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1. The new year opened with the customary general holiday and the usual festive excursions by sea and rail; also by a day's racing at Homebush.

Attempt to stick up and rob the Goulburn mail.

2. Rutherford, the bushranger, captured by senior sergeant Cleary, of Bourke.

Mr. Duncan reinstated as Collector of Customs, and Mr. Berry and Mr. Jones reinstated as first and second landing


5. Total destruction by fire of St. Mary's temporary


Public meeting of Roman Catholics at St. Mary's semi- nary for tho purpose of collecting funds to rebuild the pro-


7. Mr. Samuel, Colonial Treasurer, made his financial


Capture of Monckton, Thunderbolt's accomplice, at Wel- lingrove.

8. Three bushrangers stuck up Woarne's, at Crookwell, near Goulburn, and satole £80 worth of property.

9. Ministerial picnic given at Balmoral, Middle Har.


11. Death of Rev. G. E. Turner, at Ryde.

12. The Rev. Thomas Smith, minister of St. Barnabas Church, left for London.

Tho Grand Stand at Homebush totally destroyed by fire, believcd to be tho work of on incendiary.

14. Collector of Customs (Mr. Duncan's) Superannuation Bill, defeated in tho Legislativo ABSonibly by a majority o£ 2tto22.

1C. Meeting oï vinegrowers at Albury'in opposition Vo

Mr. Nowlan's Vino Diseaso Prevention Bill.

Fire at Mr. Hennessy's tobacconist Bhop, nt Haymarket. A cyclone passed over the Lower Clarence, sweeping   away the new church of All Saints, at Lawrence, and doing other damage.

l8. The Lower Darling mail stuck up, betweon Menin dee and Wentworth, by a man calling himself Rutherford;   £800 worth of cheques taken.

Annual meeting of Bathurst Agricultural, Horticultural,

and Pas toral Associai ion.

10. The Rev. W. Ross, Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod, died at Goulburn.

20. Meeting of delegates representing tho churrhos in connection with the Baptist Association, at tho Harris

Btreet Church.

The long drought breaks up, and rains are reported from almost every quarter of the colony.  

21. The Annual Conference of the ministers of the Aus- tralasian Wesleyan Methodist Church commenced in tho Centenary Chapel, York-street, Sydney ; the Rev. W. L, Binks, president.

21. The first of tho large boilers for the Wentworth Mining Company safely taken down Mount Victoria.

22. Retirement of Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Under- secretary for Lands, announced in tho Legislative Assembly.

Triennial Parliaments Bill defeated in tho Legislative Assembly.

The Rev. Mr. Quinliven (Roman Catholic) drowned   at Port Macquarie, whilst bathing.

23. Mr. Robertson, Premier, accompanied by tho Inspector of Charities, visits tho Hunter River district to inspect tho public works and institutions.

25. Tho annual meeting of tho Australasian Branch of <ho Weslcynn Missionar}- Society.

Meeting of hairdressers at tho Cosmopolite Hotel, for Iho purpoEO of considering how they may bo relievoi of Sunday business.

26. Anniversary of the colony celebrated by a general holiday.

Mr. Evans's stores, Fish River, stuck up by robbers.

Foundation stono of tho floodgates at Wallm Creek, Maitland, laid by tho Premier, who is entertained at dinner at night.

Foundation stono of a Public school at Araluon laid.

27. Sir James Martin's resolutions respecting the arbi- trary removal of Mr. Berney from the offieo of Collootor of Customs, and Mr. Jones from tho office of first landing Burvoyor, defeated in tho ABsombly by 27 to 21,

The mail from Carcoar to Bathurst stuck up on the mountains by two bushrangers; one passenger robbed of   £15, and the mail bags taken.

Cricket match between Civil and Military Cricket Club and Bathurst cricketers, at Bathurst; latter won in ono innings with nino runs to spare.

The report and programme of Miners' League Committee received at ameolmg at Grenfell.

2S. Dr. Salter, an old colonist, died at Berrima ; buried

vrith Masonic honours.

Annual meeting of the Benevolent Society.

29. Description of ntw General Post Office published in

B. M. Herald.

Annual general meeting of the Destitute Children's Asylum, Randwick.

Terrific hurricane and rainfall at Wagga Wagga, Much damage done to houses.

30. Complimentary picnic to Wesloyan ministers attend- ing the Annual Conference.

Attempt to murder Mrs. Pyne, at Mudgee, by shooting with slugs.

Public meeting of inhabitants of Richmond and district, for considering tho apportionment of the colony as pro- posed by Government.

Testimonial given to Mr. W. C. Tompaon on his retire ment from tho office of Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

Fire at Port Macquarie gaol.


1. The Hon. James Mitchell died.

Ordination service in connection with tho Australasian Wesleyan Church took placo at Wealey Churoh, Chippen- dale. Ministère ordained-Messrs. E. Madgwick, G. Lane, "W. Robson, A. Parsons.

2. Annual meeting of members of the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts; Mr. N. D. Stenhouse, M.A., ro-olected president.

Tho Richmond raccB carno off.

3. Mr. A. T. Holroyd, Grand Master, entertained by tho Grand Lodgo of Freemasons, E.C.

Annual exhibition of the Horticultural Society hold in

Botanic Gardens.

4. Tho report from tho Select Committee on alleged con spiracy for purposes of treason and assassination published in the S. M. Herald.

Churchwardens of St. James's, Sydney, present a testi- monial and valedictory address to the Rev. W. C. C. B. Cave, on tho occasion oi his departure for England.

Great distress amongst small farmers and settlers on tho Hawkesbury and Colo RiverB.

"Vinegrowers of Bathurst petition against Nowlan's Vino Diseases Prevention Bill.

6. Proclamation issued by his Excellency that the 13th of February be observed as, a day of humiliation and prayer in reference to tho protracted drought.

Wesleyan Conforenco closed its sittings, having been in

session thirteen days.

0. Firtt-class yacht raco between Mistral and Xarifa ; fie former winning.

8. Large public meeting at Temperance Hall, on the de- sirability of petitioning Queensland Parliament to roviow ond emend its policy with respect te tho importation of Polynesian labourers.

9. Mr. R. Stewart's motion in tho Assembly for tho pay ment of members defeated by 37 to 8.

10. Largo fire at Hay, by which several houses were

burnt down.

11. Induction of tho Rev. A, C. Smith as colleague and successor to the Row Dr. Lang, at Scots Church, Sydney.

12. Mr. Nowlan's Dieeases in Grapo Vines Prevention Bill referred to n eelcct committee.

Terrific gale on the coast ; several wrecks at Newcastle. 13. Observed as a day of humiliation and prayer on account of tho protracted drought ; services in the different


15. Largo public mooting at Victoria Thcatro, Sydnoy, for the purpose of initiating a movement for raising funds to erect a statue in commemoration of the landing of Cap-

tain Cook,

16. Body of Dr. PI omloy found in tho bush at Peter sham, he having apparently strangled himself.

17. The Pastoral and Agricultural Assooiation of New England held ila ehow at Inverell.

Mr. Macleay's motion in tho Legislativo Aasombly for tho adoption of the roport of the Select Committee on alleged conspiracy for the purposes of treason and assassi- nation was defeated ; and a motion by Mr. Henry Parkes, that the report bo expunged from tho proceedings of tho Select Committeo, carried by a majority of 32 to 22.

Public meeting at Newtown for the purposo of forming a Volunteer Riilo Company in that suburb.

18. Compulsory Vaccination Bill introduced iato tho Houso by Mr. Robertson. .

20. Private yacht match between Mistral and Xailfn ; vron by tho latter.

22. Serious collision in tho harbour between the steamer Fire King and the barque Mary Miller ; Beveral passengers seriously injured.

Fall of tho houso occupied by Mr, R. Thamo, grocer, in George-street ; buryiug several persons but killing nono.

Large nugget of gold, weighing 23 oz,, found at Apple

free Flat.

Large indignation mooting al Numba relative to the stato menta of Robert Francis Keene before tho Select Com mitleo of tho Assembly inquiring into the alleged con- spiracy for the purposes of treason and assassination.

24. Publication of despatch, from tho Secretary of Stato for tho Colonies, notifying that her Majesty had conferred the honour of Knighthood upon the Hon. James Martin and tho Hon. T. A. Murray ; and that tho Hon. Charles Cowper and Mr. J. B. Darvoll had been created Compa- nions of the Order of St. Michael and St. George

Agricultural and Horticultural Show at Kiama waB


26. Mr. John Stewart's resolution, affirming the desira- bility of repealing the nowsrjaper postage rate, carried in the Assembly by 21 to 12.

