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Family Notices

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ABRAHAMS—October 17th, at her residence, 203, York-street,

Mrs. Joseph Abrahams, of a daughter.  

ADDISON—October 10th, at the Commissioner's Camp, Rocky

River, New England, the wife of Glentworth W. F. Addison,

Esq., of a son.

ANDREW—September 23rd, at Rose Bank, William-street, Mrs.

Thomas Andrew, of a son.

ARNHEIM—September 17th, at her residence, Hillside, Goulburn,

Mrs. Arnheim, of a son.  

BEDWELL—September 19th, at Valentia Lodge, Richmond, the

wife of Crawford R. Bedwell, of a daughter.

BENNETT—September 1st, at her residence, Bourke-street,

Surry Hills, Mrs. T. Bennett, of a daughter.

BODE—October 12th, at St. John's Parsonage, Newcastle, Mrs.

G. C. Bode, of a son.

BOHRSMAN—September 24th, at 127, South Head Road, the

wife of M. C. Bohrsman, of a son.

BOWKER—September 30th, at Newcastle, the wife of Dr.

Bowker, of a daughter.

BRADLEY—October 1st, at her residence, Mrs. William Bradley,

of a son.

BRAUN - September 14th, at her residence, 6 Victoria-terrace,

Miller's Point, Sydney, the wife of Mr Benjamin Braun, of a


BRERETON—October 17th, at her residence, Macquarie-street

North, Mrs. Le Gay Brereton, of a son.

BUSBY—August 16th, at Richmond, Surrey, the wife of Alexander

Busby, Esq., of a daughter.

BUCKNELL—October 9th, the wife of W. W. Bucknell, Esq.,

Anondale, Cook's River, of a son.    

CHARD—September 24th, at 766, George-street South, Hay-

market, the wife of Mr. John Chard, wine and spirit merchant,

of a son.  

CLARK—September 26th, at Glenara, Deep Creek, Victoria, the

wife of Walter Clark, Esq., of a daughter.

COMBES—September 24th, at Glanmire, Bathurst, Mrs. Edward

Combes, of a daughter.

CURTIS—September 20th, Mrs. Peter C. Curtis, of a son.

DEANE—September 6th, at her residence, Rose-street, Darling-

ton, Mrs. Charles M. Deane, of a son.

EMMOTT—August 11th, at Charlesville Cottage, Timbarra, the

wife of G. Green Emmott, Esq., P.M., of a son.

EWEN—September 27th, at her residence, Raymond-Terrace,

Mrs. George F. Ewen, of a son.

FIRTH—October 9th, at Blue Mountain Cottage, Bully Camp,

the wife of Thomas R. Firth, Esq., of a daughter.

FISHER—September 19th, at her residence, Elizabeth-street,

Paddington, the wife of Mr. James C. Fisher, prematurely, of

twin daughters.

FLOOD—September 19th, at her residence, Berida, Marthaguy

Creek, the wife of Edward Flood, jun., of a daughter.

FREEMAN—October 6th, at Euroka, Macleay River, Mrs. A. W. Freeman, of a son.

FULLER—October 3rd, at her residence, 286, Pitt-street, the wife of Mr. Samuel Fuller, of a daughter.    

GARDNER—October 6th, at her residence, 78, Cooper-street,

Mrs. George Gardner, of a son.   GILCHRIST—September 9th, at Christ Church (N.Z.), Mrs. J.

Oswald Gilchrist, of a daughter.

GRAY—October 3rd, at No. 65, Stanley-street, Mrs. James Gray,

of a son.  

GRAY—September 18th, at her residence, Middle-street, Chip-

pendale, Mrs. Alexander Gray, jun., of a son.

GREVILLE—September 19th, at Bathurst, Mrs. W. C. Greville,

of a son.    

HAKE—September 3rd, at the residence of her parents, Campbell

Cottage, Newtown, Mrs. John Hake, of a daughter.  

HAWLEY—October 12th, at Buxton Cottage, Enmore Road,  

Newtown, the wife of Mr. D. R. Hawley, of a daughter.

HENDERSON—September 17th, at her residence, Bendolba,   Williams River, Mrs. Henderson, of a son.

HENNESSY—September 21st, at her residence, 106, South Head

Road, the wife of John Hennessy, of a daughter.

HOOKE—October 3rd, at her residence, Urie Gully, Williams

River, the wife of Benjamin Edwin Hooke, Esq., of a son.  

HOWELL—October 1st, at her residence, 684, George-street  

South, Mrs. J. B. Howell, of twin sons.

HUNTINGTON—September 22nd, at her residence, 425, Castle-

reagh-street, Mrs. W. Huntington, of a daughter.

JOSEPH—September 23rd, at Maharatta, Maneroo, Mrs. H. M.

Joseph, of a daughter.         JOUBERT—October 16th, at Hunter's Hill, Mrs. Jules Joubert,

of a son.   KEELE—October 12th, at Sterling Cottage, Macleay-street, Mrs.

C. W. Keele, of a daughter.

LAING—October 1st, at Scone, the wife of the Rev. James S.  

Laing, of a daughter.   LAKE—September 11th, at her residence, Walton Cottage, New-

town, Mrs. John Lake, of a daughter.

LAYTON—September 14th, at her residence, Lavender Bay,

North Shore, Mrs. E. W. Layton, of a son.

LEVI—October 3rd, at No. 6, Wynyard-square, Mrs. Bernard

Levi, of a son.

LITTLEJOHN—September 25th, at Underwood-street, Padding-

ton, Mrs. Thomas Littlejohn, of a daughter.

LYONS—October 15th, at her residence, Cameron-street, Rush-

cutter's Bay, Sydney, Mrs. James Lyons, of a son.

M'CABE—September 19th, at Russell Vale, Illawarra, the wife of

F. P. M'Cabe, Esq., of a daughter.

M'CARTHY—October 9th, the wife of Mr. W. F. M'Carthy, of a  


MACLEOD—August 30th, at Mussoorie, Bengal Presidency, the

wife of Lieutenant-Colonel H. Banatyne Macleod, R.A., of a

son.   M'MAHON—September 27th, at her residence, Clareville Cottage,  

Upper Fort-street, the wife of Mr. T. M'Mahon, General Post   Office, of a daughter.     MACNAB—June 26th, at 4, Crescent, Ardrossan, Mrs. William

Macnab, of a daughter.

