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" Land of the mountain and the flood," I Whose northern tempeBts fiercely brood,

Bound lonely capes, where wild white seas, Surge foaming round the Hebrides ! Land of the purple heathery hills,

Of countless Bnow-fed lakes and rills, Of rolling mists and wild rod deer, And hardy Highland mountaineer,

Land of tho Gael ! within whoso bound

" From, old-sits Freedom mountain crowa'd " One hundred years ago ! this day !

The Bard, who ohoso thoo for his " Lay "

"Wai born, and cradled in that North, , "Whose wild free charms, he chanted forth

Great Scott !

Bard of the Claymoro and the Dirk, Of Holyrood, and Holy Kirk,

Of Red Cross Knight, and Cateran,

Of Lowland Laird, and Highland Clan,

Of Southern " Keep " and Northern " Hold" Of " Emir " bright with " barbaric gold." Of knightly faith, and traitor's shame, Of Moorish maid and Christian dame, "Whoso verse in martial mnaio flows,

"Whilst thoughts as glowing gem thy prosa. Thine, tho great gift, to thrill the heart With passion, where no vice has part; And, 'mids't emotion's mingling rush,

Call up no thought that brings a blush, Enthralling heart, and soul, and brain "When shall wo seo thy uko again ?

Groat Scott !

Bard of our youth, and for mid-ago, Our solacer in fiction's page:

Fiction, so Uko to fact, that real Life seems to image thy ideal

And world-worn heart, and wearied brain, Lulled by thy art awhile from pam, Forget the present's toil and fears Re-living in Chivalry's years

Tho' thy " Last Minstrel's" opening " Lays " To "Dauntless Harold," won thy " bays" Of poet's fame, yet from them rose A g"ref ner prowth of nobler prose,

"Which circling round thy deathless name, Crowns thy first hundred years of fame ! Free gift for all-throughout all Time Genius knows neither age nor clime ! No land can claim tbo poet's birth For Bards belong to all tho earth ;

And England's lay or Scotland's song Alike to all mankind belong.

Gael, Celt, and Saxon proudly claim To sharo thy century of faino;

And I, "aSouthron," hopeful see, Thro' dim vast centuries yet to be,

The glowing thoughts tliat from theo sprung, "Wherever spreads the British tongue,

Still charm, or soothe, in smiles, or tear«, Its offspring, in both Hemispheres !

And pure in prose, romance, and rhymo, ' Scott's name u " household word " thro' Time.

----- K"A"

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