27. A pair-oared match in light skiffs, on tho Parra- matta River, Messrs. W. and R. Hickey compotiug against Messrs. Dunnett and Lyons, for £100 ; won by the


Arrival of the Victoria cricketora for Intercolonial

Match. i

28. First annual gonoral meeting of tho Northern Agri cultural Association at Singleton.


1. Special meoting of tho Chamber of Commcrco to con sider tho subjectof a uniform tariff and Customs Union for the Australian colonies.

i Immigration department closed on account of tho esti- mates for it having been withdrawn.

Experimenta for testing the Cinnabar ore from tho Cud-

gegong quicfcgilvcr mines first tested, in Sydney by Mr, , .Watt. '

2. Mr. S. C. Brown's Municipalities Act Amondmunt Bill rend a second time in tho Legislative Assombly.

; Compulsory Vaccination Bill read a second time in tho ¡Legislativo Assembly,

?' i Mr. John Poolo, ian old resident, died at Bathurst, bo qucathing to the hospital property to the valuo of £2000.

3. Municipalities Act Amendment Bill passed in tho Aspembly.

Annio Taylor died from violence. The Coroner's jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against hor husband, Hcniy Taylor.

4. Cricket match between Victoria and Now South

Willes played in Sydney Domain; won on tho 7thby tho Victorian tenm with 78 runs to spare.

St. Andrew's Cathedral Closo Bill received the Royal


5. Government notify that tho public offices will not in futuro bo closed on St. Patrick's, St, Androw's, and St. George's days.

7. Mr. William Rayner, for several years ounnootcd with tho reporting staff of tho ¿\ M. Herald, died.

6. i if ly-second meeting of tho Now South Wales Auxiliary Biblo Society hold.

9. Accouchment of Lady Bclmsro at Throsby Hall,

10. Public meeting nt tho Temperance Hall, Sydney, of i tho friends and supporters of the bill for the Amendment of the Publicans Act.

11. H. M. S. Galatea, commanded by H. It. II. the Dukoof Edinburgh arrived. His Royal Highness landed at tho Government jetty near Fort Maequario, and pro- ceeded at once to Government House, whero ho was re- ceived by his Excellency the Earl of Belmore and monibors of the Ministry.

Coroplimentarv dinner to Mr. Gassncr, bondtnnsier of ths vesFoI in tho British service, arrived.

15. Annual meeting of tho Sydney Diocesan Educa- tional and Book Society held.

Meeting at Goulburn to makeo arrangements for a demon- stration on the occasion of opening the Railway.

16. Minister for Works, Engineer-in-Chief, and other officers visited Railway works and stations at Goulburn.

Farewell dinner to Colonel Waddy given al tho Hotel de France by the members of tho Australian Jockey Club and the Military and Civil Cricket Club.

Public meeting at Temporáneo Hall to mako arrange- ments to present Mr. Henry Tarko« with eoino testimonial in recognition of his services and as an expression of esteem

and confidence.

Clarcnco Agricultural Exhibition opened.

17. St. Patrick's day picnic held at Balmoral, Middlo


Berrima and Bathurst races, 18. Glen Innes races.

19. Mr. J. Stewart's motion for the consideration in commilteo of tho propriety of repealing tho Newspapor Postage Act of 1864 negatived by 31 to 4.

20. Cooma annual races.

22. Small-pox Prevention Bill road a second timo in tho Assembly.

24. Annual meeting of the Now South Wales Auxiliary of tho London Missionary Socioty, and a valedictory scr vico in connection with tho departure of tho John Williams to the South Sea Islands, held in the Pitt-stroot Congrega-

tional Church.

Tho detachment of tho 50th Regiment, stationed in Syd- ney, embarked on boord tho steamship Himalaya, for Eng

26. Firo occurred on board tho Btoamor Waimea, lying

in tho harbour laden with coals.

Tho Duko of Edinburgh laid tho fonndation-stono of the monument to the memory of Captain Cook in tho southern portion of Hyde Park.

29. Pulling race between tho first cutters of H. M. ships Galatea and Challenger, resulting in a victory for tho latter by 300 yards.

Theatrical entertainment and ball on board the Galatea.

His Royal Highness Princo Alfred went to the Home- bush Autumn race meeting.

31. The members of both Houses of Parliament dined willi Princo Alfred in tho hall of tho Legislativo Assembly.

The twenty-fourth annual meeting of the subscribers to the Sydney Infirmary held in St. James's schoolroom.


1. H. R. H. tho Duko of Edinburgh set the keystone of tho principal arch of tho new Post Oflico.

Parliament prorogued by proclamation until 11th May.

H.R.H. Duko ef Edinburgh's last public appearance at Miss R. Carandini's concert, Prince of Wales Opera House.

2. A detachment of tho 14th Regiment, in charge of Lieutenants Howat and Daley, arrived from Hobart Town.

3. II.R.H. tho Duko of Ed'inburgh sailed in tho Galatea

for New Zealand.

Cricket match played at Goulburn between 11 Aborigines from Yass and Burrowa, and 11 Europeans.

Bishep Quinn, of Bathurst, laid tho foundation-stono of a new Roman Catholic churoh at Orange.

li. Municipal Council of Sydney accepted fondor for ecwerngo works at Blackwattle Swamp for tho sum of


Telegraph station opened at Rydal.

6. Tho members of tho Government gavo a picnic nt

Middle Harbour.

Picnic took place at Botany of Sydney and Windsor Insurance Firo Brigades.

Fourth SesBion of first Synod of Church of England within the diocese of Sydney commonccd.

Racehorse Talleyrand, which had been stolen, and for which £100 reward was offered, restored to tho owner, Mr. Wyndham.

Barque Dragon wrecked at Richmond River Heads.

7. Dr. A. Thomson, of tho Sydney University, lectured in the Pitt-Etreet Congregational schoolhouse on " Fossils."

Races at Goulburn commenced.

8. A public meeting in support of the Chinese mission, held at St. Stephen's Church, Macquarie-streot.

Oro from tho Cudgegong Quicksilver Mines tested by

Mr. C, Watt with favourable results.

Annual meeting of Church Society hold in the Castle reagh-strcot schoolhouse.

Annual meeting of Unitarian Church, Macquario-street,


Five racehorses arrived from Melbourne

A haunt of flying foxes discovered near Smithfield. Heavy rain at Dubbo and in the Bourke district.

10. Alderman Hordern thrown from his carriage and severely bruised.

11. Wills, Cosstick, and Conway arrived from Melbourno to toko part.in a single wicket match.

12. A publio meeting, presided over by tho Bishop of Sydney, held at tho infant schoolroom, in aid of tho.

Bathurtt Bishopric Endowment Fund. ;

Annual meeting of Taltersall's Club held.

Daring burglary committed at Perry's, Araluen.

13. Tea meeting held in Scots Church, Churoh-hill, to recognise Rov. C. A. Smith as co -pastor.

Temperance meeting held in the hall, Pitt-slreot, at which a proposition was introduced by Mr. IL B. Loe, to unite tho Sunday school teachers of the colony in one asso-

ciation of abstainers.

14. Liverpool Plains annual races oommonced at Tam


A bushranger, supposed to bo Rutherford, robbed the Boggy Creek and Galathera Inns.

lu. Sir R. K. Mackenzie, late Colonial Treasurer of Queensland, arrived from Brisbane. ,

Mcoting held at School of Arts to form an omnibus


1030 tons of stone crushod at Grenfell, yielded 1384 oz,

A largo community of flying foxes discovered noar Singleton.

The Minister for Public Works left Sydney to inspeot Great Northern Railway extensions.

16. Barque Lorenzo Sabine, having sprung a leak at sea, was sunk in the Clarence River.

17. The Mayor of Sydney (Mr. Charles Mooro) enter- tained at dinner at Botany by a majority of the aldermen of

the city.

18. Mr. Owen, traffic manager G. S. Railway, died.

"My Dream" and "Gasworks," arrived from Mel-


Anthony Guest, engineer, killod at Grenfell, in a fight.

19. Tea meoting held in the Wesloyon Chapel, York sfrcot, to bid farewell to missionaries about to proceed to

tho South Sea Islands.

- 20, Tho singlo wicket match for £100 aside botwoon Caffyn, Thompson, and Lawrence.(N. S. W.) and Conway, Cosstick, and Wills (Victoria), won by the latter, with ono

wicket to spare.

Farewell complimentary dinner to Mr. Chas. Moora (Mayor of Sydney), nt the Masonic Hall, Superb silver toa

and coffee service presented.

Mary Stafford died at Warkworth, from tetanus caused by a boil. ,

Opening of the Albury Circuit Court celobrated by an enlc-rfainment given by tho Mayor of Albury.

21. Meeting of butchers held at the Square and Compass to petition tho Municipal Council for .the repeal of certain

by-laws. " " ...

Rev. J. M'Gibbon laid foundation-stono of Presbyterian church at Bega.

Annual exhibition of Hunter River Agricultural and Horticultural Association opened at West Maitland. His Excellency the Governor attended.

