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3'itE mails by tho steamship GEELONG will be closed at the '. General Tost Office on FRIDAY, the 7th day of October, 1870,

as follows:- , ' - I

-Por registered letters, nt 3.80 p.m. . ?

l'or newspapers, books, and packets, nt 6 p.m.

Tor unregistered letters, at 9 p.m. ,

Letters (as well as newspapers, books, and packets) posted in tho Sydney Iron Receivers must he so posted before' (i p.m.

Late letters for the United Kingelomfif tho postage ¡md late fee be fully prepaid by stamps, will be received on SATURDAY,

the Rth Oetobori as follows :

At tkc General Post Office, whether by Maree illas, Bvindisi, or Southampton, up to 8a.m. : late fee, Oil.

Or, via Marseilles only, at Moore's Wharf, up to 8.30 a.m. ; late Ice, Is. '..-., . i . ,

., .Late newspapers for the United Kingdom will lia received at, provided they bear a bite fco of Iel, euch, oud are imbltshcd on the dato of the steamer's departure. ...

CUSTOM.Hott'sF.-Entered outwards, October 0 :? Helen Mai- . cohn; unrerue,' 311 tons', Captain GritfitHs,-for Calcutta;- Malta,

3S.M.S., 'Mil tons, Captain Skottowe, foi' Gulle.- . ? )..,?> '-, The loUowing is a copy of tho list of passengers and .specie per , 31. M. S. S. Geelong, .which leaves for Onllc-, via . Melbournoi'iit 0 . sum. to-morrow :-Specie : 11,301 oz. bar gold, Bank NcwSouth

"Wales; 32,500 sovereigns, 3011 oz. bar silver, Orirntnt Bunk; 30,000 sovereigns, City Bank; 55 sovereigns, Royal Mint:'1000 fiovercigns, C. Mooro and Co. ; 0B0 o/.. bar gold, Brown and Co. ; 3730 sovereigns, SiuvKum Ti ; 730 sovereigns, On Chong and Co. ; 0,74 sov ereigns, Way Kee and Co. ; 020 sovereigns, Sun Kum On. ï'assengers -..for Marseilles. Sir Daniel .Cooper, Mr. B. CParr, Mr. Astelin, Mr. Lacroix, Mr. and Mrs, Mathieu ; for Gulle, Mr. "W. Fi T/arr,'Mr. Tayleur; for Melbourne, Mr. A. C. Stewart, Mr. D. Dickson, Mr. J. "W. Syne, Mr. .1. M. Gladstone, Mrs. 3iUshtr,'iAr.' and Mrs. Edwards, Miss Colville, and Mr. Hoskins.'

. The brig 1Î. K. Bateson, Captain Carer, cleured the Marshall's ' ,' Group July 23th ; Kingsmill Group August l8, and after a dead

heat of Iß days, calling at Ncvvy, Ncvvtoa,, Ouitipor, and Ncuh iutou, having n strong E.S.E. wind,, and Westerly current to con- tend against ; arrtvea at Rotumah on the- 3rd September ; filled up cargo,'and lift again on tbo 10th foi-iHydnov-. l'or the first > port of the passage carried moderate winds .from li. to E.S.E. with hne weather,- passing Hunter's Island on the loth ; thence squally unsettled weather, with variable winds and sudden strong gales, veering from S.E. to W.X.W.' accompanied with heavy rjin, skurp lightning in all directions, und terrific peals of thunder, barometer ranging i from 29-05 to 20-70. Since then lind tine settled weather, with . moderate winds from S.S.E. to E. On tim 20th saw two barques,

one a whaler, steering 2s,W., the other steering S.W. ; had no communication, from that dutç had light breeze*, v coring from E.8.E. to N.N.K., with sultry weather, till after midnight of the 25th, when it carno, on to blow a btrong gale from W.N'.W., with a heavy sea, lasting for upwards of !M hours, and moderating down as the wind veered round to the fouthwaid. ', On the 23th ptw&â Howe Island ; thCnce to the Heads variable winds and ,-weather lill arrival in port on the 5th October. Ofl the Kingsmill fell in with the following vessels-the ketch Jupiter, and the . Mkooners Argq and Dancing Wave, nil ii um Auckland, seeking

' native labourers for the Fijis.

The 11;c King (t.), from the Manning River, brings up 400 bags ' maize, 100 b.igslimc, 10 bags bacon, 4 bundle tobacco, 10 pigs,

? 30 hides, 12 cases eggs, 8 coops fowls, ,1 thus honey, lind sundries. -She ciossed the Manning bar on Thursefav, the «th, at 7.30 a.m., with the Resolute in ton-, nnd arrived nt the- Grafton Wharf at 10 jl>.ru. same day ; pa.'-sed tlio Egmont ((..), off Charlotte Head, at

10 a.m., aud Ballina (s.), off Port Stephens, at 1.30 p.m. She had strong ry'.E. winds throughout the passage. l

The Comet,has again arrived troin Elizabeth Reef with a full . cargo. ' Hue left the reef on the 20th September, in charge' of the »¿chief officer," Mr. George Sonmchsen. Experienced strong S. und. '. S:W. winds until making the lund, when light north-casters and , dine' weather wa3 met with. On account ot the Scotia not . Sirrivüig, a* fcbo vi as expected to do according to'her chnrter, ? Wr, J. C. W. ltinsch compelled to .spud' the Comet up with ' the second cargo from the wieck. She will sail uir.iin at once, to

take in the balance of the Colonist's cargo. Mi.Hinsch arrives "by the Comet, leaving Captain Paget, two carpenters, the

-cnuVltert,, and riggers by the wreck. It they succeed in getting. her off, the contain intends to load, ker with apart of the

wreck Douglas. "The weather has been very, line lately nt the' leef, and favourable for the undertaking. Captain Paget reports ' that onhis'la'st trip to the reef, when within titty miles of it, he ' experienced n:strong current, setting W.NTW., and(was five days

"în making tile reef, through light easterly winds, and the strong,, ?> eui rent against lum. The cargo ex Comet will be sold by Messrs."

»{.Bradley, Newton, and Lamb. i ,_,_ . i In the clearance of the barque Constance, from Auckland, the . name of Miss White appeals by mistake-it t-hould have been "Jliss Francis. , , '

, '¡flic Jlteioiiaf V barque John Williams loft Aitutaki on the 24th June i ÉUCieac-lied Penrhyn'!,Island on the 30th, which day was spent thwe, and the vessel sailed tor Mauiiki ; the island was

' made on the 4th ot July ; on the 5th she sailed loy R.ikiutngii, and .

after three hours bail made the island ; Putaputai was reached "Y>rf the 11th of July. On this island the first John WilbiuuB was lost,

litio ship after finishing her vi oik, íetuiiied to Mungal», visiting

on bel- way the islands Mitiaro, Moukc, Atiu, and reached Moagaia, om the 31k July. She called at Riuotonira, Aitutaki, and then Bailed for,Savage Island, which wa« sighted on the Oth of Auirust. -The missionaries* supplies were landed and the contribu . lions . of tho natives taken on board in the shape ot cotton, &c.

.She vessel then soiled to Tutiula, und reached there on the 13th

i/August.. ,The Rov,T. Powell and Mrs. IWell were taken on,

, hoard, and the ship arrived at Apia, Navigator's group, on the ' I

-30th August., Captain Fovv 1er ronoi ts all vv eil on board. I

' The You Yangs (s.) lett for Melbourne ycstculay iittemoon. f ( I

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