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Tim WEATIIHI - ' What beautiful weather I " is tho salutation which meets us often in the course of our travels, nnd very biautiful -«eather we certainly are enjoying The nifchts and mornings are sharp and frosty, but the days are sufficiently warm to remind us that spring is close at hand The air is deliriously pure and bracing, and such as can only be experienced to perfection in sunny Austialia But Austraba is not always sunny, for tho month of July brought us plenty of ram, some bitterly cold days, and ono day's snow On the 11th ultimo, snow fellheavily in the neighbourhood of Vv ngga Wagga This I bcliev e has not been known on the Murrumbidgee for twenty years Many of the younger inhabitants had never Been snow, and there was therefore considerable excitement at the new amusement of making snow-balls Some of us vi ho saw the last fall of tho feathery flakes in the old country in some measure shared the excitement, and for a time felt inclined to w elcomo the cold stranger almost as a long lost nnd wcll-nifch forgotten friend. Although the ram has brought on the young grass, there is but little water in our creeks and

water-boles I fear tho owners of back blocks will And It difficult to obtain water available for sheep washing, which ought to begin ut the end of this month

iiir PASTOBIL L>TEnFST-This cold weather and the long drought wc had formerly suffered have acted most prejudicially on this year's lambing In no instance have there been those lurgc returns which I had to chronicle last yc-ir Those who havo cleared fifty per cent may be regarded as very fortunato The

news by late mails that our wool has declined in prico and that complaints have been made of the slovenly manner in which much of our staple export bos been sent to market, will, it is hoped induce our sheep owners to pay great attention to this matter in the approaching washing and shearing season The rule " wash well or not at all " is deserving of their notice On the 1st of July a Pastoral Association w as formed for the distnet Tho first show is to be held in Wagga Wagga on the 21st of November Tho question has been warmly discussed whether this association is to bo confined to stock owners, or whether agriculturists should also be admitted as members The vote of the majority bas excluded the farmers This point having been so decided, it is not worth while to review tbo arguments that have been adduced on cither side Tho causo of the exclusion, no doubt, has been the ill fav our which the frío selection 6ystem has gained in this quarter Of course we know that fanners arc not necessarily free selectors, but free seleotors ore always farmers, and the operation, ev cn the limited operation, of the ei stem in this pastoral community has been attended with so much annoyance, and threatens to work so much mischief, thot all squatters have a jealous dread of merely agricultural pursuits, fearing lost bj encouraging thom they might thus be fostering their oitterest enemy It is a pity that it should be so. but tbc fact cannot bo questioned This samo feeling is, I believe, the only one which stands in the way of an amicable adjustment of the question respecting tho re-valuation of runs The present lessees of Crown lands in many casca would not object to pay Increased rentals ¡f they could bo secured in peaceable and undisturbed possession

CAITLK AMI FBOHO« MAKM-TS -A considerable amount of

activity bas prevailed, and is hkely still to exist in the cattle market Buyers for Albury and "V letona are irav elbng hither and thither in search of fat stock £5 and £0 arc readily given at tbc stations, nor nt present is there any likelihood that prices will decline, in fact, the probability tends in the contrary direction Hay is now £15 a ton, an<l difficult to bo procured nt that price Potatoes arc 14s per cwt 1 he steamer Nangus, that is to ply between Gundagai and Hay, unfortunately struck on a snag, and lost a cargo of potatoes the enterprising proprietor, Mr Jenkins, returned to purchase more, and we sin- cerely trust his energy and perseverance will ultimately bo


TUE T/M-MrLoYTO - I have still to complain of the largo num- ber of men walking about, a tax upon station holders Some may be honestly looking for w ork, but we cannot induce in that num bir those wbo usk for 15s and 20s as their week's wages, and indignantly refuse to accept situations for less

Nui TowsMiiis- Darlington, the growth of free selection, is fast assuming the dimensions and appearance of a township Two public-houses, one on cither side of the nver, can hardly bo re f;arded us a favourable sign -Narandera ia beginning to draw to

tsclf a considerable amount of traffic A meeting was held on the 27th ultimo, when measures were originated for building a


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