22. Twentieth annual meeting of tho Australian Mutual Provident Society held. . .

23. Colonial Secretary issued circulars containing; regula- tions as to the employment of Government medical oilisers throughout the colony.

Autumn exhibition of Bathurst Agricultural, Horticul- tural, and Pastoral Association opened upon the Roservo


24. Metropolitan Autumn Race Meeting bogan at


1 Sir James Martin visited Singloton.

25. Confirmation servico held by tho Bishop of Sydney

at Kiama.

26. Alderman Kenny elected Mayor of Sydney, vice Moore, resigned.

A deputation from tho Newtown Council asked the Minister for Works to widen the bridge over tho railway at


27. Synod of tho Diocese of Newcastloinel for business

at Newcastle.

Professor Smith and Mr. B. Molineaux elected directors of (ho Autroliau Mutual Provident Society.

A meotinir of tho Executivo Committeo for tho shipment to England "of meat under Kurt's freezing process held at the Exchange. Mr. Knox stated that tho balance in hand was £2521 6s. 3d. A lottcr was read by Mr. C. Cowpor

from Mr. T. S. Mort.

Tho autumnal meetings of the Congregational Union of New South Wales opened at Campbelltown.

28. A meeting to tako measures .'for the enlargement of tho schoolhouse hold at St. John's Anglican. Church, Darlinghurst,

29 Mr J C iisher ga\o a conceit at tho School of Alls, Fitl-strcot

Mr George Hirt has prepared and submitted a plan to tho Cilj Council for a now street from Goorgo and Druitt

Miette to tho reclaimed laul at tho hoad of Darling


30 Melbourne and Adelaide delegates to Inlercsloaial

Confcrcnco auived.


1 Quarlerly prizo meeting of Small Boio Riflo Club at Paddington

lele"iaphtc communication resumed with Tasmania, and congratulatory messages exchanged between tho Mayors of Hobart Town and Sydney.

'Iwo waterspouts observed four miles seaward by resi- dents at Vi ollongcng and kiama

2 1 iro occurred at tho shop of H. Stephenson, York


Vioforia Hotel, Annidalc, robbed.

"Cpifcopalinn Chuich opened at Waratah.

3. Gicat will case "V\ olfekchl % Mitcholl and another commenced beforo Mr, Justieo Hargravo and special jury

of twelve.

Bishop of Syunoy held confirmation sorvico at St. An- drew B Cathedtal, 200 ) créons confirmed

Dem Ljnth lecturoi in St Francis's Hall, on Tempor-


Inlet colonial Commercial Confcrcnco held its first sitting at the tjdnoy Exchange

Bimmel M'Atigkev, cab driver, comtmttcd for man- slaughter by City Coroner.

4 Agricultural Socioly B Show opened at Pnnco Alfrod Patk , and n dinner, at whioh the Governor was present, took l Ince at night.

Belmore Markets opened to the public by tho Mayor and


G cnurcn «r-i^jho WeBterujli<=fo-.J«i"u "mu

7 Mi Andi ew s olectcil Alderman for Bourko Ward.

5 Leiters of Rev Dr Steel und Thomas Nelson re- specting atrocities at lonna published in S M Bet aid

Mr John Lal cmrn drowned in tho flood at Camden.

9 Disastrous gale Newcastle, causing several wrecks.       Floods at Windsor, Penrith, and Camden, attended with

loss of life

IhoIXon J II Plunkett died at Melbourne Annual commemoration of Sydney University postponed in conse-


Desperate attempt made by three armed men to rob the Australian Joint Stock Bank at Braidwood

10. £2026 voted U tho Citv Council for widening of railwaj bridge, Parrainatta-slreet.

Newtown 1 own-hall (formerly (ho School of Arts) publielv oi encd bv. a litorary and musical ontcrtainmont

Southern mail robbed by bushrangers between Goulburn  

and Marulan.

11 Dinner given to tho representatives of Mclbourno and Adelaido Chambers of Commcrco at Courvoisicr s Cafe

Meeting held in Sydno\, to take steps for tho establish- ment of a central cattlo Balo yards

Soirto at Masonic Hall, in aid of tho funds of St, Vin- cent's Hospital,

Largo meeting of squatters nt Dubbo, to consider tho de- pressed stato of the pastoial interest

12 Opening meeting for 18G9 70 held of Royal Sooiety of New South V»ales, whon Ro\.W. B. Clarke road an


Dr A M Thomson calls attention to the establishment of geological murnini in connection with tho University of Sj dnej.

Rev A H. Stephen oppointed one of the canons of St

Andrew's Cathedral

A deputation had an interview with tho Postmaster General, respecting storm signals along the coast.

Some of the bodies from the recent wrecks washed ashore at Newcastle.

13. Commercial Confcrcnco delegates visited Lithgow Vallej Zig/og

Salo of Australian Library authorised by shareholders and proprietors

14 MinutcB of Intercolonial Cohferenco published in tho

Bo aid

Deputation from Agricultural Sociefj of New South Vi ales asked the Mayor and Aldermen of Sj dnc> to erect a permanent exhibition building at Princo Alfred Park.

15 lion J. B Darvall armed per Avoca

Mr. ï S Mort writes to the Herald respecting tho silting up of the harbour.

Remains of tho Hon J H Plunkett buried in the Devonshire strcot Cemetcrj

Public meeting held at Windsor to organiso Volunteer Water Brigado for management of public boats in times of


16. Major Edward Darvall died at Ryde

17 In the will case-'Wolffkehl v Mitchell and another -the ]ury found for tho defendants on all the ISSUCB

T. A Mitchell committed suicide

IS Mr. William Day elected Aldeiman for Brisbane


19 Extcns on of Great Northern Railway to Muswell- brook opened

20. Professor Smith lectured at Kiama on " Ancient Egypt "

Mudgeo races commenced.

Dr Badham leotured on his educational schemo at Bathurst.

21 Council of Education's report on stato of Pabuo schools of 1863 published m the licralâ,

HM S Rosario returned to Sj dney, having EOized tho Daphne ns a slaver at the New Hebrides.

Fire occurred at Regentville, near Penrith.

24, Quoen s birthdaj celebrations passed off with great


io, " Birthday " ball at Government House.

Seventh annual mooting of Svdncj City MiEBion hold.

26, Lovee held at Government Houso in honour of her Majesty s birthdav

Water Police Mngi6trato and staff left in the Thetis for How e's Island, to investigate a murder alleged to have been

committed there.

Bushrangers, in attempting to rob the Yass mail, shot Mr Longfield, a passenger.

Annual meetings of tho Pitt-sfreot Congregational

Church held

27. Tho caso of Hassall v Rodd commenced befero tho Chief Justice and a jury of four.

Railway opened to Goulburn.

Suicide of Don Eduardo San Just, Consul for Spain

2S A two-story houso, wtuato in George-street, fell


George Carter arrested for forgery at Grafton.

Body of a woman named Moore found near Brougham place, supposed to have been murdered.

30 St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral opened for Divine ser vico, 31 Mr Spinks, turnkey, murdered by a prisoner in Wíndsor gaol.  


1. Meeting held in Bathurst to devise moons for assisting

released FcnianB,

Heavy rains in tho Western districts.

2. His Honor Mr. Justice Hargrave delivered judgment adverso to tho plaintiff in the will c»se of Buckley v.


The eighth concert of the Civil Service Musical Socioly given at tho MaBonic Hall

His Excellency tho Governor and suite arrived at Bowenfels cn route for Bathurst.

3. The Earl and Countess of Belmoro and suito and the Hon. Saul Samuel, Colonial Treasurer, arrived at Bathurst, and were received with great éclat.

Annual meeting of tho founders of and subscribers to Camden College, held m tho Pitt-streot Congregational


4. The Governor with Lady Belmoro visited tho schools and public offices in Bathurst

, Deputation waited upon tho Minister for Works with 1 reference to tho opening of a new street to Darling Har-

bour, and establishment of a railway station in George street, on tho sito of tho Central Police Office

The Daphne, schooner, seized by Captain Palmer, of H. M. S. Rosario, at Levuka (Fiji), with 100 islanders on board, arrived in charge of Lieutenant Bingham,

Tho existing railway linea placed under tho control of Mr. Whitton, Engineer-m-Chief of Railways

5 The Earl and CountesB of Belmoro visited Fitzgerald's Va.loy, and laid the foundation-stono of St, Stephen's

Church there

The master and crew of the barque Douglas wrecked on a reef, brought into Newcastle, having suffered great privations.  

0 His Excellency tho Governor and suito left Bathurst for Orango Tho Countess of BolmororeinninedatEathurst. The Governor arrived at Orange in tho afternoon, and was enthusiastically welcomed.

7 Half a ton of quartz from Twankey Creek, near Bathurst, yielded when crushed, 167 oz 17 dwts gold

The Governor, after inspecting tho public buildings, 4.0 , at Orango, left at noon for Wellington.