MANN—September 30th, at her residence, Victoria-street, Pad- dington, Mrs. W. R. Mann, of a daughter.  

MANTON—October 8th, at her residence, Darlinghurst, Mrs. F.

J. Manton, of a daughter.

MANSFIELD—September 18th, at her residence, Oakwood, Glebe,

Mrs. G. Allen Mansfield, of a daughter.

MAUNSELL—September 14th, at Moama, the wife of George

Maunsell, Esq., C.P.S., of a son, still-born.  

MELLY—October 4th, at her residence, Bay-street, Glebe, the

wife of John Melly, of a son.

MITCHELL—September 10th, at her residence, Sea View, Illa-

warra, Mrs. John Mitchell, of a son.

MORRIS—October 7th, ot her residence, 169, Pitt-street North,

the wife of Mr. John Morris, of a daughter.

MORTON—September 28th, at Numba, Shoalhaven, Mrs. Henry

G. Morton, of a son.

NEALE—September 23rd, at her residence, George-street,

Parramatta, Mrs. John T. Neale, of a daughter.

NORTH—September 28th, at her residence, Bourke-street, Surry

Hills, Mrs. J. B. North, of a daughter.

O'DWYER—October 12th, at No. 1, Alston-terrace, Redfern, Mrs.  

E. O'Dwyer, of a son.

O'KEEF—September 18th, at her residence, Botany-street,

Redfern, Mrs. O'Keef, of a son.

OSBORNE—September 24th, at her residence, Lane Cove, Mrs.

Oliver Osborne, of twins.  

O'SHEA—September 20th, at her residence, 99, Prince-street, the

wife of Mr. John O'Shea, of a son.

PALFREYMAN—September 16th, at her residence, Newtown,

Mrs. J. R. Palfreyman, of a son.

PALSER—September 11th, at her residence, 257, Castlereagh-  

street, Mrs. Henry P. Palser, of a son.

PATERSON—October 5th, at Lane Cove River, Hunter's Hill,

Mrs. Hugh Paterson, of a daughter.

PATERSON—October 18th, at Gladesville, Mrs. A. B. Paterson,

of a daughter.

PAYTEN—September 23rd, at Goulburn, at the residence of her  

father, T. Dignam, Esq., M.L.A., Mrs. Henry Payten, of a


PERRY—October 12th, at her residence, Danesfort House,

Brisbane, Queensland, Mrs. F. W. Perry, of a daughter.

PHENNA—September 25th, at 190, Campbell-street, Surry Hills,

Mrs. Phenna, of a daughter.

PHILLIPS—September 22nd, at her residence, Bullanaming-

street, Redfern, the wife of Alfred F. Phillips, of a daughter.

PLATT—October 7th, at her residence, Milson's Point, North

Shore, Mrs. W. H. Platt, of a son.

POTTER—October 8th, at her residence, Albion Hotel, corner of

Elizabeth and Campbell streets, the wife of William Potter, of

a daughter.

ROWLEY—October 4th, at her residence, Burton-street, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. R. Rowley, of a daughter.

RUBIE—October 6th, at her residence, Macquarie-street South, Mrs. E. J. Rubie, of a son.

SAUNDERS—October 10th, at Burwood, Mrs. J. A. Saunders, of

a son.  

SCARR—September 22nd, at her residence, 104, Victoria-street, Mrs. John A. Scarr, of a son.                

SCHRODER—September 19th, at her residente, George-street,

Mrs. W. H. Schroder, of a daughter.

SMITH—September 13th, at her residence, Bathurst, Mrs. T.

Arkell Smith, of a son.    

ST. JULIAN—October 6th, at her residence, 124, Woolloomooloo-

street, the wife of Mr. Charles St. Julian, jun., of H. M.

Customs, of a daughter.      

STKANGE—September 2nd, at Victoria House, Christchurch,

New Zealand, Mrs. W. Strange, of a daughter.

SWEETLAND—October 1st, at Tenterfield, Mrs. Sweetland, of a daughter.

SUTTOR—September 28th, at Walmer, Bathurst, Mrs. F. B.

Suttor, of a daughter.       TAYLOR—September 23rd, at Marlborough House, Morpeth, the

wife of James Taylor, Esq., of a son.       TAYLOUR—October 2nd, Lady John Taylour, of a daughter.

UHR—September 18th, at her residence, Bickleigh Vale, Five

Dock, the wife of W. C. Uhr, of a son.

VARDY—September 30th, at her residence, Ten-Mile Creek,

Billibong, the wife of J. T. Vardy, jun., of a son.

VICKERS—September 16th, at her residence, Lambing Flat, Mrs.

George William Vickers, of a daughter.

WALL—September 27th, at her residence, No. 1, Emma-terrace,

Pitt-street, Redfern, Mrs. William Wall, of a son.

WARNER—Ootober 7th, at her residence, Cleveland-street, Red-

fern, the wife or Joseph Warner, of a son, stillborn.  

WATSON—September 22nd, at her residence, Telegraph Station,

Newcastle, the wife of Mr. S. J. Watson, of a son.

WEAVER—September 25th, the wife of Richard Weaver, of a daughter. WEST—September 21st, at her residence, Botany Road, Redfern,

Mrs. George West, of a daughter.    

WHEELER—September 18th, at Stream Hill, Illawarra, the wife

of Charles Wheeler, Esq., of Queensland, of a son.

WILD—September 19th, at Spring Hill, Mrs. Robert E. Wild, of a son. WISEMAN—August 21st, at her residence, Crown-street, Wollon-

gong, the wife of Mr. T. J. Wiseman, chemist and druggist, of

a son.      

WREN—October 5th, at Kamaruka, Mrs. Henry Wren, of a son.

