to Selina, eldest daughter of Thomas Tabor, Hardwick.  

HARDAKER—MORGAN—April 25, at the residence of the  

bride's parents, by the Rev. J. B. Waterhouse, Edwin, second       son of Mr. George Hardaker, of Kingston, to Lydia, daughter     of the late Mr. James Morgan, and stepdaughter of Mr. Charles Boxsell, Vickery-street, Waverley.  

HASLAM—THOMPSON—April 26, at St. Leonards, North Shore,

near Sydney, by the Rev. Dr. Robert Steel, James Haslam, of Molong, youngest son of John Haslam, Molong, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of John Thomson, late of Glentoig, Black-   faulds, and Cardowan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.        

HAYLOCK—MOWLE—May 7, at St. Jude's Church, Randwick,      

by the Rev. T. Wilson, B.A., Cornelius Haylock, licensed sur-     veyor, son of Dr. Haylock, of Ashfield Vale, Ashfield, to Kate   Isabella, second daughter of Stewart M. Mowle, First Clerk   Legislative Council Department, and granddaughter of an eminent colonist of his time, the late Thomas Braidwood Wil-     son, M.D., R.N., of Braidwood.        

HOUSTON—HOUSTON.—April 16, by the Rev. R. Lewers, of

St. Andrew's Scots Church, Sydney, at the residence of the bride's parents, Eugene M'Intyre Houston, late of Coromandel,   New Zealand, to Margaret, fourth daughter of Gavin Houston,


JONES—HOTTON—April 11, by special license, at the residence  

of the bride's parents, 92, Campbell-street, by the Rev. William     Clarke, John Jones, eldest son of John Seddin Jones, of 115, Crown-street, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Harry Hotton,   of Cornwall, England.  

JURJENS—WOODWARD—April 3, at St. Peter's, Woolloomoo-

loo, by Rev. G. H. Moreton, Frederick Jurjens, to Eliza, the     eldest daughter of James Woodward, Esq., of No. 8, Yurong-   street, Woolloomooloo.  

KING—CADDEN—April 25, at Christ Church, Kiama, by the  

Rev. T. C. Ewing, of Wollongnng, Rural Dean, Thomas, second son of Joseph King, to Elizabeth Amelia, second daughter of Hugh Philip Cadden, both of Kiama.  

KING—RYRIE—April 25, at Arnprior, by the Rev. W. Patterson,

Henry Venn, third son of George King, of Waratah, Sydney,   to Ann Stewart, eldest daughter of the late William Ryrie, of   Arnprior, Braidwood.

LEHANE—MURPHY—April 20, at Reedy Creek, by the Very    

Rev. John Forrest, D.D., of Sydney, assisted by the Very Rev. John O'Connor, D.D., of Burrowa, William, eldest son of       Jeremiah Lehane, to Sarah, only daughter of the late Miles Murphy, of Murrumburrah.

LEES—SHIRLEY—April 3, at St. Barnabas Church, by the Rev.  

Canon Smith, George Edward, eldest son of Mr. E. Lees, Glebe, Mary Louisa, second daughter of Mr. F. Shirley, Glebe.

LOVE—ROBERTS—April 23, at St. Saviour's Cathedral, Goul-  

burn, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Goulburn, assisted   by the Very Rev. the Dean of Goulburn and the Rev. A. T.   Puddicombe, the Rev. J. Graham Love, incumbent of St. John's Moruya, to Mary Elizabeth, third daughter of the   late Joseph Roberts, Esq., and step-daughter of John Lackey,     Esq., M.P., Woodville, Parramatta.    

MACKENZIE—CHATFIELD—April 17, at St. John's, Darling-    

huest, by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, Robert J. Mackenzie, third son of W. H. Mackenzie, Esq., Surry Hills, to Ella     Frances, youngest daughter of W. Chatfield, Esq.  

MACKENZIE—LUNN—April 16, at the residence of the bride,    

Liddleton, near Hartley, by the Rev. W. Mackenzie, of Bowen-   fels, the Rev. S. F. Mackenzie, M.A., St. Andrew's ,Church     Goulburn, to Lizzie, younger daughter of the late George Lunn, Esq., Liddleton.    

M'PADDEN—BRADLEY—April 13, at St. Patrick's, by the Rev.      

