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{Abridged from the Herald.)


" Tul Cup Day I " seems already to hnv e established itself as one ct the Red Letters on the Turf Almanac of Australia. .Not only as far as the actual interest in the splendid field of horses must tho Eecond anniversary of the Melbourne Cup be deemed a trium- phant success, but alto on account of the extraordinarily large anster of visitors from all parts of the colonies who have eagerly flocked to our metropolitan course, and the lovely weather which the so-called " clerk of that ilk " seems to hav o specially pro- vided for the mutual enjoyment and fair pla; of all concerned, lost sight, betting became more lively than it had been for the

past fortnight, and Archer, Mormon, Camden, with two or three longer-priced animal», were backed pretty freely. The drawing of the £500 Derby 8w cop, ot Coker'B, drew o tremendous crowd of all classes of individuals, and never since the eve of the l'ir«t Champion Knee hns such intenso cicitement been exhibited. 1 he whisper about Tullcjrand, which al hrst had rather stag- gered the supporters of the Sydney division, was considerable hushed during the night, as it transpired that the suspected lame- ness was onlv an externnl injury, and his subie rot onl> deel ired to burt, but backed lum to -win Exeter had boon scr itched during the afternoon, Clive waa withdrawn cnrlv in Hie ev emng, and Shadow, a whilom fav ounte amongst outsiders, had the pen drawn through her name this morning.

His Excellency, Lady Barkly, and the elite of our aristocracy honoured the Turf Club by appearing on the Grand Stand, and

that stand, bill, enclosure, and the Hat were crowded with


Maiden Plate, of 50 sovereigns, entry, 3 sovereigns. One milo and a half, "Weights Three-} ear-olds, 7 st. 6 lb ; four

jcars, 9 st, 5 lb. , 5 jcars, 9 st. 12 lb. ; 0 jcars and aged,

10 st. 4 lb.

Mr. Pint's b h. Stork, hy Magus, 4 years, 9 st. i lb,

M'Nulty.. . .1 Urook'B cb f. Brenda, 3 years, 7 st, 3 lb., T. Waldock 2

The favourite was the Sydney horse, Stork, a few backing him at cv ens, and no more than 5 to 4 being hud. Ho was in magnifi- cent condition, and ulthougn carrying great weight in comparison to the three three-year-olds, ho looked well able to do it, and proved his friends' confidence to bo right,

Two-\ ear-Old Stakes of 10O sovereigns; entry, 5 sovereigns. Three-quarters of a mile. Weights : Colts, 8 st., lillies and geldings, 7 st. 11 lb. i

Mr. Lang's b. f. Aruma, by Boinrdo, 7 st. 11 lb, Henderson i 1

Lamb's'.b. c. Marj borough, 8 st,, Gill ... ... ;'J Kclsall's b, c. Triumph, 8 st, Hutton ... ... ,3


Of 20 sov creigHB, 10 sov crcigns forfeit, or 5 if declared, w ith 200

soveiclgns added, Ino miles. The winner of the Champion bwecpslakes iib extra, etc. Value of the stakes 831) sovereigns. Tho first two events being over, a sort of apathy that seemed to hang like a misty cloud over the assembled thousands is blown aside, and the soul, brain, and tongue of all are intently occupied on the Cup, The saddling paddock ia filled with closely packed knots of eager garere at the vanouB favourites; each asks euch whnt the private opinion is of Archer's ability under the hca\y weight ; of Talleyrand's soundness or lameness, of Mormon's fitness ; of tho young ones' chances, or the light w eights' apparent gift. Twenty horses aro telogrammcd as starters, and twenty times twenty different advices aro tendered, and guesses aie ha/arded. Sweeps aro being drawn out of hats in all directions, and the lucky man that gets any approaching a favourite already imagines his pocket contains the money. But wc must also make one in tho p iddock, and see how the " cracks" please ourselves, and listen to the re- marks of the real or pretended cognoscenti m horseflesh. Archer was blooming, and not so heavy as at Geelong, Mormon had improved since the Jockey Club. Colonel w as all that could be wished. Camden rather loo light. llntcatchc. handsome but stiff. Paul Pry and Musidora, seemed fit. Talle) rand not lively. Lady Constance tucked up. Bray strong and fresh. The rest require no comment. At ten minutes to four the score wero drawn up in line at the new starting post in the training ground, w hlch affords a straight half mile to get an ay, and this at olds the risk of last year's sad accident. Archer maintained supremacy in tho betting to the last moment, but it was moro m talk tluia deed. Mormon, Musidora, Colonel, and Camden shortened considerably m price in tho last quarter of au hour.


Mr. E. Do Mcstre's h. h. Archer, by William Tell, 6 years,

10 st. 2 lb. (Cutts) .1 J. Kcighran's b. h. Mormon, aged, 9 st. 12 lb. ¡Simpson) 2 J, Hendersons b. h. Camden, 4 years, 8 st. 7 lb, (Mor-

rison) ... . . ... ... ... ... 3 J. Tail's ch. g. Talleyrand, 5 lbs..c\tra, 8 years, Ost. 121b,

(Ashworth) . . ... ... ... ... 4 The following horses also started : -Flatcatchcr, Colonel, Mos- co« , Dauntless, Lbor, Susan, Tory Boy, Paul Pry, Bray, Atula, Lady Constance, Cedric, Duu Dolo, Mu»idora,',0. K., and Ithuncl,

At ten minutes to four o'clock the ilag was dropped by Mr, Watson to one of the best starts «vor known on the Melbourne course; and seldom, indeed, did twenty animals ever get away on better terms. Colonel, Dun Dolo, Camden, and Mormon showed m front past the Giand iSUmd, the pace being tremendous, but all the field well up, except Archer, who gatlopped quito in the rear, I and was directly named as likely to remain all behind through 1 out. At the Old Stand, however, ho crept amongst

the ruck, and to the surprise of friend and foe, soiled gradually through his horses, and was absolutely in front at the old two-mile starting post. Colonel kept going well, till he broke down ; and Camden, Mormon, and Talleyrand, made sev eral v oin attempts to get for» ard, Dun Dolo had now succumbed to Mormon, and Talleyrand left the ruck and ran into the leading division. The race was evidently the propcrtv of the Sj dncv horse, w horn Mormon was uttcrl) un- able to catch, notwithstanding Simpson's able generalship, and the victor} was won bj quite ten leugths. Mormon was about half that distance ahead of Camden, and lallcyrand finished fourth beating Cedric, Tory Bov, Ebor, and Musidora. Tune, 3 mlautcs

4Cj seconds.

Handicap Hurdle Race of 100 sov creigns. Entry, 5 sovereigns.

Twice round the course.

Mr. bcbolea's b. g. Ballarat, aged, 9 st 7 lb. (Martin) ... 1

G. Watson's ch, g, bouter Johnny, 0 years, 10 st, 1 lb,

(Rvan) . ,.2

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