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Ncxxmaiket Houghton Meeting commenced on October lo, the principal exent tobe decided being the t ambndgeshire Stakes, of xvhich the folloxving isa brief sumnnr) -lhe Cambridgeshire Stakes of 25 soxereigns each, 10 forfeit, with 100 sovereigns added xxinners extra , the oxxner of the second horse to receixe o0 soxereigns out of the stakes Cam bndgcshire Course (1 mile 240 )ards) lxvo hundred

and nine subscribers

Mi G G Ivcsxxick s Sabinus, by Newminster

A esta, 4 x ears, 8 st 7 lb (Fordham) . 1 .su Y Johnstone s Allbrook, fl ) ears, 6 st 8 lb

(carr) Get 9 1b) (G Janis) , . f Mi Bla)dons Sterling, 3 )ears, 8 st 11 lb

(1 Chalona) f, , .. t Hie following also ran -Not Out, Taxonrus, Cor rsande, lungcraft, "Y\ hite Slave, Dubois, Nero, White Rose, No)re Tauren, Mahomet, Mathilde, Anton, Hem), Etoile II , Veranda, Bicycle, Vestmmster, Adrian, Peal 1 finder, Sxlxa, Black Gown, Ashfield, Attack, Marmora, Sister Helen, and Autotycus lhe txxent) nine runners brought to the post xvere, owing to sex eral breaks axx a) s, full) half an hour before the) effected a start lor the first 200 )ards they kept pretty w eil together, but as thtv reached the flat the pace began to tell, Sabinus, Allbrook, and Sterling, onl) being left in the struggle lhe three xxere on petty lexel terms 200 )ardsirom home xxhena splendid race ensued, Sabinus getting the best of it a fexv strides from home, and winning b) a head, while the other pan finished a dead heat for second honours Noxre lauren xvas fourth, Ashfield fifth, Kingcraft sixth, laxomous sexenth, Corisande eighth, the remainder bunging up the rear

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