YOUNG—At Port Macquarie, the wife of Mr. Henry Young, of

Hursley, Hastings River, of a son.


ADAMS—MOORE—September 14th, at St. Michael's Church,

Surry Hills, by the Rev. T. O'Reilly, Anthony Reilly Adams, youngest son of the late Captain Samuel Adams, Cavan Light Infantry, to Eliza Anna, eldest daughter of the late Henry Augustin Moore, Esq., of Sydney College.

BEDFORD—LARKIN—September 26th, at the residence of the

bride's parents, by the Rev. W. Lanigan, Edwin, eldest son of John Bedford, Esq., Essex, England, to Margaret Maria

Bridget, eldest daughter of Martin Larkin, Esq., Springhill,


BREDEN—STEERE—October 10th, by special license, at the

Wesleyan Church, Parramatta, by the Rev. S. Rabone, assisted by the Rev. J. Watkin, Octavtus William Breden, to Emma, only daughter of the late Roger Steere, Kingsbridge, Devon, and granddaughter of John Neale, Esq., J.P., Parramatta.

BYRNE—COSGROVE—September 25th, by special license, at St.

Augustine Church, Balmain, by the Rev. George Dillon, Mr. Mathew Byrne, native of Dublin, to Miss Mary Cosgrove, daughter of Mr. Lawrence Cosgrove, county Cavan, Ireland.

CALLAGHAN—COOKE—October 17th, by special license, at the

residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Joseph Oram, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Callaghan, of Surry Hills, to W. A. Cooke, of George-street.

CAMPBELL—ZUILL—September 26th, at the residence of the    

bride's father, by the Rev. S. F. M'Kenzie, Mr. Robert Camp- bell, of West Maitland, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Wil- liam Zuill, Esq., Belford, Branxton.

CURRIE—MORRIS—September 17th, at 105, Prince-street, by

special license, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church, Charles Currie, native of Lochkelpit, Scotland, to Emily Morris, daughter of the late Charles Morris, Enfield, England.

DANGAR—LAMB—September 19th, at St. John's Church, Dar-

linghurst, by the Rev. T. Hayden, M.A., Henry Cary Dangar, M.A., barrister-at-law, second son of the late Henry Dangar, Esq., of Neotsfield, to Lucy Jane, fourth daughter of the late

Commander John Lamb, R.N.

DILLON-COTTER-May 23rd, at Donoughmore Church, county

Cork, Ireland, by the father of the bride assisted by the Rev. Francis Le Hunte, Edward Langford Dillon, Captain of the 18th

(Royal Irish) Regiment, only son of the late Lieutenant- Colonel Dillon, of Stone Hall, county Limerick, to Sarah Phillips, daughter of the Rev. Joseph R. Cotter, rector of Donoughmore, and senior Prebendary of Cloyne Cathedral, niece of the late Sir James Cotter, of Rockforset, Baronet, and sister of Mrs. W. Ridley, Liverpool-street, Darlinghurst.

EVANS—COE—October 5th, at Trinity Church, Dubbo, by the

Rev. W. Coombes, Thomas Evans, bachelor, to Jane Coe, spinster, both of Merri Merri Creek.

FLOWER—HOSKINGS—September 14th, by special license, at

Christ Church, by the Rev. G. Vidal, William Lewis Flower, eldest son of Mr. George Flower, of Essex, England, to Jane Amelia Hoskings, second daughter of the late William Henry Hoskings, of London.

FOULCHER—COWELL—September 19th, by special license,

at St. Ann's Church, Ryde, by the Rev. G. E. Turner, Robert Hervey Foulcher, son of the late James Foulcher, and nephew of Henry Hervey, Esq., of Parramatta, to Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Cowell, of Ryde.

FOX—JOHNSON—September 24th, at St. Matthew's Church,

Manly Beach, by the Rev. G. Gurney, B.A., George, youngest son of John Fox, of Manly Beach, to Bessie Isabella, youngest daughter of Edward Johnson, Esq., late of Quarrymount House, Queen's County, Ireland.

GIBSON—BENTLEY—September 25th, at the Scots Church, by

special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. Frederick Gibson, a native of London, to Miss Eliza Bentley, a native of Dublin, both of William-street, Woolloomooloo.

GOWLLAND—LORD—October 12th, at St. Thomas's Church, by

the Rev. W. B. Clarke, M.A., John T. Gowlland, Esq., R.N., of H.M.S. Curacoa, eldest son of T. Gowlland, Esq., of Bexley Heath, Kent, to Genevieve Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the Hon. Francis Lord, M.L.C., of Marsarlue, St. Leonards.

GRIFFITH—BICKERTON—September 27th, at Walston, near

Brisbane, by the Rev. E. Griffith, Congregational minister, and father of the bridegroom, Edward Griffith, Esq., of the Austra-   lian Joint Stock Bank, Brisbane, to Ellen Bickerton, adopted daughter of M. B. Goggs, Esq.

HARPER—BALL—September 23rd, by special license, at the

residence of the bride's parents, Claremont Cottage, Botany Road, Redfern, by the Rev, Dr. Lang, M.L.A., Mr. Samuel Harper, of H. M. Customs, son of the late Mr. John Harper, ironmonger, of George-street, Sydney, to Susanna, second daughter of Mr. James Ball, late of Carter-lane, St. Paul's,


HAYES—HILLIER—September 6th, by special license, at the

Roman Catholic Chapel, East Kempsey, by the Rev. Father Coghlin, Robert, eldest son of Mr. Robert Hayes, formerly of Hunter River, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. J. M. Hillier, of Myrtle Grove, Macleay River, both natives of the colony.

HEYLEN—CROWLEY—September 11th, by special license, at    

St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. P. F. O'Farrell, Mr. Thomas Heylen, native of Hammersmith, England, and eldest   son of Mr. Thomas Heylen, of Adelaide, to Miss Julia Ann Crowley, native of the colony, and youngest daughter of Mrs. Crowley, of Parramatta-street, Sydney.  

