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IT was mentioned in tho Courier of Saturday last that a meeting was held at Mr. John Came- rion's auction rooms, Queen-street, on the pre-   vious day, to consider the advisability of form- ing a company to purchase the fellmongering, tanning and boot manufacturing establishments

of Messrs. J. and G. Harris.

Yesterday afternoon a number of the provi-

            sional paid a visit of inspection to the tanning and fellmongering establishment, which is plea- antly and conveniently situated on Kedron Brook, between the Bowen Bridge and Samford roads. The brook runs thiough the grounds,     and thus affords an ample and constant supply of pure water, as it there forms stream of con- siderable magnitude, enclosed by banks suffi- ciently high to retain and carry off all flood water.   The land iitttiohod to tho woika oompiisoa fifty

tinco itcros in a singlo block, mid I hu upparhulf, ft oui the top fonco to tho btook, is cleared, mid forma tho oito of tho works, diving grounds, mtinuç.ors losidenc , mid vvorkinon's oottigos

It is quito a pleasant Bin prise to find such u completo and oxtonsivo local niduatiy cBtub hahod in this neighborhood, und from nil iippoui

anco ti most llouiiBlnng nidusliy Very fow old losidonts in tho metropolis have tiny idou of the muyutudo und completeness of this Kedron Biook establishment lho fliet imj>ro«aion on entering tbo grounds is, that tho Mcasra Hams hivo hud out u voiy lurgo sum of monoy lo bring tho placo to its pioBont slate of perfection , and She lust unpi cesión, lifter n careful ins oction IB, that tho nonoy has boon judiciously exjionded Noth tig Bocms to be vviiutmg to add lo tho com jiletcnees of tho niiangonionts for carrying on the two husméanos of folltiiongoriug and tunning, nttu making thom dovetail into ouch olhoi whorovor practicable

On tho bunk of tho brook, on ono sido of tho ground, isa pretty little BIX hoiso povvoi poitablo Btcutu oii(,ino, omployod m pumping watoi, at tho lulo of eighty gallons jiei minulo, into a lui go loBorvou whioh has boon formed by thiovv mg a dam ucioss n vvido gully furlhoi up At tho foot of tho dum is a low of Bpouts mid troughs, whoio mon aio ongugod washing wool. Just behind these mon is a tow of aoik pits, whoio Bhoopskins aro gradually coming to the loqiustto dooroo of lluccidity to permit of tho wool being pullod from tho Bkin-a procosB which is boing uocomphshod by

numbei of men Btondmg in frunt of those pits Behind the mon who aio epokcslinvingtlio wool from tho Binns, uro lho heating places where tho skins aro talton from tho soak pits to bo " boated" to tho propoi oousistoney to uu dorgo lb i spokoshaving Ihoy aro i athor " high" by tho tuno thoy aio ready for this piocoss, and ovoiybady soomed no porfectly autisticd with tho perfume from lho soak pits, and lho foul or flvo slims being opoiatod upon, that thoy taoitly agreed to tulto tho li ating proooss on ti list It is said that lho porfumo IB vory wholesome, and ovciy casual visitor cannot bul hopo that it is so-it is Btroog onough for any thing

Aftor tho wool bus boon scrapod off the skma and washed und re washed until all lho dirt is cxtiactod, it is taken to a centrifugal machino a short distance away, whoio it is whirled round ut tho rate of eight or ntno hundred revolutions per minuto for six or Bevon minutes, rhon it is BO nearly dry that a Bingle hour in tho sun slnno complotes tho drying proooss and renders it fit foi packing into bales lho centrifugal machino will hold forty poundö of wool ala timo, und twirl tho wot out of sixty bolos a week lho inuchiiio is worked by Btcam from anothei little stationary ongino attached to tho tannery Aftor tho wool baa boon passed through tho rcntrifugal it is carried out to tho drying grounds bv a woodon railway, and from thonco to tho psoking shod, whoro it is mado into batos, ready for oxport Tho manager informod his

visitors how in iny bales could bo turned out per I weok-it WUB u lurgo nuinbor, tho exact amount escaped IIB-but with comparatively email out

lay tho Hork s could bo oxtonded to four 01 flvo timos their present capacity It is only a quoa- tion of digging moro pits, eroding moro spouts, selling Ino or threo moro centrifugal machines to work, and rigging up a few moro presaos Thoro is plenty of puro wator in tbo brook, and ampio epaco on the banks for any amount of


Tho tannery is equally complete, and it only wants tho Brisbane factory Bhiftod to tho upper part of tho grounds for the raw hides to go m at ono gate und como out ready mado boots and sbocB at tho otbor, or saddles, bridles, and hoiso humes» ni addition if desired Thero aro BIX limo pits and forty tan pits, with room for four times tho number-if required These aro by tho brook Bido, and tho whoio of the arrangements oro moro compact oven than those for carrying on tho follmongory A little etcam engine pumpa the liquor from one pit to another, beats the water m sorno of tho pits to hasten tho tanning process, turns tho contrifugal, and seems to have energy enough lift in it to do a number of other odd joba if required Tho bark is ground at Ipswich, othernso the ongino would havo no objection to undertako that duty aleo No epaco te wasted m tho tannery Tho hides are no sooner through ono procesa than they aro ready to bo passed through another, close at hand j all tbo buildings boing in a cluster, und eo arranged OB to cconomiso timo and space OB much as possible

The chief workmen reside on tho ground,

their oottages occupying elevated eites, out of '

roach of tho "healthy" perfumo ansing from tbo first procesaos of the fellmongery businoas. Noat, comfortablo looking oottagos thoy arc, too. Tho manager's houso is noar tho principal outrance. Everything about tho establishment seems ellong and good, lho buildings aro all now or nearly BO, nnd thero scorns to bo OB much work to do as can bo got through with tho appliances on tho presont Beale. It is, m fact, an established business, and it would not bo diflicult to ucconut for overy shilling of tho monoy ut which it is ofloied to tho company.

Ihoro waa not timo yostorday to lnapoct tho Bnebano boot factory, which goos with tbo tannery nnd fellmongery ; but theio was a trunk of tho boots on view at the wool shod-vory excellent boots, good enough foi anybody's wear. Altogothor, the Kedron Brook

tauneiy is well worth a visit.