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Prinupal Olllco,


Persons eliciting Polines with the A US 1 KALIAN MUTUAL PROA IDEN I SOCIEIY hive the guinntco »fan Accumulated and Invistrsl luiul anio'i.iticg to


.nd nn Annual Revenue from nil sonreís extitdiug


And its business lung conducted on the principle of Mim'U Awi VM , HIP XV liol I I HOY 11 s 1IHLONO TO THE Mewi i l.s, i jj du ldid piriodiciill) arnon,: them,


Policio« Issued bv ilio Soeiitv durmg ttkAurrent year, Will te «nilli* d In p >i tie ?,-> item profitant tho di « Inrntiim of FEBRUARY, lbC'i.

Bv ordir of the' Board,

AIFXANiiKR J. KALsION, Secretary.

Svrtnev Int Kebrtmr», lMi7


Chief Olino-Lendenhnll-Htrrot, London.

Cxi it its

Fire, £1,000 000 | Life. £100,000.

FIRE AND LUE Insurances on liberal term's. Annual incou o cxi tiding ii 10 000.


Secretar) for New South Wales and Queensland, 06, Pitt-street, S)dnt).

TUlTEW ZE7\TaÑD INSURANCE COMPANY. -Lil Capital, £¿50,000

With unlimited hubilitx of Shareholders.

Marino rie-ks taktn to all parta of tho world at lowest

«urrcnt rates.


Agents for Sydno). 13, Mncqunno-plnie



Established in lb2l









Propriefora of Pnvnto Dwelhog-housca will meet »nth the most liberal treatment nt SPECIAL RATES Policies issued at tho

SYDNEY BRANCH OITIOK, dil, Geonro-atriot.




ANNUAL REVENUE, upwards of i ( 10 000

Tho Director« of tho EUROPEAN ASSURANCE SOCIETY nro prepared to jrrnnt insurances against FiRE upon FIRST CLASS PROPERTY at the lo»vOBt rates of


New South Wales Blanch Oflicc, 31, Hunter-ptrcet, Svdney.

"10th June, lSf7.


PANY (Limited),

Cbief Oflics, 35, Cornhill, London.

Subsi nbtd capital, £1,000,000. Paid up ditto. £250,000.

The undirfligned ib authorised to isauo Polioloa, tho claims on vv hu h ein be mode paynblo in London, India, China, C»po of Good Hopo, or tho Colonies. RATES on application lo

W. H. MACKENZIE, Jua., Agent. No. OG, Pilt-stroet. Svdnav.



(Established 1S49. Capital, £200,000 )

Forma of Application and all other inforinition may bo obtBlind at the Sidney Brunch Offices, Now Pitt-stroot

_WILLIAM JACK. Resident Secreten.


Capital, £1,045,000. Income, £230,000.

Re»crvo fiind, £240,000.

Insurances offooted on buildings, merchandise, and ships. LiMMcsnorn Aro by lightning made good, and all claims on adjustment paid in Svdnov.

FANNING, GRIFFITHS, and CO., agenta, Sprins

ata-aet, Svdnev.



CAPITAL, £2,006,000.


The undersigned aro fully empowered to sottlo all claims in the colony, and insurers may roly on the liberal and prompt pa) mont of loBsta. The ratea of pi ennuin aro those adopted b) all insurance compamea in tho colon).

Lipe Dei'aktmfnt,

Follies are lasuod, and claims settled, by tho undersurned in tho i olon), without reference to England.

Mhucm RiFEiiEE-Dr. O'BRIEN, M U.

Proepectiieea, tablea of ratea, &c,with the fulleut tnior maiion, will be funuahod on a;iplicat)on to

LAIDLEY. IRKLAND. and CO.. Lloyd's Charniers



Capital, £1,000,000.





The 1 bird CONCERT of tho seisin will tnki> p n

next TUESDAY EVENING, m the Hal! of the' School «sf Arts, Pilt-street, on which occasion Handel's Ont ino of SAMSON will bo produced for tho tirst timo m tho Australian colonies, and with tho following cist -

Samson .Mr. G F Jai keon

Lraohtish Woman. Miss Jumos Hsrapha.Mr J. W. Hall Manoah.Mr G. F Beaumont Micab.Mrs. W. J. CORONER Priest of Dagon.Mr. II. Ackl ind

and nn efficient Chorus.

Reserved seats, ,i«, body of hall, 2«, giller), la.

Doors open at half-past 7, concert ru commence a S pretisely.

Conductor, Mr J. C USHER.

Accoiupan)ist, Mr. W J. CORONER.

Titkets and progrimmes cou boobtainol irom Messrs

Elvy and Co . and Messrs Reading and Wellbiuk, Georgo ctreet, and Messrs Young and Jackson, Pitt street.



l'o beheld at the Mnsontc Hall.

on WEDNESDAY', July 3rd, 1SG7.

Under the distinguished patronagoof

His Excellency Sir JOHN YOUNG and Lady YOUNG.


Tho Right Worshipful tho MAYOR OF SYDNEY. Mr John Armstrong Mr. John Hourigan

John Barlow P. J. Hourigan Alderman Butler G. Hurley Mr. Robert Butcher T. Hart

T. E. Barrv D. Kearney J. Birrell, J V S. Long

Alderman ("amber T. Mahor

Mr. J J Curran JaoieB Mullins

G. Curtis T. M'CiuTre) E. Campbell, J. P. J. Malony

D. Conroy M. Moloney Dr. Carrol! J J. Moore

Mr. W. B Dalley E A Moore

W. A. Duncan P. hiulroney W Dolman J. Mngney P Treehill Dr MUford

J. D. Garxan Mr. P O'Dowd

Jemes Hart, M L.A. Richard O'sullivan John Hufrhes, J.P J. G O'Connor W Hughes James Rogers T. Wolsh. R Shoridau D. Tierney Alderman Sinai!

Tickets to be had from any member of tho comunUeu,

and from

JAMES P. GARVAN, l Honorary

_T. J KEARNEY, J Secret an-»


distinguished patronage of his Excellency Sir John Yoting and Lady Young, at the Masonic Hall, on WEDNESDAY, 3rd July.

Tickets-Gentlemen, 15s, Iaaies, 10s each-way bo had frcm menibew of the Coniuiitteo, and from

JAMES P. GAR VAN, 1 Honorary'

_T. J. KEARNEY, J Secretarle»

Albxandra'hall. -

OPEN TO-NIGHT. Admission Is._

LEXANDRA HALL -Grand Dress and Masquerade

BALL on THURSDAY, July 1._ "I (\ MILES under the hour, for £lr)0, also 3 milos JLU walking race, and quarter-mile handicaps. Albort

Cricket Ground, SATURDAY, JulyGth. Entries close i TB18 NIGHT, TattçrealJ'i Hotel, 7 till 9 sharp.


Î^Jiï"* *" * Uhprlor.... Mr G Coppin. btagcMannp.-. Mr J. R Orovk


1 »M VA etk but Ono of Madame CELESIE.

TUFSDAY. Julj 2,

and the f illotwng

WEDNESDAY, «ntl 1HURSOAY, July 2, 1, and 4, I HE G R K E N B U S H li S,

or. a Hundred Years Aro

Miemi, AA ild Hrnitri** of the Mis<ia<ipti Melnto CrlrVo Madiin c St Aulctt .. Mailnmo Cel Bte

lo loncluilovvi'li

10MY AND Fil 1Y.

