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SHIPS' MAILS.' ?"','

it Ali s v.!". close at the General POBI Office us follows -

Ion Nrvr CALKUOMA - BJ II I It b Narçeiu, this day. it nom e. i »i

111 BnisnAM -Bj tho Lnflj Young (s ), this day, at 2 p m , 1 ou Mi I1I01.UM -By the lloro (s ), ibis day'at 3 pul

lOIl ROC Ml AMI! OS, tia BltlSllANl., Gi AUSTON K, At. I» MAI'.Y lioi oi cn -lit the Illnoklnrd (s 1, this daj, at 3 p m

1 on GuAj-roh -Bj tho Agues Irving (e ), ana Holen Mugrcgoi [s ), tins day, at 7,30 p in.

I CUSTOM Hot ST- rntcrctl Outwiirds Julj 22, Meteor, barque, -280 lons, Cupuiin Browning, for lijl, lloro (s ), 705 itons, Cap- tain 1 egan, for Melbourne, Hen J sui, b irqlie, 254 tons, Ciptuin M'lunhit, for launceston tia Newcastle, I smcruUia, barque, 384 tons, Captain Gqnyon for Batavia tiu Newcastle, Fruiter, Wrquc, Î35 tons, -Cnptam Stet ens for New Caledonia, Blackbird (B ),^31 tons, Ciiptnm Rouse, for Melbourne, Constance, hirque, 351 tons, Captain Gibbon, loi Auckland

I 1 ho ship ConiinisRirt, Ciptuin WngsUff, left Portsmouth on

(lie 14th Api ii, pusscu the telegraph Ship on the 11th, wind I

and h 1 On the co ist oi Sp im lud tin mid twico round to the soutint nid, and lndifleiciit NI tunics und «dins on the line, tUmli was ero sed ou the thirtieth ¡loy out, m longitude 23 51 V 'J he S 1 tridos were lost in 10 south , ciltns and hoad winds pi et «¡led m the bind of Capricorn, driving slui» io tilt S Vi In latitude 31 s , tho -wind proterl mon futouriblo, und gave the ship a fan run-the onlj steady wind the wholi of the i is age The Cape ol Good Hope tnis rounded on the 13(h June, m liiti(udc42 S , and (he en ling run down m 44 und IJ s , wheieu coiitii iniicoof N 1 winds and thick Jtoj,s detained the ship considciablj After lins a suecos ion of vcrj b id weither set in When in tin longitude ot st Paul s a (cn ful cyclone wi^ experienced, the wind commencing at Is 1 and t coring to N" W M i and S s M blotting with hurricane force und Ihstul thnc dits the Iraiomckr fell to 28 4 the sei in a perfect drift

the tlicinioniiter roso 15 ni twelve hours, with un opprcssivo atmospheie, and fill just as sudduilj, with cold and li ni squalls I he ship behoved unconinionlt wcl during the whole of it, with the exception of one .ici which broke on bond and stotc in « portion of tho bulwarks Passed the mcridim of Cape Leeuwin on the 7th mstint Mudo u fine run to longitude 138 1., when NI windssctin nnd listcdfour dnjs Boat thc!ship to windward, and made Cape Otwn) on tho 17th instant, had ii good run tlnough Buss s btruits, then h id li(,ht windi for threo dut s the Rev f Smith incumbent of st Burn ib is, together willi Mrs «milli mid mmilp, lint c returned to tho colony bj the

Conimiseni j, nil in good he Util

The clipper ship Centurion armed last night from London nf ter a cupit ii passage of 79 davs from pilot to pilot The follow - lug is Çaptiuu Mitchell s report of his pissago -I anded pilot md lift the Start on Muj 4 , light N J mid northerly winds pre t ulled till tho 22nd in (i It w here the N 1 tr ules w ore lost, t ni nblc winds and culms from thence to the Pqu itoi, w Inch wn.. cios ed on the 2<thm lun^itiidc 2J M , 23 dits from the Stirt, tin SI (radon wcie found (wodlis lalor in 2 S mid wore lost 11.22 S , tciy light wind lora tveck ubont the southern tropic

