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Guinema -In ils report of the 20th infant, the Guardian «murks -There is little that is now to leport this week, except that eo\ eral of tho outside loads, as thoso loads other than tho Black and Happy Valley leads aro called, show improved prospects, On the Moonlight Load, No. 1 N. repoits having obtained on Tuecday last the splendid pros poot of 9 dwts to two dishos. We saw tho gold, which consisted of a waterwornbit of about G dwts , the remainder being fihollj gold Tho position of this fickle lead never was higher in tho public estimation than it is now. There 13 little doubt but that a well definod lead of gold will yet botracedto iho westward of tho line that all tho clunis ha\obecn sinking and driving on for niiuy months pist The Durham prospector, who hnvc a shaft down Ho feet on fho new lino, and through tho basalt, bave not finished slabbing, to continuo tho sinking and lot the bottom sea elajlight If the\ bottom cn gold, the lead will nttrant much attention Tho Stai ib lmprowng, No 1. N his tho Hair up, which makes tho thud ttag on tho lo-id. This lead is nut go miuli thought of, owing to tho floANUess with whica it ii being triced, ind tho rrobabilit\ flint it will be wet us it progresses. lhere is ii lutnour from tho Deid Min s Ci eel. thnt pajablo gold has been found m the prospector s claim. This wants conlirmalun. If it h truo, it will op"n up a largo area of now country, the, woilth of willah is at present unknown, and whieh has Ibu -ippLnranco of being aurifciouB On tho Black Lead No 31 N has a so\ of water ut 112 feet, and has como upon a 1 irgo tree in tho ?4) ift, decomposed, but with tho grain cleiih delinod The windlass or whip cannct beat the water, and the partj aro m a quandary to know what to do, as it it H impossible with the ordinniA applianLcs to bottom (ho sh ift If ex penenco pro\es that the lead is wet, it is certain that tho elaiins must eithor amalgamate or be formed into a toni pmj. To either coureos boiug adopted there uro manj eciious drawbicks under the regulations as, owing to tho pcculini waj in which amalgamation is proudad tor undor Regulation 107, it is n, querj whothor, if two or more frontage claims amalgamated, tho whole aroa would not haio to bo blocked otf if gold waB found in an> one of tho amilgamnted claims If they would, it is almost certain that some of them would be blocked off the lead. Any experienced frontage miner will readily par ceivo the diflioulty. If tho lead ib wet it cannot be worked in single olaima to a profit. Thora u nothing fresh

to report from the Canadian country. Work ia the order of the day, though much gold is not sold from thoro, owing to tho scarcity ot water. In quartz-mining thero is con 'siderablo activity apparent. Thero has been quite a rush for quarlz leases. Evory likely spot has beon applied for in areas of from threo to twenty-five acros. If one half of them aro worked with but a moioty of the labour required undor the conditions of tho lease, thero would bo an opening for some hundreds of wageB-men finding employment. But thero is a query. Four or five of tho quartz-claims on tho Red Hill havo beon registered as hold in reserve for tbrco monthB, in accordance with Regulation 202, tho object being to endeavour to form tha claims into a company. Buckloy's Reof, near Tallewang, is also about being turnod into scrip, to onablo crushing machinery to bo erected close to tho roof instead of carting the qaartz six miles as at present. Tho reef has been tested to a dopth of 110 foot, where a reef 3 feet G inches wido is cut, and 30 tons from which yielded an onnco to tho ton. Favour- able reporta aro to hand from the Royal George Company and Homeward Bound Company, the prospects of both of which oro satisfactory. The shares of the Guntawang Company aro etill going oil briskly, and tho share list will probably oloac about the end of tho month. Tho Sandhurst Gold Mining Company is now registered, and the scrip issues on Monday in Sydney. Though mining mattora are [ quiet, they aro not dull, and on the wholo must bo con-

sidered satisfactory.