Father Kirk, James M'Padden, the youngest son of Hugh M'Padden, to Ellen Bradley, the only daughter of John Bradley,  

both natives of Ireland.  

MINCHIN—WHITE—May 6, at St. John's, Darlinghurst, by the

Rev. Thomas Haydon, M.A., Stapleton Minchin, Esq., of Wagga         Wagga, to Edith Frederica, second daughter of George White,           Esq., of Bernera, near Liverpool, N.S.W.  

MORSE—SPERLING—March 10, at St. Luke's, VVaratah, by  

Canon Child, assisted by the Rev. F. Bode, G. P. Morse, of Balala, to Mary, third daughter of J. M. Sperling, solicitor,  


MURPHY—COGHLAN—April 30, by special license, at St. Mary's    

Church, Concord, by the Rev. C. M'Carthy, George Fredcerick   Murphy, of the firm of Murphy and Son, oil, colour, and plate-

glass merchants, 21 and 23, Parramatta-street, to Dora, eldest       daughter of Mr. Thomas Coghlan, of Redfern.

MURTOUGH—MARTIN—July 6, 1871, at St. Mary's Cathedral,

by the Rev. P. Mahoney, James Murtough. to Elizabeth Martin,

both of Sydney.

OLSSON—WARK—April 10, at the residence of the bride,    

Hunter-street, by the Rev. R. Sellors, Erik Olsson, to Jane       Wark, Hunter-street.  

PARK—LINCOLN—April 18, at St. Stephen's Church, Newtown,

by the Rev. Mr. Baber, Samuel Park, the eldest son of the late     Mr. James Park, farmer of Canterbury, to Jane Hannah Lincoln, of St. Mary's-street, Kingston, Newtown.  

PARNELL—BUSBY—April 25, at Waterloo, by the Rev. William    

Bradley, Congregational minister, Frederick Parnell, third son   of Mr. William Parnell, to Ann Busby, second daughter of Mr. James Busby, late of London, England.

PARNELL—ROGERS—Apriil 16, at Holy Trinity Church, Sydney,      

by the Rev. Henry Tingcombe, assisted by the Rev. Hulton King, M. J. Parnell, Esq., of Esterley, Hunter River, to     Minnie, daughter of the Rev. Edward Rogers.  

PENNY—DOYLE—Apiil 25, by special license, at St. Mary's    

pro-Cathedral, by the Rev. M. J. Dwyer, Frederick, eldest son of the late Mr. John Henry Penny, of High-street, Isling-     ton, London, to Fanny, second daughter of the late Mr. William   Doyle, builder, of Forbes-street Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney.   PERRITT—ROBINSON—April 11, at Glenthorne, by the Rev.

W. Wilson, Henry James, eldest son of Mr. Ezra Perritt, Jones's Island, to Isabella, fifth daughter of Mr. James Robinson, Glenthorne, Manning River.  

PILE—SHORTER—April 6, at St. Peter's, Cook's River, by the  

Rev. George King, Sidney Pile, of Newtown, to Sophia Emma,   fourth daughter of W. E. Shorter, Esq., Shipping Master,


PIPER—RILEY—April 4, in St. Peter's Church, Woolloomooloo,  

by the Rev. G. H. Moreton, John Piper, to Amelia Riley.    

RADFORD—ROBENS—March 30, at the residence of the bride's

parents, by the Rev. W. Clarke, Wesleyan minister, John

Radford, eldest and only son of John Radford, late of New-   town, Sydney, to Charlotte Robens, third daughter of Stephen Robens, City Missionary, Union-street, Surry Hills, Sydney.    

ROSE—MACTAGGART—At St. Peter's Cuurch, Gympie, by the  

Rev. Henry J. Campbell, Thomas Rose, fifth son of the late John Rose, of Wîlberforce, N. S. W., to Jane Eliza, relict of   the late John Daniel Mactaggart, late of Kilkivan, Queensland. ROSE—MURPHY—January 26, at St. Mary's pro-cathedral, by    

the Rev. P. Walsh, Thomas, third son of the late Captain William Rose, of Brook Lawn House, near Mohill, county Leitrim, Ireland, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. George   Murphy, Elphin, county Roscommon, Ireland.    

