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Im autumn íaco meeting at Randwick terminated on Saturda}, with splendid weather-clear and cold-n very largo attendance of spectator^ and an excellent day s sport

Ihe concourse ot people which assombled to witness the racc3 was full} equal to nnticipatiop, and numbered, pro bably, about 8000 His Lxcollcncy tho G ovcrnor, with L idy Young, Miss Dalton, and Loi d John Taylour, arrived on the ground shortly boforo the sturt foi the first race, and they remained until the fourth rnco on the card was run A large number of pnvato carriages, with many of tho elite of Sydnoj, arrived in tho early part of tho da} , nnd that poi

lion of tho Stand set apart foi tho uso of tho Jockoj Club and their friends piesentcd quito ii gay apponrancc Tho othei palt of tho Stand was crowded much moro than on

the first or second dajs

Iho racing wns ímcxceptionally good, every race being vieil contested The Champagno Stakes-for which tho hil}, Roso ol AiKrnlin, was a great favourite, in conse quenco of hci easy victor} in tho Jockey Club Tvio "\enis Stakes on tho first dny-was taken by tho Pitsloid colt, aflcr a gallant strugglo with tho Rose, who secured beeond place The Biennial Stales, loi which lhere vvoio four starreis, fell to tho fnvounte, Yattendon, but tho finish between bun and Tamilorth was very close indeed, nnd would havo beenclosei but foi tho latter being pressed too closoly against tho rails by Yattendon when threo or four strides from tho post Ihis alleged jostlo gavo riso to a protest, which wns dul} considered by the stewards, who found there was not fufllcicnt evidence to disqualify Yattendon, andthereforo dismissed tho piotcst

The Queen's Plato of threo miles' was tho principal item of mtciest on tho card for tho day, and a giod deal of speculation took placo on the result lor this race "Volunteer was first /uvounte, and tho longest odds ottered against him just boforo tho start was 6 to 1 Tavountes during tho meeting have been unfortunate bo}ond what is usual and this race presented no exception to the rule, foi although "Volun- teer kept m a prominent position throughout (ho race, ho was beaton foi third placo at tho finish by a hor«o that no ono would back-oven for a " situation," at any pnce Conobiej another Bathurst horse, against whom 3 and 4 to 1 wero neely laiJ, was tho winner, nnd thus placed to Mr. MacGregor's account tho two principal races of the meeting, namely, tho Grand Handicap and Queen's Plate, besides tho Wnverloy Stakes Mr Do Mcstre, vi ho, a few meetings ago, was accustomed to put in so strong an oppooranco with Archer, Lxeter, and Moss Rose, and who has been rather unfortunate of late, secured tho Prince of Wales Stakes with Jamberoo, defeating tbo favounto (Actnjon) and seven others A pri- vate raco} of about a doren hacks, with gentlemen riders, was put in between tho fourth and fifth races, and caused n good deal of amusement Mr V N Burne, upon a black mare, succeeded in first catching tho Judge's ejo There were eight starters for the Forced Handicap, and iiiis raco w us v\ un mum c tody ih»n iinj otho- on the e."~d, Mr De Clouet a Pasha (another Bathurst nag, who ran

very indifferently m tho City Handicap on Frida}) being

tho winner

Fortunately the meeting passed off without a singlo ac- cident, even thing contributed to moko it a great success, and ever)body is well pleased, except the losers, and thoy hopo for better luck next time

A moro dctaded account of the running is appended.

First Race-Tbo Champagno Stakes of lo sovereigns each, h ft, 80 sovereigns added, colts, 8 st 10lbs , fillies,

8 st 8 lbs , 7 furlongs Second horse, 32 sovereigns from

the prize

Mr Lode» (be Thoritsfoid (Thompson) 1

J talcs s jun , bl f Koie ot Australia (W ood«) 2 Town's b g Fxilc (Cutts) 3

Bowman s gr f Maritana

De Mcstre s b c Buckstone

Betting Even on Rose of Australia, S to 4 against The Pitstord, 3 to 1 ngninst each of tho others

A very good start was effected, and for about u quarter of "nulo the lot raced together, tho favounto then went to tho front, and increased her lead until, on entering tho streicht running, she was several lengths in advance At Uiodtstanco post Thompson took Tho Pitsford colt alongside « her, and beat her in tho run in by fully two lengths, ?Eulo an indifferent third Ximo, 1 mmuto 40 seconds

Second Race -The Second Year of tho Tourth Now ^Mh Wales Biennial Stakes of 10 sovereigns each, h ft «or both}ears, 100 sovereigns added , colts, 8st 101b , filbes ÎJ?iS^iDßi> 8st 71b > ^nrde Second horao 10. and ino third 5 per cent on the grosB nmount of the prize to bo

deducted therefrom

Mr Oilallcj sbr c 1 attendon (Ilolmes) .. l

A Lodcr's br c Tamworth Uhompson) 2 Judge Chceke's cb c Dundee (Driscoll) 3 E Cobcroft s gre "voltigeui