8. Telegraph stallen opened at Narrabri, Namoi River.

Permission to Mr. Geoffrey Lagar and Mr. J. B Wilson, to assume tho title of "Honorable 'published in Qoiern tneiit Gazette.

Tea meeting of tho BUBh Missionary Society hold in tho Temperance Hall, Pitt-street, Svdnoy.

9 Tho Countess of Belmoro vibited tho Nunnery and Church cf England School at Bathurst

Tho first of a series of lectures in connection with the Young Men a Presbyterian Institute, delivered by Dr. Steel, in St, Stephen's Church, Macquarie streot.

The first anniversary tea meoting of tho Protestant Political Association hold in iho Ma'onic Hall.

Tho R M S Malta, with tho April Luropoan mail,

anlved in Port Jackson

10 Grafton and Carr's Creok local sugar company formed, foul hundred and sixty shores boing taken up at tho first meeting

His Excellency (ho .Governoi and suilo visited Wel- lington, were entertained at luncheon, and inspeoted tho public buildings , , , "

Iho Countess Belmore, Miss Gladstone, and suito left Bathurst for Sydnoj

Resolutions passed in tho Queensland Legislativo As- sembly aíTrming tho desirability of extending tho tele- graph wiro from Cardwell to Normantown.

Tho bishop of Sydney \ sued Sodwalls, near Hartley.

11 His Lxulltncy tho Governor and suito visited Dubbo, received on address, and was entertained at a public dinner.

¡sir Jamca Martin and ether members of the Legislativo Aesemblj visited Goulburn by rail.

A railwov carrying companj formed at Adelaide

At Rockhampton the police court investigation into the murder of Halligan, the gold buyer, was continued, and a confessionmade by Palmer, in goal, was read. The con fession stated that Williams shot Halligan, and threatened to shoot Palmer also.

12 Veij stormy weather al Newcastle. Tho tug War haxrk brought the ship Racer to tho mouth of tho port, but nutt to lot m E°> «nd 6ke made »ü out to sea,

Collum ndiiig Oil cor s parado of tho Svdnoy and Subur- ban Batt »lions 'S olunfetr Rifles and batteries Volunteer Artillcrj took place Tield stato 1022 all told

Lieutenant Colonel St John s escort ofmno men "killed by Io Kooti, in New 7caland

A gi cat firo in Giej mouth Now Zealand, destroying a largo number of buildings and iropcrtv to tho amount of

£C0 000

U Stormy weather m tho North Ship with foro and mi/en ii ist and m îintop gallant most gono, soonofl Port blephcns,-suj posed to bo Racer

11 Heav) rams on tho Namoi Rivor

Beautiful meteor seen at Yass

The Sessions opened at Goulburn.    

His Lxcellencj the Governor and suilo Msitcd Mudgee, wcio recen cd w ítíi groat eclat, and in thcoverang entertained

at a public ball

lo 1 bo Superiores of tho convent at Abbotsford, Mel

bourne died

Palmer, Taylor, and Williams charged with the murder   of Mr Halligan tho goldbuyer, were sent from Rock   hampton to Bnsbane. Archibald and M'Nevin, two other alleged accomplices, were retained in the Rockhampton gaol

Iho prizes awarded at tho Metropolitan E\hibition of tho New South A\ ales Agricultural Sociotj distributed in tho Chamber of Comn cree, by Mr Sloper Cov, in tho absence of tho prcMdeiit, Sir 'W llliam Macarthur

16 Tho City Health Officer s rq ort on tho sanitary con dillon of Svuucj duung tho month of May, 1869 showe 1 tho birthB wcro °G3 and tho deaths 128-tho births being 135 in excess of the de iths

17 XLo It M S Avoca, with tho mail for Europe,


lho flondcr ea«e of Hassall v Rodd resulted ia a verdict for tho defendant, tho procccdiLD3 ha\mg extended over

ïï-rajâaï& _

public dinner 11 Mudgee Mi bamuel, tho Coîonial

lie surer, left for Svdiuv

18 A large quantity of gold received in Townsville from     tho Gilbert Rainges. Reported that there were 1000 miners on tho diggings doing well but water was scarce.

Queensland Assen blj pti=sel resolution stating that 1900 acics of land would bo granted for 1000 jards of colonial

w oollen cloth

An ßtfon pt made m Brislano to establish a cotton and

woollen mill

Hcrvv. ¿rlcs «long the northern coast

Several new mining compinia foni ed in Adelaide A velccij cdo club formed in fl'clbourne

lho "S ictonan Government promised to construct a telo grcph line to "W fison s Promontorj no\t year

His Excellency the Governor and suite arrived at Cassilis from Mudgee, and received an address.  

A sj-ecml general meeting of tbo Sjdney Chamber of Comme ice, held for tho purposo of rescinding a resolution arrived pt on tho 1st Juno in fivour of a Customs union

lho KFolulion was not rescinde 1

19 His L\ccllcncj tho Governor arrived at Merriwa, and

wns well received

lho annual commemoration of (ho Sidney University tool i laco in lho great hall of tho institution About 1000 1 créons wero rresent

lho police seued a number of fat cattle, hidos, &.c, at Coulscns butchcnng estai ashmont Orango lho cattle had been stolen from Messrs Clift, Brothers of Breeza

IhoRMS Avoca, from Sjdnoy to Gallo, arrived at

Mclbourno al noon

lho failures of Grant and Co corn merchants, of Laun- ceston liabilities £60 000 W A\ hilo liabilities £30 000

20 Heavy rains in the Clarence and Richmond districts,

and stormy weather.

Constable John Ferris shot himself at Penrith

21 A Mics Milner, who had left her herne somo twolvo da> s before, found drowned in tho Namoi Rivtr, supposed

to havo committed suicide

His Excellency the Gov ernor and suito visited Scone

lho Rev Mr Henderson a Presbyterian minister, hav ing advertised his intention of delivering a loeture, at Adelaide, upon Iransnbstantiition and the Mase, receivod a letter signed " Tenían, threatening him with death if ho i ersevered m his intention

lho tichborne Commission, appointed to toko ovidenoo in bvdncj, opened its piocecdings

The first Public Librarv established in Now South W ales, opened at Newtown by Mr Henry Parkos, M L A

A youth 14 j cars of age, son of Mr Siddons, lighthouse

keeper at South Head, fell over the cliff, and was dashed to

j leets

A meeting held at the Oxford Hotel to considor the best means of expressing public opinion m reference to tho con duct of Mr Rodd, tho defendant in tho great slander caso

of Hassall v Hold j

Tho Aerated Bread Company commenced operations m '


22 Meeting held at Grenfell in tbo Western district, to petition tho Government to retain a stipendiary magis- trate at that placo

His Excellency the Governor and suito arrived at Muscle brook c« route to Svdnej

lho Countess of Belmoro inspected the Soup Kitchen, in

Kent street

Tho Melbourne City Council voted £4000 for tho pur- chase of sn organ for tho new Town hall

3 ohn C Doggett, master of the schooner Daphno, brought up at tho \S atcr Police Court on a chargo of piracy and


lho Mayor of Sydney opened a new road at tho Botany Waterworks, and ICO trees wcro planted along it by 100


23 The Now South 'N aleB Government acccptod tenders to the amount oí £60,000 from eoloninl.'engineenng firms for the manufacture of the rolling stock required on tho Southern, "\\ estera, end Northern railways

Tho selected design for the now lovvn hall to be erected in Sjdncy publicly exhibited

A supposed caso of vii nient cholera occurred in Sydney, the patient dying after a short illness

lho Supreme Court sustained tho conviction of Hovoll and Hangi for murder on tho high soas

24 A grand Mosomo ball took place in the Masoni o Hall} York street A banquot also took place tho samo

evening in celebration of tho festival ef St John

His Excellency lho Governor returned to Sydney from

hiB tour in tho WoBtem districts

The M'Culloch Land Bill read a second tune in tho Vic- torian Assembly.

Heavy gales on tho Northern coast

Meeting held in Sydney for tho formation of a "Bush-

man s Home '

A boy named Grant shot another at tho "Varieties'


25 Grand ball at Narrabri m aid of the Publio school.

Queensland Legislative Council agroed to the extension of the cotton bonuB for four years at a rcducod rate.

A Contractors Association formed m Melbourno

Mr Miller, member of tho Victorian Parliament, Bald to be implicated in some lund jobberies |

Attempt made at Adelaido to establish a farmers' corn exchange

26 The Daphno case concluded, and the defendant dis- charged

The proprietors of the Sydney Morning Herald fined £100 by Supreme Court for publishing in that journal a certain letter and article having reference to the doings of Captain Hovell, of the schooner Young Australian, and

others in the South Sea Islands.