HODGKINS—PARKER—September 19th, at St. Paul's Church, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, by the Rev. E. G. Edwards,  

William Matthew, son or William Hodgkins, Esq., of Liverpool, England, to Rachel Owen, second daughter of J. S. Parker, Esq.. Sydney, New South Wales.

JENKINS—PARKER—September 25th, by the Rev. Dr. Fuller-

ton, David Jenkins, native of Dalwood, Hunter River, to   Elizabeth Jane Parker, native of Sydney, and eldest daughter of Thomas Daniel Parker, of St. Leonards, North Shore.

JOHNSON—KING—October 7th, at the Scots Church, by special

license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. William Johnson, of Cumberland-street, Sydney, cooper, to Rachel, eldest daughter of Mr. John King, of Cambridge-street, waterman, both natives

of the colony.

JUDD—SWAN—August 29th, by special license, at Sydney,

George F. Judd, son of Alfred K. Judd, of Hampshire, Eng- land, to Sarah Swan, relict of the late James Swan, of the Star  

of Peace Hotel, Sydney.     LEEK—BELL—August 14th, at Araluen, by the Rev. A. Likely,

Mr. James Leek, of Sydney, to Miss Annie Bell, only daughter of the late Mr. John Bell, master shipwright, Balmain.

LEVIEN—COHEN—October 3rd, at the residence of the bride's

mother, Tynley-terrace, Forbes-street, by the Rev. S. Phillips, Robert Pete, eldest son of B. G Levien, Esq., of Geelong, Victoria, to Henrietta, third daughter of the late P. J. Cohen, Esq.

LUSTED—ALLCORN—September 25th, at Newtown, by the

Rev. S. C. Kent, Mr. Charles Lusted, to Ann, relict of Mr. A. Allcorn, both of Camden.

M'CORMACK—COWELL—September 26th, at Bay-street, Glebe,

by special license, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church, Thomas M'Cormack, to Lucy Lavina Cowell, daughter of the late William Cowell, builder, Enfield, Liverpool Road,


M'MILLAN—SKINNER—September 10th, at Wellington, New

South Wales, by the Rev. Mr. Coombes, Mr. Angus M'Millan, of Dubbo, to Sophia Campbell Skinner, daughter of Walter B. Skinner, carpenter, Wellington.

M'NICOLL—DAVIDSON—September 27th, by the Rev. Frederick

T. Brentnall, at Bullenbong, by special license, Willlam M'Nicoll, Esq., of Barmedman, Lachlan District, New South Wales, eldest son of Peter M'Nicoll, Esq., of Keayang South, Victoria, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Alexander Davidson, Esq., of Bullenbong, New South Wales.

MACHATTIE—LORD—October 12th, at St. Thomas's Church,

by the Rev. W. B. Clarke, M.A., Richard Randolph, eldest son of R. Machattie, Esq., M.D., of Bathurst, to Mary, eldest daughter of the Hon. Francis Lord, M.L.C., of Marsarlue,

St. Leonards.

MACHEFER—MORRIS—September 14th, at St. Philip's Church,

by the Dean of Sydney, Aime Gordien Machefer, Esq., of Rockhampton, to Emily Jane, youngest daughter of John H. Morris, Esq., Pyrmont.

MATHESON—GORDON—September 21st, by special license, by

the Rev. Mr. Clark, at the residence of the bridegroom's father, Bathurst, John, eldest son of Mr. John Matheson, farmer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Gordon, of Port Albert, Victoria, and grand-daughter of the late Mr. Robert Gordon, of Morisoneve, Prestonpans, Scotland.

MITCHELL—WATKINS—September 27th, at Parramatta, by

the Rev. B. Kenney, Primitive Methodist minister, Joseph, second son of Mr. John Mitchell, to Miss Sarah Watkins, both of the Hawkesbury River.

MITCHELL—WATKINS—September 25th, by special license, at

Parramatta, by the Rev. B. Kenny, Joseph, second son of Mr. John Mitchell, Portland Head, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Watkins, Lower Hawkesbury.

NEWLING — MURPHY — September 10th, by Special License,

at Araluen, by the Rev. A. Likely, Mr. Peter Newling, Gold Miner, to Miss Julia Murphy, youngest Daughter of Mr. Jeremiah Murphy, late Timber Merchant, Sydney.

NICHOLSON—KEIGHTLEY—August 8th, at the Chapel of the

Charterhouse, by the Venerable Archdeacon Hale, assisted by Professor the Rev. John Woolley, D.C.L., Sir Charles Nichol- son, Bart., D.C.L., and LL.D., of No. 26, Devonshire-place, to Sarah Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Archibald Keightley,


NICHOLSON—PARKER—September 27th, by the Rev. James

Watkin, at the residence of the bride's father, John Nicholson,

to Mary Jane, second daughter of Mr. John Parker, Parra-


NORTON—LAUDER—September 21st, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. P. Francis O'Farrell, James Norton, native of London, England, to Miss Margaret Rose Lauder, native of the colony.

OGDEN—FINCH—September 16th, at her residence, Darling-

street, Balmain, by the Rev. T. A. Gordon, Mr. Isaac Ogden,

to Mrs. Eliza Finch.

OLDFIELD—FIELD—September 21st, at Sydney, by the Rev.

Dr. Fullerton, Mr. Richard Oldfield, of Emu Plains, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. George Field, of Mount Pleasant,


PARKER—SPARKES—October 4th, by special license, at St.

James's Church, by the Rev. G. H. Moreton, John, third son of John Parker, of Manchester, to Louisa, only daughter of the late Arthur Sparkes, of London, and step-daughter to J. S.

Berry, Sydney.

PARKINSON—MEYER—September 30th, at St. John's Church,

Darlinghurst, by special license, by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, William Parkinson, to Angelina Clara, eldest daughter of Mr. William Meyer, Professor of Music.

