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Jascaby 1.-Yarra Yarra, A.S.N. Co.'s s., 350 tons, Captain M. Filzsimmons, from Syd- ney. Passengers : Messrs. W. Wilson, W. G. Wilson, J. H. Williams, H. Moreing, M'Crao, Norton, Templer, and 9 in the steerage.


Yarra Yarra, =., from Sydney: 301 quarter sacks 248 half-sacks 200 sacks flour, 10 chests tea, G. Raff and Co. ; 1 cask, 100 cases maizena, Perry Brothers; 22 lees herrings, 4 chests 49 half-chests tea, Smart," Donkin, and Co. ; 3 packages, H. Shcpperaon ; 1 parcel, Harrison ; 1 box fruit, Mrs. E. B. Southerden ; 2 boxes, Carr ; 1 parcel, Order ; 1 case cheese, 10 cases fruit, J. Gibbins; 2 packages, P. N. Russell and Co. ; 1 case, Scott, Dawson, and Stewart ; 1 case, N. Custon; 1 case, Secretary of the School of Arts ; 1 case, M. Quinlan ; 1 cask zinc, R. Hutchins; 1 parcel, W. Carter; 17 cases fruit, H. Day ; 20 cases fruit, Blackford ; 39 half-chests tea, 10 kegs butter, Mackinlay Brothers ; 218 bags flour, Bright Brothers ; lkeg bisulphite of lime, Hon. F. E. Bigge; 8 packages periodicals and books, G. Slater ; 11 'kegs butter, G. Toms; 1 truss, Finney, Isles, and Co. ; 1 rase, Grimes and Petty ; 1 case, Stewart and Hemmant ; 2 cases cheese, 7 kegs butter, E. Bennison ; 1 ptrcel, Captain Cooley ; 13 cases, D. L. Brown and Co. ; 1 parcel, G. Black ; 10 bags rice, 3 kegs butter, B. Oliver ; 5 chests tea, 4 kegs butter, E. and J. Young ; 8 boiler plates, 7 packages rivets, R. R. Smrllie; 26 cases fruit, Dunn; 5 kegs butter, M. Hughes ; 5 packages, 69 pieces gas pipe, W. and B. Brookes ; 1 case tobacco, Webb Brothers. For Ipswich : 14 packages apples, 31 packages, 36 cart boxes, Cribb and Foote ; 6 quarter-casks 30 cases brandy, 3 packages, G. H. Wilson and Co. ; 34 packages wire, Smart, Donkin, ond Co. ; 12 chests tea, J. Horwitz and Co. ; 3 bundles woolpacks, Clarke, Hodgson, and Co. ; 1 case, Sparrow ; 2 kegs butter, 3 bags sugar, G. Cameron._



December 31.

Departure.-Diamantina, s., forMaryborough, at 4.45 p.m.

A steamer, bound south, passed the port at 7.30 p.m.

January 1.

Arrival.-Yarra Yarra, s., from Sydney, at

4.30 a.m.

Departures. - Humberstone, barque, for Guam, at noon ; Planet, ship, for Sydney, at 4.15 p.m., with a good wind from north-east.

Ipswich Steamers.-The Amy, from Raff's wharf, at 10 o'clock ; and the Emu, from the A.S.N. Co.'s wharf, at 12 o'clock noon thü day.

The Yarra Yarra, s., is to relieve the Clarence, 6., in the northern trade, while the last-named Tessel makes a trip to Sydney to undergo the semi-annual overhaul. She leaves at 10 o'clock, while the Yarra Yarra leaves on Tuesday next on her trip to the Northern Ports.

The Yarra Yarra, s., left Sydney at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, and cleared the Heads at 6 p.m. ; passed Seal Rock Point at 7.10 a m. on Wednesday, and Smoky Cape at 7.15 p.m. Passed Cape Byron at 2.00 p.m. on Thursday, and Point Lookout at midnight. On Friday the rounded Capo Moreton at 4 a.m., passed through Francis' Channel at 7.30 a.m., and ar- rived at the wharf at 9.30 a.m. the same day. Light north-east winds prevailed a3 far as , Smokey Cape, and thence light variable winds

and rain.

Adelaide.-Departure, December l8 ¡ Alex- andra, 258, Prescott, for Brisbane. Cargo : 330 , hags 210 half-bags flour, 125 bags bran.

One of the boats dispatched to the wreck of the Jane Lockhart, schooner, has returned with the sails and a portion of the .running and standing gear. The vessel, it appears, did not strike on Bunker's Group, as reported by Cap- tain Machen, but upon what is known as Heron Island, about ninety miles to the northward of Bunker's Group. When the boat reached the

vessel sho was settled in a hollow in one of the reefs, the outer formation of the hollow acting as a breakwater against the seas. One side of the vessel was quite visible, and the new copper sheathing appeared uninj'ured. Captain Norris, who went down in charge of tho boat, unbent the sails, so that tho position of the vessel might as much as possible remain unaltered ; he left the yards and masts standing. It ¡3 anticipated that nearly tho whole of the cargo will be saved. What remains of the cargo will be removed, and the vessel rai-ed

and floated by air bags, repaired as far as pos- I sible, and brought into port. Messrs. Feez and i Macarce, the purchasers of the wreck and I cargo, have halved their respective interests to , each other. Messrs. C. L. Johnson and H. , Milford are, wo understand, interested in the ! share held by Mr. Feez; and the speculation in both wreck and cargo is looked on as a very fortunate ono for the purchasers.-Hock hampton Bulletin.