Betting Even on Yattendon, 6 to 4 against Tamworth

o to 1 ogauiBt ench of tho other two

«¡i A v \fiot away uPon c1ual tcrma i m passing tho otana Yattendon had tho inside running and was leading BV halfa length, Voltigour second, and Turnworth third, «S inCclíialld T* Wlth lho t&y colt, Dundeo was several longths m the rear By tho time tho Rocks turn was reached, Tamvi orth had depnv ed Voltigeur of the second K', "Î i 3? further , "aeration m position took E ^ül thc? vci,ü half-Tiy along tho back stretch, T*Li l*°-5* col,,arcd the Vomito, and ovontuolly passed him He could not, howover, shako Yattendon off, nram «MI thcy cnt^i th0 stnllellt running thoy were again side by side There was a splendid strugglo from tho bvÄ P.?St *?,ÇlacS? KMltiágin favour ot Yattendon by »length and aholf The finish, close as itvvas, would |^e^nckiser hut for Tamworth having the inside run J«ng, and \ attendon pressed him against the rails so closely . nmLr*0.?OUld not 6et «P nlongsido Tamworth's jockey E"ab°ve. and tho stewards entertained It, but, after f«52?Çr°n ienco> ^y dismissed the caso Dundoo do C \2Ih*eu*'ttfter cntenng tho rails, and secured third

lance, lune, 2 minutes 57 seconds

BlAS.Eafí ~~Th? Qneen'8 Plat0 of 20° sovereigns for ni Borses, threo miles, two years, a feather, 3 yoara, 7 st * » . 4jears, 9 st. 2 lb , 6 years, 10 st , (/and aged,

10 FI 4 lb , ii arcs and goldings allow ed 3 lb Entrance 5 overeigns, to go Iho second horse

Mi McGrcgot'sb g Canobie, 0 j c.n, 10 *t lib (Donlng) 1

lllcliirdo's b li Motor, 'S j ears, 10 st (Driscoll) 2 ?Waldrons I» g Birmingham, 5 \cars, 'Ist lilli (M Calle) 3 DOJIC'BCII g Meteor, 4 jears, 8 st 13 lb Tilt's lil h Volunteer, aged, 10 st lib

J Talt'sch g 1 alcon, 3 jews, C st 13 1b

George Wlntes bl g IvilHr,i ¡CMS, Ost ll!>

Tui'gc Chccl c's eli ni Viri|,o, 5 j cal s 1 st lill \coffin's eli in /cnobii, í }cure, Ost 111b

Betting G to 4 against A olunteer, 4 to 1 against Rioter, 5 to 1 neb ngnuibt Canobie, Motcoi md 1 alcon, nud 10 to 1 ngnni't nnj thing else in tbo nee

lrom tbo stand tho horses appealed to be somovvhat struggling at tho stint, willi 1 nlcou lind Garpbic in front As thev passed the stuid the first time Canobio was lead- ing with Volunteer second, falcon thud, ¿onnbia fourth, Riotei fifth, and all tho otners well up, all holding hard Before the} reached the back of the com so Falcon had got to the front, Canobio being second and Volunteer thud, the others tailing off con- siderably Rioter being last of all As thoy passed tho Benison Corner and approached the i ails 1 alcon increased his lead considerabl}, nnd the offers of odds against his w inning wero quickly snapped up I alcon still m untamed a good lead past tbo Stand the second time, with Canobio second, Zenobia third, and Birmingham fourth Rioter had now began to decrcaso tho distanco bot« een lura and tno leading horses, and was evidently still full of running Opposite tho Rocks, Falcon bolted across to tho oft side of tho Course, and it was with consider- able difficult} that his jocko} got lum back on tbo running ground When raleón bolted, Canobio took up tho running, and kopt it along the back-strotch, wbilo Volunteer and Rioter weio gradually overhauling ¿un As thoy rounded the Donison Corner, the first four

oi five horses wero within a short distanco of each other-Canobio first, Volunteei second, Birming- ham third, and Rioter fouith , tho . others hope- lessly m tho rear Amid tho most intense excitement on tho stand, and wild shouts of " Canobie w ins," " Rioter's race," ""Volunteer's licked," A.C, tho horses wero put te their work Cnnobio carno up the straight îunning at a spanking pace, untouched by whip ot spur, while tho jockeys on tho other horses w ero industriously pi} ing their whips, Rioter goniel} responded, and rushing past both Buiiungbam and Volunteer, seemed second mono}, Bu nnngham defeating tho favounto for thud place An im- mense distanco separated the remaining horses horn the lending horses 'lime, 0 minutes 2 seconds

