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«» ,..-.

'I'm: following address lo (ho Secretary for LanJüt-frotu (lil freo selectors in tho district of Wingecarribee, hub««! banded lo us for publication :

Wingecarribee. SJrd Juñc>.IS6t. To the Honorable John Robertson. M.V., Minister for Laidi,

hm,-The survey of the proposed township at WingcdE-rlbee belüg now completed, are, the undersigned free selector« of thst illsliicl, (teem It a lit occasion for urging upon you our respectful rciiticst that yo« will name that township " Robertson." We .assure you that your compliance with our 'desire 'will be most gratifying to us, os it will, we are sure, he acceptable to tho com- munity at largo. We feel that the name of the author of Um Land Act may be very appropriately identified with one of the most nourishing of the numerous agricultural settlement» which Hint Act lias called into existence, lint for the passing V ta* Land Act our splendid district, concealed from knowlcdgo by the nigged nnd baiTen character of n great portion of the adjacent country, the denscness of the forest, and lu distance" Jfrom anr high road would, in all probability, have remained tor years the wilderness it was when free selection threw It open to the hans of industry. The enterprise which the liberal conditions of lie Iiind Act called forth Is converting the rich soil of Yarrawa, hitherto a Jungle, Into fertile Reids and pastures, and the smiling homes of thousands. For this wc aro mainly indebted'to you - mid as residents of a district which, in a peculiar degree, owes everything to your exert ons in throwing open tho lands of the colony, we shall consider ourselves especially favoured if our chief town be honoured by bearing your name. . "

(Ucrc. follow the signatures.) t .- -. <

Department of Lands, 8ydncy,'2nd August* I80S.

Sui,-I am «limited lo acknowledge the receipt of the raemoriil dated 23rd June last, signed by yourself and two hundred and four other conditional purchasers in tho district of Wingecarribee, in which, while recording the extraordinary success, that hu attended the opening np of that district under tho prortslonj of the Land Alienation Aot of 18G1. you prefer a request that the township which lins now been laid out Uirrr, and which'lt vru proposed to call by tho local name " Yarrawa," may bo .tailed " Itobertson." ? ' . , , ',

*.*. Tho account given in the memorial of ' the very "flourishing ¡.tate of the agricultural sctUcmcnt at Wingecarribee,-1 need fcarcely inform yon, was in the highest degree gratifying to Uti Secretary for Lands. Hut as tho request of, the selectors was ?omewliat embarrassing to him on personal grounds, hoplwed the matter unreservedly-in tho hands of hh oolleagne the Hon. the Chief Secretary. And 1 am directed by Mr. Cowper to inform you that instructions have been given for a compliance] with the

i trqtieat of tho memorialists.

1 have the honour to he, Sir, your most obedient serrant,'

(Signed) Mror..'l'iTarM-aioi. Mr. John Hanrahan, Wlngccnvribe«, , ¡, "

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