ROW—CHIPPINDALE—April 25, at Christ Church, Newcastle,    

by the Rev. Canon Selwyn, William Rooke Row, eldest son of the late Edward Row, Esq., of Vern House, Instow, Devon,   to Emily, fifth daughter of Edward Charles Chippindaec, Esq., of Rathluba, West Maitland.    

SCOTT—CURETON—April 29, by special license, at St. Patrick's,  

by the Rev. Father Mounier, William, eldest son of Mr. William Scott, Cumberland-street, to Elizabeth Victoria,   youngest daughter of the late David Cureton, of Kent-street.

SHOOBERT—CHISHOLM—April 19, by special licence, by the

Rev. J. M. Gibbon, Henry, third son of J. Shoobert, Esq., to   Mary Coser, youngest daughter of the late W. Chisholm, Esq.    

SPENCE—READ—April 30, at the residence of the bride's      

parents, by the Rev. William Slatyer, assisted by the Rev. Wazir Beg, M.D., LL.D., Thomas, second eldest son of the late           Alexander Spence, of Boundary-street, Alexandria, to Eliza-     beth Ann, daughter of William Read, Bullanaming-street, Red-  


STOW—TURNER—April 1, at St. Barnabas Church, Sydney, by  

the Rev. Canon Smith, James, youngest son of Mr. John Stow, to Martha, youngest third daughter of Mr. Richard Turner, both

of Parramatta.  

SWAINE—PEAKE—March 30, by special license, by the Rev.

George King, at St. Peter's Church, Cook's River, Richard William Swaine, storekeeper, to Jane, second eldest daughter

of John Peake, of Cook's River.

TAYLOR—RIDGE—February 10, at St. Mark's Church, Middle-

sex, England, by the Rev. Mr. Galloway, William Taylor,   captain of the ship Martha Birnie, to Fanny Clara, youngest   daughter of Richard Ridge, Trevallyn, Windsor, New South


THERRY—WALLIS—February 1, at the Church of Our Lady of      

the Rosary, Marylebone Road, Captain George Canning Therry,   of the 105th Light Infantry, only son of Sir Roger Therry, formerly Judge of the Supreme Court, New South Wales, to Sophia Clarinda, youngest daughter of the late Edward Wallis, Esq., of Burton Grange, York.  

TOOGOOD—SHANNON—April 2, at St. Matthias's Church,

Paddington, bv the Rev. Dr. Barry, LL.D., William Alfred,       eldest son of the late Alfred Toogood, Esq., to Mary Theresa,     eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Shannon, Darlington, South  


TOOSE—BENYON—April 10, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Sydney,    

by the Rev. W. Curnow, Henry Thomas, second son of Henry Toose, Kangaloon, to Annie Jane, third daughter of Benjamin  

Benyon, of Goulburn.  

TREATT—WALSH—February 5, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton,

LL.D., Frank Burford Treatt, to Kate Ellen Walsh, both of


WHIDDON—MASON—May 7, by special license, by the Rev.  

Dr. Fullerton, LL.D., Castledine George, second son of S. C.     Whiddon, Esq., to Margaret Smith, second daughter of the late      

Ardrew Mason, Esq.

WHITE—CHIGNELL—July 26, 1871, at St. Barnabas' Church,

by the Rev. Canon Smith, Thomas William White, of Rams- gate, Kent, England, to Caroline, second daughter of Mr.   Edward Chignell, of Sydney, New South Wales.    

WHITELEY—SCHOFIELD—April 30, at St. Barnabas's Church,      

Sydney, by the Rev. A. Davidson Acocks, George, only son of J. Whiteley, Windsor, to Charlotte, only daughter of Joseph   Schofield, Windsor Road.


ADAMS—May 3, at the residence of her parents, Newtown,

Ellen Rosa, the dearly beloved youngest daughter of Edward       Richard and Lucy C. Adams, aged 2 years and 9 months.  

ADAMS—At his father's residence, Fitzroy-terrace, Pitt-street,    

Redfern, John Maguire Adams, aged 17, only son of Mr. John Adams, late of George-street, grocer.    

ADAMS—May 7, at the residence of his parents, Fiizroy-terrace,

Pitt-street, Redfern, John Maguire Adams, aged 17 years, the only and beloved son of John Adams, grocer, late of George-


ALDWELL—April 20, at her residence, Market-street, Mudgee,    

Sarah Walker Aldwell, aged 25 years, the beloved wife of George T. Aldwell, telegraph master.