One nu re srand prndiutinn in preparation, in which

Madame GLLVblE will appear

rVMlL GiliËN RUSHES -TmIÄM1. - Miufiiuo -B _CHLESIK'S GreatoBt Impersonation

rgiHE G1ÎE1-N BUSHES. -The mont sua-sstül JL Adelphi Drama over produced

rrfTÏli, GREEN BUSHES-Great enthusiasm by a

Jl crowded audience

fj A 11 E~GR E EN BUSHES, with alf "tho H__LONDON EFFECTS._ npHL GREEN DUbHES for THREE NIOHl'S Ja_ONLY'.-Ever} body ought to soo it


will bo Riven by the


in aid of tho





nt the



GER 1 is postponed until further n"tic»

JENNY READINGS in the t Uipnendalo Scbooliwm,



ANCY BALL-A quuntitv of 1 iiiuv Dresses for

SALE W MANS1 11.1.11, Market »tren


/ DFh1» in tnplcito will tie rennel at tim Collum* wat Oflicc, lo»ur George - .?tritt, b.riniv, until MONDAY, noon, rub Julv, 1M,7, in anv IIOslUlAL PII'FIIES at Brisbane, Queensland, foin 1st Au tuât, lWt" to Jlft March, 1SGS

Printed forum of 1 entier, anti anv inf»rni«!ir>n required, mnv bo obtained at tins olbci or from Captun CUE-OH, loinniarding detachment M)th Reginiout at Urmbine,

A( tint; Cninnitssnri it Ofhcer

Trntltrs fo le marked on onvelipo "lender for Ho«pital

Su} plie«."

L. R CAST R \A .

AssiHtnnt Cnintiiismr) Giueril. rommifsariat Oflico, SviIdc}, 1st lulv lSt>7


DERS in Irij hcato will lo ruined nt tbo Cominis snnat tlflicp, lower Gt oreti - piri-ot. Svitnnv, until MONDAY noon the lilli Julv. 1SG7, fir WASHING mid REPAIRING Barrack ami Hospital I! Min« iS.» , nt Brisbane tj i"<-_"!antl, fr»m lit AugnM, 1SC7 to tie ölst

Maie-h, 1SGS

Form of Tender, condition of contract, anti an> further particular ran lo olitnineti at this Oflico or from Captain CRKAGH, eonimnndin,? detachment 50th Regiment nt Brisbane, At ting Ccnmi ssnnnt Ofboer

Tenders to bp marked on envelope " Tender for Barrack PllipOfCS "


Assistant Cominis« ir> Gencril Commissariat Ofhcp, ^vdnev, 1st lnl>, ISti"


No f 7-SO I own Clerk'« Other-,

S)tlnev, 21th June- lSt>7

O CON1RAC10RS-1ENDEKS wil In roi no1

at this Office until ¡ o'clock nn MONDAA", tim 8th lulv for tht rorforniitnco of tho iindermcnlinntd viork-., in arctrdnnre* with tho pinn nndsrrtiflojiiion t ibn «pon at tho Ollicoof the City Surveyor, vi -rorininir, hillnsttng and Blinding Album street, between lii'tv etreot and Sopbia-tcrraee 1 ho Municipal Council «til n it bo bound tonecept tin lowest or anv tender nor v»ill nnv tomb r bo taktn min epmideration unions ncctnipinipl b> thunini^ tiftwo rcspensille prr«nn« willing; to bet uno sur»t) to the t stoi t nniuoii in the ppccification for (ho due fultlltii'-nt of

tbi u->_trnct



1 rústeos of tbo AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM will

rre-tivcupto "o clock of THURSDAY, ihn lihJalv next

'I IN DLRS for construction of WALL CASES for tbo new wing of that institution

Ihi le west tender will not nroossanl) boncvptod So il- lili to the amount of £500 will bo required fir the due

fulfilment of the contract

I'll n and specification mnj be seen and further particulars nbtau til nt the Colonial Architect's Ofhcp, H>ilo Park

n^L_ÎDbhS~ÂV^ÏED. for Lightering ~-»h7«~ou7 ni

9 the Panama stenmhhips, and from iho Coinpiuv'n

AA hmf.

rg''ENDERS wanted for Brickwork-labiur and mito

_ nuls, or libouronl), for four shops and hotel, Goorgi nnd Fssp-ç streets Plant, etc , to bj seen ou the ground until Snturdnv, lui) Olli

"ffcTI UT1CE is hereby Riven that bj an Indenture of Con

JJtI ve j ance and Assignment, bearing dato thi« twentj fourlb-dnv c1 Juno, ore tb'mand eight nuntin d and m'j spi.n mode letweon HENRY EMANUEL COHEN and G1 ORGE COHEN, bo'h of Bathurst in tho colonv of No»» ¡south AValps, storekeeper« of tho first part, tho saul 111 NRY EMANUEL COHEN, of tho second part , the Mill GEORGE COHEN of the third part , SAMUEL ALON JOSEPH and 1 KEDERICK PARSONS, both of Svdney, in the i-aid cohnj, merchants, traitées for tho I ur| oFfu thereinafter mentioned, and thoroinaftcr designated Iru-'ee« of the fourth part, and tho several persons and ludir-, corporate, ereditors of the paul Hcnrj Emanuel ( oben nnd George Cohen, named in the first schedule therc uneifi written, «iib tho amount« duo to them roipectmlv of iho fifih part , all nnd singular ibo real and porsonil oi-ttite and eilects whatsoever of the mid H.urv Liuanu.l (oben nnd George Cohen and of tach nt tlictii have been e nvivod nnd «(.signed, or other»i*o n«stiretl unto and to iho use oí the faul trustees their lu 1rs oxtititirr* adtninis tiatti nnd assigna, Hccorrting to the legal natures thereof rf) tctivilj, fr tbo benetit of nil the creditor« of tho s ii I Iii mv 1 manuel Coben mid Georgo Cohen And Notleo is lurelv further given, that the sail deed. p\ecutpd and atti Mid ii» bv law requires! is now li mi» n< the otho i of iMtssis L1A\ and ])L LISSA. Bell'« Cb imbers, l'ltt Htect, bvdiiPV, nforcsiid, Solicitor« for inspection and

el« nunn

Dated at Sidncv, nfiresnid, this twtnt) fmrth tlij of Jin p, one thousand eli lit hiindrpd and sivtv - »en

HENRY EMI. COHEN (i .. ) GEORGE COHEN jim (l - ) S A JOSEPH (i s ) HIED PARSONS (i s )

AA'itncFH to tht signature of the sill ILnrv Lui mut I Ciben-Gio R\intA\,JI'

AVuncitt io tbo tignuiiiro of tbo sud Gorge Coh n Jo-.ii ii Aim jua , I P

A\ ünew to ihe signature of lim «ntl Suntitl Aron Jo-"ph und rredttuk ParconB-Gio liAium, J P

1^7 01 ICE -We, the undersigned, Attornev«, b ilícito--« J3 «nd Procters, have 1 HI"> DAY ndinittcd Mr JAMEb AV1LL1AM JOHNSON tlatolv timing on business with lu« father, the Into Mr 1» ii eit J ihnsm, urtier the stvlo tf ' lohneon and Johnson ') a« n PARI

NFU in our flint, which will from tin« dun bn curie! on under the stvli» of AVAN1. bON «ntl JOHNSON "

Dated this first dav of Julv, 1SG7


No 112, Pitt street, Sydney_

0~1 ICE. - lhe Partnership hitherto Hiibsntmg be

tween tbo undersigned CYRILLE VEYREi nud 1 PL1\ HYPPOLI1E D1LARUE, us Jewellers nnd AVntch Makers, nt No 109 Ccorgt btrect, in tho city of Sidney, under the ftjle of "A7ejret and Deltiruo," has this tlnv been DISSOLA'ED by mutual, an 1 in iuttirt the liupinecfi will bu carried on by the »ni TBLIX HYPPOLIIE DELARUE on hiB Bcpntato nccount. «hi will poy and receive all debts owing from and to tho stud partnership

Dated at Svdney this let d«} of lune, 1SI>7


REÍ ERIiING to the above Mr H 1 DELARUE, in tindtnng his sincero thnnkB on behalf of the lato firm, respectfully solicits a continuance of the pitroua-t hitherto so libcralh bestowed, which ho will alwnj« eiidccv^ur to merit bv strict attention to business nnd supplying the tridt) ni el public v.iib first class pood«, nt moiler i'e prices_ mrtOUCE-lhe PARTNERSHIP hitherto subsisting r% between tbo undersigned, under the namo aud mvlti i D1BPS and CO , i* tbi« d»> DlbbOLVED the I urines« of lb* late firm will bo cinductej by Mr. J C

DU be, m liquidation only ^^ q mß^


bjdne>, 20th June, 1SG7_ -».i 011C1S -AVES 1 ERN ROAD-lol!» «ill not bo JJ^ collected at the Weatherboard er Springwood '1 oil- ba! s after midnight on EUNDAY, tho 30th instant.