Adelong.-Tho correspondent of tho Gundagai Times of Saturday reports that tho various claims on the Adelong Creek, below the Wynyard Company's olaim, havo boen working away boring to find the deep ground. The Ado long United Company got the deepest ground this after- noon tbey have fpund yot, with the largest amount of gold, hut, as they aro of opinion that yet deeper ground will be found, thoyaro going to continue boring for a whilo longor., Should they find deeper ground, thoy will sink on it, hut if not, they aro porfectly satisfied with tho prospectât present obtained, and will got down with'a shaft as soon as possible, ehould nothing ocour to stop' them; and I know of nothing, unless that there is a disputo with Mr, Irwin Crain as to tho ownership of the ground. Mr. Crain claims it as part of his selection, but report paya that tho

selection waa only measured to high wator mark, and doea ' not extend to the creek. I do not know how it will be settled, but I think it wrong of tho Government to allow land to be selected on a gold-field, and especially on a water- i shed like the Adelong Creok, where bo much gold has been got in days past. The company nest to tho United Com- pany aro on Mr. Crain's selection, by permission, and oro now sinking their main shaft, having obtainod satisfactory prospects by boring. Tho next company bolow them again are also on Crain'a selection ; they have started boring, but I havo not heard tho result. Several othor parties oro also about to tako up claims, having como to terms with the owners of the land, and I should not be at all surprised if a line of claims were opened from here to the Murrumbidgee. In reefing, things are looking very well, and some excel- lent stone is to grass at several of the claims. I saw a stone this morning from the claim of W. Annett and Co,, on the Victoria Reef, which was perfectly peppered with gold through and through ; I do not think I ever saw a better specimen; in M'Culchoon and Co.'s claim thostono is equally good ; Williams and Co.'s atono continues tho same quality, if not bettor. The Research Company havo been employed since their last crushing in timbering and securing their shaft, which is now completed, and is a job that will not require doing again for a numbor of years , the timber used being large, heavy, and strong. I expect

shortly to be ablo to report othor finds in tho reefing lino, as Eoveial of those prospecting on tho north end of tho Vic- toria reef are now getting to n depth wkeio it is probable thoy will Eoon como on to tho reef. A party of Victorian

minci having taken up dargo claim nt the junction of tho "iav<-n Yaven >nd Nacki Nacki Creel s, nro now cutting a race from the Nacki Nacki Creek, whoro the old saw mill etood, to bring water on to the ground Iho race will tako n Ion? while in cutting, and will cost a lot of moi e-y

Bul Em) /mi Tami * loe it\ -rho Tines o' ¡saturday staten that tho ßtono now being raised from Krohmann s ilnini i» of tho same character as that preuouslj described by u , or if anything richer About ten tons of stono uro bow r=aeij for crushing and we understand abo it 1j lons will be the juontitj to bo opciated upon The result will undoubted!} bo tho largest cato of gold yet p-oduced m these "olonios Speculauon in eharoB in this c1 um has tcenbmk "Wo have sien good stono fro u the Success claim This dann adjoining tho I lttloAVonder and Eisen Btadter s, on Hawkins hill, ia tho proportj of Mrs Dovl», of tho Lad es Academy, Hill End It is nov in the market, nnd from its position ought to prove a good invof I

ment The Niagara continue raising good stone frcm the Í renchman s vein, on wh cb thov aro sinking Ve viMted the dunn on Ihursdav, with one of tho bvdney share- holders Tins claim has been succcHafully floated ¡atoja companj, there having been a number of shares applied for m c-tcesB of those to be allotted iho eoremtnj of "chrisening' tho cruehiDf machino belonamg to Iho Peep o Day Company, nt Green Valley, is to take p'aco to day (Saturday) Mi« Beard, of Tambaroora ib to give tho nnuio to this new enterprise "We hopo to bo present on tho occasion, ns wo look upon it ns in important ovait' tinco thero is no doubt tho Green Valley is destined lo aid largely m that consummation dovoutlj to be AVislied-tho return of "old lambiroora to tho fiont ranks of enterprise and prosperity -The good gild leccntly struck in tho " Intertoloni ii (Lowery and Co ) Red Hi 1, goes far to prov o tho correetne« of the good opinion hold bj ninny intelligent miners of tho country between Hiwl-Jns Hill and lamba'oora It adds ono moro link to the. g oat chain, and the Excelsior tho claim next but one, whoro such extraordinnn rich v iclds wero formerly ol tarnee!, will toon prove the permanence and richness of this portion of tho great gold belt The out crop of four moro ve na j ot to be tested show plainly in the * Intercolonial ground, and they maj be tiaccd, together Avith the vein now found

through the fat George and tho Excelsior on tho Bouth and Collings LeaEe and the " Evening btar on the north, thus showing an unb oken lino from nu vkins Hill to Golden Gullj Tho belief is almost forced < n < no by the appoaranco of this section of tho ' line that depth alone is required to provo it equ-il in richness to the famous hill