Annual distribution of prizes at Tnnitv School took place

The annual exhibition of St Silas Church School took place at Waterloo

28 The trustées of tho School of Industry waited upon the Premier to negotiate the transfer to the Government of the land on which tho present school promises aro built

Mr Randolph John Want died

29 The Bishop of Sydney left Bathurst for Sydney

The annual tea meeting in conneetion with tho City Night Refuge was hold is tho Temperance Hall, Pitt


The Rev Dr Steel reprimanded by Supremo Court for writing a certain letter, published in the Sydney Morning Ho aid, having roferenco to tho conduct of Captain Hovoll and others in the South Sea Islands

30 Ploughing matches on tho Agricultural Society s grounds, Parramatta


1 A commission appointed bv tho Government to mquiro into and rcpor upon certain cases of alleged kid- napping of nativ es of lho Loyalty Islands

Annual tea meeting in connection with St Michaol s school held in tho schoolhouse, Surry Hills

A division of the Calathumpian Ordor of Oddfellows

formed at Gunnedah

M ellington Quarter Sessions

2 The Tichborne commission went to Goulburn, and fhenco lo Wagga 'N agga, for the purposo of collecting


3 The nineteenth anniversary of the turning of lho first sod of the Now South Wales Railway Works

4 Share list of the Mudgeo Diamond Company cl&sod

in Melbourne

5 The members of No 2 Volunteer Tiro Company hold their annual picnic at Botany

His Excellency tho Governor Lady Belmore, Miss Gladstone and others paid a visit of inspection to tho training ship "\ crnon

lho half yearlj meeting of the Bush Missionary Sooioty held in tho lemperanco Ilall

Public meeting held for the purpeso of establishing St Andrew s now school

C Braidwood Sessions commenced

The brig Ann and Maria went down in a gale, 10 miles south of Green Capo

Captain Tinlay, of tho Goulburn Volunteer corps


lho first annual meeting of the City Night Refuge and Soup Kitchen held in tho iemperance Hall

The annual boll in aid of St Vincents Hospital took place in the MaEonio Hall

7 Tho annual meeting of iho Licensed ^ lctualleis Association held at Camb s Commercial Hotel

lho Government made lnowuabchcme for retrenching tho expenditure fcr police and other services

8 lho Grafton annual race meeting took place

Public meeting held to express sympathy with tho Rev Dr Steel, on account of reprimand administered to him by

Mr JUEIICO Hargrave

Deputation from residents in the Western districts waited upon Minister for Works, to ask for a reduction of the   rates charged for the conveyance of coal by railway,

9 Cemn ¡«ion ai pointed to invc tigato tho claim ot Mr William Cummings held its sittings in Bathurst

10 A deputation from tho Agrtcultuial Society waited uren the Mayor of Sjdncy touako arrangements for mo erection of an exhibition building on Prince Alfred Park

The Commission appointed to mquiro into the alleged cases of kidnapping m the South 'Sois met for the first


faenor Don Quintana, tho new Spanish Ccnsul, arrived.

Annual meeting of tho Surry Hills Branch of tho Aus- tralian Wesleyan Missionary Society hold in the Botany

street schoolrocm

12 His Excellency the Governor and Lady Belmoro visited the Hjdo Pork Asylum

13 Archbishop Folding left Goulburn for Sydney.

The sentence of death passed upon Hovell and Rangi for murdering South Sea Islanders commuted to transportation

for life.

15 A dcputition from (ho Richmond Park comimtleo walled upon tho Picmier for tho purpose of obtaining Bsufitanco to improve the pnrk

Iho annual dinner and b ill rf the Loyal Orango Institu- tions of New South Wales took placo at tho Masonic Hall

16 Large whale captured off Twofold Bav A boat in   pursuit of another was smashed to pieces by a sctroke from the creature's tail. The crew were saved.  

'1 ho Government accepted tho tender of Messrs Croll and MU io, of Rooty Hill, for the supply of 327,000 koys for tho railw ays

Mr George Breillat thrown from his horso in Margarot slrcet, and injured so niuth that ho died a low daja after-


18 Tho Government announced furthor retrenchments in (ho pnblio expenditure to bo effected by moans of new rigululionB respecting paupers and lunatics, and by abolishing tho penal tMablisument at Cockatoo Ieland.

19 Ehock of au earthquake felt at Kiandra

Tho Hon John Robertson left Svdncy on a tour to tho


Meeting held in Wagga "Wagga in favour of railway

extension (o the South.

20 An attempt made by prisoners to break out of Bath-

urst Gao.

Goeld discovered at Triangle Flat, near Rockley. 21. Hcavj gales on tho southern coast.

"The first crushing machine erected at Littlo River com meneeu opeiu .",.".

iT,iTel{"??8 Knt'° ,he Government from Adelong against , kee °° 0f Fuhco MugisIralS at that

Meeting or IL. Australian T.brnrv onmm,!»T MA fi» the j utposo of aulboiiMuft tuo sale of the books

The annual meeting ot tho Sydney Témalo Refugo hold in the School of Arts, Lord Belmoro presiding

22 An Italian named Carlo Galbeato, n travelling jowel lei, went to tbo house of a woman nnmed Cunningham and fired at ker with a rovolver, sounding her in tho arm. Ho then blew his own brains out

Tho Agncullural Kxhilitionhcld at Mudgee

The lion John Robertson armed at Tamworth, and well


Testimonial presented to Mr. Jules Joubcrt, tho eecro taty of the Agricultural Society

23 The Rev. Mr Mackenzie inducted info the ministry of the Presbyterian Church at Goulburn        

An eclipso of tho moon took place

21 A caso of alleged small pox diocovercd at Nowoistio Mr. Thomas M'Arthur, of the Watorvicw Bay Dry Deck, died

26 'iho Hen John Robertson and parlj arrived at Armidale, and wero escorted into town Iv a civ aleado of horeemtn The Premier also visited Uralla

His Excellency the Governor, Lady Belmoro, and suito, left Sydnoy for Grafton.

Public meeting held at Newcasllo with reference to in- creased horbour accommodation,

27. Tho Premier entertained at a public dinner in Arai


A man, named Leary, fell off tho wharf ot Grafton and

was drowned.

A great many diamonds found at Tambaroora

28 Tho results of tho fourth quinquennial mvos'igaiion of (ho Australian Mutual Provident Socioty dochrod at a public meeting.

His Excellency the Governor, with Lady Belmoro and suite, airived at Grafton.

29 Iho Hon. John Robertson reached Grafton. Tuo Governoi visited Iho publie buildings there, end was enter- tained at a public dinner in the ev emng

30 The Governor visited tho meat preserving works at

the Urara River.

31. Tho Govctnor and suito left Grafton for Yugilbar.


2. Another exhibition of diamonds from T wo-Milo Flat, at Mr. Tranck's office, Pitt-street.

Ilia Exeellencj the Governor reached tho Richmond River from Grafton.

July Mail per Malta telegraphed from Adclaido

3 1 irst reptrt of IOSB of schooner fanowbird bj firo

Meeting of creditors of tho estate of Mackinlay, Bro-

thel s.

Several whales killed in Twofold Bay.

4 Derna Mackinlay charged with obtaining goods under falso pretences.

New Customs Regulations issued, owing to lrrcgulantioB in shipments per Snowbird.

Report reached Sydney of a large diamond found in New England, by a man named Townsend.

6 All the parties implicated in the burning of tho Snow- bird aro in custody, two having been apprehonded in Melboutno and ote in Queensland.

The Rojal Sydney Yacht Squadron held their annual meeting. Mr. H. C. Dangar ro-elected Commodore.

Fiv o nuns took tho black veil at Bathurst.

Mr Matke, of Goulburn, who during mental oxcitsnwnt wounded himself m the abdomen, aied

Heavy falls of snow in tho Western districts.

Arbitrators in tho Cummings compensation caso cannot agree, end case left to tho rcfereo

Inquest on bodj of Susan Clark, killed bj her husband John Clark, commenced by Coroner.

6 Prospectors on Quondong Flat, Grenfell, strike pay ablo ground.

7. The Governor leaves the Richmond for Sydney, via


News reachea Sydney of arrival of Duko of Edinburgh at Tahiti, on 19th June.

Coroner's jury roturn a verdict of manslaughter against

John Clark.

8. His Excellency tho Governor roaches Sydnoy from his j

Northern tour.

9. One-and-a-half hundredwoight of quartz from Haw   kin's Hill, Tambaroora, gives 118 oz of pure gold.

Man, named Connelly, killed in a fight at Araluen.   10. About twenty officers of tho Customs department re- | ceivo notice that their services will bo dispensed with at tho

end of the year, I

Lord Bertrand Gordon expires at tho residence of the ]

Hon. Henry Moore,

Mr. R. C Terry, a finished artist in water colours, dies at South Sydney.