I'ulibt AA orks Oflicn,

Pvdney. '29th June, 1867._ ira/AHATA-ï COAL COMPANY. - NO 1ICE.-On TV an" after the 1st Jul), 1807, tho Waratah Coal Company will SUPPLY COAL at their own stailbs, FORT AV'ARATAH, at _d. (threepence) por ton below their idling prico ot tho Government Cranes, Newcastle.

Bv order of tho Bsard of Directors.

D. N. JOUBBRI", Secretary.

f-v eîney, Juno-9th, 1SG7. _

ÊNUINEChutneys, Curry Powders, Cajcnno Pickles,


' A.c. India» Coudmiept Ware_,ou.c, 1¡53, PUt-et,



Dr, ChirlcalVSullcr 6 o 0 W r i,ht nn 1 Smith

ptr Eil en- fold

Ii- iii leek dil o t 1 Pridlv ditto M M Muí nu dun S J I cie,h and

Co ditto

L T Penfold,


1» 1 stuhl« nud

and Cj «lui

JoKih Ki hn nnd

( i ditto

A\ 1 vrlnrjh ditto Heulen Ullitr M ra Wiic. it« A Dum

Mr» L Lalinnin Protcctir Mrs B

Iofci h M ntsoii

Rev I h o ni n h


His Honor Mi

2 2 0 Tiibtieo lmcctt 10 0 0 2 2 0 Messrs Scott, 110 llenlerson, and

2 - 0 Co . 21 0 0

John Mnu^hin OSO 2 2 0 Captain Duttarosq 5 0 0

JohnUuchoaJ P 10 10 0 10 0 0 J W Wood 10 10 0

U illiam I amor 5 0 0 > J 0 W and S Gipsi

nor , 0 0

fi ) 0 Mrs Chas hemp 10 0 0

2 2 0 John Wölb _ 2 0 5 0 O C «« Slilo 10 10 0 2r> 0 0 It R lerry 10 0 0

2 2 0 Mr an I Mrs lohn 1 0 0 Smith Claimcc

0 10 0 street 10 10 0 0 2 f J K ITouHng o 0 0

10 0 John 1 rn/cr and

Co )0 0 0

f 4 0 F A Macpherson I 0 0 1 urthei Stil tuitions ter li ink of Nc»v South

\\ alos

110 Frederick Hiller 2 2 0 0 10 ( Al rieiiid J S 0

Miss Walker, 1 orl

Btroot 10 0 0 P O Kin? 1 P. 5 0 0 Jeremiah H ni v in

JP r> 0 0 Snddington and

S na I 2> O 0 1 M Rno ' 2 2 0 Alfred F ttirkx 20 0 8 1 homna M No»v

nnn , 3 0 0

0 10 G

i 0 0 2 2 0 » o 0 0 10 (

0 0 2 2 0

10 0 0

0 ) 0 1 « 0 0 10 0 0 j 0 D Morl hersou

Gcorpo tarni I til 11 loi m

1 be nins I vans

Gcorj.0 Sin i n

1 M Du Im,

lartiMor at 11»» A 1 ri n I

Dr 1! li nn i

Edward Hi rlern

Profes«ir s» nil,

Sydut) L niv cr fit)

1 rom st Barnabus

Sal lath sihooi,

1er Mr Miller 7 2 u

Collected by Rev S C Km M D 0 10 0 T M

Mif» Rivers 0 r> 0 -Croft

D Henry 2 2 0 John Vinitl

B Ilnrdnker 0 10 G Miss E Muons

- Home-on 110 Mr» MOuluin.. \\ AAest 2 0 0 Collection t Ash - Btckct 0 10 0 Held Ihureh, 1 he Mif sea Lamb 2 10 0 Juno 30b per

- Dixon . 0 G 0 Mr Croki r 14 0 0 J W C 0 10 0 1 bomas lorkins,

Mr« Binga ., 0 2 (> Balmain > 0 (» - Miller 10 0 Mra C lu son 10 10 0 - Bow io 0 10 0 Cap' un 11 rus 10 10 0 »lis« Davis 0 10 0 A Inca! 0 10 0 Master Davis 0 10 0 Mi» Cll'holm,

AM . 0 o 0 V» vii) u *?) 10 W Jones 0 o 0 Trc Ik CHsh lui

J G 1 1 0 G iilburi . »00

Collected b) Mr 1 lmoii

J II Nenie, Mr 10 0 0 Rill und !»po 2 2 0 W and C York 50 0 0 M ir) A SmImoro 10 0 0 J I Neale, JP -0 0 0 Re» Dr Seil d30 J York and Co 5 0 G C AV Calwell E Chuko 0 5 0

Colleclell) Mr lons Dvurs

H Beauchamp 10 0 0 Hinton bl thora . Diiiijíiir Diluir, Harker une Co ..

nlid Co Í0 0 0 Horace Vi. olnough W M clem M P .0 0 0 and Co W 11 I iilinL. H /hn

0 0 0 10 0

\\ vi)ard urn re 2 2 0 Edwin Bijoy hon nu \\ Kadv 1 0 0 Rev G Vilal

I 0 1 1

t, 0


1 hon nu V» Kadv 1 0 0 Rev G Vilal . 1

Jihuiiriifu 2 2 0 R(V 11 Qiaifo ..101 J rom Mears Fni\« h 0( o, and C >, nu/ thoir omplovm Prince Oce, and J Alford 0 10 G

21 0

1 1 1 1 I S M Frankland

A H G iirdfii« r 2 John Gi «Idea 3 J N J DCS 1

R v Smallc) 1

0 Wucht 1 ]> Am file) I G C Martin 1 Vi V» Haidwick 1 W ( Kin bil

F K Goddard 1 W S Herlert 1 P Brndfird A Hardwick

J M Katigbin

J Palmer 1 Pulbck - Brov» n

- Nelson .. 0 - lUlo 0 - Se ir 0 - St Ilium ., 0 At A M Crno 2 1 ram is Cooper 2 Gi or¡. o Alhcrdtn 10 Mrs Ucorc,oAlhcr

ibn . .. 10 0 0

J *.\ Mtsjn 0 1 Elliott 0 W stan

0 J Do»»lm.

J Mo)-o .1

1 0

10W Bo)toi 1 0 I V» irreu 1 0 W Narri s

0 11 tillage

0 J M ill n B li- ll bino airet

1 0 Mrs L) n

1 0 1 li tuna Kiss

0 W Booth ir tluen

I GedltK

Cn| lum Ctrpbv

S Bullock C Bull ck

0 10 G 0 fl 0 0 7 G 0 It) G 0 10 « 0 i 0 0 10 0 o r, o 0 10 b

0 10 G 0 10 6 0 10 ( 0 10 (

0 1 0 lit-w lilian Weut

1 0

0 10 G 0 10 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 OSO 1 1 0 0 8 0 0 1 0 10 0 0

f A 1 riifcr . It J He raiman

(_ II ellon» at Con

prejrationnl Church Bur

v» oí d J uno 30, 1 r 1 ev G G limden

Sunda) School,


Mrs M Roberts,

1 Ut t-trett N


1 0 C illccted b Caj l

0 Dlar ni I \ S N 0 Co « teauier

0 Collaro) 10 1

0 B ) ird e f Hann o 0 mcntol Civ ern

mont Arylum» from snli of «Id l Ins pert «let ck 1 0 King siflretar) 0 0 T ho B ink if Aus

trnlmi i . Roi John 3oiigill Messra Irvin nail

lurner ..20 0 0

0 0

0 (I 0 2-0

Matbew Mitone) S 17 0 J H Newman

Rev S Phillis 0 16 7 1 Phillii«

A Phillip«

.0 0 0 J J Cuirai

W M L Shorter 1 1 0 Oilcnl illili kCor

1 1 0 t ) 0 1 1 0 0 10 (i 0 10 t. i j 0

Shin mc, muster a

Office pi or box F turville Go

vernment Douro Mri-srs M D nal I,

Smith and Co )0 0 0 I» 1 eil Miller j cr

Mr 1 Dnvu«

II P Pnlai r ¡ cr

Mr J Dnvii» A\ iib »ni Davies . S Zöllner

o 0 0 0

2 0


lund 09 0 0 Oriental tink Gi r

p)ratiun »pi tia! BiibKtnpiou for


Stew irt Mirra)