The deepest thaft jet tunk is tho Excelsior, and at n depth of 100 feet (hey liavo blue flato exnctlj himihr to that whichcarrieB the richest veins on tho Hill, and U) ona would bo astonished to hear at nnj moment that thoj had met with the success thoy bo richly deserve

Dts Dix -The eamo journal has the following in refer- ence lo tho Dun Dun mines -Prospectors 15 acres, 1 vbo, four shafts main ones, two veins, Hinches and 7 mchcB respectively, down 41 feet Broke vom on Tndij, looking much better Lowest or southern shaft 2o feet d i-vn No 1 North New shaft given out bj contract old ono on the underlay of the vein about 30 feet, good gold eil tho w vy No 2 Working on Hanshaw s vein cut roof at ii fe t, good payable stone, IS inchpB thick No 3 Hanshaw s 5 acre lease 40 shires at £100 15 inches vein 20 feet down, open GO feet on the line of reef sixty tons good stono nt grass I\o 4 East of the abo vo, Sacres Renatoau, Lord, and Co , sinking strnght shaft to cut the vein at 2o0 feet. No j Dumblo and partj, 5 aires driving for reef South of Renatoau e (Prospectors ) IS o 1 and I Rieilt and party down 2o to ,10 feot good gold Tho f let of Mr Ricdt having inves eda considerable amount in the pnrchaso of soino parts of shares from the original proprietary Bhows tho great confidence of that gentlemin in thot-o reofs No 3 South Sinking shaft to cut ri_of at about CO feet No 4 Sinking cn the reef Shed foi crushing mich no of Dennv and Hanshaw completed Sin ted makmg dam this morning Machine expected on (ho ground this week Sito for another machine selected and applied for New line of reef «outh east of the. above found nnd marßed out Hub morning Lord nni Ladv Belmore G M Co The main f-haft is now sinking through diontic boulders 1 he shatt is 8 feet by 3 foot 0 mthos, and io down 12 feet Tho cuntract of MeEtrs Bu moro and Gray, of Tamba- roora, for SG00 foot sawn timber for timbering the above Bhaft is nccc[ ted "tt ork is bung actively proceeded with in this company s ground Tho Lord Asulej MeäBra Little and Pile report this company has been so far formed as to call for the appointment of provisional dtrca tors and the Hen. James Bvrnos, Mr Brookes, and Mr C Do Bcos have been appointed The manager reports that the shaft is now down 45 feot, and it is expected to cut tho i ecf m another fivo or six feet Ho rcoommends that a con- tract be taken for sinking anothoröQ fçot.atAvhioh depth the second vein will ceriiunly bo cut Sandhurst Company

The mining manager reports that the shaft is now 32 feet deep The open cutting at tho northern portion of the olaim is in ISO feet Work progressing favourably, but anxiously waiting for rain to omble them to comrnenco

cruehing operations In the ndjoining claim, tho Golden Fleece Company, they have m tho cutting gone through leaders carrjmg good gold, which materially enhances tho value of the Sandhurst Company Mr CorniBh reports the deed as roid} for signing, nnd tho écrit» will be ready for îssuingonandnfterMondaynext The United Roofois The cross cut from a level of 216 feet is now m to a distance of 95 feet, having cut at sixty feet eeveial small veinB and voluJio of water increasing, leading to tho bß'ief that thoy are nerr- ing the main reef Princess Louise and Lvening Star are not at work, pending nu amalgamation end the oieclion of engine for jumping and winding tiuibei for which is now on tho ground Just in time down to a depth of 200 foot, with a c o=b eut m twentv tivo foot cominf upon alirgo reel making water so ripidlv were obliged to loavo it, sinco when a whip has been rigged, and now bix men and thrco borfes aro continuously emploved in baling, but rniko but littlo htaduaj, water making too rapi Hy. St

