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UAH a will close at the General PoBt Ottlco as follows .

Ion Pom Cool KI -Itv the Heather Hell, this day, at noon, if

jiol underwav

Ion LONDON -liv the Strathdon, this da j, at noon, if not


IOB SHANGHAI-Bv the Caroline Coventry, this day, at noon,

> j.f not in at run}

Koa INDIA AN« CHINA -BV the Kangatira (a ), this dar, ut

j: nun

1 on LONDON -By tho llangatira (a.), this elav, at 11> m.

J OR Mun ouitM -By the Wangania (a ), thiB day, at 2 p m 1 o« KockiiAMi Tot. -By the 1 agio (B ), this dav, at 4 80 p m Io« GnAnos -By the Urara (s ), this day, at 7 30 p m.

louRnituAM, AN» MAiivnououaii-li) tlio lana Yarra (a),

cn JIUUM! IV, at 11 lim

Fon Aie M AND-Bv the Vhce Cameron, on Thursday, at Op ni.

1- v cry exertion will bo made to plaoe tho extra mails, per Han -aatira, on bunill tho Bombay, in Uobson'a Bay, but the Post (Jflirc will not guarantee their being in time.

CIMOM House-Entered Outwards July 22, Wild Wave, tirlg, 191 tone, Captun Aandcrrord, for Wellington and Volt


MAUS m nu BOMBiv-Ihe Outlaid Mail by the Bombay consists ol 150 pnckages,ef>lilaiiung ¿2,870 letter-, 418 boous and

25 818 ncvupipeis -

Lcttcis Books }<ewspaper3 Ausirillnn Poits 947 -1 d38 Indian Ports US 75 C7ri I« oi them Luropc 17 0 1 Continental States 377 0 71 Xnilcd Kinfcdoin, via Mancilles 3550 7K 2093 tinted Rinudum, via fcemth

jmpton 17,131 212 32,100

total 22 870 418 25,878

Iho A S N Co 'g fctoomflblp Wonga Wonga armed at the pier, Melbourne, vestcrdav morning, at half past ten o'ctuck

Ihe I nvnl is orit,initllv from Oporto, but touched at Melbourne

to land part of her eorgo

1 he P and O steamship Bombay cleared the He ids with her

.muai punctuality and with cv cry piospict of a good run to Mel


Omitted in the imports per Cic6t of the \\ ave-9 packages, W.

C Ainsworth

A schooner, named tho Colonist built at Voter-held, in 18G1, bj aietprs llinn} and Co, has just been puichnecd bj Mr J Brown, Jor the firm ol Haynes, Brown, and Co , of this citv She is a .veiv superior VCBSCI of 105 tons, capable or stowing 200 tons, Mid is Intended for the colonial trade On her outward passage ".he piovid hutilf a remaiknblv fast ship

H1CR16I ti Tim WVVK, from Iondon - '5 ca«cs mcrchineUsc,to

J Mov, was omitted in the manifest

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