lristnn d'Acuuhu wus passidon tlu 13th lune, and the Cape of Good Hope on the Util, m latitude 11 i>, IO diys from tho ptlot, It Vi w mds and fine w c ithrr to longitude r»o , where a gre it change took place, hem giles and hi(,h seas, nccomp unod w iib snow and li ni succeeded the pi et lous line weither, hud 1 very heat j gale on the 80th lune from the south attended w Ith terrific hail show eis longitude of ship 72 L , tho bl rometir fell to 28 C8, was obliged to lnt the ship to for 0 hours to Ut the heaviest pass, on the lth lulv, m longitude 91 I , ut li li p ni, stiong brei7c from the I> M und he it j It M sen Mululu Mobster, ipprcntice, fell overboard lrom tin poop and was diownid , the blnp was under nil sill going 10 knots in hour und although the helm was immcdiatih put dottn he must have been half a nulo aslcru bciore (he ship stopped wiij , had a bout nil reiidj foi gon g ot«, but consideicd it ol no use, ns u. ho it could not bute lived long m such i sui, and (he ni(,h( bung dark, (heic wis not the slightest chance of find mg lum At 0 15 a ni, kept the ship uwat on liol course ug un On the night of the 5th instant hud ii he it t gile, nccoiiipimid with nnrd squalls, thunder, lightning md hail h iromctci fi 11 i(,iin to a tcrj low point On all mt former pissages in running down the ousting, I do not rimenibci etu hating had so much bad tunable weither 1 asscd the meridian of tape J euwui on the 8th, C5 du) soul, the biiomctcr beg m to nugc a little htghci und the w enthci finer, nf toi pa sing the 1 ccuw m P isscd the mendiai» of Cupe Otw iy at noon on the 13th 70 dit s from the pilot, weither fine wind light lrom tin N 1 On the Hill

passed Capo Pilbil from thence to the Howe the winds were Ellong fioni the N 1 , and dink rum) weather

Hie Lndj \oung (s ) lett llusbonc, on M cdncsd iy, 20th instint nt 0 15 pin, rounded Cape Moleton, at » 1 j p in , pissed (lu Cluencollcids nt S n m on Thursduj South Sollt in ut 1'10

p m , Smokt C ipo at 1 30 p m Croudt Hcids it midnight, I loundid Soul Rock Point nt 4 li um on Fnduj, and lort Stcphciibiil 7 15« m , passed îtcwcistle it 1» II m , entered the Heads at 4 la p m , uid miulq fust to Comp inj s whart at » p m lirstpart of the passive she had light tumble wind with pass- ing showers of run, Inter pail strong M and S Vt wind

i he Blackbird (s ) left Melbourne at J 30 p m on (he 19th in- stant cleared Poit Phillip Holds nt 9 pin passed Cipo Schanck at lu 30 p m pas ed V» llson s Promontori it 8 i m on the 20th, lounded Capo Howe ut 4 4o am on the 21st and ai tit ed m Stdncj it 10 ii m on the 22nd She i eporht hut mg pis ed the Cit\ of Adeludc (s ) oft Montague Island Evpou enccd model utclj ttcst winds to the Howe, fioni thoiice to st Geoige's Ilcid thick mint weither with head winds, then mo-

derato vtcstulv winds till nrriTed nt the Heads

ïhe Citj of Hob irt (6 ) left Hobart Town at 4 p m. on Tuesday, passed Twofold Bay at noon on 1 huríd ij j entered Sj dnej Ile ids ut 10 15 a ni on 1 udiij mid bcithtd alongside the Ginfton Vt hurf ut 11 30 II in 1 xpenenced light S M w inch] across the Straits, union lhuisdut night encountered ii strong It L gah Pissed the Citv of Adelaide (s ) off Twofold Bat

flic schoonei Scoti i proceeds to Lluubcth Reef to-day, for the purpose of assisting the ketch Comet, w hich lins aire idj a nlcd m cndcnvouitng to recoicr the cargo Of the wrecked schooner


The Vt c«tevn Star, from Colombo via Melbourne, and bound to this port, w is m company wlth the ship Commissary on Ihurs

dnt >

1 bel Hen, schooner, forSjdncj, sailed from Twofold Bay on the 22nd instant, but put bick to port ngain during the dut

A lull rigged ship passed the port j estcrduy, bound north A barque, name unknown, put into Jertis Bay jesterdu)

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