0 Eluard G low 11

W illiam Míe ü n

nell G«rj, ni

0 0 > 0 2 0 d30

0 10 0 Vv lill in Mile, n 10 0 1 1 0

Collect llv Rv litovi is «mitih S BirnnbisH

Janen 1 eine!) Li)man IirriMU 220

M 1 20 0 0 Goori, ( rmo 2 ¿ 0 1 InlicrLiii _U 0 0 S mulei Pnalt) 10 10 0 A\ Illiam 1-OfUr Hour) Ooidiird 1 0 0

I nii-ter ni hw 20 0 0 - I) do A F ne i d pir Mrs


- S| OODC 1 0 0 - v» ard

1 a 0 o

Mr» «iii

Air "-Iii in Mia B It»

Mp A mi.

Mm AAiit is

Mr» Heiithill Mrs 1 ni tin Mu« Pani n Mr» Hu (Is

Colkcttd 1) Mr» luovixs Sill H

2 0 0 Mt» « hi»

2 0 0 M inter 1 olor und


Charle» LtWis

1 0 E Singlo 2s Gd, 0 10 ti A\am»vmh os,

H Bakr 2s, A Bo)d U, R Gibson 2s, M'Aul i» Is, Scott la 1 li 0 0 10 0

0 10 0 0 1 0 0 ) 0 11 e Al iel iw s mite 0 r) 0 Mr» 1 bundi) 0 5 0

fculmii tiona collected in tno cstnbhnuient of Mr

John Sxmis

J 1 ii Id £1 0 0 S bill £0 ) 0 A Ham» 0 lu 0 D Lamon . 0 » 0 A\ Ililli rweil 0 10 0 R Dennies 0 10 0 A» Ucudcrstn 0 It) 0 H Lowib 0 10 0 M Diwi-n 0 10 0 AV Hennoi-) 0 10 0 S Blatkburn (1 10 0 W Smiuus 0 5 0 V, Fofd 0 10 0 AV Kim 0 2 G B Paruna 0 10 0 J Mitchcl .. 0 10 0 J Moran 0 5 0 C Lewis 0 2 (> Connor Is Heaney 1« , Cullen la , Birot, 1»,

I di»ard» Is Ptiso),la, Rolll), Is Rosa,

2s Gd , Lang, la Gd 0 11 0

Mr and Mrs John


Josiph De lo (per

Mr J Davie») CnllngbanandSous Lust »i ni mid Sons 7 B Ttcklo

St« j ben Bec,gB Major Lowe

Mr» A B Sparke Fdward Km x

£S G 0 J Grafton Ross 10 10 0 Alfred Chu 5 > 0 R Grilht's, por

George Crifliths j 0 0 Laullc), Ireland,

and Co 15 lo 0 0 0 London Coirtoiod 2 0 Bauk of iuatra

2 0 luata 50 0 0 M C Miihard) 0 0 A Brown

Rev J Fullerton 1 0 0 Mr» R »b, ion S C Brown

Cn account of A\ a

xerlcy subset ip tions j er C K Moore . Mi« Lance

AV G Lennon

(IIP Sauniers

Mrs A»[ mill

1 horn is Cenuolly Georgo Isoi 100 0 0 Ann Moule

0 Hannah D'or

0 0 ) 0 1 0 0 0 5 0 1 2 0

io e o

o io o o io o 0 5 0

0 5 0 5 0

5 0 0 Charlotte langton 0 ö

AV R PIDDINGTON,\ lmsurors

Ju) Isf, ISG7


Kcrcivtd at Mosers Chas Mooro ant Co'a Stores on the 28lh Juno 1SG7 -

i J pirti I« clothing, 1 bag thur, 1 mr bacon fron Alexander Gow from »nriousi trsons at Lilmain

1 parcel c1 thing, 2 hat boxes, 1 A Iibbs, Esq , Com

?ercinl Bank

4 parcels clothing, per Sanders » Parcel Deliver) 2 parcels tlothmg 4, Richmond terrace Domain A quentin of clothing, Survey Oilico

1 cai-o clothing (addressed), Thompson ind Gilos 2 panels clothing, C Mooro and Co 's Clerks

Messrs M'Arlhur and Co, drapery gooda* to the valuo of it 8 la 7d "

1 bree bales of clothing from Mossrs Farmer, Painter, uni Bone gross value £Go 10s id , vi/, Moasrs Farmor u d Co £-13 13s 9d , the employes of Messrs, Tarmor nni ( , £31 IGi Gd

I mix run-For Mr J Maniste, read Hr J Bannis »?.

G1 BORGE FOX and CO , Carriers 4"9 Georgo-streut,

H Branch Ónices, Mittagong and Penrith,


O V E L T 1



DAVID JONES nnd COMPANY wi'h pleosuro nlv «o their 1 ml} ( ustoniit« t f the receipt of u verj choice mu ty

tfNEN GOODS, «icctttl bj their Mr AVoodwurd j

Eadu h Millircrj Bonnels

1 adie« I rimmed Straw Bonnct9 LndicB' Hats, \c , »Vc A parcel of

Unveinrd Cninbno Scollops

Ditto ditto lnnrtitins

Ditto Bot k beolloj h and Insertions Ditto Mull Scolloj s und lnei-tionB.

çpvcrnlNc»v Style» in


rntti. Maj tineen Josephine


Coloutttt Poult do Soto

Coloured Broches and Glaies

Rlcblj t-nloureel Oro«, grained

D JON1 S and CO have just m-iived a lnrgo assort- ment of PA I KM CRINOLINES (in tho Imt new than)

Fjpositton at 10 o t lock


George and Barrack streets.

---L -11 ^ K fïT L~S" Jib, PÛÎlilrecT.

. 1 ist of Priées for this AVcck

Bmokn's and Clark's eotton, 200 jarda Is 0 I do on Kit Inns velvet«-tht ibmiest lint in tho trado Ort chit boxes, Is lerdo cn boxes, now bat»

Vhntpgriiphic slldrs,2s Od per di /en, novi subjects I rtlits slav« 1« f'd , sr-irltt merino stnvs I« \\\i î»tv» t< li nr« in fun,.!« Titi itr vnrd, worth 2« AXinseVHlJd < lie c ki el f Jil thrtked nlpiia CJd

Cheeki d ti rill I« .« 11 I, mulct letcrshnin Is 0,1 Aelvet lill eivers It U trev I cltoneloth 3« Od Great lurgan s m le ii t lutv and tiiniteila quilts Best quality Iipnih didaini« Is 0M, all colours

trench nierinoea 1« O'd lsll't! 2«G'd, b st quality All v»eel li inch furmttiii fringe O' 1, worth Is OJd

Ladies In en collnr« and cud« CM, ¡« O'd, very cheap New trm nun «, in 1 run!« luttons «ntl ornanionts

16-mrh lmigrlntb«( Jil 7Jd, "'M, 10M, 12M bargains Nu» It tit. shn»»l« seerlit mc}*, while 21«, worth-1 J«

Coloured nil« velvtts Is UM wirth 7s Oil

E~ \ mTi i s i lTmi r ra k vTä

Indi s »ilute kll stitt« »I Ith military hld« Indus while satin her« with mil Uirj hcol«

