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I T, ," ,,0MA1Its.nX.Tllí.,?.EI'í:P?lV'. I

lui Royal Mail Steamship PI.l.OU \ will be dispatched with tho usual mails on SUNDAY, the 2tilt June. The tunes appointed

for closing are :

lor rcgisteicd letters, at 3.30 pin. on SATURDAY, 23ul


Por oi dinary letters not addressed to the United Kingdom, 0

p ni. on the 23rd.

lol oidlnary letters addiessed to tho United Kingeloin, 8 p m.

on the 23rd.

l'or newspapers not addiessed to the United Kingdom, 5 p.m.

on the 23rd.

Por newspapers addressed to the United Kmgilom, 7 pin. on


All letters and newspapsrs posted in the Sjdnoj iron receiiers must be >o posted before S p ni. on tho 2 Srd instant.

Por any further information, the pnbllo aie retened to the " Postal Guide," which is published monthly.

J. DoruKii, rostmastcr-0encrai. General Post Office, Sydney, 16th June, 1SGG.

CusTOM-IIousi - Tutored Outwnids lune 19- %ou \inga If), 171 tons, Captain IIe«clton, foi Melbourne, \ urra \ arm (s 1, 351) tons, Captain Puce, for ¡Moreton Bat

The schooner Colonist left M dney on the ov cmng of the 10th instant, fot Pctiopaulovski, und hat had to contend with the prevailing; N 1 gales, and lind made good her pissngc until abreast ot Smoky Cape, bv which time all tho head stnvs and gear had been curried nwaj, mid from tho heav) working of the vesiil, she commenced leaking, which incicuscd to 700 stroke« per hour, when Captain Kellv deemed it prudent to bear up t.o sights were obtainable until "-aturda) last, when she was found to ho ubi cast of Jen is Ila) Hie appearance of tho schoonct iinsufll cicnt guarantee of tho v iolent gales she must haï c encountered

Cuptuln Budd, of the Xlorpeth (s ), informs us that when he left New caitle the Sir Isnno New ton vvns still nshoic

Hie brig Hebe, from hcwcastle, united hero on tho lGth

u stunt

li «ni GAIF AT lvi¡.o Gionnr's Sousn-During the stay of the Wonga Wonga at the bound very vniiible weather was cxpiiienccd On ¡sunday, the 3ret instant, the barometer com luenced to fall from the immense height it had attained during the passage up, lind declined to its lowest range on M ednesda), the nth instant, at sundow n On tho prcv ions Monday a short 6harp galo w as experienced, lasting n few noars, w hich was ngiln renewed on Tucdii) with augmented force, necessitating the second anchor (best bower) being let go Hut tho full force of the galo was expeiícnced on X\cdncsdii) night, between rand 8 p in At this time the barometer had fallen to 29 17 The mail steamship Madras, from Galle, arrived in tho harbour at half past 2pm, and succeeded in making fist to tho company's hulk I arkins before tho full force of the e,nlo carno on 1 \er) clloit was made to procure the South Austr illan mails with expedition, but the gnlo increased so rnpidlv that the contractor employed for transhipping tho mail positiv c1) lefuscd to allow his boat to bo laden, declaring she would toundci, and ran his boat for tho shoie Aniflort was thin made by Ciptain Trouton with his own boals mid two lois were transhipped In safctv, though with great risk both lo the men's lix cs, andnlso the malls But cv cn this means of transit had to be givcn up, nnd a hawser was success full) passid from one v esscl to the othci, and through the cotutcsy of the Peninsular and Oriental Companv 'a agent, one of theil cargo-barges was procured, in which t_ç>niaii« and some of tho light cargo was placed and bv the hawsci was hauled along siele the Monga But during the gieat feils were entertained foi lur safety, as the sens broke i lght ov cr her, causing lier to ship great quantities of water Inimcdiiitelv on getting to the v\oiiKa every e\eilion was made to rcticvo the burge lheimils were first picked out and got on bo.ri, ind then the c u to, but all in a wretched plight Hie galo at this time had reached its climax 1 he Wongu was foi cid to steam a head, and again let go a second unchor, us she was fastjlrifting totheshoic Shortly after, ttiirii g a fcai ful squall, the X1 ulna broke adrift from bei fastenings to tho hulk, and cal ceiling over before the full force of the gale, xva» drifting broadside on to tim bench, when both her anchors wcro promptly let go just in timo to save hci During the night both steamers lav unplca^antl) near the shore On account of their drifting nndveciing cable, steam w a« kept up and u«cd during the heav icst hurst of tho stotni Much anxiety was felt on board tho Wongu for the nfety of the Madias, nssho lu inshoro of her, and it was unknown whethei she had taken the ground or not But the gale vins such (even in this land locked harbotu ) no assistance could po«sibl) be rendered b) the >\ onga It is pleasant to rccoid Hint notwithstanding theiisic incurrid by the crew of the X\ ongn V. one,a w hilo transhipping part of the mails in hci own boals no lives wcie lost \s tho last boat attempted to get alongside w it li the mail agent and Mr I load of tho.<lffft's it av as literally blown avvav h) the strength ot tho gale Captain 1 renton, however, seeing tho predicament, with great promptness \ccrcd a lout, Uno astern with . life buoy utllxcd, hy w hich means the boat was soon hauled to the ship sonic fears w ero entertained for tho safi iv of the pilot-boat and crew, ns the) vi ere drifted seaward, but cventuntl) they suc I ceeded in getting nehorc I he Gov eminent police boat left the I \X onga during the gale, and on ncaring the shoro w as s\v amped

Owing to the unii«unl sea crilj of the storm tho N onga could not attempt going to sea until the w eather moderated somew hat, and during this the Madras was unable to coal Ihe return passage ol thoXVongn XSonga was accomplished in 111 hours, strong south-east and easteilv winds prevailing throughout, with strong current sctUng to the southward Captain fronton's conduct throughout the anxious night of the storm nbov o alluded to displayed great abilitv, caution, nnd caro -Soutli Austi alian itrçtëtrr, lune 12

Hie Challenger, 22 screw con cito, since her last commission, has undergone extensive repairs mut refitments lu Shccrness Dockyard, and was placed in commission on the 9th instant, by Captain li Maguire, for the Australian and Now ¿calami service. Mitchell's Mci canille Register, April 14th

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