PEDRONCINNI—DUKE—September 25th, by special license, by

the Rev. Dr. Fullerton, Pietro Pedroncinni, artist, of Italy, to Anne, third daughter of Mr. William Duke, of Sussex, England.   PINHEY—TWISS—June 15th, at Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire,

by the Rev. William C. Twiss, rector of that parish and vicar of Eyworth, uncle to the bride, Robert Eardley Pinhey, Esq.,   Commander S.S. Dakahlich, to Mary Catherine, second daughter of the late J. P. Twiss, Esq., ot Cambridge.

POPPENHAGEN—SHARP—September 28th, at St. James's

Church, by the Rev. Canon Allwood, Frederick, second son of

J. F. Poppenhagen, Esq., Collector of Customs, Hamburg, to  

Anne Lucinda, fifth daughter of Mr. William Sharp, of Daven-

port, England.  

POULSEN—FERRIS—October 11th, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. T. O'Farrell, Captain H. P. Poulsen, to Celia, danghter ol Mr. Christopher Ferris, Jew's Harp Hotel, George-street South.  

PURVES—SMALL—September 23rd, by special license, by the

Rev. John M'Gibbon, John George, youngest son of the late John Walker Purves, of Roxburghshire, Scotland, to Isabella, Dunlop, second daughter of James Kirk Small, of Edinburgh,


RELKERE—BYRNE—September 14th, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father O'Farrell, James Relkere, third son of F. Relkere, to Winifred Byrne, second eldest daughter of Mr. James Byrne, Athlone-place, Sydney.

ROBINSON—DONELY—August 15th, by special license, in the

Catholic Church, Ulladulla, by the Rev. Father Darcey, G. H. R., only son of Dr. G. A. Robinson, Hobart Town, Brown's River, to Sarah, widow of the late P. Donely, Ulladulla,

Berrenger, New South Wales.

ROBINS—GREEN—September 29th, at St. Thomas's Church,

North Shore, by special license, by the Rev. W. B. Clarke, Godfrey Bentley, second son of Thomas Ackerly Robins, Esq., of Victoria, to Sarah Harriet Alice, third daughter of George Green, Esq., of Dunedin, and late of Artarmon, Gore's Hill, N. S. W.  

RUSH—FITZPATRICK—September 18th, by special license, at    

St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. M. J. Dwyer, Mr. Michael Rush, of the Clarence River, native of the county Tyrone, Ireland, to Miss Annie Theresa Fitzpatrick, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, Camperdown, late of Emu Plains.

RUSSELL—MORROW—September 21st, by special license, at

St. Stephen's Church, Newtown, by the Rev. Charles Kemp, Robert Andrew Russell, of Sydney, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Robert Morrow, publican, Camperdown.

SHUMPT—CORBETT—September 11th, at St. James's Church,

John Shumpt, of Sydney, to Elizabeth Corbett, eldest daughter of James Corbett, Esq., of Queensland.

SMITH—LESLIE—October 5th, by special license, at St. Michael's

Church, Surry Hills, by the Rev. Hulton S. King, Horace Rodd Smith, of Belgrave-terrace, Darlinghurst, to Rosalie, second daughter of the late Joseph Leslie, Esq., of Hobart Town,


SMITH—PARKER—October 5th, at the Congregational Church,

Manly, by the Rev. John Graham, Thomas Sidney Smith, second son of William Smith, Park and Hunter streets, to Elizabetb, eldest daughter of Mr. William F. Parker, of Brook Vale, Manly Cove.  

WATT—FRY—September 12th, at Monaltrie, Richmond River,

by the Rev. A. E. Selwyn, Seymour G. Watt, Esq., Clarence River, to Teresa, relict of the late Oliver Fry, Esq.  

WILLMINGTON—WALTERS—September 12th, at Tenterfield,

by the Rev. A. Rutledge, Alfred H. Wilmington, Esq., of Port Denison, Queensland, to Susan Alworth, only daughter of Theodore K. Walters, Esq., C.E., of Kiltina, county Tipperary, Ireland.    

WILSHIRE—BROUGHTON—September 23rd, by special license,  

at St. Matthias's Church, Paddington, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Sydney, assisted by the Rev. E. Synge, M.A., Austin Thomas, eldest son of Austin Forest Wilshire, Esq., Elfred House, Glenmore Road, to Fanny Josephine, eldest daughter  

of Thomas Broughton, Esq., J.P., Bradley, Glenmore Road.

WILSON—GORE—July 8th, St. Mark's Church, Jersey, by the

Rev. C. Heath, Captain T. Crawford Wilson, R.N., son of the late James Wilson, Esq., Chief Judge of Mauritius, to Mary  

Fisher, eldest daughter of the late Thomas G. Gore, Esq., of


WILSON—CURTISS—September 28th, at St. John's, Glebe

Road, by the Rev. C. Ord, Jacob Affriatt Wilson, M.R.C.S.,   England, to Mary, daughter of the late E. Curtiss, Esq., of

Bognor, Sussex, England.

WOODYATT—PENDRILL—July 4th, at Trinity Church, Pad-

dington, by the Rev. James Leeth Moody, M.A., chaplain to the Forces, assisted by the Rev. D. L. Cousins, M.A., incum- bent of Kingswood, the Rev. George Woodyatt, B.A., incumbent of Redstone, Northamptonshire, eldest son of the Rev. Edward Woodyatt, M.A., of Hastings, and grandson of the late Sir Nigel Bowyer Gressey, of Drakelow, county Derby, Bart, to Ella, only daughter of the Rev. John Pendrill, M.A., Glebe



ALLINGHAM—May 11th, at sea, Constantine O'Donnel Alling-

ham, aged 29, Lieutenant R.N., Commanding H.M.S. Antelope. AMBROSE—October 15th, at Windsor, Hubert Joseph, youngest

son of C. N. Ambrose, Telegraph Station, Windsor.

BAIGRIE—September 21st, at the residence of Mrs. Webster,

Wynyard-square, Sydney, John Baigrie, Esq., late of Rock- hampton, and formerly of New Zealand.

BARRY—At the residence of her daughter, Mrs. C. Morris, Carlo

Cottage, Victoria-street, Mrs. Susan Barry, in her 54th year.