ALLEN—May 3, at the residence of Alderman Goold, 29,  

Regent-street, the Rev. Charles Allen, late Congregational  

minister at Ulladulla.

ANDERSON—February 26, by the foundering of brig Maria, of

the New Guinea Expedition, Mr. Samuel Anderson, for many years a much respected resident of Balmain, leaving an affec-   tionate wife and a large circle of friends to lament his untimely death. Aged 35 years.  

ALTHORPE—March 9, at Alicante, Spain, Marmaduke, son of J. C.

Althorpe, of Dinning on Hall, Yorkshire, aged 28.  

AYLWARD—April 24, at the residence of Mr. George Fisher,      

Lane Cove, Jane Aylward, of the Pelican Hotel, Bourke-street,       Surry Hills, in the 73rd year of her age.

BAKER—April 20, at Mr. William Baker's Australian Hotel,  

Bathurst, Emma, the beloved wife of Mr. Henry Baker, Bath-       urst, aged 46 years. She died in peace.

BARKER—May 6, at the residence of Mrs. Burdekin Macqnarie-

street, Sydney, Emmanuel Barker, aged 34, son of Alexander Barker, Edinsor, Derbyshire, England.      

BARTON—March 7, Frederick John Joseph Barton, third son of    

Mr. Richard Barton, teacher of the Public school, Camden, aged     7 years.  

BELL—April 23, at Hobart Town, Tasmania, Colonel William      

Bell, late of H. M. 98th Regiment, aged 74 years.

BELLAMY—March 23, at Grassmere, Mitchell Downs, Queens-    

land, of consumption, Edward Francis, eldest son of the late     Dr. Bellamy, of Sydney, aged 34 years.  

BIGGS—April 26, at her residence, 481, George-street, Maria,  

the beloved wife of John Biggs, aged 42 years, leaving a large family to lament their loss.

BIRKINSHAW—April 18, at his father's residence, Undercliff,

Balmain, of bronchitis, William Schofield Birkinshaw, aged 26  


BLACK—May 5, at her residence, Pitt and Park streets, Anne,

the beloved wife of James A. Black, aged 41 years.

BLACK—May 1, at his residence, Rose Hill, Dural, of consump-  

tion, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Chris- tian fortitude, Mr. Henry George Black, aged 40 years, leaving an affectionate wife, eight children, and a large circle of friends  

to mourn their loss.

BLUE—April 36, at the residence of his brother-in-law, James        

H. French, North Sydney, St. Leonards, Robert Blue, after a long and painful illness, aged 57 years.

BREEN—May 13, at his residence, Dowling-street, Sand Hills,      

Patrick Brien, aged 78 years. Requiescat in pace.

BRENAN—May 12, at her residence, Geraldine Cottage, of

consumption, Mary Elizabeth, relict of the late John O'Neill     Brenan, Esq.  

BRINDLEY—April 18, at his daughter's residence, Holbrook,      

North Shore, Robert Brindley, Esq., late of the Surveyor  

General's Office.

BROUN—January 31, on the voyage from India to England,  

Lieutenant James Broun, Royal Engineers, eldest son of Sir   William Broun, Bart, of Colstoun, Dumfries, Scotland, and       brother to William Broun, Esq., Manly Beach.        

BURNS—May 13, at her residence, Castlemaine Hotel, Hay-

street, Ann Jane Burns, the beloved wife of John Burns, in the 40th year of her age, leaving an afiectionate husband and seven children to mourn their irreparable loss.  

BYRNE—May 6, at his residence, Baptist-street, off Cleve-    

land-street, Edward Dunstan Byrne, late manager of the     Timaru Branch of the Union Bank, New Zealand, and only son of Mr. John Byrne, of Dowling-street, Paddington, aged 41.  

CALVERT—April 28, at her residence, Swanton, Sutton Forest,  

the wife of J. S. Calvert, leaving a baby 18 days old, and many

friends to mourn their loss.

CARRINGTON—March 30, Esther, relict of the late Mr. John  

Scott Carrington, aged 57.