George On this claim shaft d wn 10) foot, contract then terminating, since havo called for fresh tenders, p"nding the acceptance of which nothing his been done 1 icry Cross Shaft IN o 2 on this claim getting tlovvn ripidlv, present depth 20 foot Rovol Saxon Contractors uusily at work erecting machinery, plant símilirinall respoota to that on the Great Exhibition, and will, to nil appeannces be icad} for activo operation« by 1st Januar} Great Exhibi- tion shaft all thorough!} repiired Sinking proceeded with, the engino h nmg no difiieultv in keeping down the water, in fact, the machinen seems to woik admirabl} Crown Princo Contru"tors en.ilo}od m logging up the deep shaft 3\o 1 prepantor} to creeling a whim, all on tho prrund awaiting erection Shift No 2 is 130 fo»( deep, from whence a iross cut has been ccmmcnccd Ro"k very hard and making a littlo water Shaft No 3 Ibis is also hard Shaft down 13 feot alongside of three very men looking veins, paiallel with each other, about l8 inches apart, and increasing as tliev go down the centre one being ñbi ut 8 inches thick Johnson s Co Tunnel in 319 feet and still driving bavo cut some S or 10 voins, many showing gold, but were thought to bo too high to follow just at present Golconda Tunnel m 00 feot, winch finishes present contract here also several veins have hoon cul, tut the intention being to get at Fisenstadter a voin, eup. poEe it will bo nccesBarv to continuo tho tunnol another 70 or 80 feet Albion Tunnel in 114 foot At about 90 feet a reef 16 inchea th ck waa struck gold viBible but hore again thought to be too high, and owners wanting to thoroughly prospect tho claim, rjatoraiinod to osutmue tho

tunnel for this purpose. Euroka :_,£haft 35 foot'doep. Shaft opened out on Denman'a voin {and several amallor ones, einco when another vein has boen struck showing gold. Royal Soveioign: Shaft down 10 feet, following two veins, Work at present suspended, awuiting funds end instructions from Sydney shareholders. Robinson Crusoe : Shaft 100 feot deop ; finishing present contract, tendus being called for a cross eut ut this lovel.

Tuiio.s.-Tho correspondent of the Times 20th writos : I have very littlo fresh information to furnish in this week's report, and although tho work of tho different cUiuia is being carried on with great vigour and porsevorauce, the hardness of the ground in most places provenía the miners from making tho show tbey would under other circumstances. Tho claims on tho Turon are still busily engaged sinking1. In tho claim known as tho Neck or Nothing, I noticed some very nice blue slate, precisely similar in appearance to that of tbo famous Hawkins Hill claims, On Monday last the contractors commenced Binking the shaft in the Great Re- public. I wish to correct an error which appeared in my last report roepecting this lease. I btated that the shaft would havo to bo sunk about 200 feet, and I am now satis- factorily informed that they will not havo to go much moro than 100 bofore thoy etrike the rich vein now being worked in tho Queen of the Rangos. 1 am very ploased to seo operationa commence in this claim, as I oonsidor it will prove the connecting link botweon HawkinB Hill and the Turon. On Oakey Creek somo of the claims are looking first-rate. The Ma- gellan Cloud and Stepping Stone aro getting some nice gold. The Star of Hope has put on extra hands, I am told, for the purpose of raising stone. This claim ia down about ono hundred feot and has had eome fino gold-bear- ing veins right from tho surface. I have seen some ex- cellent BpecimenB from thia claim; and if the Btone they¡ aro about to raise ia of tho samo description, we may oxpoot a splendid yield from their crushing. Adjoining this claim,and on tho same line, aro tho Old England, Luck-

now, and Great Britain, all working on the Bamo blue »lato i and looking botter as .they go down. In the latter claim there was some stono knocKed out in my presence in which the gold waa. plainly visible Above thia. claim on tho opposite Bido of Sawpit Gully and faoing tho Al lease, is the Queen Bec, which I omittod4o mention "in my last. Thia ia a ten-acre lease, and judging from present indica- tions, lookB very wolli 'They _a,vo cut through soveral veins, in some of which gold has ' boon seen,' and aro now w orking on a roof about threo feet yido.

