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The Mont Cenis Railway has met with another disaster from the overflowing of the River Aro. Several bridges have been carried away, and the rails and road between St. Jean and St. Michel have been destroyed along a space of 1400 metres. At two kilometres and a-half above the last named place a breach has been made of at least 200 metres, the river having flowed even upon the line. Some way farther on, the magnificent stone bridge of the Adenige has been swept away. It cost £500,000 and was quite new,   having been finished only a few months back, both the high road and the railway run across it on the same level Between Fresney and Modane the route has been completely broken up by the torrents. Above the last named place two bridges over the stream which flows into the Aro are entirely broken down. Finally, at Sollieres the road is destroyed along a distance of 400 metres. All the masonry on which it rested will have to be rebuilt. In consequence

of these mishaps the Mont Cenis Railway will he compelled to suspend its service for a certain length of time. So far we probably have been made acquainted with only a por- tion of the ravages and losses which are to be deplored. No information has hitherto reached Chambéry as to what has occurred in the upper part of the valley between St. Michel and Modane, as the telegraph wires have met the same fate as the road and the railway.

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