CARTER—April 30, at East Maitland, Augustus Carter, Esq.,    

Registrar of the Maitland District Court.

CHAFFEY—May 4, at his residence, Traveller's Home Hotel,  

Tamworth, Mr. Samuel Russ Chaffey, much and deservedly


CLAYTON—May 13, at his residence, Eaton-street, Kingston,  

James Clayton, aged 43 years, leaving a wife and six children to  

mourn their loss.

CLOWES—April 19, at Stramshall, Potts Point, the residence  

of her brother, Mr. L. Hordern, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Robert Clowes, aged 41 years.

CLUNE—Of your charity pray for the soul of the late Mr.

Thomas Clune, who departed this life on the 29th April, at his   residence, 65, Parramatta-street. Sweet Jesus have mercy on        

his soul.

COLE—April 29, at 152, William-street, of convulsions, Edwin,

dearly beloved infant son of William and Mary Cole.  

COOMBES —February 25, at her residence, Kennington Cross,

England, in the 78th year of her age, Grace, the dearly beloved   mother of W. Coombes, clerk, Holy Trinity, Dubbo.

CUNNINGHAM—May 12, at Viola-terrace, Riley-street, after a    

long and painful illness, which she bore with great patience and Christian resignation, Margaret Mary, the dearly beloved wife   of Mr. John Cunningham, H. M. C. She has left a bereaved hus- band and six children to deplore their irreparable loss—on whose soul, sweet Jesus, have mercy.

DANIELS—May 12, at his parents' residence, Botany, Henry

Herbert, infant son of Samuel and Elizabeth Daniels, aged 10


DAVIS—April 25, at Taree, Manning River, Elizabeth Earle,  

infant daughter of Frank Newport and Elizibeth Mary  


DAVIS—April 10, drowned at the Richmond River, New South Wales, Archibald Henry Hayward Morgan Davis, in his     36th year, leaving a wife and one child unprovided for.

DAWSON—April 9, at Sofala, Launcelot Forester Dawson, of

scarlatina, aged 2 years and 5 months, deeply regretted.

DEAN—April 24, after a short illness, at his parents' resi-  

dence, 81, Elizabeth-street, Alexander, eldest and beloved son   of Alexander and Isabella Dean, aged 13½ years.    

DUGGAN—Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of

Mary, the beloved wife of Patrick Duggan, who died at her   residence, 58, Mary-street, on the 23rd April. Sweet Jesus have    

mercy on her.  

EDMONDSON—May 13, at her residence, Wemyss Cottage,

Wemyss-street, off Macquarie-street South, Ann Maria, the be-       loved wife of Mr. Henry Andrew Edmondson.    

EDWARDS—February 6, at his residence, Valenceinnes, France,  

Major Charles Edwards, formerly of the 66th Native Infantry,       Bengal Presidency, second son of the late Dr. John Edwards, Dorchester, England, and uncle to Henry W. Edwards, Nattai,  

New South Wales.

ELLIOTT—April 25, at his residence, Clare Ville, Enfield, Mr.    

Charles Elliott, in his 74th year, leaving an affectionate wife   and large family to mourn their loss. May his soul rest in


EVANS —April 27, at Parramatta, Mary Ann, the belovod sister

of William Evans, of Kent-street, Miller's Point, late of     Riley-street, Surry Hills, leaving a large circle of relatives and  

friends to mourn their loss.  

FARMER—May 12, at his residence, 305, Liverpool-street,    

Woolloomooloo, after a short and painful illness, Mr. Philip     Farmer, aged 33 years, son-in-law of the late Mr. Edward         Craddock, leaving an affectionate wife and two children to

lament their loss.  

FISHBURN.— April 19, at his residence, Rosehill, Castle Hills,

William Fishburn, aged 78 years, the oldest resident in the  


FLOWER—February 14, at Streatham, Philip William Flower,      

aged 62.

FORBES—April 8, at Mountain View, Ipswich, of fever and  

inflammation of the lungs, Ellen Augusta, eldest daughter of F.     A. Forbes, Esq., aged 27 years.

FOSTER—May 4, at Flora-terrace, Woolloomooloo, Alfred      

William, youngest son of Maek Edward and Grace Foster,  

aged 1 year and 8 months.