A\ lilli sntm remelle« (tor silt is) pinn and «l in_lt 1, very hnntlstini, nilli ixtrenitl} ft»hit nuble in L ndtin mil Paris

S H LEW IS, 10, Hunter street

ft 1URN- R S M VUKRTTcforil IÍALL 1SÏ TíiíTrgT JL street, o||OMte> 'ho 1 nut Market, NO1 (hu 111)

iiurkct 1 »»ced ttousors te» moomin, 1^>» îuiriv illel m the et 1 lix I lrck t It th trou cr« to n oisure, 20«

C~^L01HlNG7~A\hole.mlp7 " Axo~-rantfbësî v.tluo tTr

J n oiiev is tbo tratlo mark of 1 AA EEL nul POUSbUFLD, 12, St Mun Axe, London 1 or piittprii» or further înfirmatiou, npplic mon must bo matlo

tu the ni rvt iidclribR onlv

TA GUN Â"l,7» ilfxT I \\ E ËÏTT } nr 1 i» ûîe, 7«~ ( I _vin! PLUMMI It Diaper, 101, South Henil Rotl ?«TÏ7ÏÎT<5\ innfGlBBS CELEBRA I ED SEWTÑG V V Al ACH IN - S - TLo largo and incrcaRinf sales of Ibis mat hine entitle it to the high position it ha.« attained It will do »II Kind« of fiucy and embroidery work, also hem, fill galber, bind, braid, tuck, and quill, und without

altcratirn cf tension will sow from ONB ttuckiak« of the' Brest csnibrin to -nunn thitkniatca of shirting.

Even machino guaranteed for two!»o months

B 11 EBBLEW HITE, 432. Goorce-strect, near Royal


AMERICAN HAIR M ATTRiisSES, .qui! to homo

hair, and bali tho price AV. Reason, 7, Bridge st


SON, 7, Bridge street._


SON 7. Bridget etteet

I) A

MFR1CAN HAIR MA11KKSSK-, equal to horse-

hair, and half tho prico \V. Reason, 7. Bnd<o »I


AllRESSl'S and Palliis«»«, bair, coir, fibre, nnd

flax mnttrisses Law Itr, JIG Pitt st ,nr bathurst »t


A11RESSES cltaned, aired and re mal» b> «tenu

J LAWLEIt, 1IC Pitt street noir Btlhtirst «t

BO O Iv t. -

Just receivid, ex Rancagui n consigninent tif tbo Serifs known ii» Clark s 1 oreign 1 heeilngie«I Lil>r»rj prie

10« Oil j er vol cr S« ] er vol where a «die ion of 20 vol« is ii ailt 1 bo following nrp amongst those. n»»v off red -

Hcugstenbtrg on Pmlins, Hngcnbnch a Histor} of Die

irines, ISennder « Church Histmj OI«hauet n s Com militaries llnvtrnitk « Intro lue non ti O 1, Stur« vAords of tht 1 ord Ji«us, llmgstcnbtrg « Christolog} of the O. T. Ulman's Reformers, Keil on Joshua         Keil on Kings and Chronicles, Baumgarten's Apostolio       History, Kurtz on Old Covenant Dispensations, Tholuck   on M John, lhnln k in th Sunioti on thi Minni Elrnril ou the 1 ¡ t-llex i f St J ulm, lingo« Coin mimants He mr on llip Person of Christ Kurt/ in O 1 Si rifir «, Fbrnrd b Ge>«i 1 History, Keil and

Dtlityoll en the 1'inlnt nell .

_ W FSL>\AN HOOK DEPOli 0., King street

F\MÍlONy"ññ7ri'l 1 IODICÄLS ptr Pinonm M-Tl

Sttiintr 11IIS MORNING, at MOP. in S

J~ \j~VT FU~Ti~lTin. E d,

Song-" Speak Gently '

Composed bv t AV It A. NI U

Accninj animent« 1} Al FRED ANDERSON, RAM

lulu lind ni lill j nnei( ni music «e-llers , also uf the coiu tnur No 2 Hvdt Intk temeet Puen 2s

~> I A N t~l r~sÂLl irTÚ RÏ Ti U 1 II next PUT

stteet thnreb lum« H Marshall and Al Dornt1}

RESFFC1ABLE Mnrned Person wants a CHILD

to pnrt nnd t-Vi ho no /eta Redtorn Post offico


AN 1 DU( All I) voting Lnrtv desires un I \G\GE

Ml M i s A isiting Gnvcrncifl Q / , Hi uvxu

GI N1LFMAN viant« ii corni irtnblo HOME in a l nv ile re -| 11 table funnlj, li ur Erskine street E D ,

III I Al i> Ufbrp

A~ PI RI ÑTT( h -A iicancv f r n nap« tul ¡7 LÏD

A j ¡ii} J 1 berne mid Co 60, Pitt str Pt

A_OUNG FNGL1SH LADY. possessimr nx ;»'l tit

. -sim i ml« di sires a REENGAGEUFN1 ns (invernes«, A isiting or otherwise, Fngliîh with ne inmihsbn mis M C Y , Hi um li Office

BOARD nnd 1 e !gn c wtnttd, fir lwosm.1, G ntl

nun in ii private funil m a bealthv put if tho ntl rrmiiifinritnr- a »it »v ni tht hirtmir sppiri'tihivlrvmi« Atldrts« stntiig tims to O M , Hn »inOfliu Will be pinn nmt if e n li it d lo

M~ A1R1MONA -A Arning Wni »» ôl g id nppeir

nnrp wi hen to meet nilli i pvrtnpr Ni obipctmn lo n witlnv»ir Prt prrtv of £_(0 i Tear Vddrcss A t ,

Pest Oil re

M~ aicaITokough-sTfJÂTt^o~_(Tnnied) -

A\nntid a Ptrstn thor »(.bli tmnp tent to undi r

luki tin luting and niiinufiitturc ti smtir (Mauritius s}«tem) Jems with copie« of ipstinioniil« ive tob «int in ntiilrefsod to tin nntlcr-.i^iied Iel fn the 1st August next Iredtnek llrvnrt, Sctrctarv Companys Olliep, Mnrvborough Queen"! mt!. _

Tí¡í1ídTi5áX_in si TTÏÏiT-! ~o~571 Âr~u~Rn It» quired, n dnlv qualified MEDIC VL PRAC

11TIONLR for tun Oddft How» Mrditnl Insiitute Pnr

ticulnrn can la obtained of Mr Hiucbv, Caailercigh und BnlburBt strcotf, or, nt the Instituto, of

C Langforl secrotar}

T~ O «OLICIIOHS-NtGOCIAlU)NS"a7e"iñviled for

thntransltr rftho Practice of n countr} Attoraoy. leaving tho district, within n short distanco (by slea ner) of Svdniv, a nou inn! oonsidnrntinn only will be roqmr.d Aptlv bv letter, addreascd Solicitor, Mr Long, broker, 107, Flnrabeth street_

O BUI CHERS-AV anted" n SI1ÜAUON bv a

Young married Man as Pork BU1CHER , arrived in the colonv vvith chopping and filling machine-« Country prefened "Open for a week Hincks, IIek\i n Cilice_

O BAKERS*^-Wanted for t e country, a SECOND

HAND, who understands tho making of Hmnll goolR, n single man preferred, good reference« required Apply tu Mr AV Ringston, Singleton, slating term«_

TO AVA1CH DEALERS and other« - »Vantod ktioivn,

that you can have your watch toses re engine turned equal to noir AddressE AV Our!/, 14, Dowling strect A\ oollooruooloo Ba} _

(5~MFD]CAL MEN -A Gentleman, tin!} eiualifiol

in«v henr of an eligible opportunity for cominoncmg prntticp in a lame and improving district Address H E S , Hm vi n Oflitp_ TO GROCERS -A young min with first ela«« to<ti

momals, de-sires to obtnn h eil UATION, ns Glows' Assistant in town or country , country preferred AddrcfBAV I). Hi KAU) O Blco^_

THE TR1ENDS of n Young Lndy rosidinir in the

countr}, aro desirous of placing her in a LADIES' SI. HOOL, where »ho would receive instruction in music ned singing, in return for bei iissistanco in the tuition of thejumorpupilfl, n premium of£25given. Address II L, Hi it vin Oflice_ rï'AUl J ION - AA'nnted in the neighbourhood of Sydney JL as VISITING 1EACHER, a Gontleman or Lady cat nile of impnrting a sound and liberal education Salary, I 00 per annum AJdress, stating rofi ronces and qualifi tniicnp, S B. caro of Mr Downing, stationer, Georgo s'tect_ ra Ul OR -M A , of Cambridgo dis ngarri le nns, la

B per hour Latin at half-past 7 pm. F L , Hi kai u ft O DRAPFIW^AArañícd, good HAND , also, sinar»

JUNIOR. J H. Hoaro and Co, Georg'-streot


AMED. bj a rcspectablo Widow, OFFICES to

lake chargo of AW, 1, Burlón lane, Wfmooloo AN lED.clca. activoGlRL as General SERVANT,

accuBtomed c children. 97, Woolloomooloo-iitroet.