BAYNES—September 20th, at the residence of her parents, 267,

Kent-street, Elizabeth Jane, youngest daughter of William and Annie Baynes, aged 15 months.

BEIT—September 26th, at Drayton, from injuries received from

being thrown from the carriage, Mary, the wife of William Beit, Esq., of Westbrook.

BENNETT—September 10th, Jane, infant daughter of Thomas

and Amelia Bennett.

BODMAN—October 5th, at the residence of his parents, 37,

Bourke-street, Henry John, only beloved child of Henry and Emma Bodman, aged six months.

BROWN—August 22nd, at Ryle, N. Wales, Mr. Thomas Brown,

in his 52nd year, deeply regretted, brother of Mrs. W. Patten, Pitt-street, Sydney.

BUCHANAN—October 1st, at Balmain, Victor Thomas, eldest

son of Mr. Thomas Buchanan, aged 9 years.

CARTER—September 22nd, at her residence, Mount-street,

Pyrmont, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. John Carter, sail- maker, in the 31st year of her age. Requiescat in pace.

CHAPMAN—September 15th, at Teeneesee, Macleay River, of

scarlet fever, Frederick Henry, third son of F. W. Chapman,


CHAPMAN—October 4th, at Teeneesee, Macleay River, of scarlet

fever, Ann, youngest daughter of F. W. Chapman, Esq.  

CHAPMAN—At his residence, No. 44, Cumberland-street, Mr.

George Rodman Chapman, late clerk to R. D. Merrill, Esq, aged 42 years.  

CHAPMAN—September 26th, at Cloyne Lodge, Hereford-street,

Glebe Point, William, only son of Michael Chapman, aged 7


CHATHAM—October 18th, at her residence, No. 48, Cumberland-

street North, Mrs. Mary Chatham, the dearly beloved wife of John Chatham, leaving a husband and three small children to deplore their loss. Aged 32 years.

COHEN—October 1st, at the residence of his parents, Ulmarra,

Clarence River, Henry, infant son of Samuel and Rosetta Cohen, aged ten weeks and four day's.

COPAS—September 24th, at her residence, Riley-street, Mary

Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. George Copas, after a long and painful illness, aged 59 years.

COULT—October 13th, at his father's residence, the beloved son  

of William Coult, aged 6 years and 5 months, Athlone-street, Paddington.

CROFT—October 11th, at the residence of her grandmother, 44,

Surrey-street, Catherine Mary, the beloved daughter of Joseph J. and Catherine M. Croft, of 73, Upper William-street, aged 1 year 9 months.

CUBITT—September 24th, at her residence, Pitt-street, Redfern,

Maria Susan, the beloved wife of Mr. Arthur Cubitt, aged 36


CURRAN—October 19th, at her residence, Francis-street, Glebe,

in the 70th year of her age, Mrs. Ann Curran, mother of Mr.

J. J. Curran, of 649, George-street South.

DALY—September 16th, at the residence of his parents, Lower

Campbell-street, Surry Hills, Austin, the seventh son of Mary and John Daly, aged 4 years and 8 months.

DALY—October 3rd, at his residence, Lower George-street,

Richard Daly, native of Dublin, aged 61 years.  

DILLON—October 1st, at her residence, Redfern-street, Redfern,

Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Charles Dillon, eldest daugh- ter of Michael Casey, Glebe Point Road, aged 25 years.

DODDS—October 15th, at Randwick, Percy Somerset, infant

son of Henry Dodds.

DOUGLAS—September 21st, at his residence, Ivy Lodge,

Douglas Hill, Boragong, Mr. Joseph Douglas, an old and respected inhabitant, of 39 years residence at North Richmond, in the 83rd year of his age, leaving a large circle of friends to mourn their loss. His end was peace.

DUNCAN—August 22nd, in her 87th year, at the residence of

her son, Lieutenant Trivett, R.N.R., 3, Campbell-terrace, Bow Road, London, Penelope, relict of the late Captain T. Duncan, of London, and mother of Mr. Francis T. Trivett, of Woollahra. DUNCAN—September 28th, at the residence of his parents, Mar-

shall-street, Strawberry Hill, Henry Wise, the beloved infant son of Frederick and Sarah Eliza Duncan, aged 13 months.

EARNSHAW—October 4th, at his residence, Francis-street,    

Glebe, Mr. Ono Earnshaw. native of Melton, Yorkshire, aged 55 years.     FISHER—September 21st, at the residence of their parents,

Elizabeth-street, Paddington, Jane and Louisa, twin daughters of James and Emma Fisher, aged 2 days.

FREEHILL—October 11th, at the residence of his parents, Lower

George-street, Patrick Clement, son of Mr. Patrick Freehill,

aged 3 years and 11 months.

FULLER—September 25th, at the residence of his parents, 286,

Pitt-street, William James, the beloved son of Samuel and Lucy Fuller, aged 5 years, deeply regretted.

FULLER—October 12th, at the residence of her parents, 286,

Pitt-street, Lucy Mary, second daughter of Samuel and Lucy

Fuller, aged 1 year and 10 months.

GEARSIDE—October 18th, at the residence of her son-in-law,

Mr. Charles Splatt, No. 23, May-street, off Parramatta-street,   Mrs. Sarah Gearside, after a long and painful illness, deeply

regretted. Aged 61 years.

GIBBS—October 5th, at her residence, Sutton Forest, after a pro-

tracted and painful illness, which she bore with Christian forti- tude, Sophia, the beloved wife of Thomas Gibbs, aged 31. Deeply regretted by all who knew her. Requiescat in pace.

GREANEY—October 15th, at the residence of his father, Wood-

burn-street, Chippendale, John Thomas, the beloved son of Cornelius Greaney, aged 7 months and 10 days.

HAIGH—July 15th, at Burnham, Essex, England, Charles

Speight Haigh, Esq., late of Sydney, in the 50th year of his age, brother of Mr. B. S. Haigh, of Ashfield.

HAIGH—October 9th, at her residence, Ann Haigh, the beloved

wife of the late Samuel Haigh, aged 54 years. Regretted by all

who knew her.