GARRARD—February 8, at her residence, 13, Burr-street,  

London, Mary Ann Burrows, relict of the late Captain John Garrard, of Harwich, Essex, and beloved mother of Mr. J. B.   Garrard, pilot, Macleay River, aged 80 years.

GASCOIGNE—May G6, at his residence, Banks Town, Robert  

Gasgoigne, in his 41st year.  

GLASHEN—May 6, at her residence, No. 40, King-street, Sydney,        

Catherine, the beloved wife of John Glashen, aged 45 years.   Requiescat in pace.      

GREBET—April 3, at Gulgong, from the effects of a fall from a

horse, near Wallerawang Station, Louis Adolphe Grebet, aged   twelve years, deeply regretted by his loving mother and many


HALL—May 2, at her residence, Wya Wya Cottage, North  

Shore, Elizabeth, the wife of R. T. Hall, Esq., Audit Depart-       ment, and second daughter of James Milsen, Esq.

HAND—April 26, at his parents' residence, Queen-street, New-

town, John Christopher, youngest and beloved son of Peter   and Margaret Hand, after short but painful illness, aged

3 years and 3 months.  

HINCHY—April 24, at her residence, No. 2, Burton-lane, Mary,

the beloved wife of James Hinchy, aged 34 years.

HINDMARSH—May 2, at Kendall Dale, Ulladulla, Mary Jane,    

the beloved wife of Robert Hindmarsh, of Alne Bank, Gerin-

gong, aged 28 years.  

HOLDER—April 6, at her residence the Australian Club, Jane  

Read, lhe beloved wife of Thomas Holder, and youngest daughter   of the late R. E. Everett, Esq., Bruton, Somersetshire, England.       HULBERT—April 20, at Wantabadgery, suddenly, Walter   Malliorie Paul, the only son of the Rev. Daniel P. M. Hulbert,   M.A., of Cambridge and Goulburn, aged 22 years.        

HUNT—April 27, at his residence, No. 6, Bright's-terrace,    

Devonshire-street, Mr. Samuel Hunt, late of the Colonial Secre-   tary's Office, aged 25 years.

JENNINGS—May 2, at Sydney, Sarah A., the beloved wife of

John Jennings, aged 38 years, and eldest daughter of Mr. Wil- liam Baldick, of Newtown.

JONES—April 16, at Caddir Creek, Frances Jones, the fourth

daughter of Mr. John Jones, aged 22 years.  

KING—April 15, after confinement, Elizabeth, the beloved wife  

of George King, of Erskineville-lane, Erskineville, leaving     seven young children to mourn their loss. She was a native of Norwich, Norfolk, England.

KING—April 13, on voyage to Sydney, in the Alexander Duthie,

Frederick, fourth beloved son of William King, Esq., of Mar-   quess Road, London, and beloved brother of Mrs. Josiah Perry,    

of this city, aged 19 years.

KELLY—February 9, at the residence of his mother, King's  

County, Ireland, William Kelly, aged 21 years, brother of J. M.  

Kelly, Parramatta.

LANDSBORO—April 19 at 46, Bathurst-street, the youngest son

of Mr. Samuel Landsboro, aged 5 years and 6 months.  

LAYTON—April 18, at 191, Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo,    

Rosanna, relict of the late John Layton, aged 73 years.

LEDINGHAM—April 1, at his residence, Wallar Creek, Moree,      

Mr. George Ledingham, aged 52 years, leaving a loving wife and

eight children.  

LEWIS—April 17, at 107, Palmer-street, near Stanley-street,  

Woolloomooloo, Thomas Lewis, aged 72 years, after a long and

painful illness.

LINDEMAN—April 12, at Cawarra, the residence of his brother,    

Arthur F. Lindeman, aged 56 years.    

LOMAX—April 20, at his parents' residence, Darling-street, Bal-  

main, Thomas Moran Lomax, aged 1 year and 18 days.  

M'EVOY—April 15, at 714, George-street South, Roderick          

Andrew M'Evoy, infant son of Eliza and Finton M'Evoy, boot-    

maker, of this city.

MAITLAND—May 10, at Tumut, the infant daughter of D. M. and

Emily Maitland, aged about 10 hours.  

MARTIN—April 17, from inflammation of the lungs, Thomas      

Martin, sen., aged 60.    