11. A guard, named William Marks, killed at tho Red- fern railwaj station.

Tho reputed great diamond reaches Sydney, and is de-

tained in tho Mint.

Rush of miners to Wood's Flat, where payable gold had been struck.I  

12. The U S. war steamer Kcarsargo visits Sydnoy har- bour from Tahiti.

Mr. A Morris makes an exhibition of preserved meats.

Mrs. Stilt's sheep attacked by catarrh at Loanga, Now England, and destroyed.

John Clark committed by tho Sydney Bench for tho wilful murder of his wife.

Riverine Pastoral Society's Bhow held at Corowa. I

13. Tho Right Rev. Dr. Turner, Bishop of Grafton and Armidale, arrives in Sydney by the ship Commissary. |

14. Precious stones found in tho Wollondilly, near


Payable gold struck on tho Star Lead, Grenfell

A company purchases the reputed large diamond for £1000, with a larger sum to be added if the stone proves


16. Ninth annual meeting of the Sydney Ragged Sohools, held in the Temporáneo Hall. ,

7. Another parcel of diamonds from Two-Mile Flat ex- hibited in Sydnoy by Mr. T. P. Jones.

The Rev. W. B. Clarke declared the alleged monster diamond to be nothing but rock crystal.

The new machinery at Ebeworth's tweed factory is sot to


l8. An address and purse of 160sovoreigna presentod at Bathurst to Di. Palmer, lately Police Magistratethero.

Diamonds from several different localities shewn in Sydney

19 Denis Maekinloy committed to gaol by the Chief Com- missioner of lnsolv ent ¿states for contempt in refusing to

answer questions.

Rev John Graham delivers a Iccluro in reply to the Pope's Encj cheal letter.

Annual meeting of Parramatta Benevolent Asylum held at School of AartB, Parramatta.

21 Report reaches Sydney of massacre of twcnty.one men at W oil ato by To Kooti s band.

22. The Roman Catholic Guild of St. Mary and St. Joseph held their annual breakfast Mr, S, Samuel and Mi W. TorBler being present at gueßls.

23 Conference of municipal delegates held at the Con- ti al Police Office, in order to secure to the different munt cipalilica tho control of omnibuses plying through tho municipality.

Dr. Quinn, Roman Catholic Bishop, laid the foundilion stono of a Catholic church at Dubbo.

Meeting held at Sjdnov Exchange lo ariongo tor a banquet to officers of ships of war now m port.

Public meeting of Roman Catholics hold at St M iry's, to îaiso money to defray the expenses of Archbishop


24 Rev. Mr, Moleton complains that <\ young woman was refused admittance into tho Sjdney Infiimarj

The annual meeting of tho lloma Visiting and Relief Scciely, held in Ike Schcol of Arts, his ExceUentj tho

Govcmci presiding.

A meeting of the clergy of the Church of England, held at the Church Society's houEe, Phillip-street, to givo a formal welcome to tho Bishop of Grafton and Armidale

25. roundation-stono of a new chuich for the members of tho Church ef England was laid at the North Shoio, by the Metropolitan BiBhop, Dr. Barker.

26. Tho show of tho Northern Agncuultutal Socic'y takes place at Singleton.

27. A battle of uval aboriginal tubes look placo at

I Bourke.

28 Avenue of trees planted atMeoroPaik, by tho Mayor I and Aldermen of Sydney.

29. The arrival of tho R M S. Malla telegraphed from


30 Public dinner given to officers of tho Ixcarsaigo and of other nien-of-war in the haiboui Mr. J. B Darvall occupied tho chair, and his Excellency tho Governor USB one of the invited guests

31. The Supremo Court held that the Government were not liable for gold lost during transmission by escort.

The Rev W. Taj lor, of California, lectured on Bovcral

I occasien8 duung lue past mouth in Sydney and tho

1 interior.

Mr. J, F. Clements exhibits in Bathurst some excellent sugar made from beet root, grown at Campbell's River,

A shock of earthquake felt at Bombala.  

Belmore Sugar Works, Clarence River, commences to

crush cane.


1. Dr. Quinn, Roman Catholic Bishop of Bathurst, lnjs tbo ioundalion-stono of a church at Forbes.

lho Rev. John Thom, Presbyterian minister, drownol

at Grafton.

2. lho sugar works on tho Maoleay River aro roportoi

lo be in full work.

3. Notification issued by tho Government thal no Govelement cflicials shall thereafter toko up auriferous or

oller Crown lands.

Vï.otogiaph, of tho testimonial to Lady Young received, in Sydney.

A free selector, named Heartneady, killed near Goulburn, during an impounding affray.

4. Tho Derby Stales at Randwick won by Mr. Hurtla Fisha's lr. c. Charon, beating Moselle, Fop, and nine


5. FalterjEon, herbalist, committed to toko his trial for obstetric malpractices.

The bushranger Rutherford shot by a publican at Canonbar, named Beauvais.

6. Bishop of Grafton and Armidale reaches Tamworth. Verdict of justifiable homicide returncd by the Coroner's jury on tho body of Heartneady.

7. Annivcrsaiy picnic of tho Australian Patriotic Asso

ciotic.n held at Clontarf.

Writ issued for o member for Braidwood, in the placo of Mr. J. F. Josophsou.

. Mr. R, Moody appointed traffic manager on the Southern and Wcficrn Railway lines.

Captain Shaw, mnstcr of tho Snowbird destroyed by firo, trives in Sydney in custody.

The nnnunl meeting of tho Sydney Bothel Union, hold in tho Mariners' Church, his Excellency the Governor in

tho chair.

Bishop cf Grafton and Armidale roache? Armidale.

8. Heavy snow fell in the Southern and Western


9. Fancy moss i",n "i tha Masonio Hall, in aid of tho funds of the School of Industry.

10. Tho Pest Office boat capsizes in tho harbour, and ono

mon is di owned.

A crushing machine started to work on the Bungonia

quartz reefs.

11. His Excellency the Governor leaves Sydney for Brisbane, on a tour through the Northern districts.

First pile of tho bridgo over tho Macquarie, at Wel- lington, driven by Mr. T. Lano.

13. Foundation-stono for tho enlargement of lho Peter- sham Crtgiepationnl Church luid by Mr. David Jones.

Edward Deloitto and Richard Clarke were committed by the Goulburn Bench to takeo their trial for the man- slaughter of theo free selector Heartneady.

15, Experiments befero Commodoro Lambert of Lavors'a precess of preserving meat with sulphurous acid.

Denis Mackinlay i Gcoigo O'Brien, James Bourke, Alex- ander Shaw, and James Rogers committed to take their dial for conspiring to defiaud.

16. Quartz reefs opened out at Major's Creek and Bell's


Denis Mackinlay committed lo toko his trial for fraudu- lent insolvency.

J 7. Exploration of Wellington Caves by Mr. Krefft and

Dr. Thomson.

Power, the bushranger, from Victoria, commits several robberies in tho neighbourhood of Adelong.

His Exoellency the Governor reaohes Tenterfield.

Trial mode at Franck, Brothers' stores of Hunt's patent ore separator, which was found to work suocessf ully.

18. Between £700 and £600 of gold taken out of a few dishes of stone from tho Homeward Bound Reef, Little


Rich specimens from Major's Creek Reef shown in


Tenders called for tho Anglican Episcopal residence in


19. Extensivo fire at West Maitland. Club chambers burnt down.

20. Special general mooting of proprietors and share- holders of Australian Library, when it was decided to sell the baoks and lcnso the premises to the Government.

Mr. M. W. Kelly elected for Braidwood without oppo


Wiggins and party on the Homeward Bound Reef, Little River, get 300 ozs. of gold from 74 lbs. weight of quartz.

Alexander Shaw committed lo tako his trial for burning

tho Snowbird,

23. Meeting held at Randwick to form a local Volunteor


His Excellency the Governor reached Tamworth from


24. Floods Inquiry Commission commence their pore« grinafions.

Case of tho Daphno, for slavery, heard before tho Vice Admiralty Court.

Meeting at Woollahra in favour of the Sydnoy City Mis-


Public dinner given at Windsor to Messrs. Piddington

and Walker.

25. Government decido upon amalgamating the offices of telegraph and postmaster.

Two very rich reefs discovered at Tambaroora.

English mail per Avoca telegraphed from Adelaide Antunl WayzegooEeof lho Herald hold at Clontarf,

20. His Excellency tho Governor returns to Sydnoy from bis Northern trip.

27. Annual meeting of Newtown Cricket Club at tho Town Hall, Newtown.

Meeting at Balmain to get up anaual regatta.

Meeting held at Parramatta io consider tho proprioty of I ringing water into that town.

Annual meeting of Albert Crickot Club hold at Tattor

soll's Hotel.

Annual meoting of the Hunter River Agricultural and

Horticultural Association at Maitland.