HARLAND—September 3rd, at her late residence, 11, Lower

Campbell-street, Surry Hills, the beloved wife of John Harland, for many years a resident of the South Head Road, aged 34.

HART—October 5th, at Pyrmont Bridge Road, Glebe, Nicholas

Hart, aged 47 years.

HAYES—September 20th, at the residence of her parents,    

152, Clarence-street, Ada Anne Maryanne, only beloved daughter of John and Maryanne Hayes, aged 11 months and 20


HENRY—September 24th, at her residence, Cumberland-street,

Bridget Henry (relict of the late Mr. Bernard Henry), aged

42 years.

HOWARTH—September 23rd, at Evans' Plains, near Bathurst,

Thomas Howarth, innkeeper, formerly of Bury, Lancashire, England, aged 65 years. Brother to Abraham Howarth, Butchers' Arms, Cook's River.    

JONES—October 16th, at the residence of his father-in-law, Mr.

Michael Farrell, Elizabeth-street South, Mr. William Lupton, in the thirty-fourth year of his age, second son of Mrs. M. A. Jones, Bargo, deeply regretted by his numerous friends.

LEEK—September 30th, at her late residence, Mrs. Mary Leek,  

of 154, Palmer-street, Woolloomooloo, an old and much re- spected colonist, aged 71 years, relict of the late James Leek,

much regretted by all who knew her.

LETHBRIDGE—October 5th, at Ashfield, Robert Copland Leth-  

bridge, aged 66 years.

M'DOUGALL—October 3rd, at Rosalie Plains, Darling Downs,

from the effects of a fall from his horse, John, second son of the Hon. J. F. M'Dougall, Esq., aged 16 years.

M'DONOUGH—October 4th, at his residence, Crispin Arms,

Clarence-street, Charles M'Donough, of consumption, aged 36  


M'GUIRE—September 7th, at Ashfield, after a long and painful  

illness, Michael M'Guire, native of the county Kildare, Ireland,  

aged 67 years.

M'NAUGHTON—October 9th, at her residence, Parramatta-

street, Harriet Anne, the beloved wife of Andrew M'Naughton, eldest daughter of Mr. Benton, late of Parramatta-street, aged 27 years.

MARTIN—October 17th, at his residence, Holt-streeet, Straw-

berry Hill, aged 70 years, Mr. Emanuel Martin, sen., forty- seven years a respected colonist, leaving an affectionate wife and a large family to deplore their loss. His end was peace.

MATHEWS—September 22nd, at his late residence, Campbell-

street, Surry Hills, Sydney, of affection of the heart and lungs, John Mathews, aged 63 years, son of the late Daniel Mathews, quarter-master of H. M. 17th Lancers, leaving an affectionate

wife, eight children, and a numerous circle ot friends to mourn

their loss.

MAUNSELL—October 7th, at Moama, Maria Matilda, the

beloved wife of George Maunsell, Esq., C.P.S., and daughter   of Captain W. Meadows Brownrigg, of Sydney.

MELVILLE—September 29th, at the Sydney Infirmary, Martha  

Melville, third daughter of Mr. Eaton, Liverpool-street.

MEYNINK—September 22nd, near Petersham. Gerrit Johannis   Meynink, Esq., J.P., from an apopletic fit, aged 42 years.  

MILLAR—September 25th, at his late residence, No. 209, Riley-

street, Surry Hills, Sydney, after a lingering illness, Mr. William Millar, in the 38th year of his age.  

MOORE—September 3rd, at Neryallen Creek, Burrowa, Susannah,  

the beloved wife of William Moore, after a lingering illness of   5 years, aged 26 years.

MYERS—October 2nd, at his residence, 236, Pitt-street, Mr.

Philip Myers, aged 62 years, deeply regretted by a large circle

of friends.

NICHOLSON—At Little Plain, Maneroo, of scarlatina, Merion

Moriarty, son of John Nicholson, Esq , aged seven years and

ten months.

PATERSON—October 5th, at Cliff Lodge, Victoria-street, James

Paterson, aged 35 years.

PEARSON—August 30th, at his parents' residence, Richmond

Bottoms, George, the beloved and affectionate son of John and Martha Pearson, aged 15 years, respected by all to whom  


PENDERGAST—October 17th, at his residence, Pitt Town Road,

in the sixty-third year of his age, James Pendergast, deeply regretted by his numerous friends.

PENNY—October 2nd, at her late residence, Cooper-street, Glebe,

Lucy, the beloved wife of Mr. William Penny, blacksmith, in the 56th year of her age, much and deeply regretted by all who

knew her.

PETERSON—October 16th, at his residence, 266, Albion-street

East, Surry Hills, Mr. Andrew Peterson, after a long and pain- ful illness, deeply regretted, aged 44 years.

PIDDINGTON—September 27th, at Ipswich, Queensland, of

inflammation of the brain, supervening upon remittent fever,   James Hugh Burgess, second son of Rev. W. J Killick Pidding- ton, aged seven years and eleven months.

POTTS—September 26th, at his residence, Paddington, Joseph

Hyde Potts, Esq., (late of Homebush), in the seventy-second    

year of his age.

POULTER—September 7th, at Newtown, And, the beloved wife  

of W. Poulter, daughter of James Pond, Newmarket, England.  

RAMSAY—September 20th, drowned in crossing the river    

Dawson, Marmaduke Ramsay, Esq., aged 31.  

ROBINSON—September 26th, at his residence, Hampden Road,

Hobart Town, Mr. Thomas Robinson, in the 71st year or his


ROCHE—At his residence, 162, Riley-street, Surry Hills, Mr.

John Roche, aged 29 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew

him. His end was peace.

ROSEBY—September 27th, 1865, at the residence of her parents,

781, George-street South, Sydney, Florence Mary, the beloved and infant daughter of John and Ann Roseby, aged 13 months. RUTHERFORD—September 30th, at his residence, Rockhamp-

ton, Mr. Elias Sadborough Rutherford, chemist, aged 35 years, second son of the late William Rutherford, Esq., Caddagh   House, Ballibay, County of Monaghan, Ireland.

