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Mails will cloBO at tho General Tost Office ns follows -

Fon J'oiit Dfmso» and Clxveland Bav -By the J O Coleson, this (luv, at noon

Fon Mtuioimiik -11} the City of Adelaide (s ), this day, at 3 30 p in

1 on Rockhampton -Bj the Balclutha (s ), this day, at 4


Ion Ovaiav am) TniENDLi Islands-By tho Recon- naissance, this day, at noon

Ion GnAi-TOi. -Bj the Agnes Iivuigand New England (s ), this da), at7 30pro.

Custom nousr -Entered Outwards, December C Ellen Lewis, barque, 330 ton6, Captain Hilton, foi Adelaide

The Lady "ioung(s), forBnsbane, proceed ed on her v oyage yesterday afternoon

The Diamantina (s ) left the Maoloaj on the 4th instant, at 5 a m , Bott Macquarie on the Sill, at 0 a m , and amvedat Sydnoy on the (¡tit, at 10 n in , having had strong souther!} winds and heavy S 1 sea throughout the pa«agc She brings the follow- ing cargo -1100 bags maize, 12 coops fowls, 200 hides, 10 bags

0}stets, 23 pigs, S casks wine, 5 tons sugw, 0 tons molasses, and


The Russian filgato Bogatyi, now on a eiuise, isieportedby the Rose and thistle as being tit Makue (Solomon Ishnds) in

August last

The Rose and Thistle, Captain M'Farland, returned yesterday from a successful cruise among the South Sea Islands She is last from St Christoval (Solomon lslands), whence she sailed on   the 18th ultimo. She carried SE winds to this land, which was made on the 1st instant She reports having communicated with   the schooners Lavinia and Captain Cook on the 30th September; the former was bound to the Admiralty's, and the latter to New


The Deva, brig, reported as having been abandoned m a sink- ing state, is insured in the iustialasian Office foi £1000, of «hick

£ )00 has been i clnsured

The ketch Comet left Elizabeth Reef on the 29th Nov L,mber, with the remainder of the cargo of the Colonist, and a port on of the wieok Douglas The calpentcis who arrived bj the Comet report that masts and yards as w eil as mill of the Colonist arc as sound as the day Bhe vi as bu It She lins been thoroughly caulked lrom keel to covering boaid, and Ib now quite tight, her rigg ng has been lcfltied and sails bent The tides havc been lers bid late!}, out notw thstandingshe has been floated more than half- way over the reef, and Captain Raget, who remains with one manat the reef expects thatshe will bo in deep vva'or at the next Bpringtides The Douglas still i enmms with i oyal} ai ds aloft The Comet will return to the reef lorthwlth with a supply of previsions

The Gi afton (s ) left Grafton at G a in on the 3rd instant, crossed Claienco bar at 7 a m on the 4tli, passed Smoky Cvpo at 10 p m , Soul Rocks at 11 a m on the 5th Instant, and arrived in S) dncy at C a m on the Oth Experienced light S L bree/cs to tho Solitaues, light northerly winds to Cape Hawke, fiesh southcrlj gale to Port Stephens, and moderato S E winds and heavy sea norn thence to bjdncj nor cargo comprises 374 cases meit, 170 hides, 055 b igs mni/e 7 coops fowls, 17 cases egg*, 30 higa antimon}, 33 bunches bananas, 8 bags onions, 1 horse, 4 calves, and Eundrie»

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