28. The Parliament of Now South Wales opened to-day

for its fifth rcsBion.

29. Annual picnio of Licensed Viotuallors to Balmoral


30. Public Library opened in tho building of tho Austra- lian Library.


1. Admiralty warrant receivod by the R.M.S. Geelong, authorising yachts of Princo Alfred Yacht Club to carry blue ensigns,

His Excellency the Governor and suito visited thoPrinea of Wales Theatre to witness the production of Shakespeare's "Tempest."

Slight railway collision near tho Parramatta Station, at 8 p.m.

Heavy and continuous rains in the West and South-

western districts.

2. The Metropolitan Bishop of Sydney visits Forbes.

Prince Alfred Yacht Squadron tako tho first omise of tho


3. Bishop Quinn lays the foundation-stono for a resi- dence for Dr. Murray, the Roman Catholic Bishop of


Sudden and alarming illness of tho Roy. J. D, Long,


4. Belmoro Bridge, opened at West Maitland by Mrs. Mullens, wife of the Mayor.

Lamcntablo accident at tho Co-operative Colliery, near


Dr. Badham lectures at Armidale on " King Lear."

5. Important meoting, at the Chamber of Commereo, of bonkers, wool-growers, and others interested in the sale of


Largo meeting in St. Peter's Church, Bourke-stroot, relativo to certain houses being built near that edifice

Patrick M'Kinloy committed to tako his trial for con« spiracy to defraud.

0. Monthly meeting of the Horticultural Society of Now

South Wales at tho School of Arts.

Tho Estimates for the year 1870 are laid upon tho labio of the Legislative Assembly by Mr Samuel, the Colonial


Discovery of a tin lodo in lho lead and silver mines at Woolgarlo, reported to Sydnoy.

Wollongong races-postponed from tho pravioas day, ia consequenco of the prevalent rains.

A bill introduced by Mr. Owen into the Legislativo Council to regulate Commons.

Lengthy statement made by Mr, Eckford in the Legisla- tive Assembly, respecting tho Cessnock Road caso.

Concert for the benefit of the insane at Gladesville.

Foundation-stone of Presbyterian Chureh at Wagga Wagga loid by tho Chief Justice.

7. Bill introduced into the Legislativo Council for tho in- corporation of the Agricultural Society.

John Wilton killed at tho Hulfo Gotten silver mine, near


8. Half-yenrly meoting of the University Cricket Club.

Great valedictory meeting at St. Mary's on tho dopar tur« of Archbishop Folding for Romo.

9. T. A. Blain, clerk in bank at Maitland, arrested for


Tho Mest Rev. Dr. Polding takes his departure by tho mail Elenmer for Europe.

Extraordinary breach of promiso caso tried at Wagga


10. Metropolitan Bishop of Sydnoy consecrates a church

at Grenfell.

Heavy shower of hailstones at Yass.

i 11. Annual meeting of New South Walos Doaf ani

Dumb Institution at Paddington. His Excellency sub

enlcb £100 towards the institution.

Walcha mail stopped and robbed.

12. Public meeting, in connection with tho Political [ Association for the Suppression of Intempérance, hold at 1 Woollahra, the Rov. C. Hardio presiding.

Magisterial inquiry as to bank robbery at Maitland.  

i AddrcEB and purso of sovereigns presented to Rev. 1 Conon O'Reilly, late sole minister in chargo of St. Andrew's | parochial district.

Important deputation waits on tho Minister for Works 1 relativo to carriage of coal on tho Great Western Rail

Meeting to arrange for the delivery of a series of loetures at the Sydney School of Arts. .

City Council of Sydnoy appointed trustees of lho Trinco

Alfred Park.

1 Contempt of Court Bill, introduced by Mr. John

Stewart, thiown out at its second reading iu lho Legisla- tivo Assembly. ,, . ,,

Legislativo Assembly counted out on tho nwt|on tor tua Eccond reading of the Cemeteries Regulation Bill.

13. Probate of the lato Hon. John Mttcholla will granted to that gentleman's widow. ""."-"" "f

McctiDg at Balmain in favour of tho sevcranoo ol

[ Balmain from the Glcbo electorate. , Vnriit.

Adjourned monthly meeting of IhcrBoyal Sydnoy \acns t Squadrcn.

"itlr Boliertton moved thcsecowl reading of tho Amende!

B^Sf ä"tho Treasurer, makes h» financnl «tate

Jut On the fimo evening an important debato in tho AEfcnihlv on Iho Assisted limuigntiou Bill

Sneholy buic.de of a jonng m»n in Susscx-strcet, Bsnicil 1 bornai ricmfng-wbo shoots himself.

15 ' Ivo Houso in the Legislativo Assembly, only l8 members being present »",i""

fieme for tho insane at GladeBVillo Asylum.

ÍC Rah reef struck at June ion Point, t n milos from


ÄÄÄ opened at Lambton, m the *SHitTcslejan Church opened after being cn '"if1!bo extension of the Great Western Railway from

WrmVnr;Vdt0BfdaÄd°Ä Waratah coalmines

l,\oîa'0mnïnamed James Macnamara killed by lightning

nt St 1 ürox, near Lochinvar

lîrv Robert Lewers inducted into the pastoral charge of

ÄÄrf» Andrews (Presbyterian) Church, ' Grand conceri at the Masonio Hall, at which tho Gover E°10B Sff toc fiith session of tho General Assembly

of the J rííbjterian Church of Now South Willes iho -Rev "tVilliam drnnt cho«en Molerator

lie fourth general at'cmbly of ministers and dclomlos fencing the Congregational Union of Now South Wales commenced its sittings. The Rev. Thomas Johnson

vron elected Chairman

Attempt to hold a Toman picnic at Clontarf suppressed lj tho Government

24 Sir James Martin speaks in reply to Mr Simu»l B


Tho Philharmonic Society givo their third concert al

tho Exchange

21 Tolegram received, stating that ntores havo been abstracted troni Boobv Island, in Torres Straits

22 Stormy scenes in tho Legislativ o Assombly between iho Bon J li "ftiUonnnd tho Chairman of Committees, and between the lion W Forstor and Mr Parkes

Sir Alfred Stephen, C J , visits tho Public school at


24 Numerous sermons preached by tho clerical mombcrs ef tho PrcBbj terian General Assembly in tho different cbnrchcB of bydncj and its suburbs

25 Largo public meeting in Phillip street Church, m favoJr of Frosbjtcron Church schimea, tho Moierator trending

21) A debato m the Legislativo Assembly o» railway «tension, on tho motion of Mr Macleay

Important tual of bcholoy y. Ltklord commencod at


Blain, Graney, and Gib^n committed at Maitland (o toko their trial for being concerned m tho baiu îobbory


27 Horticultural Sociotj s Spring Show opens m tho

Botanic Gardens

Mr J B. Suttor, M L A , exhibits at (ho Assembly n new model of a bridge specially adnpted fornvors in tho


Tho General Assembly terminates its fifth session Jiodcrator delivers his doling address

2S A "case of privilego ' in tho Legislative Council, on

tho terms of a Ministerial minute

Public breakfast given ta Moderator Grant and tho other members of tho General Assembly of the Presby

tttian Church.

29. At West Maitland, in the caso of Scholoy v. Eck icrd, plaintiff obtains a verdict, forty ßhilhngs damages

end costs

Largo " find " of gold in quartz al Homeward River,

near Braidwood.

30 Meeting of committeo of Rifle Association at tho Yolunleer Brigado Office, Colonel Richardson in tho


First anniversary of tho Typographical Association of New South Wales celebrated by a dinnor in Eli/iboth



1 Tirst meeting of Tine Arts Committee, of the Agri-

cultural Society. Pictures exhibited

Tho Rev Colin M'Culloch inducted into pastoral charge of tho Presbyterian Church at Babnain

Central division of Belmoro MarkttB formally opened for


2 The Volunteers of Goulburn inspected by Colonel Carthew, and Lieutenant Colonel Richardson.

No quorum present in the Legislativ o Assombly.

Au sojourned meeting of bankers, merchants, and wool growers at the Exchange

3 Monthly meeting of tho Horticultural Society of Now South Wales, Mr P L Shepherd in the chair.

Monthly meeting of tho Royal Socioty Paper on " Poljncsia " read by Dr Lang

Tubbo meeting bl Mary s Adoption of roport of Cotholio Association upon Public Education

Mcnlhlj mrMing ot Oounoii of Agricultural AssoJiation 4 DiBturbanco amongst the "Navvies " at Murrurundi

5 Exhibition of needlework and drawings made at Fort

fcticet Model School.