RUTHERFORD—October 3rd, at his residence, George-street,

Parramatta, Mr. Charles R. Rutherford, aged 86 years, leaving a wife and seven children to mourn their loss. Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends

SELBY—Suddenly, at Eastbourne, Kent, deeply regretted, in the

68th year of his age, Robert Selby, Esq., merchant, of Fen-   church-street, London, the beloved father of William, Alex- ander, and Adolphe Selby, of West Maitland.

SHORTER—September 22nd, at her residence, Dublin Tavern,

Sofala, Mrs. Mary Shorter, aged 49 years, one of the oldest and most respected inhabitants of the district.

SIMPSON—September 27th, at her mother's residence, 326, Riley-

street, Surry Hills, after a long and painful illness of consump- tion, which she bore with Christian fortitude, Mary, wife of James Simpson, late of the Victoria Hotel, formerly widow of Mr. C. W. Millett, who was killed by accident at Madras.

SIMS—September 29th, at Penrith, Elizabeth Jane, aged 63

years, relict of the late Charles Sims, Esq., who for many years

was coroner at Penrith.

SMITH—Or your chanty pray for the soul of the Rev. Patrick

Smith, of the Diocese of Melbourne, who died October 14th.

SMITH—September 18th, at the residence of her mother, Manly

Beach, Caroline, the only daughter of the late James Smith, baker, Brickfield-hill, in the 17th year of her age, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude.

SULLIVAN—October 16th, at her residence, Sydney, aged 71

years, Eleanor, the beloved mother of Captain C. Sullivan, of

the steamer Hunter.

SWANSON—October 2nd, at her parents' residence, Glebe Point,  

Jessie, infant daughter of Alexander Swanson, aged 15 days.

TEBBUTT—October 9th, at the Peninsula, Windsor, Virginia,

the beloved wife of John Tebbutt, senior, and mother of John Tebbutt, jun., aged 64 years.

THOMSON—September 30th, at Kent Cottage, Balmain, John

Alexander Stuart, only son of Mr. John Thomson, aged two


TROTTER-July 3rd, at his residence, Margate, Kent, G. A. W.

Trotter, Esq., formerly in the Civil Service, of the H.E.I.C.,   father of Mr. Durant Trotter, C.E., of this city.      

TULLOCH—September 23rd, at Braidwood, after a long and

painful illness, Mary, the beloved wife of Charles Tulloch. Her

end was peace.

VINSON—October 18th, at No 11, Jamison-street, James Hetters,

son of Mr. James Hetters Vinson, aged 5 years and 5 months.

WAKEFORD—September 24th, at the Infirmary, Sydney;  

Emily, the beloved eldest daughter or Mr. Wakeford,     railway contractor, Mittagong; aged 19 years.

WELBY—August 9th, at her town residence, No. 8, Boulevard,  

St. Hilaire, Rouen, France, Eloise Theresa, relict of the late Augustus Welby, Esq., M.D., and also of the late Captain C.       Seaver, R.N., J P., and shipping master of Newcastle for many     years, and only daughter of General de Rouphenie, of Paris,

aged forty-two.

WHITE—July 21st, at the residence of her stepfather, No. 1,

Park-street, Bristol, Amelia, aged 21 years, daughter of the late Mr. White, surgeon, of Park-street, and College Green, and step- daughter of H. S. Brett, Esq., Lieutenant, R.N., sister of Mrs.       Walter Kenny, Pitt-street.

WHITE—September 30th, at Surry Hills, Joseph Fletcher, infant

son of Thomas Leigh and Jane White, aged 1 month and 21 days.

WHITE—October 8th, at his residence, Bathurst, Mr. John White, the belovcd father of Mrs. Thame, Randwick, aged 54.

WHITTEN—September 13th, at the residence of his uncle, Mr.

Alexander Clinton, Rockfield, Kiama, John, the eldest and beloved son of Mr. George Whitten, commission agent, Crown- street, Surry Hills, Sydney, aged 23 years.

WILLIAMS—October 10th, at Rushcutter's Bay, Arthur

Edward, second son of Mr. Henry Williams, aged 8 months.

WILLIAMS—September 17th, at Toowoomba, Queensland, from    

injuries received by her clothes accidentally taking fire, Emma Matilda, aged 14 years, the fifth and beloved daughter of James and Sarah Williams, of this city.  

WILKIE—June 29th, at his residence, Kensington, Thomas Wilkie, Esq., only surviving brother of the late Sir David   Wilkie, Limner to her Majesty Queen Victoria, and brother-in- law to Robert Forbes, Esq., late of Potts Point, Sydney, New

South Wales.  

WILSON—September 24th, at his residence, Pine Villa, New-

town, Felix Wilson, Esq., aged 63.    

WILKINSON—October 14th, at Elizabeth-street South, Edmund

Charles, the beloved son of Edmund Sharp and Mary Wilkinson, aged 8 months and 22 days.

WISE—September 28th, at Melbourne, his Honor Mr. Justice

Wise, one of the Judges of the Supreme Court, Sydney, aged


WOODS—July 13th, at his residence, near Castleblayney, Ireland, Mr. Moses Woods, aged 89 years, father of Mr. John Woods

of Ashfield.

WRIGHT—October 11th, at Parramatta, Mr. George Wright,

aged 71 years, much respected, one of the oldest native-born

in the above town.

RISBEY—October 11th, at the residence of his parents, Newtown,

George, the beloved son of James and Sarah Risbey, aged 2   years and 11 months. Deeply regretted.

UNCLES—October 7th, at her residence, Raglan-street, Waterloo

Estate, Mrs. Ann Uncles, aged 30 years, leaving a husband and

two children to mourn their loss.

YORK—August 17th, at his residence, Seafield, Greenock, Scot-

land, Mr. William York, contractor, aged 66 years, late of Glasgow, father of Charles J. B. York, Balmain, Sydney.  

YOUNG—July 18th, at Durra Cottage, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Margaret Ogston Young, widow of the late Matthew Young, in

her 96th year.

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