MILLS—April 19, at heir brother's residence, Catherine Sara    

Mills, of consumption, aged 16 years, after a long and

painful illness.    

MINITHORPE—February 3, at his residence Tunbridge Wells,

England, William Minithorpe, Esq., deeply regretted.            

MORLEY—May 15, at her residence, Albion-place, off Albion-        

street, Surry Hills, Ann, beloved wife of Mr. Edward   Morley, and sister of James and John Finn, in the 28th year of her age. May she rest in peace.

MORTIMER—April 24, at the residence of her parents, Royal  

Oak Hotel, Double Bay, Wilhelmina Louisa Augusta, the second eldest daughter of William and Catherine Mortimer,  

aged 15 years and 7 months.  

MOSS—April 29, at Liverpool, of concussion of the brain,      

caused by a fall from his horse, Harry Charles Moss, aged 28       years, late of Petersham, and twin son of Mr. George Moss, of     this city, leaving an affectionate wife and one child, also a large circle of sorrowing friends, to mourn their loss.  

MURCHISON—April 27, at Camp House, Castlemaine, Victoria,      

Mary Arn, wife of John Murchison, Esq., of Kerrisdale.        

NAPTHALI—April 26, at his parents' residence, Albion-street, of  

effusion on the brain, Albert Edward, fourth son of Joseph       and Sophia Napthali, aged 2 years and 10 months.

NEWMAN—February 26, at her residence. Clarence-square,      

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England in the 84th year of her age, Susan, relict of the late Charles Newman, Esq., attorney-  

at-law, and the beloved mother of Mr. C. A. Newman, district    

registrar of Newtown.

NIGHTINGALE—May 11, at his parents' residence, Marrickville,      

Sydney Ernest, infant son of Charles and Sarah Nightingale,  

aged one month.    

O'GORMAN—February 27, at the residence of her son-in-law        

Mr. John M'Donough, Catherine-street, Limerick, Mrs. Maria     O'Gorman, the beloved mother of Mrs. William Hughes, 107,     Palmer-street, Sydney.    

O'HALLORAN—April 22, at her residence, 237, Forbes-street,  

Eliza, the beloved wife of John O'Halloran, aged 50 years.      

OLSON—April 25, of meningitis, at the residence of his parents,      

Telegraph Offices, Grenfell, Waller Hood Fellom, aged 17 months, youngest son of A. C. and J. P. Olson.    

ONIONS—May 5, at the residence of C. H. Baker, Esq., of    

Forbes, of bronchitis, Percy Harry Bloomfield, youngest and     only surviving son of W. H. Bloomfield Onions, Esq., of Geeron, Lachlan River, aged 5 years and 6 months.  

PAGE—April 22, at Sydney, suddenly of disease of the heart,

Mr. Alfred Page, of the Retreat, Hill End, and late teacher

under the Council of Education.  

PEARCE—May 3, at his father's residence, Orange Grove, Seven  

Hills, by a fall from his horse, John Henry, fifth son of Matthew Pearce, Esq., in the 22nd year of his age.    

PERFECT—April 20, at his parents' residence, Essendon Cottage,      

Bullanaming-street, Waterloo, of teething, Walter Alfred James, the second beloved son of Henry and Elizabeth     Perfect, aged 15 months and 3 days. "The Lord gave, and the       Lord hath taken away ; blessed be the name of the Lord."      

PHELAN—May 8, at his residence, Sunnyside Cottage, Balmain      

Road, John Phelan, Esq., aged 54, for many years Under-   Sheriff of the colony.

PIKE—At Hill End, Tambaroora, Edwin William Pike, second

son of Thomas and Ann Pike, of Eastern Creek, aged 21 years

and 6 months.

RAPHAEL—March 1, at his residence, Schneidemuhl, Prussia,        

the dearly beloved father of Julius Raphael, of Melbourne ; J. Raphael, of Wagga Wagga ; and Alfred Raphael, of Wan- garatta. May his soul rest in peace.

REDHEAD—January 7, the Rev. J. R. Redhead, Vicar of Thurm-    

by-with-Sroughton, aged 67.    

ROGERS—At his residence, 32, Essex-street, after a short ill-    

ness, Mr. Edmund Rogers, tailor, aged 47 years.  