Two sailing races between a boat from the Balclutha and a boat from the Clarence, took place yestcrdoy. The course of the first race wu3 from tho A.S.N. Company's wharves round the red buoy, and the second a shorter distance. Tho boats were sailed by the respective skippers of each vessel. Tho unit race was taken by Captain Cottier^ but in the second Captain Hill clapped on a larger stretch of canvas, and brought his boat in at the front.-Ilid.

~ ship mails!

Mails will be made up and closed at the General Post-ofllcc, as under :

For the Australian colonies, per the Clarence : For registered letters, at 4 p.m. ; for news- papers, at 7.30 p.m. ; and for other letters, at 8 p.m., on Saturduy (this day). "/"^


Ship Omar Pasha, 1151 tons, Captain C. Grey, for London. Bright Brothers and Co., agents. Brisbano Roads. Loading.

Ship Storm King, 1118 tons, Captain Holden, for London. J. und G. Harris, agents.

Pinkcnbar Flats.

Ship Maryborough, 1013 tonB, Captain Davies, from Liverpool. BrightBrothors, agents. Brisbano Roads. Discharging.

Ship Wintortbur, 688 tons, Captain E.Hunt, from London. Clarke, Hodgson, and Co., agents. Brisbano Roads. Discharging.

Barque Julio Tatham, 327 tons, Captain Cundy, for London. G. Raff and Co., agents. Rail's wharf. Loading.

Barque Alfred Hawley, 420 tons, Captain Brown, from London. J. and G. Harris, agents. Off Harris' whurf. Loading.

Barque Catharine, 373 tons, Captain A. II. A. FokkcB, from London. Bright Brothers, agents. Newton's wharf. Discharging.

Schoonor Daphne, 48 tons, Captain J. C. Daggett, from the South Sea iBlnnds. J. Fen- wick und Co., agonts. Q.S.N. Co.'s wharf.

Schoonor John Andrew, 50 tonB, Captain Hurdwick, from Liverpool, J. and G. Uurris agents. JlarrU' whurf.

Schooner W'illium, 188 tons, Captain Peter Dickson, from Adelaide. G. Rall' and Co., agents. Petrie's Bight.

Schooner J. G. Coletón, 70 tons, Captain Webster, from the Cluronco Rivor. Barker and Co., ugonts. Barker's whurf.


Euromedhu,3d 5, Loutitt, from London forBris huno ; sailed from Deul October 14. G. Rall' and Co., ugonts.

Ramsay, 809, Weeks, from London for Bris- bano ; Bailed from Deal October l8. J. and G. Harris, agents.

Witch of tho Tecs, 300, C. Bartloy, from London to Brishune ; Bailed from Gravesend October 31. Clarke, Hodgson, and Co., ugonts.

Decupolis, 615, Almond, from London to Bris- bane J. und G. ifarrÍB, ugonts.

Prince of Wulcs, ÍJ70, Sutherland, from Lon- don for Briflbune. J. mid G. Harris, ugonts.

Flying Cloud, 1130, Hughos, from London

for iirisbuiio.

Mary 1C. Ruy, 400, A. Lakor, from London for Brisbano ; to sail in Docombor.

Thurso, l'iorce, from London for Brisbane.

Murgarot Faleonor, Camarón, from London

for Brisbuno.

Odalisk, 2G9, from Liverpool for Brisbane; sailed Octobor 9. Bright Brothers, ugonts.

Aberdeen, Law, from Liverpool for Brisbane. Alexandra, 258, Prescott, from Adelaide Contest, 311, Allen, from Adelaide.

Callender, 133, C. Currie, from Melbourne, via Newcastle ; cleared November 20. G.

Raff and Co., azents.

Octoroon, 51, M'Avery, from Sydney.




December 31.-Lucy and Adelaide, schooner,

from Melbourne.


December-31.-Leichhardt, s., for Gladstone.



January 1.-James Paterson, s.S., from Sydney,

at 1 p.m.


Pilot Station, January 1.

The Tinonee, s.S., bound to Gladstone, left the bay at 6 a.m. to-day.



December 31.-City of Adelaide, s.S., from Melbourne; Kembla,"s., from the Clyde River j Yarra, brig, from Hokianga j Spec, brig, from Adelaide ; Mary Miller, barque, and Zemindar, barque, from Mauritius ; Bravo, schooner, from Adelaide ; Platypus, s.S., from the Macleay


January 1.-Luna, s., from the Manning



December 31.-Lady Young, s., for Brisbane; Dandenong, s.S., for Melbourne ; Prince Alfred, barque, for Auckland.