Cir*Miir.iis CierEK.-Strangora visiting hero would ex- pect lal moro business in mining than there really is. A goodTmany claims aro at work, but far moro could be if they * ishsd. Tho Star of tho Creek (Allen's) is suspended from fhe 2nd of tho present month, for the formation of a company; and nearly all tho claims botweon it and the river »ra also idlo. Tho southern end appears the busiest. All eljiiniB north andJ'south of the Bismark aro in full swing, end getting good stone. Tho Bismark havo finished timbering their shalt, and,' at tho rato thoy aro now gotting stone, their paddock will not be long empty. If ono or two of tho claims north and south of it were amalgamated, and in one company, with a machine of their own, it would be a piece of mining property second to nono in Australia, l Amalgamation of thoso claims is only a matter of time. To ? como back to Allen's. On its west, some couplo of weeks

»ince, specimens wore picked, and in ono of the trenches a leader was cut carrying good gold. Several claims wero pegged out notth and eouth. On the northern end thoy join claima on the Dillon lino. From tho river tho veins can bo traced all along through the Great Nujgoty, Curra- jong, and General Bourke, showing that Dillon's is a con-

tinuation of tim' samo. '

YULGILBAR.—In the Clarence Examiner of the l6th,     it is reported that these reefs, although only recently dis- covered, are found already to be of great length, and are numerous, but the population being at present small, there being only about 250 miners on the ground, there are only three of them being worked. The first discovered and, as far as fan be seen as yet, the richest is the Garibaldi, found and named by Paul Marcolini and party, who from there being no machine on the ground, have only had four tons   of stone crushed, from which the yield was 1000 ounces of gold. This, of course, was picked stone, but from experi- ments tried on pieces of quartz in which no gold was visible, it is expected that the very poorest of the seam will yield over 4 ounces to the ton. On this reef, which runs nearly east and west, there are seventeen claims already taken up, nine on one side of the prospectors, and seven on   the other, being numbered 1, 2, 3, &c., north, and the same   south, although from the direction of the seam, they should   be called East and West. No.1 North has proved very     rich, turning out a great deal of quartz, in which the gold is plainly visible, and gold being occasionally washed out   of the Casing, 2, 3, and 4 oz. to the dish. No. 2 North has met with several payable leaders, but has not yet struck the main reef. No 3 North appears to be as yet the most favoured, unearthing from the surface down golden stone,   and finding a large quantity of loose gold in the casing,   No. 4 North has hit upon the reef, which prospects well.

Nos. 5 and 6 North have only just been taken up and very     little work don on them, and adjoining No. 6 is a five acre   lease, which is to be worked by a public company. No.1 South finds the reef payable. The work in No.2 South is   greatly impeded by water which, however, will be soon   drained from the claim. No.3 South, like the same   number North, is proved to be very rich, and the share- holders have a bag of very rich specimens. Nos. 4, 5, 6, and 7 have struck the reed and proved it payable. Five   acres adjoining No.9 have been applied for as a mineral     lease. The next in importance is the Solferino Reeff, on which are taken up fifteen or sizteen claims. The   seam runs in width from eighteen to twenty-four inches, and many parts, the gold is plainly visible. The Pros-   pectors' and Nos. 1,2, and 3 South are taking out large quantities of quartz—all payable. No. 4 is registered, having too much water to be worked without machinery or a vast amount of labour. Apparently the best claim on this reef (which runs east-south-east and west north-west) is that called the Lombardy, the shareholders of which showed me four 8-bushel bags of picked stone, in every     piece of which gold was easy to be seen. Adjoining the   Lombardy is a 4-acre lease, which promises to be immensely rich. No. 5 South has a large reef, and many rich specimens   to show. The third reef in work is called tho Golden Lion, on which there are thirteen are taken. As this was the left opened, very little can be said of it at present, the prospectors' being the only ones having a show, but they are breaking out stone close to the surface, and in a very great deal of which gold is to be seen wiith the naked eye. There are two machines within a mile or two of the ground, and they will be erected in the course of a couple of months so, one belonging to Marcolino, the dis- coverer of the reefs, the other to Mr. Wilkinson, but the stone being raised would keep employed at least six times the crushing power. There are two stores on the ground, both as yet with very small stocks, and entirely insufficient for the population. Mining tools cannot be obtained there. A large hotel is in course of erection, which is to be opened in a few weeks, and a blacksmith is   just about starting on the opposite side of the creek, with frontage to the main road into the reefs. With the excep-   tion of three or foui men partial to jumping other men's   ground, because they are too lazy to search for themselves, the population seems to be a very orderly one. Mr. Buchanan, the Gold Commissioner, who was on the ground a few days since, to settle some dilutes and to send a report to the Government, was very favourably impressed with the reefs, and said they surpassed anything he had seen. He intends causing tbem to be proclaimed a gold-field imme- diately, so that they will come under the provisions of the Gold-Fields Regulations.

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