ROSS—May 15, at her late residence, Warwick-terrace, Darling-  

street, Balmain, Catherine Ross, relict of tho late Captain John Ross, late of Moruya.

SANGSTER—March 3, at Edirburgh, Ronald Crawford Mackin-  

tosh, relict of Robert Sangster, Esq., Commanda Royal Navy, in her 79th year.

SCRUTTON—April 26, at his late residence, 41, Glebe Road,  

Robert Law Scrutton, in the 64th year of his age.    

SMITH—March 6, at Guilford, Eustace Smith, Esq., late of  

Glenrock, N. S. Wales.    

SMITH—April 22, at his residence, 18, lower Campbell-street,

Surry Hills, Sydney, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, William Smith, late Senior-   sergeant for many years of the Southern Gold Escort, in his 54th year, leaving an affectionate wife and 6 children, also a brother and a large circle of friends, to mourn their loss.

STENSON—May 11, at his residence, Botany Road, Botany,

Edward Stenson, native of Beathkeal, Limerick, Ireland, aged     72 years. Requiescat in pace.        

SUMMERFIELD—May 8, at his residence, South Head Road, the

beloved intant son of Christina and George Summerfield.

SUTHERLAND—May 1, at Cowra, in the 31st year of his age,    

Andrew, the second son of John Sutherland, Esq., of Leith,     Scotland, and son-in-law of Mrs. Chew, of Young, leaving an   affectionate wife and sorrowing friends.

SWAN—January 18, at her residence, Burntisland, Scotland,  

Euphemia, relict of the late Robert Campbell Swan, and dearly       beloved mother of Lawrence Swan, of 155, Pitt-street, Sydney, in her 79th year.  

THAME—February 22, at her residence, Manor House Farm,

Barton Hartshorn, near Buckingham, England, Mrs. William Thame, aged 78, beloved aunt ot Richard Thame, 351, Crown-   street, Surry Hills.  

THOMAS—April 26, at the Peak Downs Copper Mine, Queens-  

land, Arthur Charles, infant son of M. Thomas, aged 12  


THOMPSON—May 13, in Phillip-street, Sydney, Henry Herbert,    

the only child of Catherine and William Henry Thompson,  

aged 2 years and 9 months.

TOWNSEND—April 29, at her parents' residence, Missenden    

Road, Newtown, Emily Martha, the beloved daughter of Adolphus and Martha Townsend, aged 6 years and nine


TOWNSHEND—May 12, at East Maitland, George Townshend

Esq., late of Trevaylia, Paterson River, aged 47.

WAGSTAFF—December, 25, 1871, at the residence of her son,        

Chalton Hall, Blunhum, Bedfordshire, England, Mary, relict of the late John Walstaff, farmer, Broakend, and the beloved mother of J. W. Wagstaff, Araluen ; also D. W. Wagstaff, China- man's Flat, Maryborough, Victoria, and Mrs. T. Parker, Spring-      

dale, Carcoar.

WARE—April 22, at his residence, Prospect-street, Newtown,  

Jonathan Ware, in his 65th year, leaving an affectionate wife and family to mourn their loss.  

WATTS—May 3, at Picton, Frederick William, eldest son of  

William Eyre and Cecilia Irene Watts, aged two years and seven


WEISS—April 19, at the residence of his son-in-law, J. N.      

Brunker, East Maitland, the Rev. J. V. M. Weiss, aged 74


WHITING—May 13, at his residence, North Rocks, Parramatta,

after a long and painful illness, John Whiting, stonemason, aged 62 years ; respected by all who knew him.

WICKHAM—April 26, at his residence, Upper Paddington, Mr.

Arthur A. Wickham, in the 36th year of his age.  

WILKS—April 21, at his residence, North Shore, of dysentery,

Captain James Wilks, aged 44, second son of the late John Wilks, wool broker, Liverpool, England.

WILLIAMS—April 16, at his residence, Richmond Villa, Domain,  

James Williams, in his 63rd year.    

WILLS—April 25, at his mother's residence, 254, Devonshire-

street, of consumption, Frank Martin, the youngest and beloved   son of the late Charles Wills, aged 24 years.  

WOODGATE—April 24, at her parents' residence, Aird-street,     Parramatta, Florence Maude Woodgate, aged 4 months.      

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