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íliriPS' MAILS.

MAILS will closo at Ihe General Post Omeo at follow« :

For Loyalty, Ntvr IlKnniiiKS, axu Navwatobs-By tho John "William*, this tl.ty, at noon, if not underlay.

Fou Bmisiiamí.-By tho Queen, this day, at 11.30 a.m.

Foa ïiiiKNUi.Y IsLAKiis,-lly the John Wesley, Ibis day, at 0


For Glapstoxk akd ItocKiiAJirro.v.-By the Eagle («.), on

Monday, at 4.80 p in.

V, Fou Nhvv Calkoosia.-By tho GaicUo, on Monday, nt 0 p.m.

Custom Honen -End red Outw irds : September 25. Seagull, schooner, 80 tons, Captain lire« eil, for Brbbano , Eagle (s.), 117 tons, Captain Chatfield, I >r Rockhampton ; Breadalbane, barque, 315 tons, Captain Saabji, for Otago.

Tho Eagle (s ), lia Rockhampton on Friday, 18th, at noon, nnd Gl.ulktfiiieoii Sundi) Suth, at 3 p in., nrrhing beru at 7 a m. S5th instant, f-bc expel li need moderate variable winds and fine -weather during the pasimgo , sighted a steamer supposed to be the Jumes Paterson on sunday morning ort Gatcomb.) Ileml, and Tarra Yarra (s.), at 4 p ni on Tuesday, ten milos north of Point Danger; also, Balclutha (s ), on Wednesday, at C p.m. off


The Anna Maria left Launceston tho 19th Instant, and has had moderate weather throughout. Sho reports tho Yarra, for brisbane, as leaving in company.

The Marian, barque, fioin Otago to Twofold Bay, was spoken By the Macassar, on the 19th instant, ten miles north of the entrance to tho bay.

Tur Colomst, bciioosEii.-A lottcr, received by the agents of tho colonist from Captain Scaplehorn, states that he made the run from Sydney to Rockhampton in the short spaco of six days

from « barr to «turf.

The Grafton (s.), from Claren« River, crossed tho bar at 6 o.m., on the S4lh, arriving hero at 7 p ni. 25ih instant She had nioderuto variable kreczia and Snu weather tbxstighout tho p*s Bage. 1'oifeil the ^liitli-, brig, st 10 30 am., on imirsdiy, off theNortb Solitary. Iho Grafton (s.) brings as pargo, 830 bags maire, 82 balts wool, 180 hides, 9 casks tallow, 4 cases 3 bags arrowroot, 8 boxes eggs, I coop fowls, and sundries.

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