AN 1 ED n tidj Gil»! to mind ¡i baby and make

hcrst If useful 11 litirle n »tri tt

AN 11 D ii i-treiiL. 1 Alt « r x m.. Al \N t tri» i Unngrnrt I 1 nrrtt H J it, n V i 1 irk ft ÚM1 D, ~ I Ml IOAiMi VI ii (nu n sn,r

Makinp (! (ti (irl I'll «cb ti t ) L O Hiivii )


iíAMlU o iirtiil (ill.L «Inn liven» Au')

Mr« 1 orbe» Ane Mi n Shoiher 1 « P ii 1 k

¡'AN I ED, n S conti hind S nblo with r « Uli »tit a

horse Addrrf» staling j ric S nilli li Olli

AMU) bTÍYI KS feir tAsli Ks A||l)Jnies

Bill Market A\ harf __ 7 ANTED a Gem ral si RA AN I SG B lan)

street cnri) Hills ncnr st Alich ni a Cb ireh


TAMED iistroni, netivo BUY ncitisli mel t » iho

lutebenng tindo Ap|l)ftll Morkot streot

[/ ANTED n respect ii lo til) Gill! ti mindai lb) y Ajp!) 121, t ro»»n Btrcct, Surr) Hills


'ANUD nciivn Young GIRL of nil w irk Apjl),

between 10 and 11 a in , at 2i> York streot

\\T AMKD, n Useful GIRL f r a «m»11 f»mil) No

Tv SO Goull urn nlrcet, ne ir C »stiere »t,h street

AN1L1), a LAO, xvith referen o Bensms

Mechanic Clothing Hall SI South Hoad Roa I.

\N 1E1), a useful 1 \D ouo nccustoi iel to n b ot

rbtp Sw)n)nndSon 70, A\ lilian! Btrcct

^ W

^ W

/AMID a BOY that tan strlko fa Willi« It,

next Blair s I uni cr x ard Si eec\ streot

"XÑTLD to~LLl 2 KussellTs 1 OA~b S~<7"\\iïT

mott, next Blair s limber "ian!, Sussex street

AN 111) nlJOAl BUILDER to build 2 nxflUrs

lo it» D Wilson co U inorch inl Druitt strc t

£»11 D kno»cn, llr«t class Luncheon la soup ni» (ntl is t herso eV. salad l tvislock, Hunter at,

i/AÑÍFD~a 1 ornólo COOK Appl) alter 10, Mrs t At ill» A\ )n)ard Hotel, Clarence and Erskine st S

\Nll D IOTËND MONEY on Plate, Watches,

C lothing v.0 279, Sussex st, near Bathurst st

TAN iTd SMOKERS to trv Hono)do\» and Shag

t< 1 icco, -a Gi lb colonial twist. Is lb 4 Parkst


V« AN1FD to SELL, three good econdhanl

t BUSKS cheap J Howard, Glebo _

\N11 U to purchase n HOUSE of 5 rooina nul

kitchen G W Hi mud Office


\J AN1FD, an experience 1 PACKER lo roi ick about

i ne thousand do/a?n hot ¡ed beer Australian Bond

' ANTri) a LAD AppT) 1 NowlindjlT Parra

matta street

\\ Vv


AMED u 1 A130URER, singlo Ap¡ 1) io tbo

Gardener, Hermitngo, Ro»o Bl)

TÑÍKD, n Girden LABOURER Appl) tj J II

Miller 1 Spring street

ANTED, MEN, to moko plum bottoms and sp »rabio

boots 10, Sarah Ann street, Striwb rrj-htll

/AMED furnu-hed Silling uni double 15EF

ROOMS with nltcndanco / II , Urn \M> Olli o AN1KD, SPRING CART, Homo, and Harno»s

Address, statingjrico, to A C M , Hnu n Olli o "%AX, ANlED, to Borrow one hundred poimcs, gool IY nxmiiy Address, stating interest, Y ¿ , Hfral»


/AMED, a few Coils Wiro ROPE, soul slz s

R Towns >nd Co


AMEU, Mnmed Couple, man as groom and gir

< mer, woman gem ral servant Glue, 162, Pitt st ' ANTED, a GIRL Appl) Denison street, soventh

cottage from Point Piper Road


ANTED a sharp intelligent YOU1H, to canv »ss

Api I) C AVInn G2 Pitt street


AM LI) Power Loom \V F A A. li Ko Apj I) u A

and J Ra)nos Emu Plains

VNiFD t» »lead) LKl) , ono accustomed tj tilt

painui ir Pitman 10G, Campbell streot

*« AMhD, a General SLR\ \Ni No washint, tV Cbrrnetcr indisponcab! 407, Cro»vn si Surr) Hills

ANTED, ii Bo), as MEsSENGl R Aotil) li o i otk, Rush ann Rousseau 01S, Bncklield hill

1M1 D, li NDEKs Irom eartmen t losd ¡urr) »tones from Pyrmont Crooks nnlC) S)d Lim AN1ID a GIRL, 11 maka horsolf uatful Appl)

No IS Crown street, \\ oollommlo >


//»NI LD » tone; GIRL i a useful Servant, and min 1

two thild-tn Sleep (tit 11 j Pitt streo South

j/ANTID, to KNOW that Tools of all description t »roloughtfttfa M Kay », > I Put streot Soulh


/AMED netivo LAD accustomed ti Oroctr)

BiiMutt-» A\ il»hiro lea AVarchiuso, UG faeorgo Bt

VJ^A ; AN 110 a »trong GIRL t ) mind a lab), help in

housework 1.4, Cit-tliriigh street South

XNTLl), "Two-APPR1 iNlicÊS lo Dross and

Coreel Making "I l'li/äbeth Rtreet South

in AMED, a Jiuni; WOAIAN, for a Piatrycooks »V Sb i E 1 lt/(,tr«!el, 17 King street

Ija AN 1 h 1) a LAD, to look after a horse nn i gig, and

f v make himtolf useful 120, Ell/ibeth street

AMED IO SJ LL, C ko oiliTTieT"îd î busboT,

te ii tar o I n gallon 2U, Kent «ireet North

AN ILD a bEMALL to work »sowing ma him.