Fourth Race-Tho Pnnco of Wales Stakes of 3 sove- reigns each, GO sov crMgns added, for all horses, 1] mile, tho winner to bo sold by auction imiiiediatclv after the rnco for £100, if entered to bo sold for £80, allowed 71bs , if for £70, 121bs, if for £60, 191bs , if for £50, 261bs-no othoi allow- ance Anv sum realised by the sale in excess of tho entered selling pneo to go to tho race fund

Mr De Mcstrc's gi g Jnnibeioo, 4 jcars (£G0), 7st lib

(M'Allistcr) 1 Diiscoll'sbr li llomancc 4 vcirs (£C0), "st "lb (Carter) 2 > buannon's b ni Marchioness, 4 jcira (£70), "st 121b

(Holmes) 3 O'Mallej'sbr f Vilcttc, 3}cai-s (£00) Gst iib

A Bowman's b c Constant, 3 jcus(iGO), Gst "lb Moins'i, b g Actrcon, G joirp (£50) 7st lib Do} lc's cb g Marcus, 5 j cars ¡£G0), 7st 91b J lalt's b g Presto, aged (£00), 7st 121b

X-Comnn'scli li ltocklngham, 1 jeara (£G0), 7st 121b

Belling 0 to 4 against Acta-on, 3 to 1 against Jamberoo) 4 to 1 against Presto

At tho fall of tbo flag tho boises jumped oil togothoi, Presto rushing to tho hont As the} passed tho Delby corner and carno up tho Btraight running they wero all to- gether, passing tho stand m the following ordei -old Presto first. Jamberoo second, "\ lletto third, and tho favounto fourth For the next threo quarters of a milo the lot, with tho exception ot two, kept upon good terms with each othei, and nt the back of tho course a largo sheet would havo covered them As (hey approached tho lads Presto found the pace too severe for bim, and ho fell to tho rear, the running then being taken up by Romaneo nnd Jamboroo 1 hese caine up tho straight running together, and tho} wero so close to each other that it was difficult to tell who hnd tho advan-

tage As the} nearcd tho post Jamberoo got to tho front and secured tho pmo by a length, Marchioness bemoan indifferent third Timo, ¿ minutes 27 seconds

Immediately after the race, tho winnci was offeied ut auction and bought in at the upset price

A pnvate hack race, between eleven and twclvo horses, with gentlemen riders, now came oR, ond vins vi on b} Mr 1 N Bui ne, upon Mr Brown's black mure This affiui caused a good deal ofmermnent

Fifth lince -1 ho Torced Handicap of 5 sovereigns each, 30 sovereigns added, foi all winnora, optional for winners of two } ears races, Scurry Stakes, and beaten horses, 1 i mile 1 he w inner to poy 6 guineas to tho club

Iho following handicap vi as issued -forrester, 8 st 13 lb , Union Jack, !) st 1 lb , Alphonso, 8 st 10 lb , Maid of the Lake, 9 st 3 lb , "V attendon, 7 st 7 lb , Rioter, 8 st G lb , Pnnco, 7 st 10 lb , Sil Solomon, 7 st 12 lb , Pasha, 8 st , Bnsbano, 8 st 7 lb , Iuldaie, 8 st , Maid of Erin, 8 st , Jamberoo, 7 st 4 lb , Tamworth, Rose of Australia, Pitsford, and Canobio wero scratched for this race befoie the weights wero out, and Union Jick, Alphonso, Maid of tho Lake, Yattendon, and Rioter, tlid not accept-leaving eight starters

Mr De Clout s ro eli g Tasini, aged (Vrai tincci ) 1

T T llvan'sgr g lonestcr, 0 icars (Cane) 2 Do Mcstrc's ti g J unbcioo, 1 jcurs (Vine illlstei) 3 Betting 3 to 1 each against Bnsbano, lorrestoi, and Pasha , 1 to 1 each ngnintt Jamboioo, Su Solomon, and

Maid of Erin

Mr Mai t}n succeeded .n getting tho lot off upon pretty equal teims with ci cb other, and so the} continued tor the fast 200}ords, aftoi winch two or threo fell very much to the reni At the back of the courso Martineei took Pasha who had been Ivmg third and fourth m the i ace, to tho front, and earned his lead without difficult} to tho post, 1 on ester and Jamberoo, whipping for tho second and thu-d places Time, 2 minutes 22 seconds

This finished tho progiammo of tho autumn race meeting w Inch, all things considered, has boen a highly successful one 'Busses, cabs, and othei vehicles -wero speeddv put in

îequisition by the thousands who had turned out to witness

the sport and enjoy the cool breeze, and in an hotu or two the Randwick Road was comparatively deserted

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