Marriage, at Sjdnej, of two members of tho Society of Fi lends-Walter Robson and Christina Cox,

"Violent thunderstorm at Newcastle

6. Sarah Pillct dies at Tambaroora, having got burnt through the bursting of a kerosene lamp

Violent lainstorm and Hood at Turnworth

8 Gieat meeting of gold-miners at Araluen about the


Two children lost for forty-oight hours m the bush, near


Special meeting of the Committee of tho Rifle Associa- tion to rc-considcr tho resolution admitting tho new Lnlield


9 The Prince of Wales' birthday celebrated in Sydney as

n general holidnj

Pirst day of Homebush Spring Meeting The Balmain regatta takes placo.

The members of tho Jewish Young Mt,n's Literary Society give an entertainment at tho School of Arts.

Tho annual picnic of tho German Assoei ition tomes off at


10 Iho Commons Regulation Bill thrown out in the Lffiitlativo Council on the motion for tho second leading

Iho seventh annual meeting of tho Wealejan mininera et tho Sydney Distuct begins to sit, aid continued in s»s sioufor Fcveral dajs

In the Legislativo Assemblv, Mr. John Lucas gives Mr Air Philip Dignam the " lie

«.Pí?íc'BOr Smllb delivers (at tho scnoohoom adjacent to tho Fitt-street Congregational Churtn), a remarkable lec- ture upon tho Chemistry of tho Heavenly Bodies

Several Protestant clcrgvmeu m Sjdney resolve to offer np special prajers for Ibu Roman Catholics

11 Bill to renew the Stamp Duties parses through both

12. Parliament meet fer the last time.

lho Chief JuEtieo gives judgment m the Diphnn else. Royal Yacht Squadion rendezvous in Watson's Bvv

13 Valedictory addrcBB and testimonial to Mr. Wilkins, from the officers and teachers in the service of the Govern- ment, under tho Council «f Education.

Porliament is prorogued by tho Governor. 15. Parliament dissolved by proclam ition,

16. Tifth annual exhibition of tho Murrumbidgee Pas feral AESociation, at Wagga Wagga,

Anniversary of the Unitarian Church in Macquano

strcot celebrated.

17. An adjourned meeting of tho Royal Society held. Mr Majes reads a paper on the water Bupply of Sydney.

Picnic and quarterlj practice of tho Insuianco Fire and Salvage brigades.

First exhibition of riants and floweri, &c , held under tho management of tho Horticultural Coinimttco of the

Agricultural Society.

l8 Sharp thunderstorm at Sydnoy in tho ovening Old willow tree'in Pitt-Btrect Hwept away.

Ninth annual meeting of tho Australian " Tir National " for pruo shoot'ng begins, lho most successful competitors rrov ed to bo Messrs Biewster and Blackshaw.

Roffcini Testival. Rossini's Last MasB performed at the

Victoria Thcatro.

Tho Rev. A. N. Mackray inducted into the charge of St. David's, Ashfield.

Terrible stoim at Singleton.

19. Extensivo seam of coal found m Kiama.

The trials in tho Mackinlay cisa be¿«n Result (after several dajs) in the convictions of Denis Mackinlay, Patrck Mackinlay, Rogers, O'Brien, Bomke, and Shaw

"J0/ 1?t^TCBtlDe Riflo Match at Newington, between Newtown UDSt0n CoUtñ° TU th°SÜ of 0amden College,

W^i'53.?/ M" £ M0?1«!» suddenly killed noir Tam

caroora by the upsetting of a cart.

M?nwEif £f T?tt,lmam ^?rk"18 Mon'8 Instituto at Odd »rïS?t«JIll!î'^.B.î,ma,,,,7M.^, Clim<;ron nnd Mr' Wilkinson

presented vuth* their portrait'!.

¿5. Large Ead destructivo Aro at West Maitland.

Great tloods at Glen Inns.

26. Meeting of Jho Licensed Victualler' Association.

&ho¿T"f A°f BSd mU6Ical cnlerta»"Mnt at tho Sydney

ClCÎl-de^SÎlifo/^1 h0nS° at ""»«?».<« «»o

FsUblihmenT9 ^ * ft° m,"",0° W»1T«*»* W«t'ATánd3rady thr 0mi fr0m hlB hor96an'1 klUed ncar «ïtdA ilM0TOe* ût NcuM ß»>> ta an unoc

rrúiLfcíu,Etomoa Rnn»orta.T servicos at St. Andrew's

Annualmeeting of Balmain.School of Arts.

his hors? M'Culloch kllIod * oar Dubbo» bJ a fall from


tali. NL°vumn6ivCn l0 Mr' StopIlt n BroWn at tho Town

MuMr.'G.Kinenrp ^r1' JaiU0B Ml»rtin, .Mr. Buchanan,

Meeting of Loders ÄÄ ÍOr.:Ea8t S^y

working hours. W,d «»Rotors of Sydno v relativa to

^"Xdstat! StCH Gm mlch atForfc Macquarie

^«ß^^* Deh Bong hangs hituself in

So^ÄeT:«»« made bv n^.w -*_ .


Dr A W Hnona drowned in tho nvor Ciar neo

8 A lolcnt thtlerstorm at Sjdnoy with high wind and rain j

Lancathiro Bh-ingcra givo their final ontcrtainmont at tho Sthool of At

W oman noincDavies killed crossing t»io line at Tow- rang, near Marun

Meeting of ti Rojal SortffyofNew South Wal ra Paper» read bj 1 Lal L, and Mr II C Russell-ono on " Polynciia, tbothcr on " A now mode of observing tho humidity of tho t '

9 Messrs Wone, Robertson, Windoycr, and Sp»cr ro turned for West rdncj

Bishop Barher lv es an account, at n meeting at St Tohn s, Darlmglrst, of bia e] i=copnl tour

10 Dianstr&usailutorm nt Pennant Hills 11, Election ris at Balmain

12 Arrival olthu Hying Squadron under Admiral Ilornbj

13 iho ccngintion of St Mary B present tin address and purse of EUV eipna to the Rev John Dwyer

11 Mr Heniy1 rkos, elected as ouo of tho members of Fact Sydney, w turned f< r Kiama

St Mary s Lirury and Debating Society established

Public merlin convened 1 y Major inviting citizens to co riperato for tbmfertainmcnt of the Tlymg Squadron

Election not iilroluen

10 ExluLitionat the Public school m Clovcland strcct

1C A conlcreio of ministers of religion on tempraneo refonn, and on li licensing svstcni

Adnmal Horn! und scvuul other naval officers visit tho Sjdncv Univcrsi

17 II s Exulncy diEinbutcs tho prizes at the Sydney

Grammar Stbxol

1 ho tiliocrs rf ho Tlj ing Squndron givo a drimatic per- formance m aid o the School ot Industry.

Iho antual prscn'ntton of pn/cs to tho succo'äful com- petitors nt tie Ho riilu umtcke-¡ tnkes place in tho Outer Domain.

18 I'm« difctibuted at tho Model rort-streot school Mr Piirkesnako/ u speech to tho boys

Annual mrilntion oi pn/ea nt St Mary's College, Ljndbuist

19 Hib E ellrncy the Earl of Belmoro attends Divine eemcoonbod II M S Liverpool

His Excelncy Colonel Blac'tall, tho Governor of

Queensland, tnCs on a visit

Ordination rvico at St Andrew s Cathedral

20 Mr Juin Salomons, tho new Solicitor Goneral, ia presented (o tlTUOvcfl

21 Ludy Be ore, Colonel Blackall, and Mr Honrj visit (ho Svdney Un»rsity

lhe PhiJhnnnic bocicfj gives ils fourth concert

Fromtnado coxrt nt tho Dom un, m nid of tho funda of Captain Cook s 4|uo

Great Morn of md and run at Goulburn

22 A lar^o niibcr of school children v i it II M S Liverpool

Another severo tinderstorm nt Sydney

Picnic fiven bjtho citi/enB of Sjdncy to Almiral Hornby and the bing Squadron, tho weather very un-


23 Rojal Yacht tundron Handicap Raes

Important uiotfi 0f pansbioners and parochial authorities of St Irmas, Willoughby, ut the behool of Arts, North Shoro .e Bishop pre»iJeB.

« 24 Admiril Hornl and the Officers of the living Squadron visit tho "igzag," at tho mv tallon of the


The Most Rev Arch3Ucp Folding returns to Sydney

m the mail steamer

ïhe Nathan Juvenile 0upe make their fir=l appearance

at tho School of Aria

A now pinlominio prod ed at tho Prince of Wnle3

25 Christmas Day eather unusually COJI Slight

rain m the afternoon

2/ Observed oso public-ohlny Numerous excursions and picnics V> eather opprsnolj hot

Fonrful thunderstorm at arrabri

Pon-amatta Annual Race Woolloomooloo Bay Regatta, and sports nt the Albert {.roi 1

28 Mr John Laekej nncwr Edward T'ood returned for tho Central Cumberland nctorute

Schooner Hunnah this dayvmt ashoro on the sandshp nt the bar of Port Matquana Crew esenp d

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