W 1 r Ich ird, King street

ANTED a J OIN FÎt \i¡l) on~bo ird T, gut

Brigade, Campbell a \\ harf

ANlfcD BOY, lo drive narro tpplj at IS Kilo)

»trct Woollxmooloo

v, vi v\

3 vv


AMED a S11LA1ION na thorounh Serv »nt in

Newtown falcbt, or Petersham E J , 103, Pitt at

J AN IEL), good Kiiialc f OOK ana ne ivo useful

BOY Mr» A\ iic,ht Osbomt Hous" Wvnvarl »j

; \NTFd7~Io~sLlL, a Harness MARE, i rîocfy

quiet an is« und M J M Donot,h M irkeit Whart

AN 11D, rarinug MEN, for M îtle ly^RiTcr

I M CaiTtrv A ittorui W h »rf

ANT F I), APP1 EN 1 ICI- nnd Improver ta tba

milliner) 1"A William st , neir Dowling at

T.î> AMFD io purehi Se SCHOOL DESKS Address YV Mt hu, Mr H tans Kim, »tr et____ A\AX AN 1 LI) a Y OUU1, (,oo I r fereucc» 1 rom Wool

»V 1" mooloo preferred 142 Pilmer urcet

AVfi \NTED elo»tic ind kip Bootmakers roo! wi¿h, ¥\» loird I6sn week faeoV"o Smith obi Briekliel 1 hill

VTT17 AN 1 LI), I ) purchifo a »mall faro cr) BUSINESS VV farisJ »le and M Dounou^h 212 Put »tro t

'SP* aITTki», t i-ood General SERA AÑ"l Appl) to

Yv Mr» C 1 Pudd) 1 »0 GeH)rre street

ITi 1M1 D, a MACHINIM »nlhiiii blue nlsogood ÏV »I irt tmisher» Addr f» 2 >4 Primer strict

AMED, n RUNNÍ.R Ni >2, Sus»ex siro t

?«15 AN11 D aeood fa nerd SLR^ VN1 ono »hie in

Ay V wnbb and iron well \onc tut a competent jersan mid «l[ lv A| pl> No 1j Glib Real_ AVVITANTID I) ii roi-icttnlln )oung Woman just from TT L ndon, SITUATION as Generil Serv int ¿No ^0 Dtuitt »liiet_ VÏX AN1FD ii lurgo «r muiill Dair) 1 ARM wuhiiu IS proven en!» between S)dnev, Liverpool or Penrith

Adrims A Back Concord

^^"TAÑIllílT a General SERVAnI Apply Mrs

Tv Kelli, 10, Collins street, Surr) Hills, corner of

Nortin line

TTK/AN1ED b) a reapectablo )OUug Ptrsou, a SHU WV AlION as Nurser) Governe»s, Junior loacher in a school or Companion to a Lady Salary not ao much nn rljtct ob a coiuforlnblohome Address/oU,Doublo Bl» Vx ANTED on the Sydne) Common Contract 200 V» able bodied MEN, willing to work fir good wngos Neno of tbo bunda paid oil IaBt Satu-day need apply J

Crook» nnd Co cr ntrnctor»


' ANTFD, an activo )oung MAN who understands

n horse, ia not afraid of work and can mubo him self gcncrall) useful Permanent employment Caxton Printing Office, 1 )G, Pitt Btreet _

AN 1FD, a tooti COOK und LAUNDRESS, als),

Houfe and PARLOUR MAID (Protestants)

Nono but competent persons with »ntisfactory roferencea neej niplr, nt Mr Hoskin », Foxloiv st Pitt st North

~ANTKD a SIIUATION^ bT~onc lliorouslily

titqtiainled with tbo man ureiiiraif of fruit trtes nnd vim» and j.ardenini, in nil Us otbir brinche» Adlreastill next Monduy, H Ii , Hi nilli Olhcj_ ÏTJTÂNTED, SIlUATlONSby nimmedouple M lu VV , as thorough Indoor ¡rtrvant, \\ lfo nB Cook, or as Ihornuph Servante te two or three singlo genflernen, t»vo »tai« reference Addreea M S , Hriui i) Oilleo

ÏJ& ; ANT ED, bv a working MAN, an unfurnished room \v with board in a house with a Prnteatanl widow, e r i sn and w lfo without children Address AV K , Hi ii vi n Office_ At» l ANTED a miall SHOP in George Btreet, bctwean Vf bridge and Markot streets , or m Hunter or King streets between Gooroo and Pitt »troet« Haifa shop or one windoiv wiuld do X Y / , Box b3 Post Office

iï'AN HD bj a respectable young woman, a SI I U Tjflf Al ION ne Cook nnd Laiindiesa or General s rvxrt -io! lightened of work townorcountr) , huhesj r*fer n i f.i»en Appl) Mra Donnell) b3 \V illiam stroet WANIFD Known, a hrst clas» Dinnei-Soup Hot

Io i te, and Plum Pudding for Gd , Breakfas or len GI /Suiorlc-in Restaurant 4G Ert-ktne «trott, Wjn j i rd s jUirt. Board and Hcelâcscc, Vji,

astean FED l'Ai RICK M'DONNELL (late M vv (irrignn's grt cpr Britbiint) to CALL at Mr'

DMA si iirditig house, Clarence street A friend wubt_

u ntl nu

Y" AMI 1) n thin» NFFDL1 WOUÂlivS-ti TV to id te ibiltlrrn mnst understand dressmakis» 11 i t ni ti Purl mr Maid« Also, n Butler Mrs Pawwí'

Its I lit street "

AN 11 1), I y n itrson of tutnty four yoars colmia] , . cxiertcnco a SI HI A MON in a merchant s ofDco or «lore UndirsInnilBl t okkrp.lng thoroughly ennvor-utt willi nrcoiuu« and qnito tnpablo of nnnaging a busnww

1 D H Ullin n Oilier.

LAIiOL front 01 . ICL to LEI, at 143 Pitt BtrcoL



SHI] if Al'ARlMEMs votint, Âïiicipiariè' «Irret North Curtis at Mr senior «, George-street SUlllUOK Drawing room with uso of Pisco nnd two Bedroom« vncant 11, Jam «on strcot


COAll ORlABl F private KI SIDLMCE to __!

u lernte possession immediately, a» 1 H Pitt «t

GFN1LEA1AN can meet with ac mfirtibla HOME

in i-private family Home Hi i Atn OIIilo


1URN1SHFD PARLOUR and BEDROOM te LEI Park House 27, Park «treot

sllllNG~ñnd tilt» BEDROOMS vacant. m~Msc" qunrio «t North Kirschbaum chemist, King st

SAIALL Iront BEDROOM fir a gentleman, js pti week _S, Campbell streot, Haymarket.

PAR1A1EN1S viitnnt firing líjelo I irk, with bear.

12 i Liverpool nnd Mniqtiario «tr ts.


PARI A1EMs -Suite« of niartment« nt Mrr

Brady s St KiHa House, AA oollomnool o

A At ANC \ 1 r ii hdi and gi nil ni in or tvv i ¡untie

men lil Obnrlotip-plncp Chu h hill

OÁTDnñd RLS1DENCE. Mrs Eld r s, 2)l«iil._

Casllfinigli street ni ir P irk «i lenna mokritc. BOARD and Rl'MDlîNLF f rout . ntlennn private __ e i-f rt «tudu 1 A] ply US IupS2 Willum street BOARli nnd RESIDFNC1 -An iTcnTTlilj "Till

M ntl mm or gentleman Mr« Wright, Osborne IIou«i A\ inynrtl sqiiarp

B"Ö ADD and KESlDi-'ÑCF, nt Mi7Tí_ik>ha_k ¡7-7

A\ vnynril f ¡narp

B~l RWOOD-^ieTLLl" a fur nome I WJTTTgE

eli sp 11 thp st ition, lurnisht 1 nr unfurnisiit 1 r the

furnituio sold if i referred Inquire of Statua AUstcr,

lim » ood

BUUAVOOD-loLl'l a COI! AGP, soienrn-iuH,

with outhouses poultiy yard »»ill stocked tljwer, carden lock and front, dolightful vi »i best pirt r>f Hur wood Iniiucdiato possession tan be giun Apply 27S Gcorgo street North

ÍTÜmYOrTÂBLÉ 1 urnished B» 1 nnd sitt,_7ROoñ_i¡

J with use of kitchen 121 Livtrpnil «irpet

LliMiHKl) s,ititKrooin nn 1 lit Inioin," lln pet

week 2S Cntnil II street lliimirkot

OMI for two Gtiitlctneu «tpirit» frmt notus 1JS,

1 lit street North opposite Hell s Iiuiib rs



LARGE SIORL nnd DWEIL1NG io LIT sttiated

in the n iii! thoroughfare of th ti ttnshtn^ to»in of Muswellbrook und within thou mut s nil« f th ruhva} termini!« Any furthtr infirm ni n t in I o obt ii 1 on n\ plication to the i r pnetor, Hu¡,h Al .ulei, Altiaiv til-


