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To the Editor of the Herald.

SIR,-I have noticed in to-day's Herald a letter from my   friend, Dr R Schomburgk (brother of the late Sir Richard S. ) relating to Dr Ludwig Leichhardt. As I know the style of Leichhardt's correspondence well, I have no doubt   that the letter which appeared in the Panunda Deutsche Zeitung is a genuine one, but with regard to the probably "Editorial remarks," that Leichhardt was born in Beeskow, near Berlin, and studied in Berlin, I beg to inform you that this is incorrect.  

Ludwig Leichhardt was born October 23rd, 1813, at the village of Trebatch, close to the lake of Swinlag, in the   Prussian Province of Brandenburg, and the Government dis-     trict of Frankfurt, which village is situated in latitude 52.5,   and longitude 32.50 east of Ferro, and can easily be referred   to on the latest Prussian maps-Stieler's Handatlas Preuss.     Staat, No. 1, 1862.

Leichhardt studied at the Gymnasium of Cottens, and subsequently at Berlin, Gottingen, Paris, and London. I intend to give a more lengthy account of Leich- hardt at some future time, and I should feel much obliged to those gentlemen who may be in possession of papers of tho lamented traveller if they would be so kind as to deposit   them at the Australian Museum, or to allow me to take copies thereof.

I have the honour to be, Sir, your most obedient servant,

GERARD KREFFT.   Australian Museum, Sydney, September 9th.

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