Ol I I, SAW MU L"áñd W11 AMI , footñf BÎ h lirai -

street Ap¡ljtn I TI carne Anchor Milla

IANAO Gentlcu n tin ineot with a i le-isant HOME, in L n lady « fan ilv / AV , F »st til o It If rn

TO LI-1 No 'I Bligh street Ap, ly on the i reitnee«,

or J lerner s| Puer« Co k « River

rjATonrLlTTroTrTied t 01 I AGI 7 kilch n carden, __L water, healthy site J Reid, S( ring Bt, st L n rd«

rgio-! Fl, Ground floor SI ORE i>7 Aork street, LO x

ü 20 Apph its iibovo

rñ^O LF1 TbrtellOÜSrS S in 1 Ü ri ni«, ever» on

l vtnienrp ntlue ed n nt C Hup Wvnv ud line

L>0 I El, 2, Hope i rrate Glebe, 7 looms anti kitchen,

and schoolroom dctni hod

O LP1, HOUsL and Shop Kent street, thre door.

north cf Bathurst st Apply 1 Hope terrace Glebe. MlTl 1 CO 11 AGI- 1 rooms, kitchen Burttn strcot, Darlinghurst Apph next door or IU3, eih st.


110 I I11, two small H0U8ES Sa c ich, in good repair

A) pb »t s Blii,h stree'

Í^O LEI, at Pyrmont a beautifullv situated HObSE, C

npartincnt« At ply to J Moy es, grocer, Pyrmont

I-\0 LeTIÎÔIeTs n^rUBLñTlioljStfS mall

parts of Sydney Grisdale and M Donnougb, Put el, ra 0 LEI. thobest HOlELiu Mirktetrco Grisdale X and M Donnougb 242, Pitt street.

rjJiO LEI, a largo, airy front ROJ\I, on sec el floor,

I. unfurnished lfb, Pitt stroet.

0~ LEI, HOU--E, in Littlo Brisbu o st eot off south

Head Road , rent 10s JB lick! Ill G nriro-st.


^0 LIM a tominodiouH SHOP an I Divplhng, l-orbes

and \\ oolloomoolon streot« Applv HO Forbes stree .


AO LI 1, HOUSE nnd SHOP \ rk street, 0 rooms,

2 is week 11 A'augban, 14 I King street Eist

0 LET, 10, Brougham Btreet, ii HOUt»E, 11 -oom-,

«table«, and paddock Apply 111, 1 li.ibtth Biron


Si lirli« street l'nqmn lil) Woolln uno doo et.

f Ï^O~l V 1 a 1 it mied HOUsL, Grabend strcot, tep of

J_ A\ iib un stn it water bul tin

qpO LU. a fun mid LOUAGE AVest street, J. Di rln glnirst Aptly 220, Willum street _

fTptTll t - cj[0p, _ 7, Gmrgt streot Al ply lo D.

I Uni t and s, n oj 11 i-ilc Bruli,p streot

(Tl!E LI I UO.sE in li/roy Mr I burry Hills,

al», ut tolo vacile! by Mrs Mulhollinl Apply No 1 Phillip« li>rnu Cruwii *!reot, Surry Hills

ññb hi T, nt 13cml le B ¡y"T4 roomed COTTAGE J. irotlrrato rent to a | eriiiarp it tenmt 1 ir pinto liar» api ly Mr Bo/otfs tbemirt, A\ illiam stuot Woolloomooloo. TO LKl,tbat first eli«« 1 imily RESIDH VCE, next

tbo Liverpool i ntl London Insuranco Ofbco, Mar (.aret street ApjlytoD Coln n and C i Spring »treot

rjpO~LF lT tbo first UOUS1 oXiimore Koa I. from JJ Rushcutter b Bsv, 1 goo 1 rooms kitchen, w iter, ifec

Rent low

nj>0 I Fl, lícsiritie Fatiilv Rl'SIULNCE, 4, Pnnce

£L siicpt contain» bull mno np<\n ii« room », A. ', toge-

ther with mules tt oh b i se «ni t nvtnicut outhouses. Apply lo 0 J .anti r Gloucester street

r*AO I L lTni Bilmim u »> itcr-iue RL^IDENOE toa JL tinning J rt*jin« kitchen s r» into' room, laundry, httrotoom bub norn, baking house pitent closets, ¿c , veiandah mel 1 »le ni C H Long 107, Lh/ibe h-Biree .

ñpO LET, at Caiiiperdottn CUEslER LIdGE , the JS house tontnin» S room« with kitchin, pintry Bttorhrd , nlso stable« »Vc , run f n bolto or cow Apply

J B Jones Camperdown

npO I KI, LAKER. LS1A.B1 ISHMLNT, bitures M. ned uni leincni« ui trade con pie te Doing a good lusmess, with dwelling, «hop and largo yard. Rent moderate Apply II A nUL,bnn, 119 King street East

0 LE 1, A irniidflh CO 11 AGE Rokeby -terrace, Red"

fern street Redfern, 4 ro in« ai d kitchen, with stove , water lnid on Apply on the pn iiihc" , or to George Smith, a(.ent, King street bast, opp -itu Suprimo Court_ riAO LEI nt Grimes Imildinc,« Lower 1-ort street, Two

JL hugel utml} DWELLING HOUSES, m good con ditien water laid on, with largo yards-rent cbiap, £65 par year Key kept at No o Aptly 1 AV Ealy, 54, York-st. riH) LEI, tbo well kniwn house, the BRITANNIA J. HOI EL, Paddington opposito Barrack gate Apply to Mrs I Jones on tbe premisos, between the hours of 1 and G p in 1 erms easy

TO LEI, PARKHAM LODOL, oontaimag 8 rooms,

and 2 kitchens with Russells stoves, etororoor-, laundrv, with copper and oven, detached cottage, eoaeb bouso and ftabling for five horses , largo garden, orohard and paddock J AVttbttill, 23j, Put otroet

T'O LF1, a healthy pix roomed HOUSE, Crown etreet,

Surry Hill«, with etitr mee ball, 1 ile mies bvc* and ire lit, shed largo v ird »\< , ul«o a SHOP, J90, Biur.ti

trccl, near South Head It id, <*ith mr > m itn« nn I kit rhen, lur¡,o vnrd i.t Apply Mr Hurt, 178 DcV0~B_irc Ktreet, Strawberry Hill«

(TjAO Lil, tbo 1 HFMÏsKsTin" Ca« I i agu stree , fur J_ mtrly known n« liiyl i « Rilli and l!)*lni Saloon, suitable foi «t io«, printing til p or btmlng nlonn Ironing« 11 CnttUro iirb nr t, 15 fe t, with n 1 pth of'JO feet Inquire of Mr 1 Pi ppouhagen, B irrack Btreet_ T~ 0 BUILDERS Galvanued Iron Workers, aid

other« -lo LET, for a term e 1 years, thoso cxt«-. Bivo PREMISES, Bitunto in Georgo Blreef, directly oppo- site St Andrew's Cathedral For particulars apply H L, Dunn, 112, Forbes street, AVoelloouiooleo, orto Mr John Jenkins on tho premises_J 1AO LET, that oomfortablo RESIDENCE at Millf-r'n

Point, occupied by tho proprietjr, John Cuthbert. Ftq , with balconv, commanding a viow of tbo harbour ana turroundmg scenery. 1 ho house has boen fitted np Cito ixery convenience, also bath-room, out olUcos, and a very i ico flower garden, fowl yard, and uvory requisite for » family Application to be made to Alexander Moore and Co, Labour Bazaar, Pitt street. N B -lho furniture, &e, may bn taken at a valuation __

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